Mustache Pacifier – Chill Baby Lil’Shaver By Fred and Friends

Mustache Pacifier – Chill Baby Lil’Shaver By Fred and Friends

The Mustache Pacifier will bring the handlebar mustache back in style! Made from baby-grade silicone and nontoxic plastic, this funny pacifier keeps infants quiet, provides laughter for the lucky parents, and comes with a handy storage shell. Babies will gain an innate appreciation for their facial hair trends. Everyone is happy when the Mustachifier is equipped! Live! On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Weight: 0.1 lbs Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.5 x 2.2 inches Material: Silicone Rubber Designed by: Diana Paisis

Main features

  • Includes: One Mustache Pacifier
  • Ages 0-6 Months
  • Chill Baby: Keep your kid calm and cool
  • BPA Free
  • PVC-free

Verified reviews



A friend showed me this pacifier and I had to have it. I wish it came in 6 mo+! But I purchased it for my 3 month old. He looks so cute with it, great for pictures! Definitely catches peoples’ attention when you’re out shopping!I wasn’t sure by looking at the picture or by the information what kind of nipple it is. I was hoping it would be comparable to the MAM pacifiers’ nipples, but unfortunately it is not. It is compared to the NUK brand. My son uses all MAM brand, so he is not used to the angle of the nipple. Just an FYI for anyone else wondering what the shape of it is!Definitely a good buy, worth the money for a good laugh & pictures to use at their wedding when they’re older! 🙂

Sherrie Springfield, PA

Cute, but don’t leave baby unattended with it!

This is cute for a photo op, but the one time I left it in the crib with my son, like we do with our other pacifiers, I came back to find that the clear plastic ring on it had broken in half (probably from being rolled over), leaving a jagged and easily choked-on half of a ring lying there on its own. I am so glad that I found it before the baby did, or we’d be in the hospital right now. Yes, this is a novelty item, but since it’s clearly intended for use by an infant, it should be made of a material that won’t easily break and be a hazard! Scary stuff.

Darla West Bend, IA

Child Votes No.

This is a super cute and funny pacifier. Couldn’t wait to try it out. We used it for a total of 3 minutes as we gave it to our baby to use. He was not into it at all. So now it sits in a box of things to donate. Would be great if the mouth piece was designed like the best selling hospital pacifiers so that the child actually will actually use it. Oh well. Seller sent it quickly they were good.

Flossie Lackawaxen, PA

they grow up so fast!

as soon as i saw this, i just had to have it for my son. even when i opened the package, i smiled. we get so many compliments on this pacifier and everyone asks where they can get one. the quality is great and it’s bpa free. i am extremely pleased with this purchase and i highly recommend it to anyone that wants a good laugh – oh, and has a baby :-{

Jessica Kempster, WI


these pacifiers are super cute. Standard quality normal pacifier underneath – and party in the front. The lips are adorable.

Enid Springtown, TX

Best Binky In The History of Ever

My two year old is a little too old to be doing a binky, but man it’s hard to wean him of the habit when he’s rocking this bad boy. We made him a police officer for Halloween… outfit (complete with shorts and tall white socks), aviator sunglasses, and this binky just made the whole outfit.It’s feels sturdy, not a cheap flimsy plastic but a hard, solid plastic. The rubber sucker is shaped like and comparable to a Nuk sucker, in my opinion, so my son took to it right away. Overall, it’s pretty fantastic. Would make a great shower gift, "new father" gift, whatever gift!

Allyson Chataignier, LA

So cute!

We have gotten so many compliments on this item. It’s really adorable on our son and we have gotten a lot of use out of it.

Araceli Norma, NJ

Best purchase!

This is the most ADORABLE addition to my little man EVER. He is so cute with it in his mouth def worth the money for all the pictures alone.

Beatrice Minden, LA

Good Quality and Definitely Fun!

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this pacifier for my 3 month old son.~PROS~- Great quality.- Unique and fun design that’s definitely a conversation piece.- Great for taking pictures and having some fun with your baby.~CONS~- It is a bit heavy due to the mustache, so your baby may have some trouble using this pacifier if he/she does not have solid latching.- Expensive at ~$24 shipped on Amazon! (As of 1/8/2013). I paid $13 for it in November.~TIPS~- Search the web to find this item cheaper.~NOTES~- As another reviewer stated, the nipple is comparable to NUK brand pacifiers.~CONCLUSION~We used this pacifier with theBlack Large Tuxedo Bib, Frenchie Mini Couturefor even more fun!

Ola Warminster, PA

Great photo opportunity!

I received this as a gift. My 4 month son looked absolutely adorable wearing this, giving us some beautiful pictures – but this did not work for him as a pacifier (we use philips soothies normally).But giving this 4 stars simply because of the adorable pictures we got from using this.

Melisa Mineral City, OH