My Brest Friend Pillow, Sunburst

My Brest Friend Pillow, Sunburst

Discover why My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the #1 breastfeeding support pillow with professional Lactation Consultants. It is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like crescent shaped nursing pillows. The wrap-around design secures the pillow to the body, helping mom and baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on while preventing back and neck pain. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress and there is even a convenient pocket for nursing supplies and other accessories. The firm, flat-front cushion and adjustable, silent-release strap eliminate any gap between you and your baby. This keeps your baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding. Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover. Extra slipcovers are available from Amazon in many colors and designs.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Adjustable silent-release strap
  • Features wrap around design
  • Machine washable in the gentle cycle in warm water
  • Breastfeeding; nursing; feeding, pillow; support; breast

Verified reviews


Great nursing pillow!

I used a Boppy with my first three children, and wanted to try this one out with my fourth. I’m now using both this one and the Boppy, depending on what I’m doing, where I am, etc. I will say that I like both nursing pillows, but in different ways. This one has great back support if where you’re nursing the baby at the time doesn’t provide it (though it’s still nice even if you’re in a chair that has good support), it allows you to get up and move around while nursing the baby (a definite bonus if you’ve got more than one child), offer good support for a nursing baby, and has a handy pocket hanging off the front to stash small things in if you need to. The cover is also relatively easy to get on and off if you need to do so to wash it, though I wouldn’t say it’s any easier than the Boppy with a cover – neither really has a major advantage over the other in this category. The primary disadvantage the My Brest Friend has compared to the Boppy is that it doesn’t work nearly as well if it’s unbuckled, so you have to take the time to buckle it before you can start nursing the baby, which can potentially be a hassle if you have a baby that’s firmly convinced he or she must eat NOW. I will also say that sometimes the little bumps on the pillow that appear to be designed to help position the baby’s head can sometimes be annoying if you don’t have the pillow positioned exactly right, though that’s really just a minor annoyance at times.I still like my old Boppys at times as well, since they are easier to throw on and sit down with quickly, but it does prevent you from being able to get up and move around, since standing up pretty much just causes the Boppy to fall off, and because it doesn’t buckle on, it has the possibility to being harder to get everyone positioned just right for nursing – the fact that the My Brest Friend attaches to you means you can move it up higher more easily than the Boppy. The My Brest Friend definitely has some nice features that the Boppy doesn’t have. If I could have given this four and a half stars I would have, as the only reason I would take off half a star is the hassle of having to get it fastened to work well. Ultimately, if you can do so, it would probably be best to try on different nursing pillows and see what works best for you, since the best pillow is going to be the one that helps you nurse your baby the easiest. But this is definitely one I would suggest trying out if you can do so – it’s a very nice, well done product!

Eve Price, UT

Wait until after the baby is born

This product seems great, but I recommend you buy it after your baby is born. My wife asked me to order this from Amazon during our third trimester in preparation for the delivery. However, if you end up with a c-section or other surgical intervention during your delivery, she has found this product is not easy to use because of the pressure it puts on your abdomen. The pain is there for about a month or sometimes slightly longer. By time she was able to use the product, our baby was much bigger and she found it uncomfotable to hold him on the pillow. However, many of our friends have used it with their babies for much longer, which is why I recommend you wait until after the baby comes to buy this product. Your hospital should have one you can borrow while you are there – that way you can figure out if this works well for you and order it accordintgly.

Raquel Hilo, HI

Nursing pillows are just not for me, I guess

My personal feeling on nursing pillows is….they are a waste of money. I’ve tried three and I felt all of them were cumbersome. Of course, you won’t know if you feel that way about nursing pillows unless you try for yourself and you may end up finding it to be a necessary component to your nursing success. My recommendation is to only try one…and the one I’d recommend that is a better option than this one is by Luna Lullaby (Bosom Baby). Out of the three I tried, that one was the most comfortable and took the least amount of time to get situated on me and then get the baby situated. I felt this one, the My Brest Friend, was uncomfortable with that piece going around your back and up against the chair you’re in….AND it is made entirely of foam and has a VERY strong chemical smell to it…not something I was comfortable with my child laying against and breathing in the fumes. And even though nursing pillows were not something that worked for me, the Bosom Baby can be used for other purposes for years to come…and the My Brest Friend cannot due to it’s construction. Just my opinion!

Jana Rowland, PA

10X Better than Boppy, easy to clean, use it standing up!

The removable cover (zipper) makes this easy to clean (just make sure the velcro is stuck to itself when you wash it or it will stick to all your nice socks.)My wife tried a boppy for the first month then got this, which she used continually for the next year. She has used it for all 3 of our children and the foam hasn’t lost it’s shape. In comparison, The stuffing on the Boppy my sister loaned us was pretty flat after she used it for only one child.You can even use it standing up or when you move around since the strap goes around your back. The strap also provides back & lumbar support. The pocket is a nice touch (you put your Lansinoh, cell phone, baby nail clippers, etc in it) The only possible downside is it isn’t that easy to put on with one hand (for example, if you are already cradling the baby)If you’re price sensitive look around, there are often significant discounts for older colors.If you’ve found this review helpful, please let me know!

Nikki Little Mountain, SC

Firm, hard to sanitize

This pillow is great for breastfeeding, better than the regular boppy. It isfirm and has a nice height, though for me personally I would preferred it to be thicker so the baby can be propped higher if I buckle it aroundmy natural waist, if I buckle it higher it slides down to my natural waist anyway. I got a two year old hand me down and it’s still firm, though the joint between the front platform and the back strip is becoming weak .After a few spit ups, pees and poops, I am wishing it came with a waterproof cover. The regular cover can be washed of course but I hate to think of all the body fluids collecting in the foam making the pillow unhygenic. I sun it out frequently ( the days are already 110 here in Phoenix but sunning for disnfection would not work in other places or in winter).

Lakisha Bulan, KY

Best nursing pillow

I got this pillow after seeing a few women with it at a new mom’s group. I had started with the boppy and really prefer this pillow vs. boppy. I should add that my daughter and I had breastfeeding challenges that prevented me from being able to really breastfeed her full time until she was about 2 months old…at which point she was much longer and squirmier. She’d easily twist or move a pillow or the boppy when feeding her and that wasn’t helpful when we were first learning to breastfeed. The breast friend pillow snaps on and stays in place plus provides a bit of a shelf for baby to have room to lay out on and even lay on their back once done. It’s made figuring out breastfeeding (already complicated enough) that much easier. I highly recommend.

Jeannine Champion, MI

Terrible, full of toxic chemicals.

My friend bought me this pillow as a gift. I was so sad to report to her that when I opened the package, the stench of industrial chemicals almost knocked me out. Upon further investigation (googling it and seeing other reviewers) I see why…this pillow is full of toxic chemicals. If you take off the cover, you can see that it the foam glued together with some gloppy, stinky, yellow gunk. I can’t believe it is even legal to have this thing near a baby! What is this world coming to.

Wendy Garwood, NJ

every breastfeeding mom should have one!

I discovered this wonderful product almost 9 years ago when I was having a hard time breastfeeding my first child. I was very large chested and had a 6 1/2 pound baby. It was hard to be coordinated and get a good latch, etc. The lactation nurse at my peds office suggested I get one…it was my saving grace. It helped with positioning, comfort, and in the end confidence. I used the same one with my 2nd child and passed it on to a friend when I was finished with it. That is why I bought this new one. I cannot stress how great this item is. Every mommy who plans to breastfeed should get one! I tried other pillows but did not feel they gave the support I needed. The only thing that bothers many people is the cushion is not washable..only the cover. I always put down a burp cloth or water proof pad to keep the cushion from getting wet. The times I forgot to put one down and the cushion got wet I just spot cleaned it and never had a problem with milk odor at all. The pillow is a brighter blue and green than I thought but still very cute and I really don’t care about the color of the pillow..I just love this product….

Lucinda Portland, TN

Better than Boppy for plus-sized moms

I bought a Boppy pillow for my baby before she was born. After we were discharged from the hospital following my emergency C-Section, I tried to nurse my baby girl with the Boppy. But it was too big and thick. It wouldn’t fit around my plus size body that was so sore from the surgery. My baby was re-admitted to the hospital following her postpartem appointment. The lactation nurse wanted me to try to use the My Brest Fiend nursing pillow. I was afraid that it wouldn’t fit around my waist. But it fit perfectly and provided a comfortable surface for my baby and I to nurse. I was able to feed my baby in various positions and it gave me a lot of support to snuggle with her after feeding. The back pillow section felt really good behind my lower back. And it will also fit my husband who is much thinner than I. I am going to buy this before my baby is discharged from the hospital.

Mia Lynnville, IA

Get the Boppy!

This thing is awful. It’s hard so you have a hard time positioning the baby. It’s uncomfortable, you have to hold the baby into position while trying to get your baby to latch on. Holding your breast, holding your baby’s head, and their body keeps rolling back to their back, add other pillows to get the baby to stay in position. So frustrating!! If you have had a c-section forget it, it applies too much pressure to your abdomen. Day 2 of being home I sent my mom out with some money to get the Boppy! Best decision ever!

Katheryn Queens Village, NY

No friend of mine: not easy to use

I bought this after all the recommendations but 3 1/2 months after baby was born I broke down and bought the boppy. Disadvantages:1. too short, needed another pillow in addition2. the back bar always hurt my back and you can’t bf without it being buckled or it slips away.3. need two hands and I never had two hands when it was time to feed the baby!#1 and #2 meant that I rarely used it. Now I just got the boppy and it worked great! it’s high enough, easy to put on and take off and I can do it with one hand! Wish I’d have gotten the boppy in the first place.

Dina Brashear, TX

Best baby product ever!

This is hands down the best baby product I own. I used it for my first three kids and just purchased a new one for my fourth because the pillow was a little worn down by now. This pillow makes nursing so much more comfortable than nursing with a regular pillow. I brought this to the hospital with me and used it from day one. I take it with me when I go away for weekends. It really makes nursing a pleasure!I prefer this pillow with the buckle over the Velcro version since the Velcro makes a loud ripping sound when you open it to remove the pillow. If your baby falls asleep while nursing the loud sound can wake him up.The front pocket is a nice feature. I usually keep a burp cloth in there since my baby tends to spit up a lot when burping.I’ve washed the covers numerous times in my washing machine and dried in the dryer with perfect results. It is a bit annoying to take off and put back on but it works.Overall I recommend this product to every nursing mom!

Robert Edison, NE

Easy to use

Easy to use. I prefer to the boppy. If it makes breastfeeding easier, which I think it does, than it is worth the purchase. Pretty easy to take off the cover and clean.

Arline Alexandria, NE

Love this pillow! Preferred over boppy!

My baby is 4 months old and I still use this every time I nurse. Every. Single. Time. When we go out and about, we clip it to the handlebar of the stroller.Loves:1. Pocket. I have to use a nipple shield, so I keep a clean one in a Tupperware in the pocket, along with a spray bottle so that I can moisten it to help it stick better to the breast. Super helpful!2. I love that it clips around me so that it doesn’t slide off my lap while nursing, or while getting the baby positioned.Cons:1. The pillow is adjustable, which is good, but it only adjusts on one side. So if you are heavyset like I am (or if you just gave birth to a baby and have a weird and tender shape!) it means that your “lumbar support” is really far off to your left and the right side is all strap. It just feels asymmetrical and defeats the purpose of the lumbar support. I would prefer that both sides have adjust able straps, so that the lumbar section would stay at the back no matter what size you are.2. The covers are hard to get back on after washing, and they damage easily. One of my covers ripped the first time we washed it (in the machine, on delicate, hang-dried).

Allyson Saint Joseph, MN

My wife loves it

My wife really loves this, and chose it over the Boppy. She liked it because it has the added back support and likes it a lot. The one problem I had with it is the construction of the padding under the cover. When we took it out of the bag it came in, it smelled like straight gasoline! We decided to give it a try, and removed the cover and aired it out a little for a few days. It subsided and was MUCH better.I think it has to do with the glue they use to put together the padding under the colorful cover, and the put it in the plastic display packaging before it has the chance to air out properly. Either way, it works great after we got the smell off of it. We are very particular about using clean and hypoallergenic items for the baby, so we would not have kept it unless we felt it was safe.I would recommend this to a friend, but I would also recommend they air it out before having it around kids.

Carrie Wingate, NC

Can’t be more pleased

Every new mom should have one. Some moms seem to adapt very quickly to breastfeeding and can hold the baby a variety of ways – this is not me at all! This pillow is awesome and really places the baby at exactly the right position. Plus it has 2 little “bumps” on the front to lift the baby’s head also. I sometimes had a hard time getting out of it (taking it off) when I didn’t want to wake up the baby but this is really minor compared to the advantages that it offers.

Brandi White Mills, PA

My favorite nursing pillow!

I purchased this after I bought the Boppy because I’d heard it provided good support while nursing. I much prefer to use this pillow to the Boppy when I nurse. It provides good back support (I usually put a throw pillow above the back part to support my upper back) and it’s nice that it’s flat so the baby doesn’t roll one way or the other. The little bumps help keep the baby’s head in place at the breast if you are doing other things while nursing (eating, emailing, texting, etc). The little pocket is handy to keep things in that you may need. I have had to get up while nursing and have been able to walk around while my baby continued to eat because this straps securely around you (obviously you need to support the baby’s weight under the pillow and hold onto the baby so she doesn’t roll off!). This pillow certainly helped make the difficult task of figuring out how to breastfeed a whole lot easier.

Trina Forest Grove, OR

Very nice

This is a very nice pillow. It’s easy to use, and very comfortable. It’s a bit annoying to have to buckle each time you nurse, but it’s worth it because it makes your posture much better, and it makes nursing so much easier and more comfortable. The pillow has bumps on it which support the baby’s body, and my daughter would lay quite comfortably. When soiled, you can remove the cover and wash.

Marquita Kingsville, OH

Much better than Boppy!

I inherited the boppy from a family member and was struggling with breastfeeding. I tried using the boppy and numerous other pillows to get comfortable and raise him to the right height…it was a huge struggle each time I breastfed. I was hesitant to spend the money on this but it was recommended by the lactation consultant. I ended up buying one and am so glad I did. These are made so the baby is a good height to your breast to relieve discomfort. As much as I’m breastfeeding it was WELL WORTH IT and I no longer am frustrated each time I breastfeed. I can now just enjoy time with the baby when I breastfeed. I highly recommend to any nursing mom.Update: Great pillow but once your breasts toughen up, they are no longer really needed. I used mine for the first few months. It was worth it in my opinion but some may want to just make do with pillows/handed down boppy until both baby and mom get better at nursing.

Hallie Accident, MD

Love it

We have been using this since my son was born and he is 3 months now. We all love it and I bought another one for my parent’s house too! It really takes strain off my back and my son seems comfortable on it! It is really a help in positioning him for breast and bottle feeding!

May Juniata, NE

Highly recommended over the Boppy!

I had the boppy with the first baby, and got the Brest Friend with the 2nd baby. I find that the Brest Friend gives a tighter fit. The boppy keeps slipping. The Brest Friend is nice because it locks around you, and if you have more than one kid, it helps support your baby while you are breastfeeding and trying to deal with your older toddler. I recommend this to all new mommies over the boppy! The hospitals also recommend it, and I see why! It does give you a more secure fit!

Brandy Gainestown, AL

Best pillow EVER for breastfeeding!

I bought this because I was determined to breastfeed my second daughter. My first just would never take to it, but I was given a Boppy and that thing was a joke – it was great as a support pillow for just holding her or for her to lay on, but for feeding you would have to lean over.Maybe it’s the simple fact that it wraps around you and has a buckle, but this pillow is golden! It’s awkward to use at first because it’s strange having it wrapped around you, but you get used to it very quickly! I would HIGHLY recommend strapping it around you and under your belly a few times before baby is born to get used to it.I had a c-section too and this pillow was recommended by my sister-in-law who had one too. It does help a lot in keeping pressure off of your incision and helps with supporting your baby when your stomach muscles aren’t up to it.I don’t really use the pocket on it, so that has a tendency to be more annoying than anything to me. I’ve also been told the deluxe version is differnt on the clasp part so that it doesn’t hit your baby’s head. So I would go with the extra money and get the deluxe one.

Ann Frankfort, ME

Didn’t work for me

I really didn’t like this. Too stiff and positioning the thing is impossible in the middle of the night. It has these two bumps where I guess the baby’s head is supposed to rest but we just could not get comfortable. I got a baby in one hand, its pitch dark in the middle of the night, I do not want to be wrestling with the pillow to get it into the right position with the thingy fastened and the bumps lined up. The Gia worked much better for me.

Emma Beaufort, SC

Great Pillow

I was willing to buy one of these My Brest Friend Pillows for a while until I saw this one in discount. It came really well package by the manufacturers with a clear plastic special designed case that makes you able to carry it whenever you want to go without make it dirty.

Christina Youngstown, PA

Love it!

this brest friend is very helpful! great back support and durablity for babies head! i have a boppy too, it moves and you have to keep shifting it to get comfy. the brest friend is worth the money if you are going to breast feed!

Kayla Cherry Tree, PA

Ok, but not for me.

This pillow is ok for someone who is just starting with breastfeeding. I however had an almost 10 lb baby who was quite active, even when little. It worked well on occasion, but in the end we mostly just found other more comfortable positions that worked for us. We plan on having a second baby in the future, but I am giving this to someone else because I just didn’t like it as much as I had hoped.

Margret Bertrand, MO

Cumbersome, but works.

I really wanted to love this product, and was hoping for a ” magic bullet”. I had a Boppy first, and used it in the hospital. I didn’t like that Boppy came away from the body. My breast friend has some definite pros: it clasps around your body, and offers back support. It is fairly foolproof in the way the baby has to be positioned, so it might help moms who are new to breastfeeding. Cons: the pillow is rigid and is cumbersome and difficult to put on, especially if you are in bed, or after a c-section. It offers only one position breastfeeding. I like to alternate the positions, like football and cross body hold, and am back to using Boppy.

Laurel Selma, IA

good, but not perfect

i like how firm it is. the flat surface (not counting the bumps on there which i assume are for baby’s head?) is better for holding your arm up than any other BF pillow i’ve tried. baby doesn’t slip down between your belly and the pillow or sink into softness. i don’t really walk around when i’m breastfeeding though, so to me the wrap-around feature is just a pain in the butt. it’s cumbersome trying to get that thing around you while there’s a wailing newborn in your arms. would rather have a version without the back part, it would be easier to put it on your lap and take it off after feedings.

Debra Golden, MO


I love this pillow. It works way better than the boppy. My only complaint is that the insides are made out of foam and you can’t wash it.

Christi Thorndike, ME

Boppy was much better for me

I’ve been breastfeeding for 6 months now and had both the My Brest Friend(MBF) and the Boppy. I preferred the Boppy much more and here’s why:-Boppy is easier to use. I just grab the Boppy and and throw it around my waist instead of fumbling with a strap on the MBF and getting it clicked in.-Boppy is more comfortable. That piece that goes around your back on the MBF is just uncomfortable to me. The Boppy just seemed much more soft and comfy for baby too.-Boppy is multi purpose. I sat on it when my bottom hurt after childbirth, used it as a place to set the baby, and used it for every nursing session.-Boppy feels better made. The My Best Friend just felt cheap to me.

Nicole Woodstock, NH