Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 4 Ct

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 4 Ct

This heat sensor is patented White Hot safety spoon turns white if food is over a comfortable 110°F (43.3°C). And the soft tip is gentle on baby’s gums. The tapered spoon bowl is the perfect shape and fit for little mouths. It has a bright colors help hide food stains. This has a long handle reached bottom of jar. It is ideal for 3+ month’s baby.

Main features

  • Patented white hot heat sensor tips turn white when food is too hot
  • Soft tips are gentle on baby’s gums
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Bright colors help hide food stains
  • Tapered bowl is ideal for little mouths and comes in purple, pink, peach, and blue

Verified reviews


Great spoons

I think these work great. They seem to be small enough for my baby’s mouth and soft on his gums. I also like how they turn colors when food is too hot. They do stain very easily, but this is not noticeable unless you are running them under hot water and they won’t bee white anymore.

Staci Barrington, IL

metal handle

Initially I was very pleased with these spoons. They do turn white when food is too warm (it doesn’t even have to be hot), which is a nice feature, but as reviewed elsewhere, I always test the food myself anyway, just to be sure I don’t burn my baby’s mouth.The tips are soft and have a great “pointy” tip, which is nice for digging into avocado or scraping food off cheeks.However, the reason I only gave 3 stars is becuse the handle of the spoon is stainless steel/metal, and my baby continually tries to grab the spoon to feed himself. What happens is that he grips the metal and then getting him to let go is a little tug-o-war…and I think the metal is more likely to hurt his hand. I never pull hard, but basically, end up either waiting for him to release the spoon, or opening each finger individually.I have a plastic handle spoon and feel more comfortable tugging on that for him to release, as it won’t cut into his hand anywhere.The colors in the 4-pack are not gender specific, which I actually don’t mind, however, they are not as depicted in the image on Amazon. The colors are less saturated in real life. Also, the two pink-ish spoons are very similar in color. I use those two for orange colored food, as the staining, which does happen, is less apparent. Eventually, I’ll probably have an orange spoon, instead of pink…fine by me.

Charlene Monson, MA

great for new feeders

I love these spoons for getting baby to learn to eat solids. The spoon bowl is really shallow so you can put a little dab of food on it and it is easy for the baby to get off. The rubber coating is easy on the gums. They work as intended. It didn’t matter to me about the color change temperature thing because I don’t heat her food up yet anyway, she likes it at room temp. I have run a couple through the dishwasher on accident and it didn’t hurt them at all. Recommended!

Nancy Mexico, ME

The spoon is shallow, scald proof design do very well

The spoon is shallow, but the scald proof design to do good, not to hurt the baby, the price is very affordable

Millie Atoka, OK

Great spoons, especially for first feeder spoons

These spoons are great. The color changing really works, and they are good size and good quality. However, now that our son is getting older and has teeth, he bites the rubber which is making little marks/holes.

Lakisha Sayre, OK

SO happy with these

We have a wee little princess with a wee little mouth and ALL of the spoons I have found are so huge! these are a perfect fit with soft plastic so when she tries to teeth on them instead of focusing on eating they don’t hurt her gums. I also have a habit of way ober warming her food so the white safety measure is good for me.

Elaine Short Creek, WV


The spoons have nice soft tips but the handles are pretty skinny even for someone with small hands. If the handles were more substantial it would be easier to use

Jerri Lawton, MI

Surpirisingly clean feeding, with “cool” added feature.

Got these from my MIL, so was skeptical to try…. (our tastes differ a lot), -but I must say: I LOVE these spoons. I started to introduce my LO to some solids at 3-4 months old. It is so easy to feed her with these spoons without making a big mess. Spoon has perfect shape to fit into her little mouth with enough food on it to keep her happy, and it is soft so even if she makes sudden move (bites down on it hard) it will not hurt her. Feeding was so smooth even hubby got courage worked up to try to feed her. (much bigger mess, but still good). I do like the safety of color change, which came handy with nuked food to remind me to cool it off properly. (we make our own organic babyfood from vegies and fruits and freeze it in ice-cube trays, so warming up is necessary if not using fresh batch.) I am very happy with these spoons and would recommend them to anyone with small baby/ child.

Katrina Wilton, MN

Old ones great, new ones stink!

We have several of these as hand-me-downs from my brother & also received a brand new pack of them. The older ones are great, turn white when I dip them in too-hot food. The new ones don’t change color AT ALL. I don’t use them to test for the baby, but for me so I don’t stick my finger into piping hot food or bring it to my lips to test first (i.e. after I cook her oatmeal & I’m waiting for it to cool down).

Esperanza Stephenville, TX

I love these!

I absolutely love these! I love that they change color when the food is too hot. My only issue with them is that the spoons do stain very easy when used with baby food.

Esperanza Cedar Point, IL

Not dishwasher safe, even on top rack

From crazzeto’s wife:I bought these thinking they would be a great safety item to make sure my baby’s food wasn’t too hot. But, the very first time we washed them we put them on the top rack just like it said to but all the tips turned permanently white anyway and no longer register temperature changes. Now the entire reason I bought them has been rendered useless. I then thought, oh well, at least the spoon has a soft tip so it will be more comfortable and safe for baby’s mouth, but that ended up being a problem too – she loves to teethe on the rubbery soft material. She will frequently bite down on the spoon tip when I feed her with it, which just makes feeding time needlessly difficult. Ironically, the best baby spoons were a 12 pack of cheap plastic ones I got at the dollar store. No teething temptations or broken temperature gauges on those ones. My advice would be to save your money and just get those.

Helena Rollinsford, NH

Munchkin 4 Pack White Hot Safety Spoon

•Soft tips are gentle on baby’s gums•Top rack dishwasher safe•Bright colors help hide food stains•Tapered bowl is ideal for little mouths and comes in purple, pink, peach, and blue

Althea North Webster, IN

They are really cheap looking but that’s not the issue …

They are really cheap looking but that’s not the issue. They stained the first time I used them. I’m going to buy others.

Augusta Lagrange, IN

Best Buy

Love it for the way it’s made. The colours are as shown, and it does change color when the tip comes in contact with anything hot. Depending on the food, the colors will stain.

Frieda Hersey, MI

Love these

I love these spoons. the handle has a little bend in it which makes feeding my son very easy. they work very well. the tips are nice and soft and they are a very sturdy spoon.

Ollie Hulen, KY

These are fun

I love that these change colors! It’s so fun. Unfortunately after two weeks of using and washing I have noticed a marked change in their ability to turn white. Also the pink one is now discolored from an encounter with hot sweet potatoes.

Earlene Dilliner, PA

Shallow Bowl Eases the Transition to Solid Foods…

I first used the Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons at my daughter’s home when feeding her son. I really liked the shallow spoon bowl which made it much easier for her little one to learn to eat from a spoon. Because he was used to sucking his bottle, the baby spoons with deeper bowls proved to be very frustrating for both baby and adult. It took awhile for him to get the technique associated with spoon-feeding, but the shallow bowl on the Munchkin spoon was very conducive to easing his transition to eating solid foods. We do pay attention to the color change and wait until the spoon stays its original color before feeding heated foods.There has been no problem with the spoons staining, even the lighter colors clean up very nicely in the dishwasher – top shelf, of course. The spoons have been used for broccoli, prunes, yellow squash, green peas and blueberries, so if they were going to stain these foods would have done the trick. Of course, we do rinse them before putting them in the dishwasher, so that may help prevent staining.I would urge those who need baby spoons to consider the Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoon for its helping transition your little one to solid foods.

Carey Brownfield, ME

Great Beginner Spoon/ Stains Quickly/ Heat Indicator Not Too Useful

These were pretty good spoons to start off with, however….our set stained within one use and it made the heat indicator nearly useless.I still recommend these to people, you don’t pay much so you do get your money’s worth, especially since you don’t need to use these too long.

Felecia Vado, NM

Not suited for my 6 month old

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t work for me beacuse I like the fact it changes color for hot food. The reason I can’t use these because they r so flat I can’t put the food in my son’s mouth.

Jeannie Orland, ME

works for intended purpose

They seem to stain with orange foods but its a minor inconvenience. They work well and are easy for my son to use.

Lynette Bridgewater, CT

Soft tip nice, Hot meter off

The spoon tip turns white if the food could be described as anything warmer than luke warm. For beginner babies that is an appropriate temperature. However, because the spoon is so sensitive, we ended up feeling it with our hands every time anyway.

Letha Mount Gay, WV

Stain easily

I have used these spoons several times to feed our 7 month old and have noticed that they stain easily. They are hand washed and the stains do not come off. I have not tried cleaning them in the dishwasher.

Amy North Las Vegas, NV

Safe and cute spoons

These are great for homemade baby food. I have to warm it after it being in the refrigerator or freezer so these spoons will let me know if it’s too hot for my little one. Soft and perfect for first foods.

Shanna Ducor, CA

Love these!

When I purchased these I bought them because my baby was running out of spoons and I liked the way these ones looked. I had no idea they went white when the food being served is too hot! Added bonus. Love these.

Krista Maunie, IL


These are awesome for telling whether my daughter’s food was hot. The unfortunately part is that the spoon hardly held any food so it was hard to get her to eat enough. Food feel off of it easier too so eating took a lot time.

Madeleine Elton, LA

good quality,Attractive appearance

The spoon has a very good quality, suitable for small children, my kids really like it,my choice is smart.thank you

Rosanna Blakely Island, WA

Best spoons to start solids!

I really love these spoons. Not only are they SUPER cheap.. they change colors when you mix any heated foods so it’s a great safety feature for parents. The spoon part is great for my baby’s gums too. Plus the shape is perfect for a little mouth.

Michaela Damon, TX

AWESOME! Work great for metal stamping the handle!!

I bought these to do metal stamping on the handle for baby gifts. These are PERFECT. They stamp well with my metal stamps, come in really cute colors, and I just love the little heart cutout. The Munchkin brand stamp is on the bottom of the spoon, which is perfect because you can’t see it when using the spoon, and it doesn’t get in the way of stamping the names.

Sylvia Glouster, OH

Great spoons

Great spoons. They are long enough to feed your little one with and just the right size to get to the bottom of the baby food jars. You can dishwash them and they really do turn white when hot.Bottom line- buy them.

Lilian Marquette, KS


I am used to the Nuby spoons so the transition to this one is strange. This one has a very shallow spoon so unless the food is thick, it slides right off. The metal handle is not really comfortable either. The nice things about this spoon is that the tip is more rounded, so when wiping it against my sons mouth to clean off food it doesn’t irritate and the color change is more sensitive. It is good for thick foods such as thick cereal, 3rd stage foods and ice cream but by the time you are to that stage of foods, the size of the spoon head negates the positives, you can’t get enough food on the spoon to satisfy a hungry mouth

Shawn White Lake, WI