Munchkin Wonder Waterway Bath Tub Toy

Munchkin Wonder Waterway Bath Tub Toy

The Wonder Waterway by Munchkin includes three cute characters that can be played with individually or be linked together to create a visually stimulating waterway. The penguin extends to scoop water, and when linked, flows through the spiral chamber, tumble beads, and spinner wheel. Perfect for little one’s 6 months plus.

Main features

  • Link to create waterway with spiral chamber, tumble beads, and spinner wheel
  • Each character has individual play
  • Penguin extends for extra play time
  • For babies 6 months and above

Verified reviews


Doesn’t work.

I love how the only two five star reviews are from people who ordered it to give as a gift and have never even seen the toy in use! Uh…does it help anyone to know that it looks like the picture? We received this as a gift, from someone who thought it looked fun. It does look fun.This toy doesn’t work, and it never has worked for us.The idea is cute: fill up the cup on top, and it will trickle down causing the top section to whirl, the middle section the move little balls around, and the final section to spin. On ours, only the penguin part works. Our penguin stays up pretty well, so it can collapse if you want it to, but you can also watch the interior twirl. It does twirl a little, kind of slowly.If you fill the middle section, it has trouble filling, and then it has trouble draining. The balls do nothing. It does rattle when empty, but…this is a bath toy that doesn’t do anything special in the water.If you fill the bottom section, it drains out the bottom. The thing in the middle does not spin.If you keep the pieces connected, on ours, the top twirls minimally. Nothing else happens at all. If you separate the pieces, the starfish part in the middle drains with a pattern. Sometimes. If the water doesn’t get stuck. The fish on bottom still does nothing.I think we’re probably just going to throw this away. If you’re considering buying this (for your kiddo or as a gift) save your money or buy something else. Anything else. Worst Bath Toy Ever!

Tanisha Maryknoll, NY

Bath toy

This is for my baby granddaughter for Christmas. Haven’t opened it, so don’t know anything about it. Looks like a good tub toy though.

Kathi Barnegat, NJ

Good tub toy!

Got this as a gift for my god daughter and I have been told it is a great tub toy and she has a lot of fun with it!

Becky Ivanhoe, NC

They are just ok

There are better bath toys out there. They look cute but that’s about it. Kids sort of like them but by far not their favorites.

Marina Caldwell, AR

Cheap toys are usually cheap

I purchased this because my son was getting bored of his “baby” toys in the bath tub. He really loves water coming out of things and I figured he’d like to see things spin when water went through them. Unfortunately these toys don’t really do much. If you have them pulled apart they work better than when they’re together. Not sure if this is meant to sit under the faucet, but when you fill the top one with water, it doesn’t do anything for the whole toy.

Marcy Aspers, PA


Did not really hold the interest of my 2 yr old that well. The water flow required for the mechanisms to actually perform is not always proficient.

Kasey Howe, IN

Made of hard plastic – caution required for toddlers

We bought this toy for our 18 month old twins. We have been a big fan of many Munchkin products since our kids were born, but not this one.In theory water runs through the parts of the toy making it spin, in practice the only part that worked well was the spinning wheel in the fish.The biggest downside for us is that the toy is made of hard plastic. If thrown vigorously by a toddler in the excitement of being in the bath, it has the potential to hurt. With two toddlers who bath at the same time, this was a big concern for us. The moment we decided it was too risky was when our son threw it in a peal of laughter and it took a chip out of the plastic bath.Not recommended.

Audra Pantego, NC

Not played with and they don’t work like intended.

The water doesn’t flow through these like it should. They all just dribble water really fast and none of the little spinning mechanisms really work. Neither of my kids play with them, they just float around in the tub.

Angela Morriston, FL

Great to getting kids use to water

My son LOVES the parts that sprinkle water. He puts it over his head and loves to watch it sprinkle Really fun bathing toy

Reva Olmstead, KY

not the best use of your money

This is 3 separate toys. We can’t seem to get the yellow fish to "work". The pink part is just kind of useless. The blue bird is the only part that the toddler is interested in at all and you would be better off investing in cups to pour water back and forth.

Wilda Yorkshire, OH