My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge, Sunburst

My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge, Sunburst

The My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge can be placed behind your lower back for lumbar support, under your belly for sleeping support or between your legs for better hip, leg and back alignment. It is a versatile support cushion for back and belly during or after pregnancy.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Maximum support for your belly’s ideal comfort
  • Wedge can also be used as a back support
  • Natural core shape for easy sleeping
  • Easy to take with you on-the-go
  • Extra soft 100% cotton slipcover

Verified reviews


Comparison to other one on the market

I own two of the other pregnancy wedge pillows from the other company that starts with a B and is “toppy” in some folks minds. Anyway, this pillow is wider and the edge is flatter/sharper than those other ones so it covers more surface area. I think the lift is slightly less thick as the other one but I don’t think it will make much difference. The other one mushes down and crushed a bit where this one has not yet. Both are fine pillows. I just think this one offers more flexibility for different sizes and shapes. I am a huge fan of the Brest Friend products. I breast fed my daughter for 15 months and I can say without reservation and with absolute confidence that Brest Friend is just hands down better than the other brand. I took a breast feeding class offered by the hospital before my daughter was born. The NICU nurses and lactation consultants who taught it had piles of the Brest friend pillows for everyone to try. They were crystal clear about the fact that they do not recommend or endorse the other one because it just doesn’t hold a candle to the Brest Friend pillow for moms serious about breastfeeding. The only people I know who liked the other brand failed at breastfeeding for various reasons or only made it a couple days/weeks (so not exactly pros or able to give reliable recommendations on these items long-term). I’m sure some love the other brand and are loyal (they do have cuter covers for the pillows — but after all — that’s not what counts). I’m sticking with what the pros recommend and what I know first hand was a fantastic brand/item and a real lifesaver. This pillow is of equally impressive quality.

Linda Paint Lick, KY

Worked for a few weeks

This worked for those first few weeks of discomfort with a growing belly, but once I was 24 weeks, this no longer helped. It’s kind of small and didn’t give enough support. This being my first pregnancy, I will keep it and use in future firm,y first few uncomfortable,e in the regular mattress weeks, but will then go to my 3" memory foam mattress topper hat is the on,y thing that provides relief to me now that I’m 29 weeks

Betty Absarokee, MT

Does its job!

Pregnant – check. Uncomfortable laying down – check. I finally bought this wedge at about 20 weeks, when I decided that I needed *something* to prop up my tummy, but a regular pillow was way too thick. I didn’t even look at these in the store first; I bought based on Amazon reviews. Someone said the thin edge of this wedge is thinner than others, so I went for it. It’s a remarkably small product (maybe you won’t be surprised, if you’ve seen these before), but it’s amazing at its job. (Also, I’m not a small girl – 5’9″, not thin, just in case you’re looking for a comparison before you buy!)It’s easy to put the wedge into position, and I honestly don’t feel like there’s anything under my tummy when I’m falling asleep. And yet, I’m no longer uncomfortable, so I’m clearly being supported. Awesome.EDIT: I forgot to mention that this little wedge has a zip-off slip cover. The plastic zipper is around the wide edge (doesn’t get in the way). It’s a nice feature, and I’m not sure why they don’t mention the zipper in the description or show it in the picture.

Dana Walden, NY

Great for that time before you need a full pregnancy pillow.

I just needed a little something for support and was tired of shoving the blankets under my belly and my belly just wasn’t big enough to warrant pulling out my huge pregnancy pillow.Great price, arrived quickly, and I couldn’t wait to use it.All I wish is that it was two foam wedges attached by fabric so you can have support on both sides and not have to move it every time you flip over, but that aside, I still love it at almost 24wks with my 4th child. I’ve been having stomach muscle separation issues and pain, so support has been extremely important with this pregnancy.It’s small, which is exactly what I wanted. I could see using this throughout the entire pregnancy for the belly support, but I’m sure I’ll pull out my wrap around pregnancy pillow because that gives all over support, while this is just for the belly.Love that it has an easily removable zipped cover. Print is cute.I was going through baby stuff and realized I had a crib wedge which is fairly identical to this, except it’s actually two wedges side by side to make it wider to fit most of a crib width…so technically, I could use the crib wedges to fulfill my dream of having support on both sides…without having spent an extra dime…whoops… I’ll still keep this, but if I had remembered I had that crib wedge, I probably wouldn’t have bought this since they’re so very similar. But if you don’t already have a crib wedge of some sort and you’re not yet big enough for your huge preggo pillow, go for this!

Malinda Elkhorn, NE

Not so great

so I bought this after a lot of people on my birth board suggested a wedge instead of a full on pillow – I was REALLY excited about the prospect of not having as much hip pain when I lay on my sides, as suggested by the doctors when you’re expecting.The product arrived in record time thanks to a Prime account, and is a nice shape, but it’s just a flimsy cut of foam. It is not very strong, very firm or anything. The more towards the end you get that is straight, the thinner the foam, thus… less protection/comfort. While it holds my growing belly just fine, I still have to turn it with me every time I turn over, and I still get really sore hips from laying on my sides so much.All in all this product TECHNICALLY does what it’s supposed to – It props my growing belly up so I can be a bit more comfortable in bed, but it doesn’t get the job done when I have to keep switching sides because my hips hurt. I’m currently hunting down a memory foam wedge that might help!UPDATE: 2/15/12 – I am now 16 weeks along and carrying a giant baby… I look much farther along than I am, or that this is NOT my first pregnancy! haha… so I’ve been having some issues getting comfy with the belly over the last few weeks so I thought I would try the wedge again. It’s just been laying on my bedroom floor by the bed and I’ve tried it again several times to no avail. As my belly is getting bigger it sure does support my bump from hanging, thus my back muscles from straining some… but it props my whole upper body backwards so I’m halfway on my back! So not worth the money, or the trouble I keep suffering when I try to use it again – hoping I’ve gotten far along enough that it’ll actually be supportive. Nope! So sorry.

Malinda Highland, NY

Didn’t work great for belly but…

This didn’t really work too great for elevating my belly as I was sleeping on my side, but this does work great in the baby’s cradle to keep him slightly elevated. He doesn’t like to sleep on a flat surface and likes being slightly elevated, so this is such a slight incline that it works nice. I do wish it was a little wider to fit all the way across the cradle though. It would probably fit better in a bassinet.

Pearl Fairfax, IA

Love it!

This wedge is very comfortable and can be used throughout pregnancy. It’s not too big so it’s easy to place in a good position, but big and strong enough to support your growing belly.

James Sterling, PA

get a snuggle pillow instead

I returned this item because it wasn’t as good as the snuggle pillow. I wanted to use the wedge because the snuggle took up too much space in my queen size bed but the wedge is too low and too wide for me to use. I have been using the snuggle since the second trimester. I’m current 32 weeks and still love the snuggle. My husband got used to it and doesn’t complain about it hogging the bed.I highly recommend the snuggle or similar body pillow over this wedge.

Allie Keymar, MD

Great wedge

This wedge is perfect for second trimester comfort while sleeping on your side. I highly recommend it. It’s got huge tags on it that you may want to cut off. I haven’t bothered yet, though.

Roseann Aleppo, PA


This wedge pillow is perfect for my HUGE pregnancy belly, I wish I had bought it since the very first day of pregnancy because it really had help me a lot. Also I am willing to use it as a wedge under the bassinet’s mattress for helping baby avoid any sort of heartburn.

Lula Raquette Lake, NY

Small but worth it

It is small, but I used it throughout my pregnancy along with a number of other pillows. Overpriced, perhaps, but worth it if you aren’t the type to go make your own.

Karla Lindsay, NE

Perfect Size

I LOVED this pillow! It was the perfect size and gave me the support I needed to get sleep at night. My husband and I share a queen size bed, so the idea of some of those monster sized pregnancy pillows was ridiculous! This was just right to give me the support I needed while still allowing him to have the space he needed to sleep.

Latanya Vanceboro, NC

Best pregnant purchase

I thought it would be too small, but it is perfect! You don’t need something large to support the belly, just a little bit while laying or sleeping on your side. It does what I needed! I also use it for low back support when I sit.

Joan Schwertner, TX

Too soft or should be thicker.

Too soft and not tall enough. This should either be firmer or taller (thicker) because once it squishes down then it’s basically worthless.

Eva Santa Clara, NM

This was a lifesaver!

When I was pregnant with twins I cannot imagine how I would have slept without this wedge in the last trimester! I wish I would have had this for my singleton pregnancy too. Works perfectly to help support the belly…is the perfect size….and perfect angle. Highly recommend to all of my pregnant friends! Post birth works great to angle babies on the ground if they spit up and also to help angle crib mattresses if they are sick and need to be elevated. Multi-purpose product!

Ruth Honey Creek, WI

Absolute necessity

Perfect for pregnant mommies! Being pregnant with twins, I had a lot of back and hip pain. This pillow relieved a lot of pressure and made things bearable and allowed my to sleep. Just a body pillow or pregnancy pillow was not enough, I needed ‘bump support’ and this pillow did a great job. I just wish I had bought it sooner.

Christina Dyer, IN

Give it a shot

When I first got this, the wedge was too wide and it was comfortable when only the narrowest sliver was underneath my belly. Now, however, at 9 months, it’s really proving its worth. Sleeping is hard enough as it is, so any little adjustment you can make helps.

Alicia Buford, WY

Smaller than I expected, but worked out perfectly.

I was expecting a bigger angle to this wedge, but it turns out this was plenty to accommodate my growing belly. I sometimes use it under my pillow, to add just enough of head lift to aid with third trimester symptoms… I have also used it behind/under my back, to help me from rolling onto my back during the night.Overall, a very useful item at a very decent price! Greatly recommend it.PS: I’ve seen separate products for babies with reflux that look just like this, I’m planning on using this wedge for just slightly elevating my baby’s head, by putting it under the fitted sheet on his crib.

Roxanne Sumner, IL

Great for my baby

I know that the main purpose of this pillow is to help with sleeping when pregnant, and I wish I bought it when I was pregnant, however, I have found another use for it. I use this pillow to prop my son’s head when he is sleeping. It elevates him, and I know it helps with his reflux, I watch him on our monitor, and when I moves I take the pillow out since he is too young to have it in his crib through the night.

Mamie Wyandotte, MI

Great pillow

This pillow is great! At first I used it between my legs because my belly wasnt that big yet and now it is really comfortable to rest my big tummy.

Eula Trempealeau, WI


It is helpful more for a cushion since being pregnant my tailbone hurts so badly. It needs a little more cushion to be great as a tummy lifter. It could be a bit longer, as well. However, it helps if needed between knees.

Libby Lillie, LA