My Brest Friend Original Slipcover, Hipster

My Brest Friend Original Slipcover, Hipster

Every My Brest Friend pillow comes “ready to go, ” covered in a print of your choosing. But the options don’t end there. Many moms enjoy buying extra slipcovers so that when spit up or leaky diapers strike, they can toss the slipcover into the washer without missing a beat.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • All covers fit all styles of My Brest Friend pillows, including the travel pillow
  • Adjustable silent release strap
  • Features wrap around design
  • Machine washable in the gentle cycle in warm water

Verified reviews


nice updated print

I got the Mod Pod print slip cover for my hand me down brest friend. Love the soft print that was not as loud as the original cover. I also used the slipcover on my Boppy. This involved a bit of forceful stuffing but I like the curviness of the boppy (kept my baby in position) and the security of the waist band. While used on My Brest Friend I had to roll up a little towel to keep my little one in position. I’ve washed the slipcover many times and it’s still intact.

Antonia Naples, NY

Not a snug fit

Does the job, but fades a great deal with 1st wash. Main compliant is it does not fit snug. I had the pull the top firm so it bunches up a lot underneath.

Gladys Byars, OK


I bought the My Brest Friend at the advice of my friend, saying it’s better than the boppy. Spent $17 on the cover and used the My Brest Friend once…hated it…and now exclusively use the boppy. Waste of money.

Dorothy Camden, TX

No big complaints…

I don’t have as many complaints about the cover as some of the other people do. It’s decent. Yes, the fabric could be softer, but I personally don’t enjoy nursing on polyester. It doesn’t breathe at all and makes the baby sweaty. I washed the cover (fireworks) and it may have faded slightly, but nothing significant.Overall, I’m pleased. It fits the original pillow I bought 4 years ago.

Leigh Easton, WA

This is an absolute must for the first month of baby’s life!

Relieves the back pain of nursing and gives perfect support! It relieved so much stress for me and my baby! Wonderful product!!

Latanya Bluemont, VA

A must buy for breastfeeding mamas!!!!

This is a must buy for any mama who plans on breastfeeding. Positioning was a NIGHTMARE for my husband and I util I clipped on the my breastfriend pillow. It is smart to have 2 covers when one gets dirty. This cover is beautiful. It does wear a bit after being washed but still very pretty;)

Gabrielle Eagles Mere, PA

Happy sweaty head

In general, I find the fabric for the Brest Friend covers to be a bit rough (especially for soft baby head) and they make my baby sweaty… and don’t get me started on putting these things on! It’s like wrestling an alligator. It’s a great pillow though (I’ve recommended it to so many friends) and it’s convenient to have two covers in case of spills, leaks, you know what I mean… Mod Pod is a fun, subtle design that does not scream “baby!”, so I like it.

Jannie Malden On Hudson, NY