Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

You can be sure the bath water is just right for your baby without constant testing and guessing. Our award-winning inflatable tub has our special white hot dot that turns white when the water is too hot, then turns blue when it’s just right. The adorable ducky tub has a contoured headrest and is fully padded for your baby’s total comfort. It can be deflated and fold easily for travel. Ideal for babies between 6 to 24 months.

Main features

  • The White Hot safety disc turns white when water is too hot
  • Padded tub makes big tubs comfy for kids
  • Great for travel, deflates and folds easily
  • Textured bottom so baby won’t slip
  • Ideal for babies between 6 to 24 months

Verified reviews


Baby loves it…a couple of minor issues

My 4 month old, although he can not sit up on his own yet, loves this bathtub!! We use it for him to splash around and play in. Since I have to hold him upright, I can’t bathe him in it yet. The suction cup for the duck to hang and dry from is useless; it will not hold the weight of the duck. Really this is not an issue at all, we just turn the duck upside down in the tub and let it drip dry. The “HOT” indication disk in the bottom of the tub stays indicating HOT even after the water has cooled. Again, not a big issue – I can stick my hand in and tell if it’s body temp or not.

Vera Rogerson, ID

Great for wobbly sitters/beginning mobile babes!

We grabbed this tub @BrUs when our little guy started arching past the guard in his infant tub. It’s been a great investment! When he first started to sit up he could lounge against the tail and I actually think the fact that it’s inflatable helped strengthen his core enough to sit up successfully. If he topples over he lands on cushy air! Now that he’s crawling, he flops all around, but the tub still prevents him from crawling out since he can’t seem to get his balance on the wobbly surface. Well worth the money!

Earline Kanab, UT

Reminder: it’s inflatable

I bought this for my 6 month old who outgrew her infant tub. I returned it less than 24 hours later. It was not as large as I expected and not stable at all. My daughter is very active and this tub just did not work for us. There really is no “headrest” and as soon as you put even lukewarm water in it the hot indicator will change. Would not recommend-at all!

Therese Blissfield, MI

Best Tub Ever

This has been the best bath investment we made for our son! He began using this on the countertop in the bathroom at about 7 months. He’s 14 months now and it’s in the bathtub. The quaker on the duck’s bill still wokrs and it has a handy suction cup so we stick it to the back of the tub wall when done. It drains nicely. We’ve taken several vacations and it deflates with ease. I don’t know why the previous poster said it took them a half hour to blow up!? I’ve inflated this within a couple of minutes with no problem. Their issue may have been that they didn’t read the directions regarding the valve. Many inflatable items have a closed valve so when you try and blow up the item, you have to pinch the stem at the same time. This allows a little flap in the valve to open and let air in. The purpose is to keep leaking of air from the valve stem over time to a minimum. My 72 year old mother in law blew this up at the beach with no problems once I showed her the valve trick! We highly recommend this tub as it is durable and fun! We just squeak the duck’s bill and our son comes running for his bath!

Antionette Mohawk, TN

It’s alright if baby’s not too small

I bought this tub with the intention of using it as a travel tub for trips to visit family. The concept is great because it doesn’t take up much space when there’s so much other baby gear to cart around. But make sure to have a mechanical air inflator to blow this thing up! Otherwise it’ll probably take forever (I has to try using my own lungs, thankfully).This cute tub should not be used for smaller babies or newborns though. It’s very hard to hold a baby securely yourself while simultaneously bathing him. Also, the temperature feature which lights up “HOT” when the water filling it is too warm, is off. It reads ‘hot’ when the water isn’t very hot at all, so don’t be alarmed. It also has a suction cup on the bottom of either end to grip the surface you put it on, but I think this tub should stay put once filled with water. Besides, these suction cups cause the tub to stay too stuck when you’re trying to move the tub over a little or clean it out in the end.I also came to discover this tub to have a cute feature of quacking when you grip the beak…entertaining for the kids I suppose, though it startled me the first time!Overall it’s alright, provided your child isn’t a newborn and as long as you don’t head the temperature sensor.

Christine Gothenburg, NE

Love the tub, just don’t try to get the seal version!

I would love to review the tub, but I keep getting the wrong item. I have tried ordering the grey seal tub twice and keep getting the duck tub. I will update my review once I receive the correct product!Updated 8/27!!I never did receive the seal tub and settled for the duck tub, but found it much cheaper at another retailer’s (bulls eye) website. I love the ease of this tub. It holds the right amount of water for my 7 month old to get cleaned up and still splash around. I don’t have to worry about him tipping over and slamming his head on the tub. I also love that it hangs to dry, this is a great feature. I would recommend it!

Marla Natalbany, LA

Second best bath tub!

This tub takes second place in the bath tub category. Number one goes to the Blooming Bath. If you are expecting or have a little baby, BUY A BLOOMING BATH! Anyway, back to the duck. This was the perfect transition from the Blooming Bath in the sink to the big tub. It’s comfortable for the baby and doesn’t require filling the whole bath tub. At first, my baby was completely content laid back with her head in the corner. When she started sitting him, it provided a soft back for her. Now that she’s standing, it provides a cushion when she falls! The bottom is also a grippy material, so it prevents any slipping. She is 9.5 months and we will probably be moving her to the "big bath" in the next month. This tub definitely gave us the most bang for our buck!

Jaime Readyville, TN

doesn’t fit the “bill”

I looked for a next step solution for a bath for some time. I finally came across this one because of other reviews and I thought it was cute. When it arrived we blew it up no problem. It would have been helpful to know if the dimensions given were for the whole product or the area that the baby sits. Needless to say, this was much smaller than we thought. There were only a couple of inches of room when my baby girl extended her legs and she was 8 months old. She may be in the 90th percentile for height (only 40’s for weight), but she is not a giant. There is no way she would be able to use this for very long.On another note, while this is a very cute tub and I had some fun with the quacking, my daughter did NOT like it at all. She was terrified. I think she thought we were trying to feed her to the duck. haha. So, it is being stored under our sink. Perhaps our next little one won’t be scared of it.

Hope Ponce De Leon, MO

We’ve owned 2 over 6 months…..

Yes, totally adorable, fits nicely in regular sized tub, my daughter loved it. Our first one lasted approximately 3 months before it sprung several air leaks and we had to refill it with air daily. We were very careful with it, so the leaks seem to come from weak seams. We figured we simply had a lemon, and bought a second one. That one also lasted about 3 months, same air leaks. Now they are going to sit in a landfill, which doesn’t sit right with us. The second star is only because my daughter was so smitten with the design.I would rather pay much more for something better made. We recently bought a collapsible Karibu tub – yes, more expensive, but MUCH more durable and small space friendly.Karibu Folding Bath – Blue

Robert Gilbert, WV


I receive this tub as a gift before my daughter was born. Didn’t use it until now, that she’s 6 month old. She ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The bath time is so fun in it!Update March 2009This is a GREAT bathtub, actually I’m buying this again, because my 2 years old used it so much that my new baby can’t use it again…[……]

Adriana Arnett, WV

Cute, useful baby bathtub

Love this bath tub for my baby. When he turned 6 months old and was sitting up, I knew I needed something new for him as he had grown out of his infant tub, but was not ready to sit in the big bath tub yet. I like this tub because it provides a soft, comfortable place for him to sit, and the heat sensor is quite useful so that you don’t accidentally make the water too hot. Plus, it’s only $10, so you can’t beat that. You can also take it to the beach, pool, or wherever you want for play-time, too, once the baby outgrows it as a bath tub!

Shana Southfield, MA

Love it!

This is SO much easier to bath my little boy in than the big tub. He loves to splash in it and can even lounge on the duck tail when he feels like it. There are a few down sides, though. I was expecting it to be a little bigger than it actually is. My baby is 28 inches long and when sitting in the back (by the tail), his feet almost touch the front of the duck. I was really disappointed about this. That means we can only use it for a few more months before it will have to retire. Another thing, by looking at the pictures, I thought maybe the blue part on the inside of the duck changed color from blue to white if the water was too hot, but no. That’s not the case. There’s a little blue circle on the bottom of the tub that says ‘HOT’ and you can only see it if the water is hot (obviously). You have the option to hang the tub up with a little suction cup on the bottom, but I haven’t had any luck getting it to stay. Our bathroom (and apartment in general) is pretty small, and the duck, when blown up, is pretty big. It takes up a lot of space, and I really don’t want to have to blow it up every night to give the boy his bath. We still haven’t found a place to put it. Anyway, overall, I think this was a great purchase for the time being!

Mavis Yauco, PR

Great In-Between Tub & Infant “Pool”

I bought this tub when my son was 6 months old – it was perfect for when he was getting too big for the sink and was not sturdy enough to sit up on his own in the big tub. Also great as a mini pool outside on those hot summer days!! Just the right size to cool off. Don’t waste your money on the sit-up bath seats that look like booster seats – the hard plastic is very uncomfotable on little ones! A great value and it deflates for easy storage when your child outgrows it.

Monika Elliottsburg, PA


So, being a new mom, I looked at all of the reviews on Amazon for baby bathtubs and I thought that if everyone loved the Primo Eurobath, I’d get that one, even though it didn’t look so great to me! Well, I should’ve listened to my instincts, because when I got the tub, it seemed HUGE, but I tried it anyway….and my daughter HATED it! It didn’t matter that I kept my hands and arms close to her the whole time, or how I tried to soothe her – she screamed and cried and screeched so much through the FEW baths that I gave her (and seemed genuinely scared) that I ended up giving her sink-side sponge baths for the past 18 months (and, yes, I did try the Primo repeatedly, as recently as several weeks ago)!! I wasn’t sure if I’d EVER be able to get her to take a bath, but then I thought that maybe an inflatable tub might be worth a shot, esp if it were somewhat smaller (and would possibly make her feel more supported and secure). Well, when I saw this one, I thought it couldn’t be more perfect, because it’s cute and would probably help distract her a little bit, especially since it quacks (via an electronic device in the beak)! WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF FIRST LAYING EYES ON THIS TUB, SHE ACTUALLY LET ME PUT HER IN IT (FIRST SITTING ON THE SIDE WITH HER FEET IN THE WATER), AND WITHIN 10 MINUTES SHE WAS IN IT AND ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT! I also bought her the Crayola floating art desk ($[…]), and she LOVED that! So, between the new ducky tub and her bath crayons, my daughter, who HATED bathtime since she was born, is now happily playing in the bath every night!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE PRIMO EUROBATH!! EVEN IF THIS ONE SPRINGS A LEAK FOR SOME REASON (which mine hasn’t yet, but I read that in some of the reviews), I’LL JUST BUY ANOTHER ONE IF I CAN’T REPAIR IT! SOOOOO WORTH THE MONEY IF IT GOT MY DAUGHTER TO ENJOY BATHING!

Aurelia Cordova, TN

product arrived with a hole in it!

I would love to write a good review about the cute little duck bath tub, but it arrived with a visible hole in it!So i can’t comment on the functionality of it when water is placed into it:( so we purchased a different animal bathtub. Oh! the beak quacks though…

Terra Elkwood, VA

Waste of space

This tub is small for baby but has a huge waste of space with the big head and tail. I got water all over trying to fill it since it doesn’t fit under faucet. I actually can’t use it at all since my 13 month old is petrified of it. I had to go back to the hard pink tub but will try another blow-up kind with good reviews and without such a scary duck head!

Deann Sandusky, OH

Such a fun, safe tub

I am very happy someone bought me this tub for my baby shower. We have used it since my baby was sitting on his own and it feels so much safer than having him sit in the big tub alone. This tub is nice with the soft, inflatable sides so if he were to tip over he wouldn’t hit the sides of the bathtub. And there is plenty of space for him to still have toys to play with.The quacker is pretty cute and my son loves to squeeze the bill to make it quack. The duck head and tail are rather large but we make a game out of putting toys on the top of the ducks head and he likes to shoot them off by wiggling the head. I also use the bill of the duck to dry my washcloths. It’s a nice drying rack. I don’t use the suction cup to dry the tub (I actually didn’t even know there was a suction cup…oops) I just pull the drain plug then turn the duck upside down to air dry. I also only use my shower head to fill the tub up so the fact that it doesn’t fit under the spout doesn’t bother me. We have been using this tub for 5 months and have not had to refill it with air once.My son is now 23 lbs and about 30″ and I think it is about time to retire the duck. He is starting to run out of space. I am keeping this duck around for baby#2 though. I love it!

Estella Pinch, WV

Fun and affordable tub!

What a great bathtub at a great price. Perfect for the transition before they can sit in the tub on their own. We had planned to use this just for travel but now we are also using as the regular tub for our long six-month-old. She can sit independently, but we still keep hand on her. It is so much more comfortable than the mesh sling tub we were using (which was getting smelly despite regular washing). She loves it!

Sherrie Ovapa, WV

Interesting bath investment

At first, when I tried the bathtub duck, my daughter was afraid of it. I saw the hole in the duck and thought that I was supposed to fill up the tub, and have the duck float in it while the sucker thing at the bottom stuck to the tub. That is NOT what you are supposed to do with it. When I just filled up the duck, and put it in the tub, she wasn’t as near afraid of it as before, and she actually enjoyed it. It was a nice change from our regular bath time rituals, and I will continue to use it. I like this product so much, I would give it as a gift… perfect for a first birthday gift! I also love how the duck tells you when the water is too hot. While water, to us adults, might not FEEL too hot, it could be for our kids, so the duck is very helpful that way as well!

Blanca Panther Burn, MS

Fantastic little tub

We received this second hand & began to use it once our child was 8months old. She is very comfortable while bathing. If she decides to throw herself back, the tail portion keeps her head safely away from the hard cast iron bath tub. I also like how the ducks head keeps her away from our tub faucet. We found that an air mattress pump works perfectly for inflating the tub & have only had to blow it up a little bit one time in the 2 months we’ve been using it. Rather than using the drain plug, I scoop the water out with a pitcher until I can tip the tub over to dry.

Allison Lordsburg, NM

Love this for a transitional tub!

We love this tub at our house! It is perfect for transitioning from infant tub to the “regular” bathtub. It is the perfect size for my little one to sit in and have a bath. She loves her duck tub and will crawl towards it saying “DUCK! DUCK!” It is just big enough for her to play during bath time and it is safe and not overwhelming after being in an infant tub. I highly recommend this and I will be giving it at baby showers in the future! It is easy to clean. It does not use excessive water which I appreciate for ecological and economical reasons! The price is right too. Definitely worth it.

Tameka Pleasant Grove, AR

Wish it accomodated smaller babies

This bathtub is great, but it only works for children who can sit up without support and even then, it probably won’t last past a child’s 2nd birthday. It’s too narrow for a bigger child. I know it’s a lot to ask that a tub work for a newborn baby, a sitting baby, and a toddler, but as a parent with tons of baby things already, I look for items that will accommodate and grow with my child. Anything that will last longer and is multi-functional is greatly appreciated.However, like I said, it is cute enough that I bought it anyway and my son loves playing in it. I agree with the other reviewer who said that the baby can’t squeeze the beak. It might just be that it’s fun for us adults to watch their child play in such a cute tub.

Minerva Wheat Ridge, CO

Actually my son loved it

Great solution for large babies. My son was the size of a 2year old by 8 months. By the time he was sitting up on his own he didn’t fit in to most bath seats. This saved us as a transition from supported bathing to free-for-all in the tub.

Shirley Wayland, MO

I really want to give this five stars but….

I really would love to give this bath 5 stars, as my son LOVES this bath and loves to play in it and I feel comfortable with him playing and bathing in it as it is super soft for him in case were to fall backwards, however, after only 3 times of using it, it got a hole in it, which my husband patched, and then it got another hole. Very disappointed.

Lorena South River, NJ

nice idea, but with some major flaws

I received it today and was so excited I bought a dual action air pump from a local Target store and inflated it for my son’s bath this evening. My six month old baby laughed hysterically watching me inflating the duck tub I was sure he would love it inside as well. I am now however quite disappointed and am wondering if it could be returned for a full refund.The biggest issue for us is its small size. Our baby is barely 6 months but at 28.5 inches with fairly long legs. When he leans at the duck tail, he has to curl his legs. When he sits up, his feet are reaching the duck neck. At this rate in a few weeks’ time this tub would be too small already.Not to mention that because it’s small, my son was able to reach out of the duck tub, and bang his head on the real tub (ouch!)Then some inconveniences: 1st, we put this tub inside a real bath tub. You can’t fill this duck tub from the spout directly (unless you have an extra long spout I guess) so that’s quite inconvenient. 2nd, the baby would sit towards the duck tail, and the adult would need to wash him over the duck head, and that is a pretty big duck head… I’m wondering maybe the adult should be standing outside of the real tub but then you’d need to bend over.Perhaps the best thing to do is to lay this duck tub on the bathroom floor, and the adult can sit on a stool while washing the baby inside of it. That though, I can guarantee, will make a very wet floor as our baby loves to play with water.

Delia Plymouth, VT

The Coolest

This has got to be the best baby item we have purchased since our boy was born, he loves it and the soft sides mean that mum doesn’t worry as much when he’s in it.

Marta New Lisbon, NJ

Great tub…and toy!

Pros:-Versatile as a toy and great for beach. It’s pretty darn cute and makes for a great toy. My baby has outgrown it as a tub, but it’s sitting in his playroom as a boat, a fort, something for him to load his toys in and push around, etc! During the summer we also took it to the beach a few times because I needed something for him to sit in (the ocean would have been too cold and scary)-GREAT for travel!!! If we ever need to stay over somewhere, we take it with us as it’s easy to pack up and blow up/use.-Good quality, sturdy materials. The one I got is very sturdy and has thick, durable material. My toddler is ROUGH with his toys too, during playdates he and his friends jump in and out of the tub, push it around, etc, and it has never leaked. I might have to occasionally blow it up a little more, but that’s only once a month or so, if even that.-Colored temperature indicator is helpfulCons:-hard to fill up. Because of the thick dimensions of the head and tail, it’s really hard to fill it up with water directly unless your faucet is really really far from the wall. I always had a cup that I would hold under the faucet to redirect the water in, but it was annoying that to fill it up I would have to hold and tilt the cup the entire time (vs. using that time to get the baby ready).-very large! It takes up a lot of space, and realistically I don’t see how it can comfortably fit into a bathroom you’re using–you would have to put it on the floor as you use the tub or shower. We luckily have a spare bathroom for the baby, so I just kept the duck in the tub.-suction cup is worthless. There is NO WAY it can support the entire ducktub for more than 2 seconds to hang-no squeaker 🙁 Mine never had one-age range is questionable. It says it’ll go up to 24mos, but my baby maxed out around 12mos (around 27lbs). He also started moving/standing too much that it became a hazard.Overall, I would highly recommend this, not just as an interim tub but also as a toy/travel tub/beach chair 🙂

Bobbie East Flat Rock, NC

This is a Great Tub

Although I bought this tub to hold baby shower gifts at a shower themed "rubber duckie," This is a great little tub. It came with a separate thermometer for the bath water. and, it is really cute, too!

Jocelyn Mc Neil, TX

Great for transition to tub

Honestly, our son had a lot of trouble sitting up. He still wants to just bend his body forward and dunk his head so we have had to put using this tub on hold. Currently we are using a bath chair until we feel more comfortable. However, we did use this tube with our older child and it was a hit. It made us and her feel much safer and comfortable. Make sure you clean the bottom frequently or else you will have a mold issue but otherwise I totally recommend.

Juliet Pennville, IN

LOVE this!

I received this as a gift at my baby shower. I started using it when my son was 6months old and still use it now that he is a year and a half. It conserves water by not filling the tub, easy to clean, keeps his safe from slipping, great for traveling, easy to store . . . .A perfect gift for any new parents. One of the best presents I’ve ever received!

Anne Manchester, IL