Musical Infant Stimulation – Black, White & Red Mobile

Musical Infant Stimulation – Black, White & Red Mobile

Musical Infant Stimulation Mobile – by Genius Baby Toys Inc. Black, White and Red, high contrast fabric colors. Plays classical, Brahms Lullaby. Our infant stimulation mobile plays the soothing classical Brahms’ Lullaby, favorite. The calming melodies will help lull baby to sleep, and research indicates that classical music actually stimulates brain development. High contrast, black, white and red infant stimulation visual graphic cards face baby. Extra cards are provided, for change. Mobile- Newborn – 5 months.

Main features

  • Black, White and Red, high contrast fabric colors.
  • Plays Soothing Classical Brahms Lullaby.
  • The calming melodies will help lull baby to sleep.
  • High contrast, black, white and red infant stimulation visual graphic cards face baby.
  • Extra cards are provided, for change.

Verified reviews


Not worthwhile; baby’s view of mobile unsatisfactory

This mobile sounds great in theory, but doesn’t work in reality.1) Music only plays for 3 minutes, tops, no matter how hard you crank it.2) Mobile looks good in terms of contrast colors, right? Okay, but think of what the baby sees, not what you are seeing in the ad. The baby is seeing the BOTTOMS of these pyramidal shapes….aka, flat white spaces you fill with the graphic cards. So unless you place your baby at quite an angle from the mobile (and why would you do that? because the baby would not be able to see the graphic cards unless s/he is directly underneath them….) s/he will never see all the red, black and white colors and graphics that we see in the picture!!! I guess I am no genius, because I did not realize that until I actually constructed the mobile…. Frankly, the tops could be stark white…the way these dangle, the baby just does not really see the top half of the mobile elements.3) Shipping is really high for this. And they left something out of my order. They apologized and resent it, but I expect better for nine dollars ground shipping.In retrospect, I would have bought a fisher price jungle one with better musicFisher Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile, because I have the fisher price melodies jungle theme gym, and the baby likes that, OR I would have bought the cheaper infant stim mobile with just the cards hanging from the strings.Infant Stim-MobileThere is one available that ships directly from Amazon and is eligible for free shipping.

Debbie Jacksonville, FL

Just ok…

My son needed a second mobile for the daycare center and I thought that since he loved black and white shapes/patterns he would like this mobile…He is indifferent to it…it’s just okI think it gives him something to look at which is better than nothing but the fact that it only has a wind up motor (which lasts maybe one minute) does little good.

Ellen Rayville, MO

Best mobile I’ve seen

I bought this for when my daughter had to return to the hospital for a planned surgery. She loved it through her recovery period. It played music, which I did not realize when purchasing it. Was most pleasantly surprised and thought the money was well spent. It has good picture cards to insert so baby has more to look at. But can also substitute for pictures of you and dad and anyone else you’d like your baby to look at. Great concept and more for baby than for parents (which I find most mobiles are for the parents and not really for baby).

Alison Max, MN

Our baby is enchanted by this mobile!

Our ten week-old daughter loves this mobile! (Check out the “Oklahoma Mom” picture that I posted here.) We hung it over the changing table (suspended from a thick string tied to a wall anchor in the ceiling), and she has been transfixed on it during every diaper change since she was three weeks old. At first, she just looked at the mobile while it was still. Then, when she was about eight weeks old, we started using the music box. She loves it either way — she talks to it and laughs at it all the time! We are still using the black and white shapes, since our daughter enjoys them so much. I’m looking forward to seeing how she likes the pictures of the faces as she gets older!

Sandy Morrisdale, PA

Just wish it plugged in

It is just a standard crank, but the color is great and our baby loves to stare at this one. We have some others, but this is her favorite.

Mara Dormansville, NY

Good for first two months.

If you arent careful slipping the visual cards in the plastic pockets then you will rip the pockets.I would buy again and be careful. Music box should be considered extra .It just lasts 3 minutes. LolI would consdier this a stimulant only and you can switch cards. Great for newborn to 2 months old

Nannie Cotuit, MA

great baby distractor, baby loves it

My son loves to look at this, especially when I wind the mobile up. When he cries or fusses, I’d wind the crank and he’d stop crying. I love watching him follow the movements of the pyramids with his eyes. I also like that I can add different objects as the pyramids are not attached permanently to the hanging thing.

Aimee Schofield Barracks, HI


SOOO…. Mobiles are very expensive! I got this one for my son, so we could have him sleep in his crib (he is five months old). It has instructions which say not to wind it too much, and I didn’t, but the string broke after less than a week of use! Now it won’t wind or play music and I have to spend another fifty dollars on one that takes batteries! My son still likes it, but I was disappointed that it broke so quickly.

Michael Mont Vernon, NH