My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Blue

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Blue

Discover why My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the #1 breastfeeding support pillow with professional Lactation Consultants. It is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like crescent shaped nursing pillows. The wrap-around design secures the pillow to the body, helping mom and baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on while preventing back and neck pain. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress and there is even a convenient pocket for nursing supplies and other accessories. The firm, flat-front cushion and adjustable, silent-release strap eliminate any gap between you and your baby. This keeps your baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding. The deluxe model includes all of the great features in the original model plus a Velcro strap. The Velcro strap makes it easy to attach or adjust the pillow with one hand. If your baby falls asleep while you are nursing, you still have the quiet clip to unlatch the pillow when you are done nursing. The deluxe model also comes in baby soft, plush fabric. Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover. Extra slipcovers are available from Amazon in many colors and designs.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Extra soft baby plush fabric
  • Deluxe strap has velcro and silent release buckle for easy, one hand use
  • Features wrap around design
  • Machine washable in the gentle cycle in warm water
  • breastfeeding; nursing; feeding, pillow; support; breast

Verified reviews


Fire Retardants! STAY AWAY!

For Parents! My Brest Friend website states that they do not use fire retardants in their foam, but i read UC Berkeley article which found the pillow contained two flame retardants, TDCPP and TCPP. i wrote to the company and didn’t get clear answers either. What a waste, the nursing pillow going to be in dumpster tomorrow.

Antonia Keyes, OK

Makes nursing a breeze!

While nursing my first son, I used a Boppy, but I was never particularly happy with it. Like others, I found that because of the rounded top, it was hard to keep him in place — he was always rolling toward me or away from me. In addition, after I washed my Boppy, it became lumpy, even when I followed the manufacturer’s instructions.So with my second baby, I thought I’d try My Brest Friend, which a couple of my friends raved about. Well, add me to the club!I brought MBF to the hospital with me and started using it right away. It made it SO much easier to position my little boy correctly, and he actually stayed in place! We’ve been using it ever since he came home, and I have zero complaints. The back support is great — no more hunting for a pillow ot put behind my back — and I love the super-soft plush cover.Other great features:* The little pocket is perfect for sticking breast pads in. It helps me keep from misplacing them (and keeps my toddler from running off with them!)* The adjustable Velcro strip is helpful if you want a snug fit (nice if you need to stand up while nursing your baby) or a little bit looser fit.* The buckle lets you remove the pillow quietly, so if your little one has conked out while sleeping, you don’t wake him or her. (I’ve heard that some older models of MBF had Velcro instead, which could create an issue with waking babies.)

Lorna Everest, KS

Brest Friend is Best

This pillow is by far superior to the Boppy. What a shame that the retail stores (e.g., Babies R Us) dedicate so much shelf space to all of those cute, designer fabric Boppy pillows and hardly any to the Brest Friend (I ended up ordering via Amazon because our local BRU had only one pink BF pillow in stock). The sturdy, flat surface of the Brest Friend is the perfect supportive platform for a nursing baby… no more rolling toward mom’s belly (or worse, away from mom). With the Boppy, I had to rig it with rolled receiving blankets, etc. to fill the void created by the rounded edge of the pillow. I first tried the Brest Friend during an appointment with a lactation consultant when my son was nearly 3 months old. We were having some difficulties with breastfeeding, which started when my baby was hospitalized one day after we first brought him home. This change in pillows was instrumental to our eventual success with breastfeeding…baby boy just turned one, and we’re still using the BF pillow a couple of times a day. In regards to the BF fabric options, I bought the “deluxe” model (velour fabric with velcro strap), along with an extra cotton cover (less expensive standard model type… adjusts via clip strap). I actually prefer the standard cover, as it washes better than the velour and the excess length on the deluxe velcro strap was a nuisance (no “anchor” to keep it down). Don’t hesitate to try this pillow! The visual appeal of the Boppy will not help you through the early months of 10+ feedings per day.

Harriet Washburn, WI

It is a little to firm…

This does have good back support, but very firm. It does keep the baby from rolling into your body, but it has two little high rises that would seem uncomfortable.

Berta Waresboro, GA

Terrible gas off with this product!!!

I have 9 children and really wanted to get away from the average uncomfortable pillow when feeding. I decided to try this pillow because of all the great ratings it had and really wanted to love love love this pillow. I finally had it delivered and was so so excited to have this work, however, once I opened it from the plastic cover, I immediately smelled a strong chemical smell. I tried to ignore it but it eventually gave me one nasty headache and made my baby very irritable! I returned it thinking that maybe mine was defective and bought another, same thing. I think it has to do with the flame retardant spray they use, (according to the company when I called) so I said, wow then why are you thinking of another alternative since babies are resting their pure little heads on this? She could not give me an answer. So I am back to my regular pillows and boppys! Please do your research! This pillow is a major hazard, the idea of it was amazing and the fit was great but I would not lay my baby in tide detergent and let him nap, nor would I lay my baby on sprayed chemicals that will hurt his lungs and respiratory system. If anyone has any ideas on a good eco breastfeeding cover that is safe for human lungs, please please respond to me:) Thank you!

Michelle Mercer, PA

Better than Boppy, easy to clean, use it standing up!

The removable cover (zipper) makes this easy to clean (just make sure the velcro is stuck to itself when you wash it or it will stick to all your nice socks.My wife tried a boppy for the first month then got this, which she used continually for the next six.You can even use it standing up or when you move around since the strap goes around your back. The strap also provides back & lumbar support. The pocket is a nice touch (you put your Lansinoh, cell phone, baby nail clippers, etc in it) The only possible downside is it isn’t that easy to put on with one hand (for example, if you are already cradling the baby)If you’re price sensitive look around, there are often significant discounts for older colors.If you’ve found this review helpful, please let me know!

Lucia Higgins Lake, MI

Must buy for nursing moms!

This is probably my favorite and most useful baby item. I am able to nurse my baby very comfortably and your baby can sleep on it if they fall asleep while nursing. Thr attached pocket is VERY useful. I use it to hold my nipple cream, hand sanitizer, cell phone, socks & mittens for my baby, and a wash cloth. The cover is very soft, easy to remove/wash, and has survive two diaper blowouts so far.

Victoria Ekalaka, MT

LOVE it!

I love this pillow! I had a boppy at first, and decided to try this pillow. I’m so glad I did. This is so much easier to use and more comfortable for me and the baby. I can actually sit up in bed and use this pillow, which was great when we were still working on the latch, etc. This pillow is definitely worth the $!

Justina Etna, NY

Saved My wife

For breast feeding mother this is a must. Lifting baby without pillow will cause you lots of arm pain and numbness so well worth it!

Marva Delta Junction, AK

Necessary item for all brestfeeding moms

After pain in my neck, back and arms, sweaty baby, sweaty me and frustration, pillows under my arms, under the baby, behind me. Brest friend came along to save us. A baby can lie down on the pillow, it has a special raised pad for his head on both sides to fit perfectly for facing a breast. The material is soft and washable, doesn’t shrink in the dryer. A nice pocket fits a diaper, wet wipes and a pacifier. The color of this blue brest friend is light blue, not as bright blue as on the picture here. I liked its actual light blue color. The back pad on the brest friend envelops around my back and it all feels comfy to brestfeed using this product.

Kristin Louviers, CO

Best nursing pillow!!

I first saw this pillow in the baby store when my husband and I went to register for our baby shower. I have to admit, at first glance I thought, “Well that seems a little too involved…” The only pillow I’d ever seen anyone with was one of the U-shaped ones (i.e. a Boppy type pillow) so we picked one of those instead. Skip ahead a few months: our sweet son was born and I was having a lot of issues with trying to nurse him the first few weeks. A lactation consultant came to my house to help and brought one of these pillows with her. She strapped it on me and after about five minutes of tweaking some of my positioning, my son latched on properly! I was ecstatic and went the very next day to get one for myself!Have used it ever since and have not had any more difficulty or issue with nursing. The pillow securely straps on and has a flat surface (with a slight raise where the baby’s head goes) so that the baby will not shift or roll should you change positions. Not only does it provide great back support, but it is also possible to get up and walk around while still nursing- something I think I’ll appreciate more one day when we have more children who need my attention hehe. The first few months I took this pillow with me wherever I went; it has a strap so it attaches right onto the stroller when out and about. Can’t say enough good things about it (obviously!). I HIGHLY recommend getting one to aid with breast-feeding. On a side note we also used this to help my son with sitting up on his own; we would sit him in the middle with the strap snapped together. Worked great b/c if he started to tilt backward the pillow wouldn’t move away from him but stayed in place, keeping him from falling back (hope that makes sense!)Also want to mention that they have EXCELLENT customer service and support. I contacted the company with a small issue I was having and they went above and beyond any expectations I had to help resolve the issue quickly. Love companies like this who care about their product and customers!

Letha Dyer, NV

An absolute must have!

This is the best breastfeeding pillow! I could NOT imagine breastfeeding without it. First of all, the buckle is so quiet.. makes no noise if you do it slowly. The place for the baby to lay is large. Sometimes when she is fussy i let her nurse and then lay there to sleep. She’ll end up stretching out on it. Another good point is that it goes around your body and you easily pull on the strap to tighten it against you. This lets you also carry the baby around the house with her sitting on it.. just one arm to hold baby on and your other hand is free! This is also great for over the shoulder. Perfect for sitting and watching tv, walking around, etc. My baby got so strong b/c we’d walk around with her on my shoulder and her legs would stand on the pillow. She was holding her head up very early! I attribute this to the pillow b/c of all the time she spends on it. Also, these positions make burping a ton easier! I can nurse her on the couch and in her nursery i didnt want a bulky chair so i just use our computer chair. This pillow lets you nurse anywhere! Oh and clean up on it… you can machine wash it. The cover can stay on in the wash.. then i hung it outside to air dry. That i only needed to do once. I keep 3 layers on it: recieving blanket, then a waterproof lap pad by Carters (amazing as well to have), another recieving blanket on top. This way when she spits up it is easy to change the blankets. If you are going to breastfeed you MUST get this pillow! I bought this and another one but i dont use the other b/c you cant clip it around yourself therefore it just slides away from me and i cant easily put baby on it b/c it slides away. This pillow you just clip it on.. and baby knows food is coming and gets excited.. then put the baby on and you’re ready. Baby is waking up. Time to use the pillow!

Lelia Stevinson, CA

The only breast pillow.

I tried using the boppy pillow. Our boy couldn’t lay straight with my breast. And his body was sinking on each side. We had to prop pillows under both sides. We went to our lactation consultant appointment at our pediatrician and this is the pillow that they used. Our boy laid perfectly with my breast and man it was so much easier to nurse! Our lactation consultant even told me that the boppy pillow was NEVER designed to be a nursing pillow but they advertise it as one. This pillow was specifically designed for nursing. At the beginning I didn’t think that nursing was going to work for me, but after going in for my lactation consultant appointment I was taught how to properly latch my baby on and I had found the proper pillow to use to make it easier on my boy and myself. We have a My Brest Friend for home and one in the car for on the go. I have now been successfully nursing for going on 9 months now. Please do not buy the Boppy.

Rebekah Bainbridge, GA

My Favorite Breast Feeding Pillow

This is my go-to breast feeding pillow (I’ve used this one, the boppy and the Dr. Brown Gia pillow for reference). What I like best about it is that I don’t have to adjust the pillow from side to side when feeding (like I do with the others). This is the pillow I use most often, and is kept in my daughter’s nursery, where I do most of her feedings (and all of her night feedings). It provides nice back support and the front is firm, but still soft for feedings. It’s very easy to clean in the washer. The cover should be air dried only, but it does dry within a few hours and is pretty easy to put back on.

Libby Southside, TN

Amazing product

Great product!!!- Helps with back and shoulder support- The surface is firm (memory foam) and had two little bumps to hold the babies head in place- It’s very easy to clean as the cover comes offIf your struggling with shoulder and back problems and are constantly moving the baby during feeding to adjust to the discomfort..I would highly recommend this product. At $40+ its a bit expensive but it will save you alot of pain in the long run.

Marquita Sprague, NE

Love so much I bought for a friend

I LOVE this nursing pillow so much I bought it for a friend after she had a baby. It makes nursing so much easier and relaxing,. The quick clip release is very handy so you can put sleeping baby to bed without waking them up.

Beatrice East Orange, NJ

The best nursing pillow – hands down

This is really the best nursing pillow on the market. This is the nursing pillow that is recommended by lactation consultants. I can really see why. I really love this one. It has made my breastfeeding experience so pleasurable. This pillow brings baby into the perfect position for nursing. It also fastens around your waist so that the pillow is snug around you and the baby does not roll into the middle of the pillow like with the Boppy. It also has a pocket to keep nursing pads, pacifiers and other small items. The slipcover also washes up really nicely too. This is one of my favorite breastfeeding accessories and I would recommend it to anyone.

Olivia Lavon, TX

Brest Friend DX > Boppy: It’s a no brainer

Simply a fantastic utility that both mom and baby enjoy.Very easy to clean if need be.I can not warrant the need for an extra case.The instructor of our breast feeding class also recommended Brest Friend over Boppy.

Erin Irvington, NY

Can’t imagine life without this

This has been my saving grace while exclusively nursing my son. Makes everything immeasurably easier, is comfy, not bulky, and easy to wash. The pocket is a nice touch as well :)So worth it! I can’t recommend it enough!!

Josie Windermere, FL

A gift

I bought this for my cousin and she bought one for me, it’s cute and exactly what I thought it would be

Whitney Garden City, ID

Breastfeeding made easier!

I purchased the Boppy BEFORE I had my baby and thought that the Boppy would be the practical purchase as I could use it to breastfeed and then as a pillow for baby to sit in when she was older. The Boppy was the worst for breastfeeding. I went to a lactation specialist and used the Brest Friend. Wow, it so much easier and better to nurse with than the Boppy. The BF didn’t slide around and create gaps between me and the pillow. Baby was at the correct height for breast feeding and it was easier to move her around on.The only negative I have about the BF is the cover. The soft fabric makes me sweat a lot (I live in a warmer climate)! I was going to order a cotton cover but I read reviews that the cotton material is thin and fluids (breast milk, potty and spit up!) will easily soak through the cover and into the foam material. If that happens then you have a smelly BF and I don’t want to strap that onto me every few hours if it stinks.I would recommend this to other mothers before I would recommend the Boppy.

Natasha Bonduel, WI

Color pictured not real to life

In real life the color of this blue pillow is much lighter and more of a baby powder blue. I haven’t tried it out yet but it looks to be very convienent for a mom of more than one because I’ll actually be able to stand up while using this pillow. I bought 2, one to keep in the car and one for home. I didn’t like the boppy because I felt like baby fell between me and the pillow. Hoping this pillow solves that problem this time around. Bring it to the hospital with you ladies! You’ll be glad you did.

Lucy Waddington, NY

great for back and functional – velcro wakes up baby every time I take it off

I like the product and am using both the boppy and this one. I noticed this one is better for your back, good for infants, and keeps baby in straight line while feeding. The velcro strap is so loud and wakes up my baby a lot – I have to set baby down and go into another room to take off, especially at night when you nurse them to sleep. Also, good for infants once baby can move / turn it may pose a safety risk because its so hard surfaced there is no give, she may fall off your lap (?) This hasn’t happened and my baby is only 3 weeks but something to think about. Again I have the boppy too for night feedings (velcro!!).UPDATE – My infant is older (3.5 months) I think this is safer and easier to use now. Also, I must have had “baby brain” because YES you can use the clip and not the velcro…. updating to give this more stars. I LOVE it.

Alicia Leechburg, PA

Excellent for nursing

This is a great pillow to use if you are nursing. I had a hard time nursing my son at first, but this pillow provides enough support for his body that I don’t always have to hold him.I have not tried to wash the cover yet, but I read other reviews that said its not so difficult to remove.Highly recomend this for first time moms.

Elsa Hiram, MO

A must for breastfeeding moms

Best purchase so far. It has definitely helped in making breastfeeding more comfortable. The only downfall was when I took off the cover to wash – you can tell the foam is cheaply made. I accidentally pulled a small chunk of it off. So be careful when removing the cover to clean. Other than that, it has made breastfeeding so much more comfortable, especially for the back support that it provides. I brought the pillow to the hospital after my son was admitted for five days and I got so many compliments on it from the nurses and doctors. It is a great idea. Better than a boppy since it straps around your waist. You can actually walk around while the baby is feeding comfortably. Makes a great/unique gift for mom.

Abby Mc Guffey, OH

Much better than the Boppy

In my opinion this pillow is a must have for all nursing moms. My son is 6 months old and we are still using it together. It’s funny – when he sees it he knows that it is time for a meal!

Dorothy Clearmont, WY