Musical Crawl N’ Go Snail With Stacker – Rolls And Spins Its Shell As It moves

Musical Crawl N’ Go Snail With Stacker – Rolls And Spins Its Shell As It moves

Your baby will be thrilled as it plays with International Play Thing Crawl N’ Go Snail. The baby will be delighted as the musically battery-operated snail rolls along and spins its shell as it goes. Includes one shell that is also an engaging activity toy. The baby will be continuously infatuated with the toy that squeaks when its nose is depressed. Your baby will squeal with delight.

Main features

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  • Baby Product
  • Musical battery-operated snail rolls along and spins its shell as it goes
  • The shell unscrews to become a 7-piece stacker toy with a push-squeak face in the top
  • Push the tail to activate rolling and musi

Verified reviews


Great toy, but be warned: FALSE ADVERTISING!

My 10 month old son loves this snail! But I’m pretty upset because I thought this snail would come with 2 shells as shown in multiple pictures. Mine only came with the stackable shell. I was already hesitant to pay $30, but to find that it comes with only 1 shell, I feel totally ripped off.When I called the company to ask where the other shell is, they said that they can’t do anything because all their merchandise is handled by Amazon so I should contact them. I contacted Amazon and they said the description doesn’t mention 2 shells (only 1) so there’s nothing they can do about that. I said there are 2 pictures showing the other shell, and they told me in a very condescending tone, “We undertand that ma’am but it is not our fault you didn’t read the description.” They should remove the pictures if that’s not what they’re selling.My son loves the toy, so I’ll keep it. But for what it is, it is not worth $30 + shipping, even with the extra shell!

Candice Morse, LA

So cute, but it doesn’t work…..

We bought this for our 10 month old and it quit working after the first day. Just like a previous reviewer, we thought it might be the batteries, but it appears to be something amiss in the motor. It has worked since that first failure, but only for a few minutes and then ‘quits’ again. Our son still loves to play with the parts, but it’s not something he can ‘chase’ which was the main purpose in buying it.

Adrian California, KY

Lots of enjoyment !

My 6 month old loves this toy! The stacker is wonderful with all of the shapes and colors! The little squeaker toy is really fun to play with, too. It’s really neat to watch the snail go with the stacker on top. The snail doesn’t go so well on carpet, but that is ok, it’s more spontaneous that way. Overall, it has provided many hours of fun and seems to be several toys in one.

Janette Troutville, VA

Great toy for the first 2-3 years!

My mom got this toy for my son for his first Christmas, when he was about 7 months old – that was 2 years ago. He loved it then, and still plays with it a little bit now. When he was younger, he was mesmerized by the beads moving on the wheel as the snail moved. Then when he got a little older, he loved the rings and the little “worm” or whatever it is that peeks out from the end.The only things I don’t like is that it doesn’t move well on padded carpet after a while. It was good when the toy was new, but after a while, it just wouldn’t move much at all. The other thing is that my son would get frustrated because he always needed my help to get the rings off because the top portion of it (where that worm pokes out) is screwed on and it’s tight.But it’s really really cute and we’ve never had to change the batteries once since we’ve owned it! We will be passing it on to another child soon because he’s outgrowing it, but it has as ton of life left in it.

Melisa Pittsford, MI

Hours of fun!

My daughter received this as a gift for her 1st Birthday. She absolutely loves this toy. When she pushes the tail down and hears the music she starts talking and dancing! She plays with it over and over and never really tires! I can’t say one bad thing about it!

Rachel Brevig Mission, AK

Baby loves it but he’s too little for it still–not anymore!

My 9 month old got this toy for Christmas and he loves the snail part. Doesn’t care so much for the stacker shell although he likes to hold the stacking bits and chew on them. The nice thing for us is the music is very tolerable and not too loud. The problem is, he can’t crawl or walk yet so he gets incredibly frustrated after a while because he can’t get to the snail on his own steam. However, that doesn’t mean that, if we’re holding him and walking him around, he doesn’t go right for the snail. Sigh, snail goes in the closet for another few months.2 months later–I pulled the snail out of the closet this week and he can’t get enough of it. He still loves to grab the wheels while they’re turning but now he’s figuring out that the 2 front wheels turn and the 2 back ones don’t and he’s turning the back wheels. The snail doesn’t go anywhere on the thick carpet in his room so that’s where he plays with it and as soon as he sees it, he reaches for it and gets mad if we don’t let him play with it. He loves that he can push the button on the tail to make the music start and dances to the music.

Allyson Placitas, NM

Poorly designed motor and a battery hog

This snail was great at first. My 8month old very quickly learned how to start it and loved it.However, the batteries soon wore out and now only last a day or two.There is something wrong with the motor design for this to happen.It does need an ON/OFF button.

Sydney Nemo, TX