Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream, 6.7 fl. oz.

Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream, 6.7 fl. oz.

Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream 6.7 oz Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream replenishes lipids of the skin and nourishes from within. This intensive moisturizing cream contains sunflower oil distillate to provide deep hydration to dry skin. This cream, with emollient properties that provide instant comfort and an active lipid replenishing process, has a rich texture that penetrates deep and restructures your baby’s sensitive skin. Clinically tested, it brings back the elasticity of skin and maintains natural pH balance. It is even effective for baby eczema conditions. Why You’ll Love It: Effective for dry and irritating eczema in babies, it soothes the skin and provides 24-hour hydration Features Paraben-free Fragrance-free Hypoallergenic Non-irritating No artificial colors Alcohol-free Rebalancing and purifying Pthalates-free

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Main ingredient: petroleum jelly

The main ingredient in this is petroleum jelly which you can get for 99 cents at WalMart.Use Hydrocortisone 1% and it works wonderfully well for eczema. It’s the only thing that helps me.

Hattie South Saint Paul, MN

Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream

I used this cream on myself when I had an eczema outbreak on my hands. Please do NOT use this on children/infants that cannot verbalize. It BURNED horribly. I have tried numerous types of hand creams with the same results. MY RECOMMENDATION would be to use the Aveeno cream product for children. It WORKS and was pain free.

Ashley Aumsville, OR

Works great for infant eczema

I have tried everything on my daughters extremely sensitive eczema prone skin. Before finding this line I tried California baby, the regular Mustela line and several organic brands. This is the only one that works. I use it every night after bathing her with the stelatopia body wash and when she has a flare up I use the milky bath. This regimen finally works for us.

Leanne Cross City, FL

Quality seems good, but didn’t help baby eczema enough

This cream spreads easily and we didn’t find it greasy. It didn’t irritate the skin of our 10-month old when we tried it on him to help his moderate to severe eczema. It seemed to help a little, but it didn’t give us the best results by far.After a lot of experimentation, we have settled on a combination ofNeosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream,CJ’s BUTTerandCalifornia Baby calming cream. We use these in our efforts to keep the use of prescription steroids to the lowest level possible.

Emily Long Key, FL

Wonderful lotion for my toddler’s eczema!

My sweet baby boy started suffering from eczema last year when he was three months old. We kept it at bay last winter with Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy lotion, but it never fully went away. His skin issues returned full force this winter — as soon as it got cold outside, he started to get scaly and red from head to toe. Stelatopia is the only thing that works. I use it all over his body, every night, after his bath, and then I put Aquaphor or CJ’s BUTTer on his individual eczema spots. He would just be one big red scale without these products! Love!

Bonita Laingsburg, MI

Baby’s face is clear

Baby had some rash/eczema due to our fabric softener. We didn’t use fabric softener on her clothes, but her snuggling on our chest she came into contact with it on our clothes. The lotion helped sooth and heal her skin within days. I am going to keep using it to keep her face protected. Mustela products are wonderful.

Liliana Irvine, KY

Bad baby cream

The cream is too oily, not easy to absorb. Thought it is fragrance free, it has a strong oily smell. And it doesn’t work for my baby’s eczema. I am thinking throw it away, but it is too expensive….

Dorothy Timewell, IL

The Balm is better!

I love the Mustela Stelatopia line. My son started showing eczema signs at 3 months, nothing major like cracked red skin, rather rough bumpy skin. After a warm bath you could definitely see the blotchy eczema spots on his belly. We started a whole stelatopia routine. Moisturizing cream in the morning after a quick wipe down with cotton pads and Mustela no-rinse cleanser. Then every other day a bath with Mustela cream cleanser, pat dry and moisturizing cream. After a week we did not really notice too much of a difference, his skin was not getting worse but not better. The Moisturizing cream is lotion, so it is pretty thin so we wanted to try something that had some more material to it….the lipid replenishing balm! The balm is the best, after 2 weeks his skin is smoother and not bumpy. We apply it 2X a day to prevent flare ups. The balm is pricey but goes on sale on and babies r us often (stock up!). The neg reviews suggest the cream stings, I did notice my son whining when we applied the lotion at times but it was usually because he was getting annoyed at the lengthy lotioning session. We sing to him during so now he loves lotion time.

Maribel New Castle, KY

it works

My baby daugther have very sensitive skin. Her excema started when she was 2.5 months old, I used aquafor (as advise by the pediatrician), aveeno and dexeryl (bought in France) but nothing worked. Stelatopia was a miracle. However, you have to use it twice a day and I use the cream cleanser in addition. Good product. Other thing if i stop using for more than 2 days the rash comes back.

Meagan Clarkson, KY

Great, non-sticky eczema lotion

I know Mustela calls this a “cream” but I actually find that it spreads much more easily than a typical “cream”. It is not sticky like some other eczema lotions. It’s very light and goes on easily to dry or damp skin. This is fragrance free, however certainly has a smell, not the best one, but only until it dries. This is our every day morning and night lotion and use hydra bebe from Mustela during the day. I ALWAYS get compliments on how soft my children’s skin is.Before we tried this we tried Aquaphor, Vanicream, Eucerin and Lubriderm and even prescription steroid cream, but this is the only thing that took away the eczema and keeps it away.

Susana Nankin, OH

Worth every penny!

I tried everything for my sons dry skin including aquophor, california baby, and cetaphil (which his pediatrition said was the best thing). My son would freak out when I tried to put lotion on his face (most lotions contain alcohol). I researched products and learned that many lotions (due to high water content and alcohol content) can dry skin more. I decided to try Mustela because I will try anything or buy anything that will be good for my sons skin regradless of cost. After just one use I could see a difference. I have used it now for about 3 days and his skin is 90% improved. This cream has totally changed the texture of the skin, it’s now completely soft and smooth. The only thing that remains is a little reddness from where it was extremely dry. Eczema runs in the family. I was so impressed after I tried it on him I actually used it myself and have to say that it is amazing!!! A little goes a long way. Using it only on his face 3 times a day I could see this one tube lasting over 6 months. Also look into using a Charmeuse pillocase for your toddler since cotton will absorb the moisture from their skin while they sleep.

Geri East Carondelet, IL

This Works!

This is one of the only products that did not irritate or aggravate my newborn’s skin. Eczema runs in the family so I had bought a bunch of eczema products including products by Aveeno. This is the only one that didn’t make the problem worse. Has relatively low rating on EWG which is comforting.

Morgan Science Hill, KY

Nice cream

My son has a light case of eczema so my doctor recommended that I purchased this i used it on him and it does moisturize however it doesn’t have a nice cute baby smell

Annmarie Palacios, TX

Doesn’t work for my son

It might work for others, but my son’s skin is very sensitive and in the winter he gets very bad eczema. I think this made it worse. It might work well for others if their skin isn’t as sensitive but it did not work for us.

Haley Ethelsville, AL

Perfect for sensitive skin/eczema prone infant.

My infant had very sensitive skin from about 4 to 7 months. My ped recommended this cream and it is worth every penny! No fragrance and great consistency. Highly recommend for rashy, sensitive babies.

Genevieve Madison Heights, MI

Great for keeping skin feeling soft!

Love this for my toddler’s ezcema prone skin. Along with our protocol of daily fish oil and probiotics, he hasn’t had a flare on his face since his last vaccine.Also it is really a sensitive skin product. No smell or residue.

Lois Fordland, MO

Best cream I’ve tried for eczema

We’ve tried every over-the-counter cream for my kids’ eczema and this is by far the best. Within a few days it took away any dry patches. I’ll never use anything else again.

Pauline Pratt, KS

Good moisturizer

The cream helps to keep my baby’s dry skin moist and soft, also helps to reduce redness on her cheeks. I like the product.

Loraine Haworth, OK

works great and really hydrates.

I use this on my two-year old and it has really helped clear up some patches of eczema/dry skin on his arms and legs. Feels nice on my hands too. Not greasy at all. Expensive, but I think well worth the money.

Claudette Philipsburg, MT


as all other Mustela products that we use.this one goes well after bath and for daily massage.very gentle, makes the skin soft and silky.

Fern Boston, NY

Good stuff

Our baby developed a rash and severe dry skin around her mouth from chewing on her strap. We tried a few other products that didn’t work to clear the rash and severe dry skin. After applying this product for a few days the rash and dry skin slowly dissipated. After a week, it was completely clear. We really like this product and will continue to use and purchase it!

Deanna Cal Nev Ari, NV

didn’t help my son’s eczema

I love Mustela products and have used them on both my daughter and son.My son (5 months) has eczema and sensitive skin and this lotion hasn’t helped him much. I started using the Aveeno Eczema cream on the advice of a friend and it’s cleared up his skin.

Lillie Eudora, AR