My Baby Nest Organic Baby Carrier, Ebony, Small

My Baby Nest Organic Baby Carrier, Ebony, Small

The Baby Nest baby carrier is the most comfortable carrier you and your baby will ever wear. There are no confusing straps, buckles, snaps, or clips. It has just two loops and a belt. It is the original “wrapless wrap”. The baby nest carrier is perfect for newborns through toddlers, and even great for preemies. No need for a separate structured carrier, sling, and nursing cover, as the baby nest carrier does it all.

Main features

  • Easy to wear, no wrapping just two loops and a belt
  • 5 carrying positions: nursing/newborn, tummy to tummy, forward facing, hip and back
  • Ultra soft fine organic cotton
  • Matching carrying bag, support belt with pocket to carry essential
  • Machine washable/dryer safe

Verified reviews


Love the Quality and color!

Just received my baby nest Carrier! The fabric is of a fabulous quality! I was blown away by the quality of this thing! The color looks much more beautiful in real life than in the picture. This carrier looks very easy to use and very well made. My baby is not due for another five months, and I can hardly wait to wear her in this lovely snug carrier on my chest! Super cute! I bought this to avoid having to wrap long wraps around me, which would drag on the pavement. Will update my review in a few months, when the baby comes!

Carolyn Pottersville, NY

Love it! A must have.

Most comfortable carrier. Baby absolutely LOVES it. Love that it is quick and easy to put on compared to all the other carriers I’ve owned (which is a lot).I am petite (129 and 5’2) and the small fits perfectly. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to carry their baby and have their hands free to make a sandwich and care for other children.Also helps me carry my baby without hurting my back and carpel tunnel.

Barbara Sandy Hook, KY

Stretches out too much

Maybe it would have been better if I ordered a size smaller than they recommended, but everytime I use this within 15 minutes or so it stretches out and my baby is hanging six inches lower. I’m always afraid that if I wore it for an extended length of time that he would fall out. I have a Moby wrap too. This one is definitely way easier to get on, but I feel like I can get a much snugger fit with the Moby.

Aisha Stonington, CT

sizing is tricky

Figuring out what size to order was very tricky… I ordered this while I was pregnant and had no idea what my post-pregnancy weight would be. I ordered a small based on my pre-pregnancy weight, but I should have ordered a medium. I put my daughter in it once..she didn’t cry or anything but I felt like it was smashing her and it felt so tight that I was concerned about safety (again, this might not have been a problem if I had been in the proper size). It was also very hot, which may have been aggravated by fluctuating hormones..but it was too much for me. I ended up giving it to my cousin who is a little smaller than me and I use the Ergo (which I LOVE!)

Patsy Northfield Falls, VT

Not worth it!

Ended up not using this at all. My husband and I both attempted to use this and it basically pulls your clothes off of you (up your back and waist). Big waste of money. Ended up getting an ErgoBaby and LOVE IT! I renamed the ErgoBaby, magicbaby b/c my son is calm w/in 5 mins of being put in it.

Meghan Gouldbusk, TX

absolutely love it

It makes it so you can hold the baby for hours without your arm falling off. Because it puts some of the weight on your back it makes the baby feel like they weigh less. Very easy to use. You do have to get used to the weight being on your back. My daughter is 6 pounds 2 ounces and quite content in the cradle hold. I can see her face and see that she breathes and I can use both hands while she is in her carrier. Normally I have one hand on her just in case but sometimes you need to blow your nose or use two hands for a second or two. this lets you do that.

Melinda Anguilla, MS