My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Light Green

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Light Green

Discover why My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the #1 breastfeeding support pillow with professional Lactation Consultants. It is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like crescent shaped nursing pillows. The wrap-around design secures the pillow to the body, helping mom and baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on while preventing back and neck pain. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress and there is even a convenient pocket for nursing supplies and other accessories. The firm, flat-front cushion and adjustable, silent-release strap eliminate any gap between you and your baby. This keeps your baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding. The deluxe model includes all of the great features in the original model plus a Velcro strap. The Velcro strap makes it easy to attach or adjust the pillow with one hand. If your baby falls asleep while you are nursing, you still have the quiet clip to unlatch the pillow when you are done nursing. The deluxe model also comes in baby soft, plush fabric. Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover. Extra slipcovers are available from Amazon in many colors and designs.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Extra soft baby plush fabric
  • Deluxe strap has velcro and silent release buckle for easy, one hand use
  • Features wrap around design
  • Comes with a backrest
  • Adjustable silent release strap

Verified reviews


I loved this, but it is made of polyurathane which is not healthy for your baby

Updated review:I wrote a glowing review of this earlier, below. I am going to leave it, because it was very helpful for nursing. However, I later discovered that it is made of polyurathane which disintegrates over time, breaking down into small particles. The neurotoxin toluene offgases from polyurathane. The manufacturers list some of the hazards of polyurathane on material safety data sheets – they include: possible cardiac arrhythmias, breathlessness, chest discomfort, irritation of mucous membranes, headache, coughing, asthma-like allergic reaction, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, and reduced pulmonary function. So, even though it worked well, I changed my review to one star because it just isn’t worth exposing my little baby to toxic chemicals when he is so young. I ordered the The Nesting Pillow – Organic Nursing Pillow with Washable Slip Cover. I know, I know, it is insanely expensive and not an option for many families. But I wish I would have known ahead of time and I would have found some sort of other option.Old review:I found this to be amazingly helpful with breast feeding. Somehow the boppy has never been at all helpful for me. One of the slight downsides to the Brest Friend (aside from the unfortunate name) is that it is somewhat of a hassle to get on and off, but it is worth it with the help in positioning and making breastfeeding easier. It is not meant to replace positioning your baby with your hands and holding on to him or her while they are feeding (another reviewer wrote that she thought the baby might fall off of this – of course, you should hold on to your baby while he or she is on it). This helps in terms your arms not getting tired, and for first-time moms who are learning how to breast feed it is particularly helpful in the transition during the first few weeks. I strongly recommend this to any new mom who will be breastfeeding.

Bonnie Paynesville, WV

Nicely Designed Nursing Pillow.

We recently had a baby boy and my wife bought a Boppy nursing pillow in anticipation of feeding him. She used the product for almost a month, but found it to be somewhat difficult. For example, it didn’t fasten to her and moved around as the baby squirmed. Also, it was too soft and tended to sag across her lap. She was always stuffing small blankets under it to get a better more-even upper surface. In discussing the problems with a friend of hers, the friend reported that the My Brest Friend nursing pillow worked much better. Well, we ended up buying a second expensive nursing pillow and it, indeed, works much better. It’s just one of the many things we’ve learned with our first child.The My Brest Friend pillow straps securely and comfortably around the back and fastens firmly with an adjustable sturdy velcro strap. My wife reports that it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and, in contrast to the Boppy, doesn’t need constant readjustment. Furthermore, the pillow is somewhat stiff and doesn’t sag across the lap even though our baby weighs almost 12 pounds. It’s hard to judge, but the baby seems more comfortable resting on it too. The pillow has a convenient little pocket with a small velcro fastener. It can be used for a bib, and extra bottle, or use your imagination. It’s a nicely designed piece of equipment. Our pillow is exactly the same as this illustrated product, except that it is light blue. Well, who cares about the color? Either one would be OK with us and other covers are available. All in all, when it comes to choosing a nursing pillow, the My Brest Friend is superior.Gary Peterson

Sabrina Shickshinny, PA

Toxic!! Please do not buy.

How are they getting away with selling a BABY product with such a toxic, gaseous smell??! This pillow reeks with fumes, I think from both the plastic packaging and the foam in the pillow itself. Please do not buy this pillow for use near your baby.

Araceli Morse Bluff, NE

Ended up not using it, too awkward.

I brought this with me to the hospital to use while breastfeeding. I found it to be so awkward to use, the lactation consultant who visited me just told me to put it aside and use a regular pillow. I am thin and had a little belly left after my baby was born and this did not sit right on my belly. I felt like I needed a flat tummy to use this pillow effectively and I’m not large at all. The regular pillow worked better. I wish I had gotten a Boppy or nothing at all; at least the Boppy can be used for more than just breastfeeding and it wouldn’t have been a total loss. Now, 2 months into exclusive breastfeeding I can’t imagine struggling with My Brest Friend. I don’t even use a pillow now, it’s just not necessary.

Lenore Ridgewood, NJ

10X Better than Boppy, easy to clean, use it standing up!

The removable cover (zipper) makes this easy to clean (just make sure the velcro is stuck to itself when you wash it or it will stick to all your nice socks.)My wife tried a boppy for the first month then got this, which she used continually for the next year. She has used it for all 3 of our children. The Boppy my sister loaned us was pretty flat after she used it for only one child.You can even use it standing up or when you move around since the strap goes around your back. The strap also provides back & lumbar support. The pocket is a nice touch (you put your Lansinoh, cell phone, baby nail clippers, etc in it) The only possible downside is it isn’t that easy to put on with one hand (for example, if you are already cradling the baby)If you’re price sensitive look around, there are often significant discounts for older colors.If you’ve found this review helpful, please let me know!

Stacy Caspar, CA

Waste of Money 🙁

I wanted to love this, because it received such good reviews, but we tried using it to no avail. If you are nursing I recommend you use pillows at the hospital to prop your baby up, and then decide once you know what positions, etc. you are going to use whether you need something like this. My guess is you will not once you figure things out.

Roberta Goodland, FL

This pillow kept me from giving up breastfeeding…

When my baby was born, I had a hard time nursing. I was tired from labor, drowsy from meds–and dreaded the late-night feedings. I was also a slow learner with breastfeeding positions. The “My Brest Friend” pillow was literally my lifesaver. When I strapped it around my waist, I could easily roll my baby in toward me, cradle her in my arms, and keep my hands relatively free to readjust her when she got unlatched. For me as a 1st-time mom who wanted to breastfeed, the “My Brest Friend” pillow was invaluable.

Tammi Fulton, MO

not for us

I really dont like this pillow at all. Its to hard (not firm but hard) Its not comfortable to wear & I cant use this pillow for the football hold since the way the curve of the pillow is made. Im upset I wasted so much money on this pillow

Candice Chantilly, VA

Sort of surprised at the positive reviews

This pillow is by far the worst that my wife has tried. I even tried it out and think it is too firm, uncomfortable, and over complicated. "1# Choice of Lactation Consultants and Moms Worldwide"? I’d like to know what select sample group they use to fabricate that claim. We had used a Boppy with our prior single and it worked great but I can see how it can get a bit small. We thought this would work great for our twins but quickly found that it was a poor purchase decision. Trust me you are not going to travel well with this huge monstrosity that will not pack down into a normal person bag or luggage. This made in china pillow is not for us.*We replaced it with a Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby pillow which my wife likes much better……and was highly recommended by our lactation consultant. It’s more like a pillow so it does the job and travels well. No dumb noisy velcro. It’s made in the US and I would use it for a regular pillow too.

Hollie Ramah, CO

Caused Dent in Baby’s Head

The cushion has two raised bumps. One of these bumps caused a dent in the baby’s head after prolonged use. We had to cut through the foam to remove reduce the bump so that we could avoid a cranio-facial specialist. I would have given it 4 stars if it didn’t have these stupid bumps. It would also be better if it were longer.

Angelique Pine, CO

Not worth the extra money…

I realized I like the original cover much better. The polyester fabric made my baby sweaty and the "hook" part of Velcro strap hung off (the scratch part that snags stuff). So it kept getting caught on my sons expensive A & A Bamboo Swaddlers, permanently snagging them and it even snagged on a few of my clothes. It ruined 1 sweater of mine. I finally contacted the company and they sent me an original cover and a set of burp cloths to make up for it. But, my sons blankets will never be the same. (I would have been happier if they had sent me a new cover and replaced his blankets). The original cover is breathable cotton and the strap easily adjusts with a gentle tug…without Velcro. I really can’t see why this one is considered deluxe.

Rae Ecru, MS

Wonderful for new moms

I was lucky enough to receive both the boppy and the brest friend pillow. Both have their uses so it depends on your needs.The brest friend pillow was wonderful for a new mom breastfeeding. I had difficultly in the hospital as I was a new mom and never breast feed before and my baby was sleepy and new at breast feeding also. I tried to use pillows on the hospital bed, but it was difficult. Once I came home and used the brest friend pillow, I had no problem. It is very firm and creates a shelf for the baby. I tried the boppy, but found my daughter would sink into it and not be in a proper position for feeding.The boppy is great for other uses besides breast feeding. My husband and I use it on the couch when we want to watch t.v. and have her on our lap. You can also use it to support the baby when the baby is ready to sit up by themselves.

Kerri Little Creek, DE

Can’t do without it!

I have this exact same soft light green deluxe pillow. I bought the pillow when she was about 2 weeks old. And I have been wearing it almost all day long every day since. She is 11 weeks old today. She is so comfortable when nursing on this pillow. The cushion is made of firm foam. She falls asleep on the pillow while it is around my waist. Even when she’s not nursing or napping, the pillow helps me to support her weight when I’m sitting or standing. It fits me very comfortably even though I’m plus size.The only drawback is that I need to order an additional slipcover because it can only be hung to dry, although it is machine washable. I really love this fabric, but apparently, this fabric is not available to purchase separately as a slipcover, so I guess I’ll try the oatmeal twill cover.

Summer Susan, VA

Not good post- Csection, but useful later for daytime nursing

Based on the stellar reviews this product had, and because I’m tall, I purchased the Brest Friend instead of a Boppy. However, after my (unplanned) C-section I found this pillow impossible to use. It was too firm and pushed uncomfortably on my sore abdomen, and with my limited mobility it was difficult to get the strap around me (and painful to clasp). A few days post-partum, I had the opportunity to try a Boppy, and then rushed out and bought my own, and used that exclusively until I healed up.Once I was more mobile, I found the Brest Friend useful for daytime nursing– I liked that I could sit more upright than with the Boppy, which saved my back. However, in the middle of the night, I went back to the boppy because it was just way easier to wrangle in the dark. Also, the Boppy was handy later on for tummy time and when she was learning to sit up.So, I found both nursing pillows had their uses, and don’t regret having both. But to be honest, if I had to choose only 1, I’d go with the Boppy.

Ruby Dell, AR

go to gift for new parents

Much nicer than the boppy, because it doesn’t slip off. The velcro is noisy, when you have to take it off, but you can always put sleeping baby down, leave the room and then take it off. The fabulous thing about this, is you could even walk around and nurse! The firm platform is a really secure place to position baby, though a football hold is difficult except for the smallest. But then in a football hold, your arm is required to do the job in any case. Also the generous size of the platform worked for my extremely large chest size which just balooned after baby. The boppy just slipped off and didn’t clear my chest.I especially appreciated that back support in the small of my back and it complemented my dutailier rockers shape perfectly when that extra support for the small of your back comes in handy. The washable cover is fantastic and my first one, lasted, me, and s-i-l through three babies and several years.

Latanya Moxee, WA

Essential for the first weeks of Breast Feeding

I recieved this pillow, in addition to a Boppy pillow for my baby shower. I chose to take this one to the hospital with me and it turned out to me the best choice I could have made. I ended up with a C section, and my baby and I had a really hard time with nursing. The lactation consultant at the hospital said that this was the very best pillow for me in my situation. It helped me to feed well while sitting up in a chair as well as in bed, while keeping my baby and the pressure off of my very sore tummy. My son had to be nursed in the football position which places his body along my sides rather than across the front of me. I was able to turn the Breast Friend sideways and had great support so that I could nurse him with one hand.Once we arrived home from the hospital, I used this exclusively for the first 4 weeks. On a couple occasions I used it to allow me to nurse at the table while I ate dinner. Now that my son is 16 lbs, we have mostly outgrown the need to use this pillow but it was very well worth having it, even if it was mostly in the first 4 weeks.I would spend the money to purchase this pillow just for the help it gave me in the hospital. Breast Feeding was and is so important to me and having the right tools is what enabled us to get through those first challenging days.The only con I would say is that it needs to be buckled in order to stay in place. I tried using it a couple times without buckling it and it kept slipping away from my body and my son was sinking into the crack. Not a huge deal because it only takes a moment to buckle but in the middle of the night it’s just one more thing to have to focus on. Still, it was great having it!

Angel Syracuse, OH

This is my second breast friend pillow… I love it.

I bought my first my breast friend pillow 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. This product was recommended by a lady whom my husband and I took the infant care/breast feeding class from. I wasn’t so sure if this thing was going to work because all other moms that I knew had boppy pillow; no one had this one. I didn’t want to spend much money on something that might or might not work, so I went with the cheap solution– I bought the inflatable my breast friend travel pillow. When my baby was born and I started to use it, I immediately fell in love. It was supposed to be “travel” pillow, but I used it at home. It helped tremendously with breastfeeding. I would have given up breastfeeding if I had not had this pillow. After almost 10 months of use, the cover started to show some wear and zipper for the cover was hard to close. After 12 months, zipper just broke. Around the same time, the pillow started to deflate. I found the location of the leak, but I was unable to fix it. Oh well, I only paid 20 dollars for this inflatable pillow, so I got my money’s worth and I had no complaints I did breastfeeding until my baby was 18 months. After 12 months, I didn’t really have to have the pillow because I knew how to breastfeed and the baby was getting big and I could feed the baby without the support of the pillow( and by this time baby eats food, so you don’t have to breastfeed as much anyway). . Last year when I found out that I was pregnant with my second baby, one of the first items that got on my “must have” items was my breast friend pillow. This time, I knew this thing works and I did not hesitate to spend 40 dollars for it. This Time, I went for the deluxe. I have a six month old baby and I use this daily. I told my friends about this pillow and they went for this pillow instead of boppy pillow. I am super happy with this product.

Michael Bradleyville, MO

HELL YES!! This is the best breastfeeding pillow EVAR!

This weird looking thing that buckles is amazing!!! Yes it looks different then those other breast feeding pillows..but this is the "pillow" to get. Seriously ladies.. who wants to be adjusting and sweating just trying to situate your baby while having zero hours of sleep?!?! Ya’ll know what I’m talking about.. the crazy sweating that happens after you give birth..the no sleep because baby has to eat every 2 hours.. Well my idiot self suffered for a month using those other breast feeding pillows.. my back was killing me.. i was having a difficult time positioning my was a hot mess!! Then I purchased this sweet little soon as I clipped this pillow on my waist.. my back immediately felt better and supported. It was so EASY to position and get my baby to latch on and then it dawned on me that THIS was how breast feeding should be like.. EASY and not a hassle or exhausting. No joke..this pillow became my BREST FRIEND!!! Now my baby is 5 months old and after he is breast fed i pick him up and he loves standing on the pillow. I don’t know why but he thinks its funny.Do yourself a favor ladies.. just get this pillow. It may look "weird" and feel funny to buckle this thing on..but who cares.. don’t be like me where I was crying at 4 am struggling to keep my baby supported on those damn boppy and luna lullaby pillows…which are expensive! No regrets here. I am an avid supporter of this amazing pillow!Also..this is a little side note.. get a lactation consultant. If you aren’t sure about how to use this pillow and how to adjust it to make it feel right then go to a lactation consultant. Also get a little foot stool to rest your feet on.

Marta Rosemont, WV

Don’t waste your money on the Boppy- get this instead!

I originally had the Boppy since everyone had it, I had never heard of this pillow until I saw a lactation consultant frustrated with how nursing my baby was going. She had this pillow in her office and I’ve been using it ever since. This pillow stays up where the boppy starts to droop, which hour upon hour of nursing this helps your back. More people who are set on nursing need to buy this pillow to help with breastfeeding. If you see someone registered for the boppy buy this instead!

Bessie Springfield, NE

Indispensable for Breastfeeding Moms!

Despite having a horrible name, the My Breast Friend is incredibly helpful for breastfeeding Moms. It is a life saver (and a back saver!). The cover is soft for the baby (although why they chose light lime green, I’ll never understand) and the pocket is roomy enough for a burp cloth and cell phone. I even bought the travel version for my trips, which was useful but this one is by far the most sturdy and comfortable. I can’t recommend it more highly.

Teresa Clearmont, WY

Works great

I agree with most of the pros and cons other reviewers have written. I really like using this to feed my baby; I don’t use it every time but I like it for when I need a free hand. My biggest complaint is that it is tough to put on with one hand, but I just put baby down for a second and we’re all set to go.

Earlene Epes, AL

So Much Better Than Boppy

I was given 2 Boppy pillows. After my son was born, I used one at home and kept another one in the car. It was better than using pillows but the baby always slide off the side and it was hard to use for the football hold because it doesn’t wrap around enough on the side.Frustrated, I ordered the My Brest Friend nursing pillow. What an awesome nursing pillow.Pro:- Wide and firm support- straps on for hands free use- large surface for the baby- edges are square therefore baby does not roll offCon:- price: this pillow is more expensive than the Boppy but well worth it in my option. I will keep the boppy in the car for nursing at the pedi but otherwise strongly prefer the My Brest Friend over the Boppy.

Latasha Porters Sideling, PA

Makes breastfeeding comfortable and easy!

I borrowed a "my brest friend" and a Boppy from a friend and I by far loved this one the best. The Boppy came in handy as my daughter got older (though I could still use My Brest Friend just as easily) but when she was little the Boppy would not sit high enough for me to comfortably have her nursing. I love that My Brest Friend attaches to you so it does not slide down. It is very comfortable and the cover is easy to wash. It is firmer than the Boppy so holds its shape better making a more comfortable platform for your baby to nurse from. You can also strap it more towards your side and do a football hold. I recommend this to all Breastfeeding moms!

Mavis Onia, AR

Back saver, time saver, and so much more… what more can a new mom ask for? IMHO better than the Boppy.

I have a new baby that I am currently breast feeding. She eats constantly with maybe 30-40 minutes between feedings and also hates it when she is not being held. I do love my Boppy. It is comfy cozy and great in certain circumstances, but I prefer the My Brest Friend in most cases. I was having a lot of back pain when I was using the Boppy so I started searching for an alternative. The Boppy is great if you are sitting in a chair that keeps your body in the perfect position, but for the couch the Boppy was not ideal. Also, the Boppy is not very sturdy and does not attach to you for stability so it is hard to walk around if you need to. With the My Brest Friend I can walk to the kitchen to get a beverage and still have a hand free. The pillow sits at counter height so I can stand at the counter and prepare something small. My baby also likes to rest her feet on it while she is upright on my chest if I’m walking around. If you are looking for cozy and a real pillow feeling the Boppy is great, although it can make your baby fall asleep rather than eat. For mobility, back support, and firmness for alert feeding the My Brest Friend is better. TheMy Brest Friend Professional Slipcoveris a must because the pillow is not washable. Another item that saved my back and neck and let me get more done while feeding the baby isTable-Mate Woodgrain – Portable Table (Dark Walnut) (21″-29″ H x 22″ W x 17″ D)For the first seven weeks I was getting dehydrated because I would be sitting on the couch and it was so difficult to reach the coffee table to eat or drink without breaking her latch and having her get all feisty or waking her up if she actually fell asleep on me. I also couldn’t figure out how to use the computer without getting in a horrible position that would kill my back by the end of the day. This table lets me keep everything close by. Unlike other tables of this type that stay at couch cushion height, this one can also sit up high flat or angled so I’m not always using my back and neck to look down. I can pay my bills, write product reviews lol, eat and drink, etc… I am not crazy about the metal wood-grain design, but for the price that is what I was expecting. I love that it folds down so I can store it on the side of the couch and it only takes up a couple inches of space. There is no bar across the bottom to get in the way of extending your feet or using an ottoman.

Vicki Ishpeming, MI

I love this pillow!

The bobby is cute and soft, but did not provide the support needed for nursing my infant daughter. I tried it out at my lactation consultant’s office and it was so much better! I don’t like that my pillow, which I was given from a friend, is foam without a cover. The only downside to this pillow is that putting the cover back on is a bit cumbersome. However, it is much better than the Bobby. One idea I got from the lactation consultant is to put a blanket on top of the cover when nursing or burping baby, that way if baby burps up milk or has a diaper blowout, you can just throw the blanket in the hamper and get another clean one. It is also helpful to buy a spare cover so one is always clean.

Shauna Lake Arthur, LA

Great pillow, if you buy the professional cover as well

I have two kids and I think this pillow, along with the deluxe cover, provides the best support out there for nursing. But I feel I can only recommend it to others now that I’ve found theMy Brest Friend Professional Slipcoverto use along with it.A huge design flaw of the My Brest Friend is the fact that the pillow can’t be cleaned! It’s not really a pillow — it’s a chunk of spongey foam inside a fabric cover. The fabric cover keeps nothing away from the pillow, so every liquid (spit-up, blow-outs, etc.) seep through. And there’s no good way to clean that chunk of foam, so messes stay there. My first My Brest Friend got so gross after a few months that I had to stop using it. Not a great feeling when you spend forty dollars on a pillow.TheMy Brest Friend Professional Slipcover(and theMy Brest Friend Professional Pillow, Blue) give you the awesome, well-designed support of this pillow, along with a surface that is wipeable and cleanable. The foam pillow inside the vinyl slipcover, topped with a soft cover, makes this a winning system. Too bad it’s so pricey with the accessory added — I think a cleanable surface should be a standard feature of nursing pillows.There are lots of reviews here explaining why this pillow is so great, and I agree with the other MBF fans — this pillow provides ideal nursing support, especially in those early months when you’re nursing for hours each day. When my second child was born, a new My Brest Friend was the one item I considered essential for those first days at the hospital. I think it’s superior to everything else on the market in terms of nursing support, and if you plan to breastfeed, an investment in this pillow is money well spent. Just be sure to get a vinyl slipcover as well, or your investment won’t get you many months of comfort.

Rebekah Mc Rae, GA

Very comfortable

I received this as a gift and love it. I have a boppy and one of these and this is much more comfortable and easier to feed the little guy with. It’s even comfortable enough that my husband will use it to hold the little guy if he is sleeping after I feed him… we carefully transfer the pillow between us. If you are only getting one pillow for breast feeding then get this one.

Erna Patton, CA

Much better than the boppy

This pillow is much better than the boppy. The cover is easily washable, the pillow is soft on my babies face, and it is comfortable for me to use.

Josefina Norwood, GA

Makes breastfeeding so much easier

Breastfeeding was very difficult for me in the first few days following my son’s birth, and I felt close to giving up altogether. Then my mom gave me this pillow! It doesn’t take away all of the frustration, but it does make things a lot easier. The back/arm support is wonderful and so important for me, since I have sore muscles. When I’m not feeding, the pillow makes it easier to read, eat, or use my laptop, too. I’d highly recommend this to any overwhelmed breastfeeding mom.

Janet Woodstock, NH

Useful and practical

At the hospital when my son was born the nurses said he was too small for me to use my nursing pillow. (Normal sized newborn) So I used propped up pillows. Three weeks later I finally used this – and I wish I never listened to that nurse. I stopped hunching, my back stopped hurting and baby was better supported. He is now four months old and I use this every time I nurse, about eight times a day. It has held up very well. I am most thankful for it at night – it snaps around my waist so easily, I keep my hands free for bringing everything upstairs at night. Pillow around waist, phone in pillow pocket, one arm holding baby and the other holding my huge nighttime cup of water.

Twila Glenwood, NY