my best friend Inflatable breast feeding pillow

my best friend Inflatable breast feeding pillow

Enjoy the convenience of a portable nursing pillow. When babies are away from their normal surroundings and off their regular routine, it’s comforting to have the familiarity of their My Brest Friend pillow during feeding times.

Main features

  • Same patented design as the original My Best Friend pillow
  • Inflates easily in 2 minutes
  • Packs flat and fits in diaper bag pockets
  • Ideal for airplanes and overnights
  • Lightweight and easy to store

Verified reviews


So useful…

and thankfully I took it to the hospital with me when my son was born. I read the pros and cons on the boppy and finally decided on this pillow. Several people had said that the boppy gets flattened down after awhile and does not stay close enough to the body as the baby grows. Overall I feel that every nursing mother should have one of these since it holds its shape and is very adjustable. In a pinch I can even move about to get a drink, eat, write, and type. After 7 months I can truly say that I have gotten my money’s worth out of this pillow.

Opal Oktaha, OK

Useful from Day 1

I brought this with me to the hospital and am so glad I did. Right from the beginning I used it to nurse my newborn. All the lactation consultants on staff applauded my choice of breastfeeding pillow. The fact that it straps onto my body makes it very secure – I can actually walk with my baby still nursing (holding both the baby and the pillow for safety). I have the new model with the clip instead of velcro, so I haven’t had the noise problems that others have had. I also find I’m pretty maneuverable in the pillow, so I don’t have to take it off to lay my baby down in the cradle or bouncy seat after a feeding. I’ve machine washed and dried the removable cover with no shrinkage problems. Overall, this is one of the most useful items I have for my baby, and I recommend it with no reservations.

Flora Dawson, TX

prefer the boppy over this pillow

I bought this pillow to try after a friend told me how great it was.We also heard about it in our child birth class. I wasn’t having any trouble using the boppy, but am new to breastfeeding, so I thought, what the heck. At first I thought I was using it wrong. Since it is so firm, it felt awkward around me like I was stuck in an innertube. I did get up to test it out with my baby on it, and the buckle came undone! Luckily I was able to grab my baby before he hit the floor.My baby was only 10lbs at the time.(I am a petite person)Because of the head/pillow supports on each side, and the firmness of the pillow, my baby looked so uncomfortable when trying to eat, plus, his head kept rolling off. His feet also were elevated because they rested on the supports on either side. He looked so uncomfortable! I could sense his relief when I switched back to the boppy.We keep one on every floor of our house, for multiple uses, and are very happy.Other reviewers act as if you can’t do anything else while feeding and using the boppy, but I disagree. I’ve been able to write thank you notes, pull myself up to the kitchen table and eat dinner with my husband, read, and relax all while using the boppy. I can still walk around with it, I just need to hold it. With My Breast Friend, I still felt as if I needed to hold my son, so he wouldn’t fall off.We brought our boppy to the hospital, and have been using it now every day for the past three months.I prefer the boppy for many reasons:It is soft and plush so you are able to conform it around your body to your desired position,level, and comfort.My son has reflux, and needed to feed at a slightly elevated level, higher than his feet(not at the same level, as my breast friend).I can position his head higher in the boppy and still feel he is secure and comfortable against me while nursing.My son would fall asleep, and since he has reflux, and needs to also sleep on an incline, I was easily able to transfer him from feeding, to his crib in the boppy, where he would sleep in it and still feel like he was elevated in my arms.The cover on the boppy is much easier to remove and cleanWe use our boppy for more than just feedings. He sleeps in it, eats in it, and plays in it.My husband even uses it when he rocks our son, or feeds him a bottle.I think for the money, this pillow is an excellent, comfortable choice.

April Conover, OH

Better mobility than with the Boppy

I have and regularly use both a Boppy and My Brest Friend. I prefer MBF because of it’s great latch which secures it to you. Once I’ve put it on, it stays on. If I need to get up to grab the phone, let the dog out, or anything, I simply get up and go, still holding the baby in my arms-usually still nursing even, and the pillow stays put around me, in perfect position for when we sit back down.Try this with the Boppy. I usually tried to throw one arm under it, and hold the baby with the other arm and the pillow always shifted position and we ended up in some precarious positions. As a result, to get up, I usually had to take the baby off the breast, remove the pillow, go do what I needed to do, come back, re-position the Boppy and then get baby settled again. I don’t know about you, but having 20 minutes or so of uninterrupted time for feedings 6 or 7 times a day just isn’t part of my world. The mobility to MBF affords is soooo helpful.I would have give MBF 5 stars except that:1- Definitely more expensive than Boppy- and seemingly ridiculously overpriced for its simple construction- we’re talking foam and a cotton cover here.2- While the cover is washable, it’s a pain to take off and put back on. I can just chuck the whole Boppy in the washer when necessary.3- Unlike other reviewers, I find the Boppy to work better for me in bed, or in a semi-reclined position. MBF is really designed for you to be sitting up.The name emblazoned on the tag is always good for a laugh, too…

Sheryl Westfield, NJ

Better than Boppy

This pillow saved us having had latching problems. I received a Boppy as a gift but it was too roundish and bulky for my newborn to be positioned properly. It was great only as a pillow to prop my baby in a reclined position. The My Brest Friend is like a little mattress that fastens to you so that the baby can lie down and latch onto you correctly. I am very petite and this pillow worked much better on my frame, esp when breastfeeding using different holds. I used the pocket for holding my baby’s comb, tissues, and other items that I could use on her while she was nursing. I also liked how the cover is removable and machine-washable. The clip on this cover is also durable and I have not had it break on me. I actually have the foam pillow version (not the inflatable travel version) from Pottery Barn Kids, but the clip on the PBK cover actually broke. The My Brest Friend company sent me a new cover at no cost, proving that they stand by their product and are very conscientious about consumer satisfaction. PBK offered to exchange my pillow for a new one, but I declined b/c the clip on their cover is more fragile – a major design flaw, but at least PBK was most willing to help me out. I have also used the inflatable travel version and wish I purchased it instead of the foam pillow version for easier storage until the next baby. The My Brest Friend pillow is a must-have for first-time breastfeeders. It is a great investment.

Leonor Gordon, PA

Good pillow, but annoying to strap on and off.

I have the MBF pillow with the clasp, not the velcro, so I don’t have the noise issues that owners of some of the older pillows complain about. The pillow stays put and helps me position the baby so that I can feed her without tiring out my arm. However, most of the time, it is cumbersome to hold a squirming, hungry baby and try to strap on this huge pillow. It isn’t at all convenient to come to the baby wearing the pillow because it is so bulky and hard to bend over with it on. Taking it off is even more burdensome. I often change the baby’s diaper between breasts and the pillow just gets in the way. But then, it is hard to wriggle myself out of the pillow while holding the baby and trying to get up from the bed, where I have been feeding her. Honestly, I prefer feeding the baby on my rocking chair where I can use the arms for added support. That way, I can get up easily when I need to, without having a giant pillow strapped to my waist. This pillow is decent, but not an essential baby item in my opinion.

Kerry Quinebaug, CT

Great Product!

I LOVE this nursing pillow. It is wider and flatter than the Boppy, providing a better surface for the baby to lay on. It provides back support, which is especially nice if you are nursing in bed late at night. Although it wouldn’t be a good idea to do too much walking around with the baby on the pillow, you can get the baby over to the crib and transfered with much less disruption. The strap is adjustable, so it works nicely for people of all shapes and sizes. The newer model has a clip closure – an improvement to cure the noisey Velcro problem. I have the inflatable version… although it would be too much work to bring it everywhere (inflating & re-covering takes some time), it’s nice for long trips. Also, when you take the cover off to wash, it is easy to clean the actual pillow with just a damp cloth (on inflatable model). My baby also likes sitting/laying in it better than the Boppy – I guess he likes to put his feet up. 🙂

Leah Franconia, NH

Excellent nursing pillow

This is a wonderful product for nursing. It fits a lot better around you than the Boppy. It is also more comfortable when sitting in a chair with arm rests. However, after you are done nursing or when your baby out-grows it, you will not have much use for it. The Boppy on the other hand can be used for tummy-time and to help them sit up.However, as a nursing pillow, this is your best choice.

Chelsea Gloucester City, NJ

This pillow will make breastfeeding easier!

This pillow made breastfeeding noticeably easier for me. I was set on using a Bobby from my sister, but decided at the last minute to get this. I wanted to try it right away, but when I got home from the hospital I couldn’t. I had gained so much weight with my pregnancy that it wouldn’t fit around my waist – even with the straps pulled all the way out! That’ll destroy any shred of good body image you have left!!! So I struggled with pillows and positioning.After 2 or 3 weeks it did fit, and what a difference! This pillow positioned her perfectly. FINALLY, I was done with the stress, the neck pain, the backache! I didn’t even realize how tired my arms had been getting from trying to hold her in a good position until I didn’t have to.Don’t let your mother, sister, lactation consultant – whoever – tell you that propping the baby up with pillows is just the same. That may be fine in bed or on the couch, but when you’re struggling to stay awake in the rocking chair at night, a nice wide, flat nursing pillow is a huge help. Besides, breastfeeding can be difficult enough. Spend the extra money and make it a little easier on yourself.

Elsa Stanville, KY

Beats the Boppy — no contest!!

This product was recommended to me in breastfeeding class, after we already had purchased a boppy. I tried the boppy and it was a failure for me. It was not firm or flat enough. This product was perfect and has allowed me to succesfully and comfortably nurse our son for 10 months (so far). One word of caution — beware of buying the inflatable travel pillow. I had one of those which popped within weeks before I realized that I had not bought the correct pillow.

Charlotte Rutherfordton, NC

Do give it a try.

What I liked:Firm and has kept it’s shape. Provides support for the back. Like the pocket. Great for just having baby sleep in one’s lap while reading a book. Simple to adjust the straps.What I didn’t like:Could only use it in the cradle-hold position. Had to use pillows for all other positions. Depending on your body’s proportions, you still might need a pillow placed under My Breast Friend to bring the baby high enough to the level of your breasts – I did.Great for use while sitting in the bed, on the floor or in a nursing chair but not in a regular recliner/lazyboy – the front slopes up because of the chair’s incline.Why the four stars: Overall, would buy it again even though a bit pricey. I had the navy-blue fabric with white flowers – the color bleeds a fair amount initially, beware!Take it to the hospital with you. And if this is your first time, please see a Lactation Consultant/attend a local La Leche League meeting.

Nan Witten, SD

The best thing to buy if you are breastfeeding!

All I have to say about this product is WOW. I started out not knowing about the brest friend. I had two boppies. The boppy seems like it would be fine but once you are using it, you realize that you’re bending over your baby all the time because the boppy is sliding forward. It is hard on your lower back and when you are feeding the baby almost all day and night at first, it can really take a toll on your back.I got the brest friend at a lactation class (they always seem to have them there and not the boppies) and never looked back! I now own two.. one for the house and one for the car. The car one fits perfectly on the handles of the stroller in case I am in the mall and I need to feed her. She is almost seven months now and I am still using it every time I feed her. It is definitely worth the money!They have some cute other styles now including one with hearts and another with fairies. Get this pillow before you have the baby and then take it to the hospital with you. You can use it with the plastic on until you are certain that you will be able to breastfeed. This way, if it doesn’t work out (low supply or other issues) you can take it back! =o)

Amie Nerstrand, MN

another boppy hater here….

I tried the boppy first for nursing here too….and it sucked! I LOVE this pillow. My family member’s referred to it as my daughter’s table for the first 6 months of her life! I would not have made it as long as I did nursing without this pillow. I took it everywhere!

Jessica Stockdale, TX

Very Useful for a short period of time

I tried this a few times when I first started breast feeding, and it worked much better than the boppy. Eventually it just became easier for me to find a recliner with arms on it, and use that. Pretty soon I was breast feeding standing up anyway. This nursing pillow is great in the beginning, but eventually, you put it away for the next child!

Cathleen Point Pleasant Beach, NJ


I wish I had taken this to the hospital with me…it would have made breast feeding so much easier. Instead, I was forced to use multiple pillows, which would slip and slide all over the place. Frustrating! As soon as I got home, however, I started using this product, and breast feeding went much more smoothly. This pillow is the perfect shape to hold the baby while breast feeding, and the fact that it has a strap to secure it onto your body is wonderful.

Lidia Gretna, NE

Better than Boppy

I have both the boppy and this pillow. This pillow keeps a baby positioned better than the boppy. With the boppy, she would slip down between me and the pillow all the time.

Pearl Fresh Meadows, NY

Best nursing pillow

I have both the boppy and brest friend. Th boppy doesn’t compare to this product, it is the BEST. It’s so comfortable and the pocket to keep things in is so handy.It perfectly positions your baby and helps him/her falll asleep. THe boppy is good for putting your baby down for a minute while you do stuff, other than that, brest freind is priceless. the only thing is when you are beat tired, it’s a pain to strap on but well worth it once it’s on.

Sylvia Wakonda, SD

nursing pillow

I have both the boppy and my brest friend. I found my brest friend more practical(especially after having a C-section) than the Boppy. It was difficult to position my baby in Boppy compared with my brestfriend. My brestfriend you can strap on which helps save your back. However, my baby is 7 weeks old and I am still brestfeeding and I don’t use either one of the pillows. Eventually you learn to brestfeed without either one of them.

Dana Onego, WV

SO much better than my Boppy Luxe ever was

Had, and used, a Boppy Luxe with my first child. It seemed fine, as I didn’t know anything else.Now with my second child, I KNOW there’s something better out there – the My Brest Friend! It’s firmer, and has more shape (no rolling off the back or into me, like with the rounded and flattened Boppy). It’s wider and deeper, so it allows for much better positioning and more options for different holds. It secures, so I can move with it (including standing, if I have to!). It supports my back, so I’m more comfortable as well. And, it even has a handy pocket to hold a burp cloth, water bottle, and/or cordless phone – things I never seemed to have in reach before.By FAR, the best nursing pillow out there!

Desiree Medora, IL


“~*variety of slip covers for your preferred color. wonderful back saver for either breast or bottle feeding! used for the whole family. also comes in organic! MY BEST-EST BREAST FRIEND!*~”

Darlene Cerritos, CA

Breastfeeding Made Easier

The three things that I like about this the most:1) It stays in place because of the fastener, and it is very easy to get on and off, as well as adjusting it.2) The pocket that is attached is great for holding things you might need…I use it for extra nursing pads, my lanolin, baby nail clippers, etc.3) My baby can latch on much easier using this nursing pillow than any other way.

Elnora Elizabeth, MN