My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Chocolate, 0-12 Months

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Chocolate, 0-12 Months

Discover why My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the #1 breastfeeding support pillow with professional Lactation Consultants. It is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like crescent shaped nursing pillows. The wrap-around design secures the pillow to the body, helping mom and baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on while preventing back and neck pain. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress and there is even a convenient pocket for nursing supplies and other accessories. The firm, flat-front cushion and adjustable, silent-release strap eliminate any gap between you and your baby. This keeps your baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding. The deluxe model includes all of the great features in the original model plus a Velcro strap. The Velcro strap makes it easy to attach or adjust the pillow with one hand. If your baby falls asleep while you are nursing, you still have the quiet clip to unlatch the pillow when you are done nursing. The deluxe model also comes in baby soft, plush fabric. Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover. Extra slipcovers are available from Amazon in many colors and designs.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • New extra soft baby plush fabric
  • Deluxe strap has velcrobrand closure and silent release buckle
  • Convenient pockets for nursing and accessories
  • Firm, flat front cushion
  • Cover is great for frequent washing

Verified reviews


A Must-Have

I received this and a Boppy at my baby shower. Wasn’t sure which one I would like more, but as it turns out I am glad that I received and kept both of them. This one worked better for breastfeeding because it was harder and kept it shape better while the baby was on it; whereas the Boppy seemed to shift and sink in the middle. The Boppy is great because as the baby grows, she can use it to help her sit up, tummy time, and use as a pillow (when she is MUCH older).

Nan Poland, NY

Not for “plus” size

Wouldn’t really consider myself truly plus size but I guess I am. I’m a size 14 and this just didn’t fit well. I wanted to love it bc if it fit it would have worked and been so much more comfortable than the bobby that I’m stuck with but it just didn’t fit. I couldn’t see spending the $50+ on the twin model that says it fits plus sizes so I just went with a bobby which I really don’t love but have no choice.

Felecia Chesterfield, VA

Best product for nursing thus far

I have already been nursing for 3 months and I am still having a difficult time with my daughter being able to latch. I tried just about everything out there to help with nursing. I tried the Boppy, but my daughter would fall into the hole in the middle which made it difficult to line her head up appropriately for nursing. The Boppy also squished together a lot and over time I know it would not hold up. Also, I had to be very careful while using the Boppy because she could easier roll off of it.I also tried a foam c shaped pillow by Kushies and that didn’t allow her head to line up either because I had to put burp cloths under her head to lift it higher.My Brest Friend works the best because it has two bumps (one on each side) on the top of the pillow that line up with each breast. These bumps lift her head up perfectly and help align her with my breast. Also, the top of the pillow has a lot of surface area and so I know I will be able to use this even when she is over a year old. Next, it has a nice back support pillow. In addition, I like the feel of the fabric and the little pocket.I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I always have to put a small pillow or blanket under it in order to lift the pillow up to the appropriate height.

Caryn Locust Grove, OK

Highly recommend it

The breast friend is the best nursing pillow. I like the fact that you can adjust it, the pockets for keeping nursing pads or ointment, and that the cover is washable. It is a must for nursing moms.

Juana Roll, AZ

Overall very helpful!

I like this pillow. I use it for night feedings – I sit just on the side of the bed for those.My baby is 12lbs at 1 month and it supports him fine – no bad slanting, he feels secure on it. I like that it straps on – a must for my night nursing position! (In the day, I sit in a recliner with a pillow on my lap).I don’t like the ‘back support,’ it is very uncomfortable for me, so I never use this when I am sitting somewhere with a back. That might be a size issue as I’m probably a size 16 or so and it doesn’t look like it’s made to wrap around me 😉 It does, though! With plenty of room.My only actual complaint, though, is the velcro. I am either topless or pulling up my shirt to nurse, so the velcro touches my side – very unpleasant!Also, I do agree that it should have a water proof something. It’s going to be saturated with milk, if nothing else. Seems illogical. Washed the cover, though, and it went on easily after.

Anne Lewistown, IL

what a lifesaver…

This product helped me so much in getting my breastfeeding established. The first time I used it was when meeting with my lactation consultant. It helped me build the confidence I needed to continue trying to breastfeed. This product is pretty firm, much like a baby mattress is, and the cover is very soft. I like that it has a sort of snap closure so if your baby is was like mine and would doze off while nursing, I could take it off pretty quietly and lay him in bed without using the velcro. My only concern would be if your baby is prone to spit up, you might want to make sure to keep a cloth handy or something because the fabric isn’t waterproof and it would soak into the "pillow" underneath. The professional model has a waterproof cover. It does have a decent size little pocket where you can keep a little cloth or something. In hindsight, i feel like this was a splurge. After about a month I had the positioning down and really didn’t need the pillow anymore, especially since the little man was growing.

Karen Ark, VA

very confortable and usefull

very confortable and usefull, just as described, my girlfriend loves it, sh is able to do all kind of stuff with her hands while feeding our baby

Patsy Inland, NE

Great Pillow, but my wife doesn’t use frequently

My wife had this and a boppy. She says this would work fine, but that the boppy offers more easy of use. Having to unstrap this pillow everytime makes it diffcult. The pillow does offer good support and has nice little storage pouch. Overall the quality is good and the design is ok.

Nettie Forest City, MO

Helps my wife, works well

This is a pillow that helps with breastfeeding. The pockets are handy for keeping all of the little devices you might need with a baby. I also use it to hold my baby, it is very comfortable and helps carry the weight of the baby and gives your arms a rest. The major competitor is the Boppy, and from what I have read most people prefer this. Also, I used to have a boppy and we did not use it much. This one we use. The problem with it is that it doesn’t follow us around, and if you hold your baby in different rooms then you need to bring this with you, or you are without it. Also, the Boppy is everywhere and there are lots of different covers for it. This one is harder to find with less accessories. But I think it works better.

Mae Sugar Grove, WV

My wife loves it….

Experienced or not, this makes nursing easier. My wife loves the versatility it gives her with nursing the baby. It also serves a platform to hold the baby while performing other tasks, especially at the newborn – young infant stage.Recommended.

Kathleen Shickley, NE

This is a must have item for any nursing mother

The back support on this nursing pillow is awesome. I used this with my daughter until she became too big for it and I could literally be hands free nursing her on this in the nursing chair, doing stuff on my laptop on the bed table. I found it to be much more comfortable and stable than a boppy pillow.

Juanita West Chicago, IL


I had the famous Boppy and just couldn’t figure out what the hype was all about. My back hurt since i was hunching over the boppy to reach my little one and it was overall uncomfortable to nurse. Then saw these at Babies R Us but was too expensive. Couldnt believe my eyes when i saw the Brest Friend deluxe one priced at just $32!! Best investment ever! Have been using it every single day for the past 4 months and could not be happier. No more hunching and back pain. And super comfortable for baby. Also it leaves my hands free, allowing me to lift baby and put him back myself in those early months when they are so fragile.

Tamra Arkoma, OK

Wanted to like it…

Does position the baby well. My lo got too comfy & would just fall asleep. Also if you let the baby get used to a nursing pillow its just one more thing to lug around. I used it while in the hospital to learn positioning, but have not touched it since.

Caryn Minneapolis, MN

A must-have!

I put this item on the must-have list for any new mom who is planning to breastfeed. I am a first-time mom who had a C-section. I didn’t use this pillow right after my surgery thinking it might put unnecessary stress on my incision. BUT when I did start using 2-3 weeks after my baby was born, I discovered that this is indespensible. It fits perfectly around my waist. It is adjustable so you can fit it accordingly. It provides very good back support and is so firm that it provides good support for the baby and you. It is easy to feed both football style and cradle style using this pillow. The fabric quality is pretty alright. It remained the same after a few washes to date. I use the little pocket to store washcloths and scissors to cut my baby’s nails aftre she falls asleep after a feed!I highly recommend this. And according to my friends, this is much better than the boppy because it wraps around and provides much better back support. Remember it is important not to lean towards the baby while breastfeeding – that’s really not good for your back.

Alisa Ivoryton, CT

Could not live without this nursing pillow!

I am nursing my fourth baby girl, and with the other three I didn’t have one of these. I honestly don’t know how I got by with just couch pillows! This nursing pillow positions baby perfectly, and it’s very comfortable! I especially love the chocolate colored slipcover, which I’ve already run through the wash and the color hasn’t faded a bit!

Marjorie Quartzsite, AZ

Liked it a lot

I really liked this because I used it right away when my baby was born, it is great for newborn babies! not so for when they are a bit older

Margarita Coolidge, TX


This is the perfect breastfeeding pillow for an active mom. I can walk around, fold clothes, and even get up to mix something on the stove. (very carefully and I turn to the side so the baby is away from the heat i might add) Love love love…

Bernadette Commerce City, CO

Amazing Pillow!

I love this nursing pillow. I had a boppy pillow (which I like to use for my little man especially when’s he’s bigger and can sit up) but it didn’t work at all for me. I had to add like 10 extra pillows just to make it kind of work. This nursing pillow is perfect. I can use it without any additional pillows (sometimes just a blanket to help create a bit of an incline). I take it with me everywhere – parents house, friends house, out shopping. It is great. So far has held up through severa washigs. My only concern is if to much milk gets on the pillow itself if it will get ruined but so far no problems.

Nadine Manorville, NY

One of My Favorite Baby Products

Pros:1. The latch on this is really helpful. I can strap it on, pick up baby, and settle down to nurse without having to arrange a bunch of pillows. When I have to move to reposition or reach for something I can do so without disturbing Baby.2. The back support is great. I have back problems and sitting can be really uncomfortable. This makes sitting in a rocker or couch comfortable, which is wonderful since I spend a lot of time sitting and nursing.3. The pocket is really handy–I can always have breast cream, breast pads, or a binky in reach.4. The foam is nice and firm to support Baby.5. The strap is long enough to fit both me and my husband easily (he’ll use it sometimes to support Baby when he’s holding him for long periods of time).6. The cover is removable and washable. I washed it and air dried it and had no problems getting it back on. It also dried surprisingly fast–it was dry by the next time I nursed.Cons:1. The foam on the side where it latches isn’t very wide (see the picture). If you like nursing with the “football hold” it won’t be wide enough on that side to support Baby.2. The bumps seem a little pointless to me; they aren’t in the right spot to support Baby’s head.3. The one thing that seems better about the Boppy is that you can use it to prop up Baby in a sitting position or for tummy time. I might buy a Boppy just for that.4. I wish it had a waterproof cover.5. It would be nice if this was a little thicker and had a wedge shape to keep Baby close to your body. I prop another thin pillow under it to get Baby in the right position.While it could be better, this is still one of my favorite baby products. Nursing is such a big part of your life with a newborn, and anything that makes it easier is wonderful.

Eliza Parrish, FL