Munchkin XTRAGUARD Dual Locking Appliance Latch

Munchkin XTRAGUARD Dual Locking Appliance Latch

Secure drawers, cabinets or appliances such as refrigerators that require latching from the side with the Munchkin XTRAGUARD dual locking appliance latch. The lock setting can be adjusted from locked on, to turned off, to self-latching. The locking indicator gives you peace of mind by ensuring that the latch is properly locked. Installation is quick and simple and the included adhesive removes easily without damaging surfaces. 2 dual locking appliance latches included.

Main features

  • Secures drawers, cabinets, or appliances such as refrigerators that require latching from the side
  • Select desired locking setting from locked on to turned off to self-latching
  • Locking indicator to ensure latch is properly locked
  • Works on almost all appliances
  • Easy to install with provided adhesive; Won’t damage furniture and is easy to remove

Verified reviews


Zero Stars Worthless!

Save yourself the $4 for this product and buy the version that has the flexible strap. This one has a hard/non bending strap between the 2 sticky parts that connect to either side of your appliance door. The strap only comes out of the lock by pulling it out. This works fine when you are holding it. When you actually attach it to an appliance, put the strap in the lock and then hold the unlock button while opening the door, the strap forcefully flies out, but works. The issue really comes when you try to close the appliance door and put the strap back in the lock area. You cannot get the strap in since it does not have any bend to it and you cannot move the strap side of the latch away from the lock side of the latch since they are both stationary stuck to the appliance. I took it right off before it really adhered and threw it out. Waste of money. I will try out the flexible strap version of this instead and hope it works -( […] ).

Lindsey Highgate Springs, VT

Works well!

I used this to prevent my toddler from opening the storage area under my oven. My son hasn’t yet figured out why the storage area is not opening. He has also lost interest in it… which is awesome.

Etta Axson, GA

works great!

Keeps our 18 mo old out of the fridge! Our fridge doors are a little uneven but it still works amazing. Great purchase.

Bernadine Grayland, WA

Works very well!

These are perfect for our cabinets. They are very easy to apply and use. I haven’t had to remove them yet, but so far so good! Highly recommend!

Claire Breinigsville, PA

No more gallons of milk dropped on the floor!

I attached the xtraguard dual locking appliance latch to my refridgerator last week. Prior to that my son and daughter insisted on always going into the fridge to take things out! This little device solved our problem. The latch attaches securely, however be sure that the surface you are going to use it on is almost flush as it will not bend much. I really like that this is dual locking because it can grow with the kids. When they are little they don’t know enough to press the gray tab to open the latch, but once they get older and figure that out, you can push in the red button on the side making it much more difficult.

Deann Gordo, AL

does not work on plastic doors

I bought this to prevent my child from opening a plastic cabinet where I store all our laundry and cleaning detergents. I read the instructions and installed as recommended. However it never worked — I left the cabinet alone for two whole days without opening to give it time to set in place – but when I tried to open the latch the whole thing just came off VERY easily. Very disappointing – do not recommend.

Glenna Saint Leonard, MD

Great lock with a clean look

This lock fits on the side of the drawer and the cabinet allowing the front of the cabinet to keep it’s clean look.It also locks automatically when the drawer is closed and also has a small sliding lock unit with a red and green tab letting you know if the drawer is securely locked.

Louise Scott Depot, WV

Works great!

Works great! It was easy to install and gives enough resistance for my toddler to stop trying to open the fridge. I don’t know if it would hold up to a super persistent toddler. Mine is persistent until she meets resistance, then she leaves things alone…I also like that it auto-closes with the door so you don’t have to re-latch it. Munchkin has really stepped up some of its products recently and I like them alot better.

Shannon Jersey Shore, PA

Perfect for my fridge.

My fridge is a GE Monogram stainless steel with the bottom pull out freezer. The sides of the doors have an area squared off to the side of the fridge. I cleaned the area with windex and applied the latch with a little pressure.The latch is just big enough to reach across the gap of the door seal. Even with the swing of the door the latch closes perfectly every time and allows for absolutely no give. I keep forgetting it’s there and yank on the door. The latch is easy to open with two hands, and possible with just one (I use my index finger to press the release and my pinkie and ring finger to separate the door.I highly recommend this for any appliance it fits on. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for my stove or dishwasher (all GE Monogram).

Holly Cragsmoor, NY