Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count

Secure cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilet seats and more with the Munchkin XTRAGUARD dual action multi-use latch. This handy 2 pack features a dual button operation to release, making it hard for children to open but easy for an adult. Simply release and rotate when not in use and push back to fasten. The flexible strap allows for latching around corners. Installation is quick and simple and the included adhesive removes easily without damaging surfaces.

Main features

  • Secures cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilet seats, and more
  • Requires dual button operation to release, release and rotate when not in use
  • Flexible strap allows latching around corners
  • Easy to install with provided adhesive – won’t damage furniture and is easy to remove
  • Requires dual button operation to release, release and rotate when not in use; Simply push back to fasten
  • Easy to install with provided adhesive – won’t damage furniture and is easy to remove

Verified reviews


These are the best

I have a toddler that has mastered lots of locks and this is one that his little fingers just cannot work, yet. I love these so much that I needed more for other appliances in the house. Work very well on the top of side by side frig/frez. Ive tired other porducts and they broke after one use had been useing these for 7 months and they are great. Does not bust open even when an adult forgets they are on and trys to pull open the frig door.

Paige Harrisville, NH

Just OK

These latches are similar to Safety 1 straps. I bought both products and they each have its pros and cons. What I like about these latches is that after the application both ends can be opened and closed. However, I don’t like that the latches are quite large and the stripes can’t be adjusted. I use them to secure my kitchen cabinet doors. I was unable to use them on the drawers because the latch size ( the other side didn’t fit between the cabinets). These can be also used to secure dishwasher. I would recommend to measure before ordering, since the strap can’t be adjusted.

Andrea Leonard, MO

excellent product.

These work perfectly! easy to install and use. The little one just gave up on trying to open the cabinets and drawers. I haven’t had them long enough to see how the adhesive comes off but I’m very happy so far.

Kristin Douglass, KS

OK…not spectacular…

I’m pretty surprised that this item has such a high rating. I already have a bunch of the Safety First latches similar to this & we somehow still need more, so I figured I’d try these out. I’m glad I decided to try just one set as I definitely prefer the safety first version, although ultimately they both will effectively lock most cabinets/drawers/etc.My main issues with this are:1) One handed use with these is very difficult. They don’t open as well if you’re trying to pull the lock open from any sort of angle – it seems they need to be pulled straight out. Then the “push-to-shut” – it’s also very difficult – I have a strong feeling I will break this at some point trying to push it shut as I already feel like I’m going to each time I close it. And once I do finally get it closed it’s LOUD. Since these were intended for the bathroom right next to my sons room, this might be an issue since it’s a loud click each time I push it shut (very loud). The Safety First ones I’m able to quietly open & close all with one hand – which is huge for me. I can’t stand having to stop & put something down just to open a drawer or a cabinet.2) The colors – it’s bad enough having a bulky plastic strap on your cabinet, but to make it two toned doesn’t help. The Safety First ones are all white (except the two buttons on the side of the clasp, which are gray), which I think helps make them a bit less of an eyesore – especially if you’re using these on white cabinets as we are.3) The size of the adhesive base is significantly larger than that of the Safety first ones. For us this isn’t too big of an issue as we already have to renovate this bathroom in a year or so, & this vanity is definitely not staying. But this product says it might leave marks on your furniture, and i assume that’s a risk with the Safety First ones, but at least those marks would be a bit smaller as the base a good bit smaller.4) This has a fixed length plastic strap, whereas the Safety First Version is adjustable (well – you can set the length, once set it’s a bit tricky to change).There are a few things I like about these:1) The swivel ability – when not in use you can swivel this down so it just hangs out of the way.2) The ability to open either end – I actually have no use for this, but I imagine others do – and it also means you can remove the strap entirely if you wanted to while still leaving the base attached…don’t know why you’d need to do that – but I’m sure it’s possible.3) The Safety First ones can be a bit of a pain to setup…nothing major (nothing even remotely compared to the installation of magnetic locks) – but I usually spend 3-4 minutes just trying to get the length of the plastic strap set as it can slide around & be a bit obnoxious. And once set, you can’t change it (except maybe very very carefully).Ultimately – I greatly prefer the safety first to these, but either one will keep a cabinet or drawer (or a variety of other things) shut.__________________________________________________Update: I have learned that the adhesives for these is significantly stronger than the safety first ones. I am using these on a textured surface (that fake-out wood type surface…which is obviously not real wood, but is cheaply trying to look like it). The safety 1st ones fell off…this could also be because it’s a bathroom – meaning humidity could be a factor…but sadly, we had to replace the safety 1st ones with these. Of course we wiped the surfaces down with rubbing alcohol first, but it didn’t make a difference. The safety 1st ones work great on smooth surfaces, but nothing textured 🙁 these however will hold quite well with textured surfaces…which makes me wonder just how well they’ll come off – but like I already said – if they ruin the vanity, I don’t care – it already looks bad enough & if it’s not replaced by the time we remove these – then that will be one more motivator to get that taken care of!

Isabelle Chesterfield, SC

Forgot it was there once, and the snap broke. I can’t get the glue off of my appliance@

I put these on my drawer freezer, and the first time I forgot to unlatch them, it snapped! (That would be fine, it’s a very inexpensive latch except…) The adhesive was still on my fridge, and i still haven’t figured out how to get it off!

Melinda West Mineral, KS

Great product

This is a great product that does what it says it will do. Sturdy, good construction. I’ve tried other brands that my toddler was able to undo or break off. This latch stays put just as it should. I used it for my bathroom cabinets and also on our piano to keep the kids from slamming the piano keyboard cover onto their fingers. Would definitely recommend.

Pansy Baileys Harbor, WI

finally something that works,but takes varnish and wallpaper off

Half of the safety items for children are cheaply made and don’t do what they say, so this gets 5 stars. This keeps our 2 yr. old out of the refrigerator every single time. These Munchkin latches have strong adhesives on both sides and are connected by nice heavier plastic strap. To open you push both tabs on the side of the latches and it releases, simple. To put back on, they do need to be lined back up to snap on, but that’s really not much. Takes adults a little while to remember that the door isn’t coming open until its unlatched. Finally a child’s safety item that works, but it will take wallpaper and varnish off when they are removed.

Natalie Stratford, WA

Works well for my 18 month olds!

I purchased these to keep my exploring 18 month old twins out of our entertainment center. We have two glass doors they just loved to open. Applying them was easy, but unfortunately one of my girls tugged on the strap before it was really set and ripped the back latch (the one we don’t use) off the wood. It wouldn’t stick now so I just pulled out some of my extra command strips and stuck it down. It’s mostly out of sight so we don’t see the tabs and it works great! The locks are pretty large and unsightly, but they get the job done and they can’t figure it out (yet). I’m sure by 3 or so they’ll discover they just have to push the buttons and boom! Access to whatever. But they are excellent for now.It would be nice if they supplied extra adhesive just in case (or for reuse). It’d also be nice if they made them in a black, and a brushed and polished silver color too, just to make them look slightly nicer.They accomplish what I wanted at an excellent price, would recommend!Edit: September 7, 2013:My daughters are now over two years old and still cannot get into these. I put them on all cabinets in our kitchen now as well. If I leave one off on accident they try to put it back on but can’t. They have very small hand and not much strength in them so I have confidence that these will last for a long time. You really have to push the side buttons and pull it off, my daughters can’t do this.To apply the ones in my kitchen I removed the adhesive provided on the lock all together and stuck it on with command strips instead to save the cabinets in our rental house. My daughters pull and pull on them and even using command strips instead of the provided adhesive they haven’t been able to pull them off. Still love them!

Bridget Leander, TX

Different use than intended! Secured sliding glass door.

I looked high and low for a way to secure our sliding glass door so my three year old or 18 month old can not escape! There are several ways to do it but not without drilling or having to go on the other side of the door (door bar) which incidentally in our case is behind a sofa. So I used this strap and it works perfectly! I just mounted on piece to the door and the other to the jam and it works great. It is a temporary measure that I can take off in a few years, or in our case probably sooner to sell. Should leave no damage.

Bridget Kiln, MS

Great for Toilets – Bad for Older Ovens with Hot Doors – Won’t work over 140 degrees!

I have 10 months old twins that have learned that getting into stuff is fun! I bought a bunch of these and have installed them on the toilets and cabinets. So far they have worked great. I decided to go with these because of the ease of use and ‘intuitiveness’ (have you tried some of those toilet baby proofers – they are horrible!) Super easy to install and use – even for guests that have never seen them before.HOWEVER…. I have an older stove/oven. Apparently the oven doors on all new ovens are now made to be cool to touch when the oven is on. But, this is a relatively new thing, so all older oven door’s get warm/hot when the oven is on. What it doesn’t say on this site, but does say on the paperwork, is that the latches should only be used on items that are cooler than 140 degrees. I turned on my oven to 450 degrees and felt the door and handle. I don’t know the actual temperature of the door but it was hot enough that I didn’t want to keep my hand on the oven door. My guess is that the adhesive stops working well with the heat (makes sense).So, if you have an older/hot door oven, this will not work on that oven. But again, it is great for toilets and cabinets (and I am assuming for newer ovens)!

Lee Alfred, ME

Great Product

My 21 month old son is so strong he is like a baby wrestler! He can not open or break this one. I love it and well made. This is one of the best product in the market.

Misty Dutton, VA

Better than I expected

I bought this when my daughter turned 6 month. I installed them to our tv table once my daughter started crawling. I’m glad I had them. They are easy to install but not sure how easy to remove them later. They stick on the surface very well and in good quality.

Ivy Swea City, IA

They don’t stick to porcelain.

What is the point of a toilet seat latch that doesn’t stick to the toilet? My one-year-old pulled them off as soon as we put them on. Thankfully she lost interest in potty-fishing, but still, I would not recommend these at all.

Leola Cloverdale, OR

Simple and useful

I bought this so I could lock my 2 your old away from the refridgerator. The installation is crazy easy, and the lock/unlock mechanism is simple(not enough for a child to figure out). The "secure points" both pivot, so you can have the strap hang vertically and out of the way when not in use. Im very happy with this so far. I cant comment on removal yet, so I’ll update when I get to that point.

Bridget Wheatfield, IN

Worked OK

These worked great for a while, but our 12 month old was able to rip them off. I wish they would provide additional adhesive.

Lucy Glover, MO

Quality product

We’ve been using these for our entertainment center cabinet (a must have) and haven’t had any issues. It holds in place, doesn’t peel off and you can easily lock/unlock them to open up the door but still safe enough that your child can’t figure it out.I think with these types of products you have to use common sense. It’s not going to adhere to ALL surfaces and they are not re-usable so make sure that when you put it in place it’s in an area where you’ll know it be in use for a long time.If we had more areas in our home that weren’t already blocked up with gates I would be purchasing more of these latches, I recommend them to any parent concerned over safety.

Johnnie Chatham, MA

fridge lock works great

We use these to keep our 2.5 year old out of the fridge. They work great, although I am worried about how they will do once we remove them, but that is a long way down the road with 2 more coming right behind. Very easy to use and very strong, no matter how hard my toddler tugs he can’t get the fridge open. Also the nice gray and clear/white color blends nicely with the stainless steal, so it isn’t so tacky, or as tacky as other kid proof items.

Beth Sonoma, CA


My 2 year old pulls on these constantly. They remained secure! Love them the tape is tough.However there are others that are easier for us adults to open. These are a little tough. I am hoping that they loosen a little over time.I only needed one so I have a spare in the event that if one day he pulls hard enough.

Rhea Freeman, WV

Awesomely easy babyproofing!

Super easy to install, keeps drawers shut. Great for babyproofing. We have 10 of these now and had to rmove the handles off some of our drawers (point metal) so we can use this latch as a way to open the drawers as well as secure them.

Abby State Road, NC

Easy to use and gets the job done

We use this to keep our oven door shut. Our toddler has never come close to being able to open it. It’s sturdy and easy to apply. Our toddler pulls on the oven door and so far these latches have stood up to all that tugging (been using them for about a year).

Florine Hastings, MN

Bigger than I thought

These are much bigger than I thought they would be, and I hate how they look on my cabinets, but it was the only way to lock my daughter out of the lazy susan that she kept opening and trying to climb in. She hasn’t figured out how to open them, so they do their job, but they’re certainly an eye sore.

Helen Zahl, ND

Super strong latches- secure!

Ideal for baby proofing! We have metal cabinets and these work great on those. The adhesive is very strong. We are also using these to secure our dishwasher. I’m sure there are many other things you could use these on. Very sturdy.

Tamera Bunkie, LA

great for safety proof!

we used these on the fridge, wine cabinet, and other places we needed to child-proof but didn’t want to damage the furniture. they work great, are easy to install, and are easy to open.

Kathrine Goree, TX

No more tripping on what he took out of the cabinet.

My 15 month old was all over the cabinets and once I placed these on the cabinets problem solved. They have been on for about a month, even bought some more. Still can’t get in and he is a tough little guy. The length was great for my cabinets.

Vicki Wentworth, NC

Five Stars

It works perfectly. Can’t complain about this product. Keep my son in safety.

Goldie Stafford, KS

these are just perfect

I got these because I didn’t want to drill into the cabinets and drawers for baby proofing. I have used these on EVERYTHING! drawers, the shower, cabinets, closets. I haven’t tried removing them yet so I can’t speak to that, but I will say that they are strong and haven’t budged. Easy for adults to unlock and hard for kids to unlock. Love these!

Denice Trevor, WI

Work wonderful

This is my 2nd order they work wonderful. I have not tried to remove them yet so I have no idea if they will mess up your finish.

Marcia South Boston, VA

they work well

i use these to lock up my dressers as i have twins who run around the bedroom trying to open everything. they are very easy to install and are strong enough to prevent my kids from opening the drawers. i have yet to try and remove them, but i suspect it will require a hair dryer and my thumb to slowly push the double sided off the dresser.

Kris Saint Francis, KS

They work well so far!

So far so good with these.Like that you can unlock from either the cabinet side or drawer side.They are supposed to not damage the cabinet, so I hope that’s true (yet to be determined).Super easy to install.My 20 month old hasn’t "cracked" them yet.

Reva Seekonk, MA

Great product – works fine in my bathroom and kitchen!

This is a nice product for child safety! I use these on my lower kitchen cabinets and on the cabinets in my bathroom. They are easy to operate for adults, but difficult for children because of the grip strength required to open them. The humidity in my bathroom and the moisture in my kitchen near the sink area has not affected these items. I could not be happier with this purchase!I like these much, much better than the side by side locks, which I find very difficult for adults to operate. Example of the kind I don’t like:;=01WRGFTJDD1BXMTBSG76

Eunice Santiago, MN