Mutsy Grow Up Booster Seat, Aqua

Mutsy Grow Up Booster Seat, Aqua

This flexible booster seat, aqua with base allows your little baby to sit comfortably on the average grown up chair. A smartly designed harness makes sure your child can be fastened safely.

Main features

  • Modern european design
  • Easy to clean, easy to transport
  • Features a clever harness to ensure baby is securely fastened
  • Combination crotch or lap straps keep child safely secured, and seat may be secured to any four legged chair
  • Grow up’s light weight and ease of use make it easy to take along on vacation, to a friends or even a restaurant

Verified reviews


Wonderful booster

This booster attaches to your regular chair in a very straightforward fashion. There is a strap that clips around the seat back and another that wraps around the seat cushion/bottom. Straps can be tightened so as to secure booster to adult chair – very straight forward. The booster has a harness set-up similar to a car seat.Booster is easy to clean and has a nice comfy seat.The booster has allowed us to easily transition our older son out of his high chair (which we need for our second child who is now eating solids). Our older son loves being in a big boy seat.We’d definitely purchase another, if necessary for our second son.

Madelyn Mc Kinnon, WY

cute but not practical

Our son, a 20 mo old big boy, doesn’t really like this seat. He never seems to be able to sit up straight, and always slides forward. I played with the straps, but they either pull on this shoulders or his thighs if they’re too tight, or let him slide forward. I wish they made it with a little bump underneath the thighs to keep him snuggle in the seat. He still prefers the high chair. But being a booster seat, I still have hopes that it will be useful one day.It’s very easy to take on and off the chair, however it’s bulky to take around; so we bought a foldable one to take with us when we go to other people’s houses, or for a picnic.The material is nice a squishy and it was easy for me to clean it (but it hasn’t been fully tested with lots of food and milk).So, until he grows up a little I would rate it a 3 star, and hope it will be more useful later on.Update: he is now 23 months old, and he sits very well on it! He seems very comfortable too.So I guess it should be used as a booster, and not to replace a high chair for a small toddler

Rachel Mount Vernon, VA

Very good booster

This is a great booster:-The seat is padded and comfortable-It’s very easy to clean and (so far) doesn’t stain-The bottom doesn’t scratch your chair-Straps to the chair and has an optional lap belt-The funky colors are kind of cool (I have the orange)Overall a really well designed seat: functional and stylish.

Leona Hugoton, KS

Not impressed.

I soooooo wanted to love this booster seat. Yes, it looks very nice. But I have two main issues:1. The quality of the foam seat is not good. I ordered one seat and saw that there were defects in the foam – little holes on the back of the seat, other defects in the foam. So I ordered a replacement…same thing. There were a few tiny tiny raised pieces of foam on the seat, which I could see were going to snag and peel off after wiping it down a few times. (and the white foam would show through underneath).2. It is very weird to have a gap between the foam seat the base. You can’t take it off completely, but can only lift it a few inches.Not impressed.

Brooke Oakvale, WV

Looks cool but not practical

I spent the money on a nice booster seat thinking we’d love it… no so much.Two things that I love about it is that it looks cool and it’s easy to clean.It’s too high for our table and the shoulder straps are too short for my toddler, she can get out of it very easily. The bottom strap are too low, they go more towards her legs and she just pushes down. Now she’s almost 3 and really doesn’t need it so she sits there without the straps.I just bought the Fisher Price booster/highchair for my 1 year old for 20$ and love it way more than the musty chair, granted it isn’t as cool looking but way more practical.

Carissa Audubon, IA

fantastic purchase

A lot of parents insist on using all the harness straps but we only really use the waist belt. Our daughter is 14 months and is loving the booster seat. I just love the clean look and it straps to our chair beautifully. I use rubber bands to secure any extra strap and have tucked the shoulder harness under the seat. Although the foam cushion form does not remove from the base I have zero issue just lifting and wiping. She just loves sitting at the table. Its a solid booster seat and easy to remove and carry and reattach. Recommend to all my mommy friends!

Leila Anderson, IN

Great fit for toddler transition

We’ve had this for our 19 month old for a few weeks now and it is great. It was packed well, well made, and easily fit to our standard kitchen chair. Our son fits great in it and just took to it right away.

Kerri Biglerville, PA

Image of colour is very deceiving

The raspberry is basically vibrant pink and not the purple as shown in the images – I’m quite disappointed as it would be too expensive to ship it back from Australia.

Karin Sharpes, FL