Mustela Baby Shampoo, 6.76 fl. oz.

Mustela Baby Shampoo, 6.76 fl. oz.

Daily shampoo for the gentle cleansing of baby’s delicate hair. Tear-free formula rinses easily helps to detangle hair. Gentle surfactants gently cleanse without stripping away the natural oils of the scalp and can be used from birth on. Biodegradable and composed of 95 percent of ingredients of natural origin. Avocado perseose, which reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the skin’s cellular resources. Paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free. Hypoallergenic and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Tested under dermatological and pediatric control.

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Super happy with whole line of Mustela Baby

Call me a beauty product snob, but I am loving the entire line of Mustela baby products. And Baby seems to like them too.I was lured in with the massage oil spray when I started doing baby massage on my baby after baths. It was great way to bond with him and to relax him before bed. I loved the massage oil so much that I decided to get the shampoo, body wash, 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash combo for travel), face cloths and hydra stick (to protect chapped cheeks and lips). I was able to shop around and get some good deals on line (including amazon).I love the scent of these products. It’s a lot different from other baby brands. The shampoo is great and it only requires a little bit with each use. Sp it goes a long way.I am happy with the entire prodcut line and will continue using it for my baby boy.

Jody House Springs, MO

best baby shampoo ever

We have tried many good brands, but this one is amazingly better . It makes my toddler’s hair much smoother than all other brands we got.

Florence Dunnell, MN

bye bye cheap baby products

Since using mustela, there is no turning back. My daughter developed a stubborn case of cradle cap at about 2 months old. I tried everything until someone recommended this shampoo. After just one week, the cradle cap was completely gone and has never come back! It smells divine and leaves my daughter’s hair so soft!

Clarice Byfield, MA

Mustela Bebe Baby Shampoo 6.76 fl oz (200 ml)

the Mustela Bebe Baby Shampoo 6.76 fl oz (200 ml) it is a good shampoo, very good for the baby

Tracy Lake, MI

Next step up from the newborn shampoo

We started using this at about 12 months old. We used the newborn Mustela shampoo prior to 12 months. We have yet to have a scalp issue with any Mustela shampoo product. Very mild but sudsy. Does not irritate the eyes. Our daughter has a habit of trying to drink the bath water but if she gets a gulp she hasn’t had any bad reactions to it with the leftover suds! No plans to switching to another brand anytime soon!

Suzanne Tamms, IL

Spend the extra money for this shampoo – you won’t regret it!

Yes, the shampoo seems pricey. But you only need a couple of pea-sized drops to get a rich lather. Plus, you don’t need to worry if some accidentally gets in your toddlers eyes. An added bonus is that it smells lovely — no obnoxious sugary/fruity scent that is common for kids shampoo.

Miriam South El Monte, CA

Maybe I should try baking soda instead!

My toddler cries every time we use this shampoo. Also her dandruff does not go away as I thought it would with this natural shampoo.

Beverley Rougon, LA

Nice smell and great product, but pricey

I have received compliments on the smell from friends, but it is really pricey for kiddo shampoo. If you can afford it, go for it.

Rosanne Vienna, IL

Lasts long, rinses clean, smells nice!

Being a new mom, I want to know that products perform well, are safe, and worth buying again. We have been using this shampoo for our little girl for at least six months and we love it. The product lasts a long time, smells great, and very importantly, rinses cleanly. Our daughter has sensitive skin so we are very choosy about bath products. She is also in a phase now where she dislikes getting her face wet/ soapy, so the clean (fast) rinsing of this produt is key. I just purchased another bottle today. Would buy again, recommend to friends and have given as a gift to other new moms!

Rosemarie Bancroft, IA

Love the smell and it is working OK for Cradle Cap

I would give this 5 stars for the smell alone but I also bought it because previous posters mentioned that it cured Cradle Cap. So far I have only been using it a few times per week and it has lessened the Cradle Cap but has not made it disappear. Maybe a complete cure will only happen with time though or maybe I need to wash every day. Hair washing a young baby is a tough job! Regardless of the Cradle Cap I do LOVE how this makes my daughter’s hair feel and smell and would buy it again.

Tara Suwanee, GA

Smells great!

We have been using only Mustela products for my son since he was born. They do the job, they smell great, and they don’t break him out.

Angeline Helmville, MT


my middle kiddo had sensitive skin and i was recommended to use mustela. one use and i was hooked. her skin never had issues after that and although the smell is strong and somewhat medicinal, it smells super clean.

Genevieve Bern, KS

hands down

Anything that Mustela creates is great! Hands down! It smells great also. But I think Mustela is best for newborns because of its mildness. It doesn’t work much on sweaty and dirty toddlers anymore. =)

Sheree Rains, SC


Bought this to use with the scalp brush and it cleared my son’s scalp almost instantly. I will definitely continue using this! Awesome product!

Simone Primrose, NE

Great shampoo!

I’ve been using mustela products on both of my children. Does not sting the eyes and cleans their hair and scalp very well.

Claudette Lindrith, NM