Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer and Diaper Bag Dispenser Set

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer and Diaper Bag Dispenser Set

Make diaper changes more enjoyable for your baby with the comfort of a warm wipe. It stores up to 100 standard wipes, which conveniently dispense from the flip top lid. This low voltage, top down warming system ensures a warm wipe every time without browning or discoloration. A soft glowing nightlight helps with nighttime changes and automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. The built in window allows you to check your wipes supply without having to open the unit. The tightly sealed system keeps wipes moist over time. The Diaper Bag Dispenser and Bags makes diaper disposal easy wherever you are. Bags are large, durable and easy to separate. The bag dispenser features an integrated clip making it easy to attach to a diaper bag, purse or stroller. Contains 1 bag dispenser and 24 bags (2 rolls; 12 bags per roll). Additional refills sold separately. Colors may vary . Item received will either be in blue or green.

Main features

  • Baby care kit contains one wipe warmer, one bag dispenser and 24 bags
  • Wipe warmer holds up to 100 standard sized wipes. Also check for bag dispenser and bags inside the warmer.
  • Wipe warmer includes a soft nightlight with 10 minute auto shut off
  • Diaper disposal bags are great for use at home or on the go
  • Wipe warmer dimensions: 725″H x 5″ D x 10″ W

Verified reviews


Mangled Box makes an embarassing present

The box containing the warmer is so mangled I am embarrassed to give it as a gift for a new baby. I’m so angry about how this was handled, I don’t care if it works or not. Nothing should go out in this condition. There was plenty of air wrapping in the box and the outer box was fine. But nobody should be selling anything in a product box that looks like a train ran over it. I am as angry at the provider seller as I am about somebody at Amazon thinking this should be sent out instead of returned to seller.The diaper bag dispenser would fit in a very small purse. I haven’t opened it to see if it works because it’s meant as a gift.This was my first experience with Amazon Prime. Good thing I’m only trying out Amazon Prime. This completely changes how I feel about Amazon from good to very bad. This mangled box should never be sent out under anybody’s name.

Amanda Belpre, KS

Worth every penny

When your baby is screaming in the middle of the night (or, really, any time), you want to do anything you can to calm him or her down. I thought this was a frivolous thing to add to our baby registry, so I skipped it. Then we started changing our son’s diapers, and every time the cold wipe touched him, he would start wailing. This wipes warmer doesn’t make him love diaper changes, but it definitely makes the changes less stressful because he doesn’t cry quite as much. I also love that the top of the warmer separates the wipes much better than the Pampers Sensitive wipes dispenser does. It doesn’t make the wipes super hot, just warm, but I like the temperature. The bag dispenser is a nice touch! All in all, this isn’t an absolute necessity, but it’d be a great gift, and makes our life a bit easier.

Becky Union City, GA

It works, but could be better.

It definitely keeps the wipes warm at a good temperature for your baby. When I’m using the wipes in this during the changing time, she never cries and usually sleeps through the changing, which is PHENOMENAL at night.But there are always cons. Small in this case, but makes me wish I researched other products first. I’ve found that the wipes will dry out over time if you’re not using them throughout the day. With my baby changing setup, I have two places in the house. One downstairs and one in her room upstairs. I keep the Munchkin Warm Glow in her room, so it gets used less throughout the day, which causes the top wipe to dry out. If it dries out too much, it’ll feel rough on the baby’s skin.And ultimately, I don’t care about the glow. It’s not a benefit. It’s a gimmick. I added a nightlight in the room because this wouldn’t add enough light. Maybe its only purpose is to assist you in locating the Warm Glow Wipe Warmer? If so, perfect. Not needed though.I recommend researching a few others before ordering this. Again, it works, but I feel like I could have found something better.

Gracie Weston, MO

Didn’t think I’d need this. I did.

Many moms or reviews of baby products said we wouldn’t need a wipe warmer, so when my baby was born, I hadn’t bought one. A couple nights and many shrieking late-night diaper changes later, I decided they were CRAZY. The warm vs. cold wipe on my newborn’s butt made the difference between her crying (and needing 20 min of consoling) or staying sleepy at 3am. When you haven’t had more than a few hours sleep in a few days, the difference is worth 10x the price of this warmer. GET ONE.UPDATE 4/2014: Our little one is now 8 months old and this warmer still has it’s place of honor on the changing table. While she isn’t as fussy about the cold wipes when she’s awake and happy, at night, the warm wipes still help a lot to keep her calm and sleepy. Not too many of my 1st-week-home purchases have made it this long! Still working great even after constant use for 8 months. Wish they made a portable version for on the go.

Jessica Great Bend, ND

Nice wipe warmer

This wipe warmer works well, and I like the bonus of the bags and dispenser. I read that wipe warmers can carry a lot of bacteria, so we are careful to clean it thoroughly between refills. This warmer is easy to clean, works well, and fits nicely on the changing table. I didn’t think I needed a wipe warmer (cue grumpy old woman: these kids today, so coddled!), but they were very helpful as my baby boy turned out to be very sensitive to temperature change. Warm wipes help cut down on the crying and the random pee shots to the face.

Brandie Hinesville, GA

Great warmer!

Bought to replace our last one and it is so much better! Wipes are easily dispensed from the top. You can store a large stack of wipes (lasts us at least two days for our boy’s changes). The night light isn’t too effective, but we didn’t buy it for that feature.

Sonia Perrysville, OH

Munchkin Wipe Warmer

This warmer does what it says. Keeps wipes warm and is easy to load and refill. The light glow is just aesthetic but useful in the dark. The diaper bag dispenser has been valuable when i was out and about. Glad i had it in my diaper bag. A good purchase indeed.

Estella English, IN

Nice Warmer

So far it seems to work. It heats from the top. I haven’t put any wipes in it yet but I think it will work pretty well.

Marisa Echo, MN

Best Wipe Warmer

I didn’t know when I first got pregnant that it would be good to have a wipe warmer. After bringing my baby girl home, everytime I would wipe her but with a wipe she would urinate everyone. I finally got the hint that they were to cold for her so I bought this. Shipping was quick and it keeps my wipes just warm enough for her bottom! I wouldn’t trade this wipe warmer for anything.

Lacy Medway, ME

Must for winter!

Great wipe warmer and I love the fact that it has a light too. Which you can turn on and off and if you click it on, it stays on for a few minutes and turns of automatically. I have had no problems with it, just be sure to put water in with the wipes or they will brown. It’s a must on those cold nights when you don’t want your baby to get started with a cold wipe up their behind!

Nichole Mount Pleasant, IA

Love it but, you cant choose between the two colors green and blue

Can’t give it more than 3 stars because there is no color choice, its free for all- 50/50 chance to receive either the color green or blue

Frieda Haskins, OH

Just what i needed !!!

I am so happy with this product it does exactly what you want a wiper warmer to do. Heats the wipes to the perfect temp easy to clean and has a nice little night light..Couldn’t be it now. just buy it you can trust me !

Gertrude Cincinnati, OH


Great can’t beat it. Never a cold wipe on baby butt. Will recommend to family and friends. Just love it

Laura Brinklow, MD

Horrible product

I didn’t use it for several weeks after I bought it so I can no longer return it. It either burns/ dries the wipes or doesn’t heat them enough. Really bad product.

Valeria Simla, CO

This is great

I have 3 kids, my other 2 never seemed to mind cold wipes but my new baby cried every time I wiped her, got this – she loves the warm wipes. Does a good job, keeps wipes at a good temp. But make sure not to get thin wipes, they don’t do well, rip as they come out. Works better with thick wipes. Only one warning, the warmth makes baby pee sometimes so have that new diaper ready 🙂

Jocelyn Ashland, OH

if your house is cold you will need a warmer

I thought I would not need a warmer, because some friends told me it was unnecesary; however, my house is very cold and I had to warm the wipes with my hands each time I changed a diaper which at 3 am was not nice. This product works just fine for me because it looks nice, keeps my wipes warm without drying them and is super easy to use.

Estella Hemphill, WV

Dries wipes regardless.

Even if you put water in this it dries the wipes on top due to the heater located in the top. Wipes get low and then the last wipes are extra wet due to water & cold since warmer is at the top. Don’t waste your money…

Kitty Hood, CA

A must have (in my book) for baby!

We love the wipe warmer! I first thought it was a "nice to have" item for the nursery, but using cold wipes at 3 AM tended to wake up our baby which made it more challenging to get him to go back to sleep. The warmer has been a wonderful addition. In fact, one of my close girlfriends (whose son is 1 day younger than mine) didn’t get the warmer, and when she came to visit for the day used mine. She immediately bought the warmer (and the Huggies Natural Care wipes) for her son. While it’s not a critical item for the baby room, it’s definitely been a great addition in our house!

Hollie Ferris, TX

For peaceful diaper change.. get this.

As a new dad, this has made the diaper changes at night more tolerable. I have a 14 day old boy and when we went to change his diaper he would scream bloody murder. His screams I think scared me more and than the diaper change scared him. I realized it was wipes he didnt like because he would be ok until a cold wipe would touch him at 2am. To be honest I would scream too if someone through a cold wipe on me while i was trying to sleep. Needless to say I quickly purchased this warmer, and diapers changes are now a quiet event in our house. I will say that it does dry the first wipe out a little bit, so sometimes I just use the first wipe as laying bad under him and get another one out for cleaning. He stays calm during the changes now.

Phoebe Troy, WV

great buy

So worth it. I thought this was completely unnecessary because we live in Texas but it is wonderful! My little guy LOVES it 🙂

Freda Lame Deer, MT

Great wipe warmer and nightlight

I love this machine, especially since my younger son HATES anything cold touching only issue is the lid, my two year old barely tilted it too far back and broke it off and now it doesnt stay on all the time. But other than that , it keeps wipes at just the right temp. I was worried about it getting too hot , but we havent had an issue with that and the nightlight is very convenient for night changes. it keeps me from having to turn on our artificial sun of a ceiling light that wakes my babies up for good.also, the little baggies and baggie holder were a great bonus. I keep it attached to the diaper bag. Its a very convenient way to keep your diaper bag from getting stinked up by dirty nappies until you can get to a garbage can.

Roxie Hall, MT

works, but I regret the buy

Well it does work-ish. The only part that gets warm is the lid so you get 1 wipe, maybe 2 that is warm. Also the wipe cools off extremely fast, it needs to be straight from the lid onto the butt or its completely ineffective. We no longer use it at all.

Lee Edgewater, NJ

Glad I purchased this warmer

I love that this warmer feels more stable when I pull out the wipes (which was an issue I had with the BRU brand one I purchased for my first.) The light is pitiful, but I’m not really depending on it to light anything up. The wipes feel warmer than if I just hold it in my hand first but it’s not like they just came out of the dryer sort of warmth. I also do not have any issue yet with my refills not fitting inside as I do with my other changer.

Mara Ghent, NY