Munchkin Two White Hot Safety Sunblock Shade-Black

Munchkin Two White Hot Safety Sunblock Shade-Black

An easy to use, retractable car shade that blocks the sun and lets you know when the car interior is too hot.

Main features

  • Easy to use, 2 step release button Just push and release to adjust, push and hold to roll up
  • Vinyl shade blocks the sun’s glare and protects from harmful UV rays
  • Suction cups attach to car window to prevent damage to car upholstery
  • Driver safe, see through material

Verified reviews


Sunblock Shades

I purchased (2) sets of these and love them. They are easy to install and easy to operate from the front or back seats. The shades provide ample protection from sunlight to the grandchildren.

Ann Laings, OH

the darn things don’t stick

I guess I am never going to find a sun shade that actually sticks to my windows. Even with cleaning them often using alcohol, as the manual suggests, they fall off every single day. How frustrating! Might as well save myself the frustration and get my windows tinted!

Erma Dorchester, IA

Munchkin products overpriced on Amazon

I really don’t understand why Munchkin product pricing on Amazon is not at all competitive with the Walmarts, Targets, Luckys, and Longs of the brick and mortar world. We’re talking about a 30% to 500% markup. For example, you can get this product for $7 at Walmart… assuming you want to take your chances with the suction cups. I’ll be testing mine shortly.

Helene Comanche, TX

Great product!

I bought this because I already known the brand. But also I was curious about the "Hot" safety button, which is really helpful when having 2 kids. They understand if they can or not touch the window in order for them not to burn then selves.The price is quite right for a product like this!

Lula Loganville, PA

so far so good

after looking at some of these reviews, it seems like amazon had a bad batch of shades because i bought mine at my local wal-mart about three months ago and they have not fallen off. i would recommend getting these from the store where it’s cheaper (under $10) and it’s easier to return if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason. if you’re still hesitant about its safety, maybe you should think about theMunchkin Cling Shadeswhich cannot fall off and weigh next to nothing.pros:
• nice design
• good size
• inexpensivecons:
• quality of suction cups seem to vary
• white hot indicators always display “hot” even when cool

Eve Ixonia, WI

Doesn’t Stick to Glass

Short of duct tape and super glue, I tried everything to get these to stick to the windows and they will. not. stick. Complete waste of money and time. Not to mention dangerous should these hit a newborn in the face or head. Avoid this product at all cost.

Goldie Olpe, KS

Munchin Two White Hot Safety Sunblock Shades-Black

These worked perfectly in my son’s car to block the sun from their new baby’s face and is still being used because we got another grandbaby at the end of last year. Very easy to use and are effective.

Opal Dalzell, SC

Durable and Easy to Use

Took me a bit to realize you have to push the button on the side to roll the shade back up as opposed to pulling it all the way down like traditional shades, but otherwise I think they’ll work out great. They seem very sturdy and it will be easy to roll up and/or remove when we don’t need them.My only critique is that it seems like once the car heats up and the “white hot sensor” shows that the car is “HOT”, it stays that way and doesn’t go back to the original red, even after the car has been in a cool garage all night and then had the AC running for 30 minutes…

Tisha Akiak, AK

Great ItemI

I bought it, my friends have purchased them… and we all recommend them. These are great and fit cars without worry.

Maura Natalbany, LA

The best ones I’ve used so far

I haven’t had any issues with the suction cups staying stuck to the windows; but with that said, I did take a moist sponge to them before sticking them to the windows of my car and holding those suckers down for about 30 seconds. The issue I’ve had (which is so close to a non-issue it’s not funny) is that the “hot” indicator stops being effective after a particularly hot day. It’s been 40 degrees outside the past week and my “hot” indicators are still white. Also, do you really need a window shade to tell you that the car is warm inside?Other than the ridiculous “white hot” indicators I like these shades; they’ve been the most durable I’ve used yet over the past 2 years.

Reva Silex, MO

It’s alright

This product is alright. It blocks the sun but the suctions sometimes don’t stick to the window and product will fall off.

Anita Kindred, ND

total waste of money

first of all, they fall off the windows constantly. secondly, the “hot alert” button turned red in the middle of sub zero temperatures in the winter when the sun was shining on it. thirdly, the sun shines through around it and my kid screamed anyway.they are now in the dump and i’m out 25 bucks.

Bernadine Mcdaniel, MD

Worst Baby Product I Have EVER Purchased!

I’m going to start by saying right now – DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!I applied these according to its directions exactly, taking good care to secure the suction cups tightly, while I was cleaning my car.I then went inside. I came outside five minutes later and both had fallen, each time I tried to re-attach them, they fell right after I attached them. I then decided to roll them back up and take them down, but realized that the casing that holds the shade actually cracked by falling on a cushioned seat repeatedly.In addition, I attached them in mild 50 degree weather and the heat sensor said it was ‘HOT’, much too "hot" to touch!These are the most faulty piece of crap products I’ve ever purchased! The heat sensor is a sham in EVERY Munchkin product I have purchase, the suction cups are extremely faulty, and the shades never roll back up!Again, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Cherry Urbana, OH

These things suck…

Seriously, these things were a waste of money. They don’t stay on the window, and when they do, the sun stills shines on my baby’s face… until they sling off the window and whack him in the head. Yikes…. please save your money and look for something else. These are crap.

Alta Encino, NM

They don’t stick to windows!

I have been trying to stick these to windows for my baby, but they always fall off, sometime onto my baby in her carseat.I do not recommend them to anyone. They do not work! I wish I could return them.

Paula Hayden, CO

Perfect buy, love it

Great item! Loved it!!! Keeps the sun from my little ones face, and still very easy if I want to lower windows when I want/need to. Recommend it, couldn’t be more satisfied.

Althea Braddock, PA

I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing….

I hate to sound like a broken record but these do not stick. Also they don’t really block the sun either, I don’t think any product like these would. I have tinted window and the sun always seems to find my baby’s face.

Esther Harbert, MI

Does not stick!!!

These do not stick to any form of glass! No matter what vehicle window it goes in and what position (upside down, sideways, right way), forget about it sticking. If you have an infant/child carseat on the door sides and not in the middle, this product most likely will fall and injure your child. Complete waste of money!

Lessie Wilkinson, IN