My Brest Friend Slipcover, Organic

My Brest Friend Slipcover, Organic

Every My Brest Friend pillow comes “ready to go, ” covered in a print of your choosing. But the options don’t end there. Many moms enjoy buying extra slipcovers so that when spit up or leaky diapers strike, they can toss the slipcover into the washer without missing a beat.

Main features

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Imported
  • All covers fit all styles of My Brest Friend pillows, including the travel pillow
  • Features wrap around design
  • Adjustable silent release strap
  • Machine washable in the gentle cycle in warm water

Verified reviews



I bought this slipcover thinking that I would be using my brest friend so much that I’d need an extra cover for washing. Not so. I dont really spill breast milk on it anyways when I do use it.

Marie Schooleys Mountain, NJ

Organic Slipcover

I bought this because it happened to be the cheapest Brest Friend Slipcover on Amazon at the time – now I totally love it. It’s very thin, very basic, and very plain, but it softened up so nicely in the wash and it doesn’t attract pet hair or lint the way my other cover does. Plus it’s easy to see when it gets dirty and needs a wash. It fit a little tight, but stretches out quickly.

Elsa Jensen Beach, FL

does the job

It’s a cover, it works. Like any brest friend cover it’s impossible to get on, but that’s the price you pay for such a perfectly shaped pillow. I was dissapointed, however, at how thin the material was. You’d think for the price it would be a bit nicer.

Concetta Colcord, OK

Wished it was softer

I expected this cover to be a little softer. I wasn’t expecting a plush feel, since that type of fabric usually is derived from synthetics, but at least something that wasn’t scratchy. I’m glad there was an organic option, but would have preferred something with a better feel since my baby’s cheek is usually resting against it for 15-20 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it fit the pillow well, and has washed up without difficulty.

Fannie Ralph, MI

My Brest friend slipcover

The Velcro on the side can sometimes stick to your shirt. Other than that, it’s fine. It fits on the foam base.

Alana Belcher, KY