Munchkin XTRAGUARDSafety Lock Plug Covers, 8-Count

Munchkin XTRAGUARDSafety Lock Plug Covers, 8-Count

Protect young children from potential electric hazards with Munchkin XTRAGUARD safety lock plug covers. The smooth, non-grip design helps prevent young children from tampering with the plugs when installed. The integrated locking mechanism provides extra safety and can be locked and unlocked with the use of an edged tool, such as a coin. To re-set the locking mechanism, simply push the plug back into the plug cover. 8 safety lock plug covers included.

Main features

  • Smooth, no grip form helps prevent tampering
  • Integrated locking mechanism locks and unlocks with the use of an edged tool like a coin
  • Simply push plug back into plug cover to re set the locking mechanism
  • More secure for high traffic areas where children play most often

Verified reviews


Doesn’t "lock" like it says.

The "lock" isn’t a lock at all. It is just a handle for you to pop out to make removing of this plug guard easier. However, I and my 9 month old were both able to easily pull this rounded cover from the socket without even using the pop out handle. Not child safe at all. I returned them.

Allyson Big Pine Key, FL

Don’t trust them

I received these locks as a gift, and thought looked like they would be great. I installed them into an outlet and the cover would not lock. Once my 8 month figured out what I was doing, he came to investigate. It took him all of 10 seconds to figure out on how to pull the cover out of the outlet. Won’t be using these at all.

Deidre Hannaford, ND

Good and safe

I actually like these Safety lock plug covers. it was pretty easy to install but hard to remove. My 2 yr old found it hard to pull it out , I think mainly its because of the shape. I really like the mechanism they use for these covers. All you need is a penny to remove it from the plug. The middle tab pops open when the slot is turned, so its easy to pull off.One pack might not be enough if your planning to cover all the plugs around the house. When installing you would first have to release the lock and then install and then it becomes pretty hard to remove.

Carey Cando, ND

Don’t like at all

These to me are no different than the plug covers I already use that don’t have a lock on them. They don’t lock at all and easily come out of the socket in the locked and unlocked position. I will not be using these.

Queen Clarksburg, TN

Not what I imagined

I bought these expecting something that locked into the outlets because my son can just pull the regular ones out. These don’t do anything different, my son was a year and he could just pull them out like the cheap ones. Very disappointed!

Simone Arlington, OH

Finally a cover that works!

I had given up on the idea of outlet covers until I discovered the munchkin xtraguard safety lock plug covers. The round shape and design makes it so that little fingers can’t pull these out of the wall. Their fingers just slide right off. When it’s time to take them out of the wall all you need is a coin, screw driver, or even a butter knife works. The gray tab pops out once the slot is turned making it easy to grab and pull out. I would recommend these plug covers over the others that are currently on the market!

Lila Thor, IA

Plug covering

Okay, the tightening screw is kind of a joke. They serve no purpose!!! But the roundness of the cover makes it very difficult for my grandson to grip and pull off. That part I like.

Liliana New Riegel, OH

wonderful plug covers

I like this plug covers.. the lock is easy to figure out. I have try many types of plug covers… some are too easy to get out of the socket and are dangerous. And I had some the lock made it impossible to get out of the socket… which is a pain when you need to plug something in.

Kelli Olivehurst, CA

Doesn’t work

My 17 month old son was able to pull these off the outlet in less than 2 seconds. This product does not perform as advertised.

Nan Fishtail, MT

Defeated Faster Than it was Installed

My son is fascinated by plugs and has defeated every safety device I’ve tried. When I saw that this one needs a coin to undo it, I thought I’d finally found a solution. Problem is, before I’d finished plugging my 6th plug with these things, my son was handing me the first two plug covers. He was so proud of himself! The problem is, these covers rely on their shape to stay in place – the coin simply pops out a handle for adults to grip. My son, being too young to know that he wasn’t supposed to be able to do it, simply plucked them off the wall. Bah! Still questing for something that works!

Emily Murfreesboro, AR

Much better than other kinds

These are much better and safer than other plug covers you can buy. Other versions come out entirely too easily (easy enough for a 2.5-3 year old). These do not budge without a coin! They are definitely toddler proof!! (Which is totally the point)!!! They are easy to remove, just be sure to keep a penny handy in the kitchen! You will probably need more than 8, so buy two boxes, otherwise, they are great outlet covers.

Etta Nemo, TX