Mustela Newborn Gift Set

Mustela Newborn Gift Set

A perfect baby shower gift, this is an essential starter set for a new mom to begin her mustela collection. Mustela newborn set is packaged in an eco-friendly, phthalate-free gift tote and includes: foam shampoo for newborns 5.07 oz: prevents and helps cradle cap disappear; physiobébé 10 fluid ounce: a no-rinse cleansing fluid for face and diaper area; hydra-bébé body lotion 10.1 oz: daily moisturizer which leaves newborn and baby’s skin silky-soft and protected; and facial cleansing cloths: perfect for on the go. Also includes a product sample and gift for baby. All products are composed of 92 percent of ingredients of natural origin on average. Paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free. Hypoallergenic and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Tested under dermatological and pediatric control.

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horrible smell

I am not a fan of Mustela newborn products. They are over priced and the smell is so strong (think old lady) and lasts forever! I know we each have our own personal preference when it comes to smells so I suggest you try before you buy.

Earlene East Lansing, MI

Love Mustela

I received this initially as a baby shower gift back in 09 and have been using it ever since. It is pricier to purchase the items individually so get the gift set if you use all the products. The product has a nice smell leaving your child with a fresh scent. The lotion moisturizes well. The foam shampoo is great for babies with cradle cap, not harsh at all. The diaper barrier prevents diaper rash. Note, you only get the products. The purchase does not include the blue bag (or whatever that thing is) as shown in image.

Mallory Waubay, SD

Love the set!

Before I ordered this set, I used the Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream (diaper cream) on DS and I absolutely love it, therefore I want to try more things from Mustela, and this set is a good start. Unlike the picture showed, my gift set came with a free bib, and it looks good on DS! The only product came with trial size was the Demo Cleansing Gel (bath gel), and after I tried a several times on DS, I bought the regular size for him, it was gentle on his skin and washed very clean but left his skin very soft, and smells nice and clean. I used to use California Baby’s Calming Shower Gel, and it dries DS’s hair and made it so much static, it actually made his hair gets greaser easily and didn’t help with his cradle cap. After I used Mustela foam Shampoo for newborn, it made his hair soft and manageable again and smelled so nice, and cured his cradle cap in two days, I love it! I also used the Physi-o-bebe (cleansing water) but didn’t like it as much as the other products in the set, because it left the skin sticky. Since I already used diaper cream, I just keep this new one on my diaper bag.

Aisha Montpelier, IA

Good value for quality products!

Mine came with a gift and it was: socks. I have used the shampoo, the cleansing, lotion and the diaper rash cream so far and they are really nice product, My newborn doesn’t dislike the smell, and the cleansing is really really good for those first few weeks that you have a newborn and can’t actually bath him. The smell is very subtle and it just leaves your baby smelling clean and not smelling of something in specific, which I really like, also since you use little portions, it will last a long time, excellent purchase for moms!

Sadie Marietta, OH

love it

I really like these products. At first I thought the scent was too perfumey – but 2 things happened to change my mind. 1. The next day, the cheek put the no rinse PhysiObebe on – the baby acne stated to clear up! 2. The way it reacted with my baby’s skin made it smell better. I really like the scent now. I love the PhysiObebe – it is a nice quick way to clean my babys face and neck in the morning, before bed and any time she spits up.

Francesca Saint Bethlehem, TN

to the baby

I bought them for my son.I don’t know whether he like them.Smell very sweet.A lot of friends recommend this brand.

Gale Ward, AR