My Brest Friend Original Pillow, Bluebells

My Brest Friend Original Pillow, Bluebells

Discover why My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the #1 breastfeeding support pillow with professional Lactation Consultants. It is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like crescent shaped nursing pillows. The wrap-around design secures the pillow to the body, helping mom and baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on while preventing back and neck pain. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress and there is even a convenient pocket for nursing supplies and other accessories. The firm, flat-front cushion and adjustable, silent-release strap eliminate any gap between you and your baby. This keeps your baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding. Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover. Extra slipcovers are available from Amazon in many colors and designs.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Extra soft baby plush fabric
  • Deluxe strap has velcro and silent release buckle for easy, one hand use
  • Features wrap around design
  • Machine washable in the gentle cycle in warm water

Verified reviews


Okay, but not as fabulous as I’d expected

I had a friend who had two kids help me register for my shower and she raved about the My Brest Friend. I guess to each his own, because after only a few uses mine was relegated to the closet. I’ve since tried the Boppy and preferred that, although I didn’t end up purchasing one (hated the thought of spending more money on something when I had this at home) and just use whatever pillow I have lying around to help prop my daughter up now.Pros:Lightweight.You can walk around with it when the belt is clipped, although I personally didn’t find walking around practical while breastfeeding. I suppose maybe you could more easily switch positions with this?Cover comes off and can be washed.Storage pouch for small items such as spit up rag.Cons:Belt in back can be uncomfortable. While I understand the belt is what holds this pillow in place, for me it was more of a discomfort than it was worth. The Bobby stayed on well enough and it was a lot easier to lean back while nursing. With the Brest friend I found I was hunched over all the time because there was a wedge between me and the back of the chair/couch.Cover is thin, milk will soak through and on to the pad without another layer.Pouch is awkwardly located. To me it would make more sense to put it on the side, because where it is, you have to reach over baby to get something out which isn’t always super easy to do.It’s larger than the Boppy, which means it needs more space to store and is awkward to have lying around.For all the size, it’s not that deep. So if delatch baby and lean her back to wipe her face etc. her head will be off the pillow.Uncomfortably pressed on my c-section incision in the beginning. (This improved within a week or two.)In general I found with both the Boppy and the My Breast Friend it was just impractical to always have to use one pillow to breast feed. I wasn’t about to start carting this around with me everywhere I went, which meant eventually I was going to have to learn how to feed without the “special pillow”. I figured I might as well learn sooner rather than later and now I’m glad I did. I can leave the house and feed her wherever we are, which makes getting back into routine much easier. I’d say these items are really helpful in the beginning, when you are first learning to breastfeed because it can be difficult, but not necessary once you get it down. If I had to do it all over again I’d opt for the Boppy for the ease of use and reduced size, knowing it would only be a temporarily used item.

Allene Mellenville, NY

Perfect when you double the cover!

I was introduced to this pillow during a lactation consultant appointment at our hospital’s nursing boutique. After a few days at home trying to nurse at home without it I returned to buy one of my own. According to our lactation consultants, that’s a pretty common occurrence.I started out using an assortment of pillows from around our house and aBoppy Bare Naked Pillowthat had been recommended to me by other mom’s. But the other pillows tended to slip away during our marathon nursing sessions, and keeping my baby in the best position was impossible with the curve of the boppy. Switching to My Brest Friend made a world of difference.What I Love:- Clip on (very adjustable to fit a large postpartum body) while baby was on the changing table, made getting started nursing much easier- Sturdy foam was supportive enough for my back & baby- Pocket kept necissiary items close at hand while I managed baby- Small bumps in foam provide extra support under baby’s headThings to consider:- At the nursing botique I used theMy Brest Friend Professional Pillow, Blue, after much spilled milk at home I would recommend using the professional pillow with a slip cover or blanket to keep the foam cleaner- Depending on the length of your torso you may want another thin pillow on your lap below this one (this is true for all nursing pillows)Overall, I wish I had this pillow sooner & my baby still loved the boppy when learning to sit!

Sarah Valles Mines, MO

only one issue

This is a great pillow. very firm & supportive. perfect for my tiny newborn who slides around on regular pillows. the only downside is that it’s made of dense foam. i didn’t look to see if the foam is washable and mine already smells like sour milk after just a couple of weeks. I leak when i nurse so i always have to have a cloth diaper tucked between me and pillow or it will get soaked. the cover is washable & held up fine through the 10 or so times i’ve washed it. it’s line dry only. i love this grey fireworks print. not that anyone but me sees it but it’s nice. the belt fit around me fine, even right after birth. i usually tuck a blanket over the nylon belt so it doesn’t make baby uncomfortable when he’s on that side. I’m a bigger woman so i was a little worried about fit, it was fine.

Hattie Lackey, KY

Hate the name, bought it anyway (wish I hadn’t bought Boppy)

Ugh. The name of this product is truly horrid. If you’re going to call it “breast”friend (which is SO corny), at least spell it correctly. And that’s it’s invented by a dude irritates even more.Because of this (take note ‘brest’-friend makers) I registered for, received & used the Boppy for the first few weeks of my baby’s life. I will now admit that was a mistake. After having SERIOUS latch issues & painful feedings, a friend recommended this to me & I begrudgingly purchased it for my self. The Boppy, I now hear, is better for older kiddos while the M.B.Friend (seriously, I don’t even want to type it) is ideal for new little ones, especially those Mamas who are new to breast feeding.The Boppy is almost like a round tube that half wraps around your waist allowing Baby to slide down your front, in between you & the pillow, whereas M.B.F. is a flat surface, allowing Baby to prop up on it & stay there.Another huge bonus is MBF has a snap that secures the pillow around you, minimizing slippage (slippage = OUCH). It’s a bit of a paint to secure in the middle of the night but I always do because it helps so much.The pocket is helpful on MBF as well though right now it’s housing Reeses PB cup wrappers (anything to get through those early morning feedings, am I right??)MBF is the clear winner (though I hate to say it). I still won’t call it by it’s name. 🙂

Shauna Trinity, TX

Awesome pillow, silly name

This was the nursing pillow I wish I had for my first child. With my first, I registered for that spunky, non threatening sounding Boppy pillow with it’s cool designs and colors. Opening up some giant pillow at your baby shower that is called your Breast Friend is like saying to world, “hi everyone, I’m going to be a mom soon so therefore I will be showering only on odd number days, wearing clothes covered in breastmilk, and listening exclusively to children’s music in the car when driving with my 1 month old. Forget about my old friends, I’ll just be hanging out with my breast friend”. Yeah, no way. I suffered with the Boppy.With my second, I caved and got the Brest Friend and it was awesome. Sensible and awesome. I could walk around the house nursing my baby, and using my free hand to give things to my toddler. I was on top of the world! Seriously though, the pillow is firm and provides great support, you can sit however you like and nurse with comfort. The only drawback is the fabric. I washed mine and it shrunk and then the zipper broke. I ended up walking around the house nursing my baby with the cover half on the thing and frayed fabric hamging down the other side. I really didn’t care though, breast friends have a bond that’s deeper than what’s on the surface.

Malinda Vinton, OH

Can’t live without it!!!!

I own a boppy, which is nice, but not for breastfeeding. It slides around and just isn’t practical for me. I have been using my brestfriend since day one in the hospital (I had a c section) and this pillow has been indispensable. The buckle is what makes it so special, I clip this thing on and can walk around and sit while breastfeeding. It also acts as a little baby table, as a new first time mom learning to breastfeed, I felt like I needed a third hand to get the positioning just right, but with the pillow I was able to get everything where it was supposed to be to get the perfect latch. Do yourself a favor if you are serious about breastfeeding and don’t wait to see if you will really need it. The cover can be tricky to put back on after you wash it and it seems to have shrunk a little bit despite gentle washing and air drying. One last thing. . . I wasn’t sure about the Mod Pod pattern, the picture just wasn’t very clear, however as soon as I recieved it I knew I had made the right pattern choice. It is very very nice in person.

Roseann Garland, UT

Useless!! You can get by without having this…

I got this as a gift and never used it (minus one time). This is something that is not needed. I had it in my baby registry since I read such good reviews here. My bad! I sold it on craigslist right after the first time I used it. Please don’t waste your money here, go buy something useful for yourself or your baby. Good luck with nursing!PS: I didnt have the fireworks, I had one with polka dots cover.

Bridgett Randolph Center, VT

Still deciding

Boppy or Brest Friend? Here is what I think:For a newborn baby, whether an experienced breastfeeding mom or not, the Brest Friend was the way to go. Because of the clip, it holds snug around your waist, preventing the baby from slipping between you and the pillow. It helps to keep baby in the best position for feeding. It works great in the middle of the night when your half asleep. However, only the cover is washable. The pillow itself is made of some type of foam (sort of like an egg crate mattress cover) and there is really no good way to clean it. If your baby spits up, it goes right through the cover into the foam and stays there (um, yuck!). I believe there is another (more expensive) cover for these pillows that would solve this problem.As my baby got older, I got tired of the hassle of taking this pillow on and off. It was comfortable to use, but my baby was nursing for much shorter amounts of time at each feeding. I became lazy and when back to using my Boppy or nothing at all.The Boppy was all that I used for my oldest child. I didn’t know about any other nursing pillows and I used the Boppy religiously. I had no complaints the entire year that I breastfed her. I only tried the Brest Friend Pillow because I had a more difficult time nursing my son who had problems latching on. The Boppy is machine washable as are its covers, which is a huge plus in my book.Conclusion: If you can only get one pillow, go with the Boppy. If you can afford both, the Brest Friend is very comfortable in the early weeks of breastfeeding.

Patty Olney, MT

Why the My Brest Friend wasn’t my favorite – from a Mom whose tried lots of nursing pillows

As a first time Mom who really wanted to breast feed I’ve tried almost every nursing pillow out there. There are certainly pros and cons to all of them. In the end I found that nursing pillows are certainly not “one size fits all”. Tons of positive reviews from others do not necessarily mean that a particular pillow will work for you. I tried everything from the boppy, to My Brest Friend, to different shaped regular bed pillows and lots in between, before finding the Bosom Baby from Luna Lullaby which worked best for me.Here’s what I like about the My Brest Friend..-The pillow is compose of dense foam that supports baby well. Even tiny babies will not sink down into the pillow as they might with other options.-The shape is nice and doesn’t require re-positioning when switching baby between breasts.-The lumbar back pillow is a nice addition that adds comfort to nursing.Here’s what I didn’t like.-When you have a hungry baby that is ready to eat getting all strapped in to this pillow can be a chore.-Can get in the way depending on what type of chair/location in which you nurse. The foam is dense and preformed. It doesn’t adapt well to smaller chairs.-A uni-tasker – many of the nursing pillows out there have other uses for baby or mom, but I can’t really find a good alternate use for this one.-Cover isn’t easily removable for washing.

Beatrice Alturas, CA

less back pain

I am a new mom and could NOT get comfy brestfeeding…until I found this pillow. I love the back support and how it sits on me. the boppy was too low and I could not get situated using it. My ONLY complaint about it is that the cover is not water proof or resistant, and when he had a blow out on it, it went through to the foam. Not sure how to deal with that. Advice: Buy an extra cover from the start so when your baby spits up, etc you don’t have to wait for it to wash/dry before you can use the pillow again.

Leanne Rockville, UT

Good pillow, with a few flaws

So, we bought this pillow after having gone to a lactation consultant with latch problems. It was so much better for breastfeeding than the boppy! It helped me and my little one get a good, comfortable latch. I would recommend for newborns and smaller babies putting a another firm-ish pillow on top to get your baby closer to the level of your nipple. Hopefully when she gets bigger, I can get rid of the pillow on top.There are a few frustrating things about this pillow, however. The back support can be bothersome if your chair or couch is very soft and squishy, leading to back pain if you don’t put an additional pillow behind your back. Also, it can be cumbersome to put on if you don’t have someone to hand you your baby and there’s no good place to lay baby down.These small inconveniences can be overlooked when I take into consideration that without this pillow, I would not be breastfeeding today. It truly helped me and my baby get a hang of breastfeeding and I would recommend this pillow over the boppy any day!

Ollie Lake Toxaway, NC

Portable and comfy for Mom and Dad!

I found the best use for this was sitting back and feeding the baby a bottle, then snuggling with them until I was able to take them to their crib. Anyone could wear it and do the same thing- just wrap it around you, pull the velco to fit, then use the buckle to release and still keep that custom fit. This is not just for breastfeeding and really holds up over time. I used it for my 3 youngest (they are all a year apart) and the pillow itself is still in amazing shape after 3.5 years. It really gave that extra support as I wrapped both arms around the baby and walked around- really like a third hand! The drink holder is also great to hold things like the remote (nice for when you don’t want to root around and wake up the baby!) or the pacifier. It was also nice having that extra little padding in the back- it wasn’t much, but it did help when sitting in uncomfortable chairs! I even bought one as a gift for a friend, and she loved it.

Abby Bremo Bluff, VA

Amazing Product

This is a fantastic breast feeding pillow. I can tell you that I don’t think I would be able to continue breast feeding if I didn’t have this product. The back support is great, and really stays on well, I have used it for almost every feeding. I am a first time mom, and my sister-in-law recommended this product to me over the Boppy. I am so glad I listened to her. This product doesn’t have the best name, but as far as breast feeding goes its the best. I took it with me to the hospital and it got my son to position closer to me for a stronger latch.

Claudette Steelville, MO

Perfect for naps

If you like a good firm pillow, this is the one for you!! Traditional pillows just don’t do it for me. Even the firm ones don’t support my heavy head. This however is just right for sleeping on your side, sitting up or on your back.

Tammy Sarcoxie, MO

So helpful in a difficult situation!

I’m writing this because I remember agonizing over which breastfeeding pillow to register for while I was pregnant, and now that I’m a full-time milk cow, I think a lot about the subject of nursing pillows. I ended up choosing the My Brest Friend but received a Boppy as a gift anyway.I have to say – I like both of them and use them all the time, but this one gets five stars while the Boppy gets four just because it serves its single purpose perfectly.For nursing:- My Brest Friend is
• far
• superior in terms of support during breastfeeding, but it’s bulky, a hassle to put on, and its uses end with breastfeeding. (That said, during the marathon nursing sessions that accompany a growth spurt, MBF was a LIFESAVER.) As someone else said, you may want to stick a thin pillow underneath to bring your baby up to boob level, but for those of us walking around in H-cups, you probably won’t have that problem…Good for new moms who need to sit down and
• focus
• when they nurse. Which I’m willing to bet is all new moms, at least for the first weeks or months. I had a terrible time when I started to breastfeed, and I think it would have been a lot worse if I had to struggle to hold my baby at the same time I was struggling to latch him on.- The Boppy supports about as well as a pillow or two, but its wrap-around shape means you don’t have to constantly readjust said pillow. The rounded surface, though, definitely results in a rolling infant (especially if you have a squirmy one). I need to support the breast with one hand throughout every feeding, so having to hold my baby in place with the other hand was a drag (I really think my iPhone is the only reason I’m still nursing). On the other hand, it only takes about 5 seconds to grab the Boppy and put it in place, so I’ve often reached for it for nighttime feedings.For everything else:- Only the Boppy has more than one purpose, and the lame-sounding “propping” function should not be overlooked. I really don’t know how I would get dressed in the morning if I couldn’t plunk my 2-month old down in the middle of the bed propped up by the Boppy. Flat on his back, he fusses. In his crib, he wails. Propped up, he smiles and laughs. I have no idea why, but it works.Bottom line:If you’re looking for a pillow that will make breastfeeding easier for you, especially if you’re well-endowed, go for My Brest Friend. If you prize convenience and flexibility over total comfort, go for the Boppy.If you have a big house or a lot of generous relatives, hell, register for both.

Maggie Stratford, NY

Good pillow, takes a bit getting used to.

The number one reason I chose this product is because it was recommended by the teacher in my breastfeeding class for its back support — that is what really sets it apart from other nursing pillows. The pillow itself is not as dense as another I’ve used, the Balboa Baby pillow, but it does wrap around your body nicely and is secured by a strap (which, when it’s secured and I’m standing, basically makes me look like I could be a poorly groomed cigarette girl during theatre intermissions)The only flaw I find is that the pocket is virtually useless. Overall I am happy with this item and would recommend it for the back support.

Crystal Ackerly, TX

Great concept. Not for petite Mommas.

This pillow does seem to help with posture during nursing as it claims but I can never seem to get the strap tight enough that it feels secure. But it is also meant to be adjustable to fit larger body types which no other nursing pillow does. It does aid in positioning my baby for nursing and the washable cover is a plus. It is ideal as your baby begins to grow and needs more support during nursing. I used it during the first week home and realized it wasn’t really necessary for support so have just recently started using it again and it is wonderful. Overall, this is a great investment if you plan on nursing in the long-term.

Eileen Clarksville, TX

very happy

I love this for breastfeeding. I’ve used the boppy also, but this pillow has a nice firm pillow. I love that it can buckle around the waist and you can adjust the height to be right below your breasts for nursing. I won’t nurse without it!

Lela Fort Washington, PA

Not as comfortable after c section

Works as advertised. It makes breast feeding easier. Although not highly suggested for c section moms. The pressure on the tummy can be uncomfortable. Look forward to using it more after more recovery time.

Shelley Christine, ND

Works great, but could be difficult to clean

I love this pillow for breast feeding. I bought 2 regular Boppy pillows for breast feeding before my baby was born since so many of my friends swore by them, but for me, the Boppy pillows were useless for breast feeding, as they basically "ran away" from my body and I wound up supporting the baby in my arms instead. With the strap on this pillow, that’s not a problem at all!I also like that the buckle for the strap is located toward the front, making it easy to release. I forget if it was in the item description or the instructions that came with it, but there’s actually no velcro part for the strap, just a buckle.The downside is the cover is not waterproof and the pillow itself is not washable. This may prove to be a problem. I just throw a hand towel over it when I feed baby, but that’s a tad annoying to HAVE to do. It also STINKS when you first get it. I had to air it out for about 4 days before I could get near it. But now it’s fine…(Boppy also makes a pillow with a strap, which I also have. It’s nice that you can wash the pillow on the Boppy, but the straps are a bit tough to take off as they’re behind you…)Overall, I like this pillow best for feeding, though the Boppy is convenient for supporting your arms when you just want to hold baby on your lap…

Cecile Pikeville, NC

Prefer this over the Boppy!

I use both My Brest Friend and the Boppy and I prefer this one. It is much more sturdy than the Boppy so the LO doesn’t get lost in it and sink in, like with the Boppy. I use this one downstairs on my couch and leave the Boppy upstairs to be used with the glider. This one wouldn’t work well with the glider- I think you need more space. Overall, it’s great and comfortable!

Bernadette Ripley, MS


I do like this pillow, and it works great. Howerver, it doesn’t fit very well if you are using it while sitting in a rocking chair ( I have a standard one, from BabiesRus). If you are having issues with breastfeeding, this is definitely better for positioning than the Boppy, but I have found myself going back to the Boppy because it fits better with my chair, and now don’t use the Brest Friend anymore (my daughter is 7mo). The Brest Friend is also great for fussy eaters. I had issues with low milk supply and the only way my daughter would eat is if I would walk around with her while rocking. This pillow really did save me so I could continue breastfeeding because it helped me carry my daughter around, since this pillow attaches to you (Couldn’t bottle feed, she was too small and wouldnt’ take the breast after). I would reccomend this product.

Brandy Peru, NY

Great for standing

I have this pillow in addition to the Boppy pillow. I find the thick padding on the back to be a little uncomfortable which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5. Its fine if you aren’t sitting up against anything but I’m usually doing just that when I’m nursing. I’ll tell you what this pillow is awesome for, and that is nursing while standing up or even walking around the house. The belt can be tightened around your waist and you can walk around with your baby resting on the pillow and it alleviates most of the baby’s weight from your arm. Obviously you need to keep an arm on the baby to keep them from falling. I use this a lot when I am cooking and my son demands to be fed and I can’t stop what I’m doing. For this purpose alone I think it is worth the money but I would recommend this in addition to the Boppy. Also dont be a nitwit like me, read the washing instructions. I washed the cover right after I got it, didn’t read the instructions, and it shrunk. It was really hard to get back on and looks a little weird now.

Billie Kitzmiller, MD

Foam; limited with washing

It is foam, not like a pillow. If you leak milk, it will be a pain to wash, so I’m always using burp clothes under my daughter’s head. I do like the firmness but dislike not being able to throw it in the washer. They SHOULD make a waterproof cover.

Latonya Malcolm, AL


Definitely this is my best friend for the breast feeding, I was looking for some help (pillows) while I’m feeding my baby because my arms and backs was tired, and I saw and read about this pillow, and is true that is a good option for the moms that expend a lot of time feeding the baby..

Sharlene Juniata, NE

I Love It

it’s soo amazing …i still haven’t tryied it with my baby cus he’s still inside but the design is great and as soon as my son is born i will post an update for my feed

Lakisha Quinebaug, CT

Love it.

I use this one when I’m on the couch and maybe want to cross my legs while nursing. The stiffness of the entire thing supports my baby well as opposed to the Boppy that would sink in the middle if I wanted to perform the same thing. (don’t get me wrong, I love the Boppy too) The humps on either side don’t bother my baby, in fact it is helpful in getting him at the right height for nursing comfortably. The pocket is a nice touch too. I put extra nursing pads and nipple cream in there and sometimes my cell phone for easy access.

Sondra Chouteau, OK

Great breastfeeding help

I broke my arm a week before our son was born, and it was completely unusable for the first week of his life. This pillow saved us! It helped me support him with one arm and made breastfeeding much easier.

Kristi Dover, GA

Far superior to the boppy for nursing

As a first time mother, this was essential for nursing my infant. I received this and the boppy, this is a far superior product to the boppy for nursing your infant. It provides the right amount of support and holds baby in position much better. The only thing the boppy is good for in my opinion is propping your newborn up. Stick with this for feedings.

Sheryl Auxvasse, MO

Good support

Great support and makes breast feeding much easier. Adjustable strap is great. Haven’t used the little pouch yet.4 stars because after washing the cover the first time it faded drastically – even though I used gentle detergent – Dreft.

Rena Greentown, PA