Munchkin Two Snack Catchers, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Two Snack Catchers, Colors May Vary

Keep up with your active toddlers who are known to eat and run thanks to this spill-proof snack cup, because they may be tornadoes but your space doesn’t need to look like it was hit by one! Product ships in assorted colors.

Main features

  • Toddler snack container with lid and soft flaps for easy food access
  • Fits most standard cup holders in cars, carseats, strollers, etc
  • BPA-free, top rack dishwasher-safe
  • 12+ months, ships in assorted colors
  • 2016 Winner of The Cribsie’s Coolest Snack Container Award

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money.

I have a 1 year old and she makes a mess with these cups! She takes handfuls of whatever is in the cup, pulls it out and dumps it on the floor! No thanks!

Sybil Tupelo, OK

Wish i had these earlier!!

These are the coolest things you could possibly have if you child is already snacking on goldfish, cereal, grapes or anything small like that. they can grab and hold their own food without you having to worry about picking up a mess later. there’s no lid that you have to remove, unlike what i used to have to remove when i carried my sons snacks around. they’re ready to go! these are especially great for the car. with my son my car is a disaster from all the little things he used to eat and then drop. this is no longer an issue with this. although my son is a little thinker and loves to figure out how things work, so when he’s bored he’ll get fancy and make a small mess, but as long as your kid is hungry and isn’t too worried about how this little cup is supplying their food, no worries for you. i especially like these ones compared to another brand, “snack trap” i believe, these are see through, and i think they look a lot better. i like the way the plastic feels also.all in all, get these!!! eliminate messes everywhere you go! why NOT get them?

Eva New Town, ND

Keeps the mess down on the go! Put an 8 oz. sour cream lid over the top to keep snacks fresh and no spilling in diaper bag!

These are very handy snack holders. Easy for tots to grab onto and hold. I attach a handle to a “No Throw” strap for when she’s in the stroller.I was disappointed that they don’t all come with a stay fresh type of lid, so if you leave snacks in it for even a couple of hours, they do get stale very quickly.Today, I came up with a solution! I noticed you can buy the lids to go over them to help keep the food fresh, OR… *Drum roll please* I happened to have an 8 oz. Daisy Sour Cream container lid lying around and VOILA – it fits perfectly snug over the rubbery top! It’s basically air tight! I’m all about reusing/recycling so this was perfect!I’m so excited that I’ll be able to fill up the snack cup, put the reused 8 oz. sour cream lid on it (on top of the rubbery part), and not worry that it will spill all over the diaper bag (it’s not spill proof by any means!), and also that it should help to keep the snacks fresher!I was surprised at how flexible the rubbery top is – good because it won’t hurt your baby’s fingers, but bad because it doesn’t rigidly stay in place (more spills). My 20 month old daughter is getting really good about not pouring out all of her snacks, so these are getting more use now than they were a few months ago when purchased.Hold up fabulously in the dishwasher.I don’t think I will buy any more of them, but I would recommend them for someone to try.**UPDATE**I have purchased another set of 2. As my daughter gets older (27 months now), they are getting used a lot! Before the snack catchers, I used to just let my daughter have a few pieces of snack in her lap (in the stroller). I also occasionally let her eat snacks out of a ziploc bag, however, she will dump it out. Going to go back to the snack catchers while shopping and see if she stops dumping snacks out.

Roxanne Riegelsville, PA

poor quality

the plastic on the top of this snack catcher is not good quality. We used it once and a piece plastic from the top tore off; a major choke hazard. Save your time and money, I won’t be surprised to hear this product is recalled in the near future… For a better option try the “snack trap”, we used ours for 3 years not and no issues with the product breaking down.

Tami Locust Gap, PA

Flaps are too stiff

My daughter is a strong 12-month old, but the flaps on snack catchers are so stiff that they trap her hand once she gets her fist inside. Now she resorts to trying to pick out cheerios from the container one at a time, however, each time she manages to get one out, 5-10 others pop out with it and fly everywhere, or she pushes 1-2 flaps in and tries to pour out the cheerios, and, of course, they fall out everywhere. It does a great job keeping the cheerios in as long as no one tries to get any out.

Lynda Cushing, ME

Not so much

Moms are always looking for something that will keep snacks from getting thrown everywhere. This pretty much isn’t the solution. My son (11 months) can easily reach in with his whole fist and grab a handfull of snacks and subsequently scatter them everywhere. He does enjoy chewing on the lid though, so I guess there’s that.

Patrica Englishtown, NJ

Used daily at our house

This is a wonderful product for toddlers and preschoolers who like to have snacks on the go (or just away from the table). I love the silicone top because it’s very flexible, but always goes back to it’s original shape. The handles are just right for little hands too. Kids who are determined to spill their food will not be deterred by this cup. For children’ beyond that stage, it’s so much better than an open bowl (inevitably overturned) or a baggie (disposable, creates trash, also easy to spill).My only tiny complaint is that the plastic of the base scratches pretty easily, so mine doesn’t look as clean as it did when we began using it several months ago. Also, the slightly indented bottom doesn’t drain cleanly in the dish rack, but it’s a small price to pay for the skid-resistant base. The rubbery plastic has held up well, but we don’t put ours in the dishwasher.

Lacey Rocky Hill, NJ

Waste of money, time and food!

Forget it. The first time my 16 month used the cup she stuck her entire hand in it and pulled up really fast and all of her snack went flying. Note – I maybe filled it a 1/4 of the way. I tried again thinking she’ll realize what she did, which she did, but now she just pushes the top in until everything falls out. Great concept, but just too big to work. Maybe for older kids it may work?

Angie Auburn, MA

Better options available

I can’t remember how old our daughter was when we got some of these for her snacks. Maybe 9 months. But within minutes she learned she could push into it along the edges, flip it upside down, and shake all the contents out onto the floor or wherever she was. We may as well have given the snacks to her in a cup without a lid.My wife picked up a Munchie Mug (Munchie Mug – The New Spill Resistant Snack Cup for Toddlers. Made in the USA. – BPA Free. FDA compliant materials. – Blue Top) and this one did the trick! Our daughter can reach her hand into it and pull out a piece of snack or two, but she can’t empty the entire contents. Yes, it costs more, but I’m willing to pay more for superior products that actually get the job done.We will still use these Munchkin ones on occasion when the other snack mug is dirty or we can’t find it, but we always use them reluctantly. Save yourself a lot of hassle and get the Munchie Mug instead

Robin Chicopee, MA


Bought these when we lost our “Snack Trap” brand cup. They’re a bit cheaper but it’s obvious why. The lid flaps are flimsier and a good shake sends the contents flying. Yet at the same time it seems like my daughter has more trouble getting the snacks out of the cup (though she can get the lid OFF very easily). They’re also a bit bigger and not such a good shape for stuffing in my pocket! I use them around the house but I replaced the lost Snack Trap for outings.

Wanda Saxeville, WI

Snacks fall out really easily – don’t get the praise

I don’t know if others haven’t tried other snack cups but these aren’t that great at all. It takes only turning them upside down or shaking them a little for the snacks to totally fly out and all over the place.

Brittany Trenton, NJ


These are too hard for little ones to get hands in! The plastic is hard and not very flexible. My 16 month old could not get the snacks out to save his life. I tried it and I even found it difficult. Spend the extra money and get the munchie mug. It is the greatest thing since peanut butter!

Dina Glen Rock, PA

Great for keeping little hands & minds busy!

I got these about a month ago and so far they have been really great! I put my 1-year old’s favorite puffs in there and it will keep him occupied for at least 15 minutes (depending on how much I put in the bowl and how hungry he is). Perfect when we’re out at a restaurant and want to keep him occupied while we eat. It’s also great when I take him shopping – after awhile he gets stir-crazy in the shopping cart, which is when I pull out this secret weapon 🙂

Shauna Kaumakani, HI

Works in a Way

These snack containers work well as, well snack containers…but don’t think they will keep the snack from spilling or going all over the car. It takes about 5 minutes for a toddler to figure out how to make them through cereal all over the place. LOL! I had high hopes the cereal would be contained…but no.

Lana Bishop, VA

Less mess for snacks on the go

These work great to keep snacks in the container and off the floor. I wish the plastic tops were a little softer for little hands to get in and out of, but maybe then they wouldn’t be as effective. Easy to use, easy to clean – overall a good purchase.

Claudia Germantown, TN

Love this for my toddler

We use this on all of our outings with our 18 month old. I love the no spill an ease of use for my little one.

Dorothy Dunkirk, MD

Too hard

The flaps are too rigid and hurt the fingers when pulling out. Wish they could have used a softer material. I did not give this to my son.

Daphne Saint Ansgar, IA

Good for self feeding

My child is now 18 months and I can put some snacks in these and she can feed herself. When I first got them she got a bit frustrated putting her hand in and trying to get it out without making a mess. However, I realized the best thing to do is to not fill them to high with your snack of choice. If I fill it about 1/3 full with snack it allows her little hand to grab one or two pieces at a time without getting frustrated and this has worked great. Also the handles on the side are the perfect size for her hands and she is able to walk around with them.

Renee Winterville, MS

work great!–update

I bought these for my 18 month old after she ground a bag of cornflakes into the carpet…She is crazy for it! Took her a little while to get the hang of them, and one or two still escape, but they can be shaken vigorously and none come out.the lids are rubbery and don’t pull off very easily so I think most kids won’t be able to pop them off.I highly recommend these!mine came in the colors shown :)UPDATESo one of these got smashed in the vice of a stroller…it was totally destroyed and beyond hope of repair. The shape was all smooshed and the lid was messed up. I left it on the counter to be thrown away later, and when I came back (a day later?) it had gone back to it’s original form! SO impressive! It was totally mangled, and went back to good-as-new. AWESOME.

Alyson Geneva, OH

my daughter love it

The teeth of the lid easily fold on themselves. You don’t have to worry about your child’s hand getting caught in this. Since I wondered about this when I was purchasing, I just want to post that fact. The packaging also says the product is BPA free–good to know.

Leah White Cloud, MI

makes a mess

This product makes me crazy! My 13 month old holds the top open and spills the contents everywhere. Great concept, but there must be a better design.

Ofelia Uniontown, KS

Sturdier than other Snack Traps, but a Little Bulkier

I have these Munchkin Snack Catchers and the traditional Snack Trap. I like the Munchkin Snack Catchers because the lids are sturdier and more durable than the others. With Snack Traps, I had to keep purchasing replacement lids because the plastic was so soft that it would begin to bend after my kids’ multiple use. Hence, all the snacks would begin to fall out! I have not had that problem with the Munchkin product, but it is a bit bigger and bulkier than the others. If you have a good-sized diaper bag and don’t mind something a little larger, then I would definitely go with this one. It has also held up great in my dishwasher!

Mildred Okanogan, WA

Love it, wish it had a lid

I love these snack traps and have been using them since my son was at least 12 months, if not sooner. I wish they made lids for them, but I use a daisy sour cream lid and it fits well. Combine it with a paci grip to keep it from landing on the floor when he is in his stroller and it is perfect.

Marcie Alpine, NY

Didn’t like the lid

I returned these snack cups because I didn’t like the lids. I bought these for my son when he was 11 months old, and I thought the plastic was a bit rough for his hands. I found another snack cup with a fabric opening that I liked better.

Luisa Eleroy, IL

Must have!

These are indespensable for baby and toddler snacks, Cheerios in particular. They greatly reduce the mess. My one year old is using these currently and they work very well. He does drop a little but better than the entire dish. He learned to use them when he was about ten months. It may take a few tries before they get the hang of it. I used them with my older two children also. and I wouldn’t do without them.

Matilda Craig, IA


Containers are fine, just wish that the color combinations were more extensive. I would have liked a "pink" and an "orange" or "yellow" but that wasn’t available.

Bridget Ferrysburg, MI


My daughter carries these around all day! No mess and easy for the little ones to snack at their convenience!

Marla Butler, NJ

A Must Have

These snack cups are a life saver. Our little guy can have his snack walking around, riding in the car, or romping around outside and there is a 100% guarantee of no spills! Yahoo!

Opal Grafton, NY

Great idea

My son isn’t quite ready to use these yet, but I love the idea. All his little friends have these in the mommy group we attend, and I love that they’re practically spill free.

Sheree Roosevelt, NY

Depends on your baby!

My first child, I LOVED these. They were wonderful, and I stocked up on them. He never spilled his food with these, and I didn’t have to worry about him spilling cheerios, cereals, crackers, etc. everywhere. I had read someone’s reviews after that complaining about their kids pulling the top off, I rolled my eyes because my kid never did it! Well, along came baby #2. From when I first gave them to him (at 10 months old) he would use his teeth to pull the top off, defeating the whole purpose. So now, that child which is now 18m can’t use them as he makes a mess… my 4 year old still uses these, and still has yet to try to take the top off, so I love them for him.EDIT: I did try other brands I found in chain stores, and of the few I tried, Munchkins are the best for little hands IMO. The rubber is soft and pliable, while still doing the job. Another brand makes sharp hard plastic points to get into, and I threw those away.

Sharon Perkins, GA