My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow in Green Paisley

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow in Green Paisley

When babies are away from their normal surroundings and off their regular routine, it’s comforting for them to have the familiarity of My Brest Friend. The travel pillow is the same patented design as the Original My Brest Friend pillow with the advantage of packing flat to fit in a diaper bag or purse. The wrap around design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch on. Easy to inflate and deflate as needed.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Same patented design as the original my best friend pillow”Same patented design as the original my best friend pillow; Wrap around design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch on “
  • Easily inflatable; packs flat to fit in a diaper bag or purse
  • Ideal for airplanes and overnights
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Wrap around design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch on

Verified reviews


need a special pump to inflate

i was hoping to take this with me as wel travel but when i received the product I realized that you need a special pump to inflate which defeats the “portability” of it. was excited to have a portable solution and was disappointed.

Claire Amherstdale, WV

wrong product was sent twice

It did say sunburst and had different picture shown. amazon sent me a replacement of a same wrong product so i gave up with hassle of sending it back and kept it. I am not sure if it works since i havent had the baby but looks sturdy enough. I am planning on using it every day use. Definetly better quality than boppy pillows and priced better for sure.

Ruth Folsom, NM

Just what I needed!

We are planning our first vacation away from home with our 4 month old & I really wanted to be able to bring my Boppy, but it just isn’t feasible. Having this inflatable substitute is going to come in very handy. It’s the same shape as the regular Brest Friend pillow. It was super fast to inflate – probably took me less than 10 deep breaths to do it. The cover is cute – green with a paisley pattern. Overall, I’m very pleased.

Aida Piedmont, KS

When it works, it’s okay but easily punctured on travel. Didn’t inflate on first use

I bought this for a two-week trip with my 3 month old, thinking I really can’t breastfeed without my pillow! I have the regular deluxe brestfriend and absolutely love it, I’ve used it for 2 kids now. Was excited to use this, as it gets pretty small, about the size/volume of a couple folded up tshirts for both the inflatable part and cover. And it looked just like my regular brestfriend.On first use, it didn’t inflate. Terrible! I’d just come off the plane, was engorged, and couldn’t get this thing inflated as there was a leak somewhere. Later, I submerged it in the bathtub to find the leak, and I found a tiny little pinhole. Luckily, this comes with a repair patch so I fixed it up no problem. But still made for an annoying first use and I didn’t have peace of mind knowing this thing was more fragile than I thought.Overall, annoying pillow, including the puncture and fact that I needed to reinflate it every night as it slowly loses air (like many other inflatable items). I’d get a different travel pillow if there were a better one out there, haven’t found it yet and this will do I guess until then. It is definitely a reasonable price.Comparison to regular my Brestfriend (deluxe version):
• Similar size and shape. Has the head “bumps”, portion that goes around the waist, with the higher back height, buckle.
• Does not feel as stable as the regular version.
• Seems well constructed, actually clever in the various air walls they engineered to match the shape of the original. BUT, plastic is easily torn or punctured as I experienced.
• Cotton fabric, pretty thin but decent.
• Cover has zipper and loop enclosure to lock the zipper strap. Also has the little pocket as well.
• The valve is located at the bottom – it’s very easy to inflate (if yours doesn’t leak), it took me less than a minute. And to deflate it’s REALLY easy, as it’s a two-stage valve. First stage is like a regular valve on an inflatable where you blow into; second is a very large hole to deflate it quickly. You just pull the end of the valve to pop out the first stage.
• You’ll have to reinflate every day if you like the pillow firm like I do; it leaks slowly even with all punctures repaired. A bit annoying.My advice: keep the inflatable part in a heavy duty ziplock gallon bag in your suitcase to protect against small punctures or rips, and make sure to bring the included repair patch!

Lula Bancroft, ID

Good in theory, not in practice

I ended up returning mine because it just would not stay inflated and when it was deflated it only a took up slightly less room in my stroller basket than just bringing my kushies nursing pillow (my go to favorite for newborns). For an inflatable pillow, I also don’t think the wrap aspect is that great. Just the front part of the pillow is all that is necessary.

June Coila, MS

Very convenient if you like the Brest Friend regular pillows

My daughter (4 months old) loves feeding with the Brest Friend pillows (only downside being that she is so comfortable that she frequently dozes off during her feeding but that can be a good thing when it is time for bed).But the pillows are big and cumbersome to take places. This travel version was a great find and it is now on our third trip. Particularly good for being able to bring on a plane and inflate after we’re seated. For that scenario, I recommend sitting next to your husband/partner because the pillow spills over on to the armrest and strangers might be annoyed.Also, for when we aren’t traveling, it is useful that the cover on this fits our other (deluxe) pillow. I can use this cover when the other one is in the wash.

Danielle Sassafras, KY

Fantastic! I just love this pillow

Fantastic! I just love this pillow. I was taking my 10 month old on a 8 hour plane trip and he was going to spend the whole time on my lap. I was nervous about the two of us being comfortable, but this pillow was outstanding. It’s very easy and quick to inflate – about three good puffs is all it needs. The other reviews mention it as well – don’t fully inflate the pillow because cabin pressure will do that for you. The back rest was terrific and it rolled up nicely when I needed to put it away. This worked out great for several long train rides as well. I washed the cover after a spit-up incident and it dried quickly in the hotel room.

Cortney Varnville, SC

Didn’t Realize What I Was Missing With My “U Shaped” Pillow

I was tired of lugging my Boppy around in the trunk when I knew I needed to feed my daughter on the go. With my first daughter I just "made do". Often I tried to hold my daughter up on the diaper bag. It was always hard for both of us. I knew I needed a better solution for traveling.I saw that Boppy made a travel pillow so I immediately began purchasing one. But then I realized did some research & saw this pillow. The comparison between the two show how different this pillow is:-the Boppy travel pillow is big! it has it’s own strap & has to be carried like a messenger bag (or another diaper bag!) I have easily deflated & repacked this pillow into it’s original bag-the Boppy travel pillow is SO expensive! the My Brest Friend travel pillow is less than half as expensive!-the Boppy travel pillow is very thin. I watched a review online that said it is not very firm, but that’s because it needs to be able to fold in half. this pillow is the same size as the regular My Brest Friend pillow. because you inflate it, it is firm.-AND, most importantly, this pillow works SO much better than a Boppy! I didn’t realize what I was missing! This pillow holds my daughter up higher & this allows us to both be more comfortable. The positioning is better. She doesn’t fall into the dip by my chest & the pillow sits in exactly the correct position. I am constantly pulling & pushing & re-positioning both my daughter & I when I use a Boppy. I began using this & I can have both of my hands free while nursing!After using this pillow for 2 days while on a quick visit to my parent’s house, I immediately bought a regular "My Brest Friend" pillow. I am a convert! I will buy a My Brest Friend Pillow for everyone pregnant friend I have!Changing breastfeeding…one pillow at a time!

Angelita Spreckels, CA


It really stays snug against you and places the baby in a great position. MUCH better than just using a regular pillow. I don’t know how I could have done without it – well I probably could have but my arms would be much more tired.

Tamika East Livermore, ME


I am a man so I am obviously not the one using this product. I ordered this for my wife because on our first trip away from home, she just looked really uncomfortable trying to use pillows as a replacement for the Boppy that she usually uses at home. It’s inflatable so it’s easy to pack up and doesn’t take up too much space.Our first inflatable My Brest Friend actually got a hole after a few weeks of use. It comes with a patch kit but our hole was in the seam so it wasn’t possible to patch it. We contacted the manufacturer about the problem and they immediately sent out a new one free of charge! Amazing customer service. We have not had a problem with our replacement so far.

Robert Shiro, TX

Love it

I ordered this pillow for the 7 hr plane ride(s). I already own the original Brest friend pillow and initially wanted to take it on board but then ran across its inflateable version and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did!It inflates in just a minute. I booked aisle seats and after everyone boarded inflated it in the aisle, and yes, people looked and guessed what it was! I first tried it at home to make sure it doesnt leak air, and when it was half inflated I put in in its cover where it stays now. By doing that, I avoided hassle of putting the cover on on board. The whole thing easily fit back into its original little bag it arrived it.Make sure you leave room for air to expand when the plane takes off. I figured that when the back part of the pillow that supports your back is soft, it is just enough. After take off, the pillow becomes hard just as the "real" one.One more note. It does NOT fit in the seat all the way! I first flew with a lady next to me who did not mind lifting the handle between our seats. On the way back people didnot want to do it, so I had to position it the way so it could stick out in the aisle. Much pain, because people were not watching and kept hitting it when passing by.

Deana Denmark, SC

Great for travel or on the go!

I held off on buying this but I should have bought it sooner! Traveling with a baby you bring so much stuff that bringing a full size nursing pillow was just not feasible. I can fit this in my diaper bag & inflate it really quickly anywhere I am. I also like how the nozzle to inflate is right by the start of the zipper so I can leave the cover on to inflate and deflate. It had the pocket like the regular My Brest Friend too.

Mamie Selma, IA

As good as the regular version

I bought this to travel with, as it obviously takes up far less room than the regular pillow when deflated. I’m very happy I did. It functions just like the regular pillow and is very quick to blow up and deflate.

Laura Newcastle, UT


I’ve heard a lot of good things about this pillow. I wanted this inflatable travel version bc of it’s portability. It took longer than I expected to inflate, and then had a hole in it! Wasn’t able to properly test it out bc of the hole and I returned it. In the meantime, I also purchased a regular version (not from Amazon). It’s very stable and solid, and so far, I really like it.

Mitzi Kilkenny, MN

My Brestfriend is true to their name

Awesome travel nursing pillow. I use the regular version at home but this is awesome as a packable backup version. Very quickly inflates/deflates. Takes up very little room in the suitcase. Great for making mom/baby comfortable in our nursing routine while on vacation.

Meagan Franklin, MN

Not so Expensive and Worth it

I bought this for a visit to my mom’s house and it worked perfectly for the whole 10 days. It does seem to leak some air, but it doesn’t deflate while you’re nursing or anything, and maintains a shape that is true to the real Brest Friend pillow – and it includes a patch to plug up a hole. Also, you can blow it up with your mouth really easily- it has two types of blow-holes.

Christian Bunker Hill, WV

Easy to carry, easy to use- works great on the go or for airplane use

We bought this to use during our trip to Japan.It works just as well as the large Brest Friend pillow- and I can inflate it with somewhere around 10 lungfuls of air- it seems quick anyhow, and I don’t get the prickly soreness in the jaw you get from overdoing an inflation.My one big gripe is with the back support section. It’s a separate pillow with what seems like two TINY holes joining it to the main body.What happens is, it slowly inflates from pressure in the pillow, but when it comes time to deflate, you have to squeeze the living crap out of it to push the air into the main body to deflate all of it.I thought of using a pin to enlarge the fill/drain hole, but figured it’s not worth potentially destroying the pillow.It even includes a patch kit, but it seems plenty durable as it is- no issues with two plane trips, a couple car rides, and being kicked about the baby room.

Penelope Puunene, HI

Great Travel Pillow!

I love my regular brest friend and I love this travel pillow too! Its still a little bulky deflated but still fits at the top of the diaper bag. I love to keep it in the car for on the go feedings. It was a life saver on the plane as well. I wouldn’t recommend it in place of the regular brest friend, but its a real must have for anytime I’m out with my son.

Willie Amana, IA

back saver!

This is a really well designed product. It is travel friendly and doesn’t take too long to blow up. There is a plug with a one way valve to blow it up that last little bit. It really saves the back and arm and my baby seems to be comfy. The only negative is that the cover is a pain to get on. However, u can just leave it on when u deflate for travel. I am using the word, travel, lightly. I mean u can throw it in the diaper bag for shopping trips.

Katharine Smallwood, NY

For brest friend dependents, this is a great purchase

Since I am totally dependent on my brest friend for feeding, and hate having to prop baby on pillows when I am am at someone else’s home, i think this is a good purchase. It works almost as well as the regular one. my only complaint is that i think it’s a bit too big to blow up by mouth so you really need a foot pump or something which makes it not so easy to deflate and inflate all the time. I just leave it inflated which makes it less compact but still as light. but you couldn’t stuff it in a luggage that way. if you know you are going somewhere where there will be a pump, then it’s great. Otherwise, just leave it inflated if you are traveling by car.

Joanna Edgewood, NM

Worked Perfect !!

This worked perfect on the plane and worked well to travel with . very quick inflate & compact for travel ..

Terrie Hermann, MO

Great for traveling.

Great for traveling. We took this pillow on a couple of international trips. It saved my wife’s back having this support on the airplane for nursing. The back support was a bit awkward on the airplane because it takes up so much room but it worked out fine. It folds up really small. The inlet for the air isn’t in the most convenient place. It would be nice if you could inflate/deflate with out having to unzip the cover. My wife didn’t find it as supportive or convenient as the boppy for at home use.

Samantha Lake Hill, NY

Space saver and mommy helper!

For the four months I breast fed, this was my constant companion. I didn’t even discover this product until a few weeks in when my Boppy was taking up this massive amount of space when I had to be on the go (which was constantly due to my older daughter).Awesome features: This pillow has a dual plug-thingo that allows you to quickly and EASILY blow it up without having to worry about the air leaking out between blows. Trust me, it’s really cool. Then, you can pull that entire mechanism out of the plug area to leave this great big gaping hole to allow it to quickly and easily deflate. While this is not as cushy as a Boppy, it’s a fantastic nursing and general support pillow. The cover even has a built-in pocket to hold things like pacifiers, cellphones, etc. You can remove the cover and launder easily enough. There’s a strap that goes along your back (which is part of the inflated bit) that clips into the front of the pillow. This allows for great support and solid positioning. Even if your baby has reflux and you have to feed at an incline, you can make an adjustment with this pillow.Personally, I think they should add padded covers! If this thing was more cushy, it would have replaced my Boppy completely! When I got mine from Amazon, it was $20. It was a great price to start with and definitely worth every penny.There was another review online that gave a great tip: If you ever need to put the cover back on the pillow, let the pillow be semi-inflated (maybe 70%) so that it’s easier to slide the cover back on without popping a seam by trying to stretch it over a fully-inflated pillow.

Bridgette Albion, NE

Great for travel and home

I’m so sorry I waited so long to buy this ! My daughter is 8 months old and because we’re planning on traveling internationally in the next few weeks, I decided to buy this after a friend recommended the "normal" brest friend. It is very easy to blow up and makes breast feeding so much easier and agreeable for both my daughter and myself. It’s a great buy !

Elise Fort Leonard Wood, MO


It is a good idea, but it is too hard and difficult to fit it around waist, i am size 8.

Cindy Palos Hills, IL

Update: Buy it!!

I purchased the original Brest Friend pillow…(which I would give 10 out of 5 stars by the way). I was unable to use my original one for a few days, and ended up with extremely sore nipples, and was ready to stop nursing! Reminded me of the early days before I bought the first pillow.I purchased the travel pillow as a back up, and for traveling on very long flights.OMG, it’s just as good as the original ! Easy to use, easy to carry, just love it. Extremely easy to fill up. Takes less than a minute. You definitely don’t need a pump!Makes breast feeding so much more enjoyable. Great price too!Update 16 June 2013: I just traveled from the East Coast of the U.S. to Northern Africa. I was able to use the pillow in the airport terminal, but unable to use it on the plane. The seats were just not wide enough to support the pillow. I had an empty seat next to me, but it still did not work out.I am still extremely pleased with the pillow, and may like it better than the original pillow! I keep one in the baby’s room, and one in the living room.I would recommend this to any new mothers who are breast feeding, and want to enjoy it. I’d also suggest you take it (or the original) with you to the hospital. Regular pillows just don’t get the job done without a lot of discomfort!

Leila Oakfield, GA

Good inflatable pillow – very much like the foam one.

I picked one of these up for an upcoming vacation. Overall, it is very much like the regular foam Brest Friend – same size and thickness. It will fit great in your other covers. It was supportive and my baby didn’t seem to notice any difference. It’s very light and compresses into a very small space. However, blowing it up was not like blowing up a beach ball. Manipulating the air valve so I could blow into it was challenging. It took a bit of blowing to get it inflated. I can’t imagine doing this on a plane! With a cranky baby!So overall, a good purchase, and I may bring it as a back up. But I’ll bring my foam Brest Friend as my baby’s carry-on.

Ramona Schertz, TX

not worth the price. developed a hole after hardly being used

Used a total of 2 times (each time it was used for a week when we were travelling). Basically used this for 2 weeks (and not 2 weeks straight. there was a space of 2 months between each usage). After many months of not being used (carefully packed in the zippered bag it came in), I discovered a small hole along one of the seams. Tried using the repair kit it came with; doesn’t work. Contacting Zenoff Products to see if they can do anything about it.Two stars (rather than one star) since when it was working, it was great! My baby slept on it for a few hours while on the plane and was really comfy. it saved my arm from getting sore since I could put her on the pillow.However, I feel that it is a waste of money since it only had a lifespan of 2 weeks. the Boppy travel pillow seems like a better product

Martina Hillsdale, PA

Very useful for vacations

I absolutely love my Breast Friend pillow, so was really excited to find this travel version which i will be using for a forthcoming trip home to England.

Tina Morton, MS

Don’t know what I’d do without it

I bought this to use while traveling and it’s been just as described. It has been used on a plane, in a car, sitting in chairs and on beds. I’d buy this again since it only takes a few moments to blow up and 30 seconds to deflate. This is especially useful since I have a larger baby. I don’t know what I’d do without it since we’re constantly on the go and travel frequently.

Rosalinda Versailles, OH