Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Test the waters with America’s #1 Safety Duck. No need to worry that your baby’s bath water is too hot to handle. This adorable rubber ducky has our White Hot safety disc at the bottom that tells you when the water is too hot, then let’s you know that it’s safe to put your baby in. And, it’s just the right size for little hands to hold and cuddle.

Main features

  • White Hot Safety Disc reveals the word hot when bath water is too hot for baby
  • Fun, easy to grasp size and shape
  • Water tight to prevent sinking, squirting, and mildew
  • White Hot Safety Disc reveals the word “HOT” when bath water is too hot for baby
  • Fun, easy-to-grasp size and shape
  • Water-tight to prevent sinking, squirting, and mildew

Verified reviews


~*~*~No Holes to get Moldy, My Girls LOVE it~*~*~

I have always been able to feel the water temperature myself & know how it should be for baby but my husband never trusted his judgement so this helped him when I wasn’t able to test the water first. Be sure you always check the water yourself.We have this duck & an infantino brand with a hole in the bottom. I hate the infantino one with the hole because it gets moldy on the inside.This duck does not have holes so it does not get moldy!! My girls love playing with both the ducks & chewing on their bills. I’m throwing the infantino away due to the mold issues. I think this one will be played with for a long time.Don’t buy a Bath Time Duck or any other type of Bath Time toy that has holes for water to get inside.

Nell Upatoi, GA


the thermometer on this duck is lousy. the water has to be scalding for it to change color so it is not very useful for its intended purpose. as a toy, it is not great since it doesn’t quack and is kind of hard plastic.

Sonya Mayo, FL

thermometer isn’t an accurate gauge

The duck is cute, but we got the “police officer” duck (at another store) and it won’t stay afloat straight-up; it’s weighted to one side and so it falls over. And the thermometer turns white-ish even in warm water so it’s hard to gauge if the water is really hot.

Nichole Parlier, CA

Cute, my baby loves it, but terrible thermometer

I agree with the other reviewers, the “HOT” warning shows up even in tepid water temperatures. It’s a great toy for my baby, she loves to play with the duck and chew on the bill while having her bath, but as a safety gauge, it’s pretty worthless.

Juliet Cawker City, KS

A mute!

Rubber ducky doesn’t look so tough, and won’t talk. Tried: boiling water, water boarding, slow cuts, nothing worked. Not a peep.

Vicky Bristol, CT

Bath toy and peace of mind

Had one of these before when my daughter was a baby and couldn’t find one again (6 1/2 years later!) for my son. Luckily we were able to find this one and glad we did. Just a little peace of mind knowing the water is not too hot for baby.

Shannon Bell Gardens, CA

doesnt work

Ive never seen the label on the bottom change. And Ive tried it in extremely hot water… waste of money

Gladys Romeo, CO

Paint comes off

Had this rubber duck which my baby daughter loves so much until i noticed that the paint on the rubber duck started to come off (See the pictures i posted).Cute but i do not recommend it.

Dessie Augusta Springs, VA

Great bath toy! I do not use for temperature though.

These are very cute! There is a whole collection of them so it makes a cute little gift to add to a baby shower gift or get a few and use them as decorations. They float well. My little one loves them in her tub. I never really used it to check temperature as I just do that with my hands.

Saundra Berlin, NJ

cute and played with often in the bath

Our son loves the duck and plays with it during each bath. He loves to chew on the duck and loves the quack quack noises we make while playing with him. Contrary to other reviews, I feel as if the heat sensor works pretty well. It turns completely white when the water is far to hot… and turns only slightly white when the water is rather warm (but not terribly hot). But then again, it’s my opinion that parents should check the water temp using your forearm and NEVER by using any product (this temp sensor or any other)

Kendra Bowling Green, KY

Inaccurate but cute.

We only used this duck a couple times for water temp checking before realizing how unreliable it is. The word "HOT" shows up in water that barely room temperature, and there is no guide to how white is too white. You just end up using your common sense is however a cute duck for the bath, and I love that theres no hole in it like most rubber bath toys, so no fears of mildew building up in it.That being said, it doesn’t always float right side up like it should. oh well. Another overpriced bath toy. My daughter likes to play with it though, so I guess its not a total loss.

Lelia Airway Heights, WA

You want the duck. Trust me.

So, this little guy floats around and lets me know if the water is too hot. Pretty basic, right? One might be offended, thinking what the heck, I can tell the temperature of water for Pete’s sake, but I, having grown up in the glorious days of hand-washed dishes, am said to be made of Teflon. I can pick up blazing hot coffee and sip it right out of the pot. I’ve been known to yank hot soup out of the microwave with my bare hands. Is that pizza done yet? Let me stick my finger in it. Given that, I feel rather disqualified to determine water temp for my wee little newborn. The duck is nice. The duck is cute. The duck says HOT when my seared-to-the-point-of-unfeeling flesh says, "Meh, feels a little tepid." The duck keeps me from scalding my wee one. I do love the duck. If you’re a lava-coffee sipping, hot-dish-washing mom like me, you’ll want the duck.

Rosie Redkey, IN

Great toy, not so great thermometer.

My son loves his football themed bath ducky, and I love that it is plugged at the bottom so no water can get in and cause mold/bacteria. Although, the thermometer part I don’t feel is very accurate. It always reads HOT unless the water is cold, even if the water is luke warm and acceptable for a child to take a bath in.

Myrtle Alco, AR

works and is cute

Because every kiddo needs rubber duckie in the bath. My son is obsessed with it-and of all the things in the bath this gets a ton of attention.

Arlene Woodstock, IL

Great design

I like that it is simple and can’t get water in it. I wish there was a way to make it squeak without having to worry about mold, then it would be a real rubber ducky. If you by this for the temperature indicator you will get ripped off. We bought it the firs time for that, but found that our son really liked it, so we bought another after it was lost. Our son really enjoys it.

Camille Hopewell Junction, NY

Just a toy

I bought this with the intention of it being a toy for my daughter. Because every baby need to have their own rubber ducky lolI found the HOT to be a bonus. I tried using it a few times on a cup of water to see how it works. I asked my mom how was the ducky and she said it’s garbage. She told me if she went by the duck my daughter would get sick because it’ll make the water too cold.I tried it out myself the next night when preparing her bath water. The water wasn’t even warm. I used the old method to test the water first and it felt good to me. I tried using the ducky and it says it was HOT. So, I thought maybe I’m wrong. And lowered the temperature of the water until the HOT went away. The water was cold. It wasn’t cold as in ice cold. It was cold like, room temperature.Munchkin has never made anything that works great or as good as it promises for me ever.So, this just sticks to as being a toy for my daughter.BTW it doesn’t quack/squeek either because there’s no hole for it to happen 🙁

Mavis Portland, OR

Works exactly as it should

From crazzeto’s wife:I received this at my baby shower and it has been one of my most-used gifts. In the year I’ve had it there have been no issues with it and I can’t think of anything negative to say about it. I’ve had plenty of problems with other munchkin products, but not this one! The word HOT appears quickly when the water is too hot and quickly fades when the water is just the right temperature.

Irma Stout, OH

Perfect for new Parents

This little guy is not only adorable, but works like a charm in the bath. Just pop him in and wait to see if the water is ready. He goes in before baby, and paves the way for a FUN bath time!!!

Gloria Gregory, SD

Very cute !

It’s very cute . I think my baby will like it .

Kristin Hallsville, MO

Cute, stay-clean little duckie – useless as a temperature checker

As other reviewers have pointed out, the temperature feature is worthless. The "HOT" indicator stays the same color, regardless of the water temperature. That being said, this is a cute little duck. It floats and it’s sealed, so mold won’t get it (hopefully). On a side note: it doesn’t squeak.

Kelsey Stewarts Point, CA

Awesome Duck

This duck replaces one we bought when our daughter was born. The previous duck was awesome because we could spray water with it but despite my best care, it still grew mold inside. I bought this one because it can’t take on water and thus it is a longer-term investment (my daughter loves ducks and would play with them in or out of the bath). It’s a perk that it tells me if the water is too hot but the sign has never "lit up" for me so either I’m doing really well or maybe my daughter can have warmer baths. I should probably test it. 🙂

Lynette Meadow Valley, CA

As ducks go, it’s great.

As a tool to let you know if the water’s too hot or not, well, not as much. It always says HOT. The amount of white HOT word you see does change with temperature, but variations of white isn’t as effective as, say, a rainbow of color from blue to red would’ve been. Bottom line? It’s a nice duck, but if you’re using this to tell you if your water is safe or not, I suggest you choose another method.

Geneva Dunkirk, IN

“Mr Ducky” is my 8 month olds favorite toy!

This toy is great- it tells you if the water is too hot (which you can tell yourself by sticking your wrist in the bath, but still…) and it is a fun classic bath toy. My daughter LOVES Mr. Ducky! She has a bright red plastic boat too, but Mr. Duck wins her kisses every night in the tub! Great buy and or shower gift.

Rhea Hellier, KY

Great safety item

Love this safety item – has made my life so much easier. Plus my granddaughter likes it too.

Carla Deerton, MI

Cute & works well

We have the “girl” duck that “is wearing a bathing suit” and my daughter is intrigued with the duck and is constantly playing with it in the bathtub…however, the “white hot” is on the underside, so I have to pick it up out of the water to see if it’s too warm…they should change this so that it’s visibel on top…

Mary Lamont, IA

Cute, but not to use for water temp

This is cute to have in the tub and my baby likes to bat /kick at it but definitely wouldn’t use it as a temperature sensor. Useless for that. I just got it for her so she would have something to play with and associate with bath time.

Angelita Clayton, TX

Good for a while.

Great add-on item. I had one for my first baby, and given them as gifts. Only problem is that at some point the word "HOT" doesnt turn blue anymore and just stays white so it isn’t helpful after that.

Hattie Starks, LA


Cute Duke, very good. My baby play it when he was bathing. It can show the temprature too high,a good toy

Jasmine Rittman, OH

Favorite Bath Toy

My son is 5 months old right now and he loves this toy. I bought some other ones at Buy Buy Baby and he isn’t as interested in those. I like this toy because there isn’t a hole in the bottom where water can get into it. Very easy to clean. I have never had to use the hot indicator though.

Sierra Utica, MI

Great for the little ones.

I like having this around for easy bath time readings cause some times you think its fine, turns out its hot.

Jamie Straughn, IN