Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light

Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light

Munchkin Voice Activated Crib LightMunchkin Voice Activated Crib Light is a must have for parents and babies. It can be easily attached to the crib or can stand alone. The sound activated light turns on when baby cries at night. It also has features that helps babies fall back asleep. Its three colored lights circle for ten minutes. Once babies wake up, its soothing womb sound lulls them back to sleep.Why You’ll Love It: The manual or voice activated lights help both babies and parents sleep longer.Age: Newborn and upFeaturesSoothing womb sounds3 colored lights cycle turns on for 10 minutesActivates when baby criesCan be manually controlled or activated by voiceIdeal brightness for diaper changing or nighttime checkingAttaches to the crib or stands on any surfaceSoothing and comforting soundsHelps babies fall back to sleep

Main features

  • Voice activation mode provides light, sound, or both light and sound when your baby cries
  • Colored lights help soothe your baby
  • Actual recorded womb sounds provide a familiar soft, rhythmic transition to the real world outside the womb
  • Stands on it’s own for use away from the crib, or during travel
  • 0+ Months

Verified reviews


waste of money

as first time parents we wanted the perfect nursery set up for our baby and we got caught with the description for this light: “on…the moment it hears your baby cry”, “And the lights are just the right brightness for nighttime checking or diaper changing”…boy o boy! nothing could be further from the truth!! before we installed it my husband tried all the different tones of voice to see when it would come on-all to no avail. so we thought “it’s baby-voice sensitive”…waste of thought again…we actually let our son cry for about 5 minutes just waiting to see when it would come on…well…we’re still waiting!!!apart from that, the colors of the lights…let’s just say “they grasp the concept of ‘dim light’ a little too well”. i tried using it during a diaper change and soon realized i wasn’t seeing a ting!! while some of the colors do cast a reasonable light some pretty much go dark…summary: look for another night light; pass on this one!(Annie)

Rena Valdez, NM


I bought this product despite several reviews that said it did not work well. I have twin boys that are 4 months old who loves lights and sounds. I thought this product would be a great addition to several other crib toys I have for them. Since we do have twins, I am quite picky on what I buy for them. I choose toys that I think both boys will enjoy as buying two of everything can get expensive. I had this product added to my wish list for a long time in the hopes of one day purchasing it. When I finally got around to ordering the product, I could not wait to receive it and see if my twins enjoyed it. Once it arrived my husband and I put brand new batteries in the product and to our suprise it did not work at all!!! We tried other batteries thinking it just may be the batteries and it still did not work. We even went as far as having family members trying to get it to worth thinking maybe we were simply overly tired parents. I wish I could say better things about this product as the description was exactly what I was looking for in a crib toy. Not only didn’t it work well, but in our case it didn’t work at all!!! I will be returning the product in the hopes of having my money refunded.

Pat Penn, ND

I liked it

I like this product. It is sound activated so when my son fusses, the lights and sounds come on and put him back to sleep. The music isn’t obnoxious like some crib accessories. The light is sot, but just bright enough that you can find his pacifier and give it back.

Alta Edinburgh, IN

Pretty crappy quality, nice idea

The womb noise is excellent and the lights are nice, but this thing is terribly built. The voice activation feature does NOT work. My son was screaming his head off and it didn’t turn on at all. I also tested it myself at a few different volumes and tones and it has never turned on even once. It also only turns on about 60% of the time when I’m just trying to manually turn it on. At first I thought something was wrong with my batteries because the light would flicker a couple of times and then wouldn’t turn on at all. I would return it if I had gotten it at a store, but don’t feel like mailing it back in. I’d definitely NOT recommend this thing to anyone.

Alissa Calcium, NY

crib light

When I received the first crib light it did not work. My husband even hooked it up to a volt meter. We decided to try a replacement instead of getting our money back, and the new one worked great. I like the colors and it turned on when my daughter cried. She’s good about sleeping through the night, so I don’t know if it would put her back to sleep but it did distract her from crying. (For a little while)

Hester Perry Park, KY

THE perfect solution for our fussy baby!

Okay, I agree that this light does not turn on when baby cries, so if that is why you are buying it then maybe this isnt the product for you, HOWEVER, we have a very fussy baby on our hands (17 weeks actual, 10 weeks adjusted age) and she would cry non-stop from 6 pm till midnight. Needless to say it was wearing us all down. After realizing that our daughter loved lights I bought this on a whim. I place it next to her in the evenings and she calms down instantly. The only negative is that I have to keep hitting the button to turn it back on (b/c it has an auto shut off) but this is such a minor issue. This light is seriously a life savor for us. I am so glad we found it! (and this is the first review I’ve written b/c I wanted to share with others) Wish we found this sooner but so glad we have it (and our lives back!) Oh, and our daughter actually smiles at night now. Unbelievable. 🙂

Rebecca Nemo, SD


SOUNDS AND LIGHTS ARE LOVELY… but when its in the voice mode it doesn’t turn on quick, it takes about 50 sec of real LOUD crying before it turns on (it is inside the crib). By the time it turns on, the baby is really upset and sounds and lights are not enough anymore, so I’d rather get up and turn it on manually before the baby gets upset.*A good thing is that it doesn’t turn on when you are talking, I tested it by speaking loud and very close to it and it didn’t turn on… it turns on, only with crying sounds* I WISH IT COULD BE MORE SENSITIVE TO CRYING LIKE SOUNDS… those sounds that baby makes before it starts the real loud crying.I would recommend it because it really sooths a baby!

Saundra Yorkshire, OH

What a life-saver!!

My son (6 months old) was having some trouble falling asleep at night and would wake up a couple of times during the night and it was sometimes difficult to get him to go back to sleep. I bought the night light out and what a difference! He loves the lights and the womb sounds. He peacefully drifts off to sleep at night and if he wakes up during the night, the night light turns on and lulls him back to sleep. I haven’t been this well rested since before he was born! I have seen some reviews that complain that the light isn’t very bright and the noises aren’t very loud, but I think they’re perfect. Any brighter or louder and it would be disruptive instead of soothing. It’s a great buy for anyone with a baby!

Brooke Effingham, NH

Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light

It goes through batteries far too quickly. It has helped calm our little one but has not soothed her to sleep. Maybe it will work better when she’s a little older.

Katelyn Dunstable, MA