Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Tub and Bath Ducky Set

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Tub and Bath Ducky Set

Munchkin’s Inflatable Safety Tub and Bath Ducky Set combine fun and safety for your little one at bath time. The cute and colorful tub provides safety and comfort to help your little one transition from an infant tub to the adult tub. The textured surface keeps baby secure while the contoured headrest makes hair washing easy. It drains, deflates and folds quickly for easy storage. The classic Bath Ducky is right sized for little hands and is water tight to prevent sinking, squirting and mildew. The built in White Hot technology on the tub and ducky tells you when the water is too hot for baby.

Main features

  • Set includes one inflatable safety tub and one bath ducky
  • The white hot safety disc indicates when water is too hot (approximately 40 degrees celsius and above)
  • Great for travel
  • Tub is ideal for children able to sit upright unaided (6 24 months)
  • Bath ducky is enjoyable for children of all ages

Verified reviews


Small for my 2 yr old

The earlier tubs I had tore easily. Its been a few months since we got this, things I liked 1. it did not have the bad plastic smell when we opened it (our earlier ones had some horrible smell for a few days) 2. It seems sturdy and safe – keep my son contained. My only complaint is that it is very small for a toddler. I think this will work fine for 1 / 1 and half year olds but not for kids older than that. My son has no place for his toys once he is in. Wish it came in a bigger size.

Jeannette La Pine, OR

Handy for travel

I bought this tub for my son when he was 6 months old and it has come in handy on several trips. I’m a bit leery about putting his baby tush on some motel bathtubs so I bought this ducky tub to use instead. It doesn’t take up too much space in a suitcase and it’s easy to blow up. The only thing that I don’t rely on is the thermometer on the bottom of the tub…I bring a floating one of my own that seems to be a bit more accurate.

Pearl Shoreham, VT

Love it, Love it, Love it!

My grandson loves this tub! The little duck that comes with it is now his favorite bath toy. The only issue I have with this is that you have to be sure to keep the baby secure. It is NOT a tub that you can let a baby sit in alone, you really need to keep one hand on them at all times, but I would always do that anyway. It is an inflatable tub, and therefore has a little sway when the baby moves. He found this disturbing the first time, but now finds it highly entertaining. He loves reclining in the tub so his neck and head rest on the duck tail. It is so easy to wash his hair this way, and he thinks it’s great.I only give this four stars because of the sway, but that is also the reason my grandson loves it.If you are traveling with a baby, this would be an ideal addition to your luggage. I highly recommend this Inflatable Bath Ducky Set, and so does my grandson.

Regina Cragford, AL

Worked for a bit then sprung a leak

Had a Puj tub which I loved, and got this to transition us to our big tub. Worked for about a month then sprung a leak. If you are looking for a temporary solution, this works ok for awhile.The temperature duck and the indicator on the tub worked for maybe 2 days. Don’t rely on them to tell you the temperature of the water!!!

Reba Frankfort, IN

We all love it!

Baby lounges in this tub, it is so cute! Comfy, stays inflated and easy to clean. Works great for everyone!

Sallie Mohegan Lake, NY

Great for Bath Time

We originally had another "duck" bath tub but it got a hole in it (came from Target). This one seems to have a little thicker plastic so we haven’t had a leak so far (but I am not 100% sure on that fact). It blows up very quickly. Even at 15 months old it works great. I do recommend that after each bath that you flip it upside down to dry – to prevent any algae from forming.The Target one did have a "quack quack" mechanism in the bill but this one does not. Wish it did because that was fun to play with!

Tamara New Lebanon, IN

LOVE IT – Perfect for travel or Grandmas!

Easy to inflate – baby loves the bath. Fits perfectly in my mother’s tub and would travel well so you don’t have to worry about accessability while you’re away from home.

Beverley Ronkonkoma, NY

just ok.

I’ve been bathing my son in the infant tub inside the regular bathtub for the past month or so. I figured it was time to switch to a larger baby-tub so I bought this. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed – i thought the inside part (where he actually sits) would be larger. I actually think this is SMALLER than the infant tub and more annoying to use since he turns around in it.Also, I thought the duck’s head would be a nice back-rest but it’s exactly the opposite. If I put him with his back towards the duck-head, he ends up slouching and leaning forward because of the shape.I like that the tub has a drain in it, and the plastic material seems to be good (it’s the same thickness as an inflatable pool) but that’s about it.It has a suction cup on the bottom to hang it up to dry but even when it’s completely dry, the suction cup isn’t strong enough to hold it up.Oh, and as others mentioned, the “white hot” indicator is useless. The water can be lukewarm or even a little on the cold side and it’ll show that it’s too hot.Too bad.

Alisha Anna, OH

Great for travel!

I bought this for my 6-month old daughter when we traveled across the country. I wasn’t expecting much, but I ended up loving it and using it when we got back home. The plastic bath tub we got at our baby shower was adequate for a newborn, but when she began to sit-up and squirm, she bumped herself pretty hard a few times. Since this is inflatable, it cushioned every bump. My daughter is 12 months now, and I finally retired it after six months of use. I never had to put more air in it, it always stayed inflated. I liked that there is a suction cup on the bottom to hang up in your shower to dry. Also, there’s a plug on the bottom to let the water drain out. The toy duck that came with it is cute and has a blue temperature spot on the bottom to let you know the water is too hot. I never relied on it because sometimes it would read "hot" when it was just warm. Maybe I got a bad duck. I would definitely recommend this for an unsupported sitter and older. Great for travel! I highly recommend this.

Jan Cropsey, IL

great tub for those in-between months

We bought this tub when our little one outgrew his baby bathtub but wasn’t quite big enough for the big tub yet. The nonstick surface on the bottom is great (especially now that our son likes to stand up in the tub). I love that it’s smaller than the big tub, so it takes far less time and water to fill for bathtime. My son loves the duck head and has great fun hitting it with his hands and pouring water on top of it. I haven’t had any problems with it mildewing–we just hang it up after each use and it dries out right away. I also love that it can be deflated and folded up for travel. We even purchased a second one to keep at my in-laws’ house for visits! My son is definitely big and old enough to move to the regular tub now, but he’s still happy in the duck, so we’re not planning a move until we have to!

Edythe Jackson, MO