My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Green, 0-12 Months

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Green, 0-12 Months

The My Brest Friend Twins Plus Pillow is designed to support new mothers of breastfeeding multiples. Babies can be fed at the same time or individually in the football, cross cradle and many other holds. The My Brest Friend Twins Plus wraps securely around your body to ensure proper latch and positioning and adjusts to fit most sizes.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Adjustable fit for most sizes
  • Easy to wash, zip off cover
  • Secure wrap around design
  • Adjustable back support
  • Baby soft, plush cover

Verified reviews


Best twin nursing pillow for purchase, but not perfect.

I purchased this twin nursing pillow after the less expensive Double Blessings pillow no longer worked. This pillow is more expensive, but much better. I’ve been using it for my twins from 3 months old until now – 8 months old.Pros: Soft, washable cover. Extra covers available for purchase from My Brest Friend. Good back support. Lip at edge helps keep babies secure.Cons: Cover material is slightly stretchy, making it hard to get the pillow tight enough around my waist – it slips down below my waist regularly. Don’t see how I’ll be able to use it when my twins are a year old – I just don’t think it will support their weight. At 8 months, I’ve started to put pillows under each side to keep the pillow at the height I need. Lip at edge helps keep babies secure, but they can still easily roll off if you’re not paying attention. I can only use football hold with this pillow.Suggestions: Turn it inside out when washing otherwise the velcro sticks to everything in the machine. Buy an extra cover because accidents happen.UPDATE: This pillow is still working and my twins are 18 months old. The foam is starting to break down a little bit, but it’s still functional. The zipper on one cover broke, but luckily I have a spare cover.

Neva Playas, NM

Find out if you can actually tandem feed before purchasing…

I purchased this while I was still pregnant, and I only used it maybe twice. My babies had latch issues due to being in the NICU and I ended up pumping almost exclusively. I’m sure it’s a great product, but I wish I would have borrowed one before I made this purchase because it ended up just being money down the drain.

Nell Eureka, MI

Meh, it’s okay. Single purpose use only compared to alternative

This was recommended to me during my breastfeeding classes I took prior to birth, and it seemed like the best option for twin girls. I thought it would be great to feed them in tandem, and I loved the options of having pockets and how it wrapped around the back side as well. It turns out, only one of my babies ever successfully latched, rendering the twins function useless, and leaving me with a large, cumbersome cushion. I used this, and also had two boppies in the house, which I intended to use more for “tummy time,” however, I quickly learned to appreciate the boppy for it’s more compact shape, ease of putting around you (it just bends around you, and doesn’t need to be opened and re-velcroed), and most of all the boppy could be used for multiple things — breastfeeding, tummy time, and tandem feeding by setting the kids face up and using a blanket to prop the bottle. Another reason why I preferred the boppy over this, is that the it takes more time to remove and replace the cushion covers from the Brest Friend, as there are several separate pieces. This made laundering more difficult with the Brest Friend. If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably go with just the Boppy, unless you’re really good at tandem nursing, it’s not worth it.

Rhonda Velva, ND

Awesome breastfeeding tool

The lactation consultant at the hospital recommended this pillow, specifically the twins version even though I did not have twins. Since I’ve had it, it’s been a great help to breastfeeding. Allows me to be more relaxed and neutrally positioned so the baby can nurse comfortably. The twins version is great because I can switch sides or positions without having to re-position the pillow. It makes a nice wide platform for any nursing position.Removable, washable cover is great. Velcro adjustment for waist belt is great too, but I like that there is the plastic buckle on there too, especially if the kid has nursed himself to sleep, don’t have to worry about the screech of velcro un-velcroing waking someone up.

Dolly Pleasantville, NJ

See if you need it before you buy!

I picked this up before our twins were born based on the various must have reviews and really we never used it.We found it too large and awkward and generally just one child breast fed at a time.So really wait until your kids are born and then see if double feeding is something you want to do. For us this ended up in the closet unused.

Tamra Courtland, MS

Makes Breastfeeding Twins Simultaneously Much Easier

I was skeptical, but this pillow is a must if you’re breastfeeding multiples simultaneously. It’s so helpful that I just bought a second one – one to keep upstairs, and one to keep downstairs/travel with. There are two things that would make the product even better: 1) if the outer pocket extended around the pillow; and 2) if you could order replacement covers (having just one cover makes it difficult when there are messes…). Overall, though, the pillow has supported my big twin boys very well, and the panel that snaps around the back is very helpful in supporting my lower back. Plus, the material is nice and soft. I recommend this product highly!!

Valerie Seven Mile, OH

Great with some flaws

So as pregnant woman with twins i did a lot of research the moment i found out i was having two! I bought several books on the matter. All of them said tandem nursing was a must and that it could take me weeks to learn this difficult task; if AT ALL! I waited to buy this because i was so reluctant to even breastfeed after some of the twins books i read (On a side note, i must have picked some horrible books because they scared the crap out of me and tandem nursing was very simple with this).After a week i bought this brand new from my friend who was unable to breastfeed at all. First off, This is a LIFESAVER. It has made tandem nursing very easy. Its wide and sturdy. BUT the negatives are this. The material inside is horrible. I had this foam stuff all over my house when i took the cover off. There are many times with twins that i have grabbed it one handed before i realized it was just foam inside. Well apparently every time i did that i pulled a small chunk out of the foam. Listen, i bought this as a PILLOW thinking that the material inside was the same as the boppy i have for my first child. I had no idea i was paying $60 plus dollars for foam or i would have been more careful (once i found out i was more careful and still have foam every where).Second flaw is the back support. Ok maybe it would be ridiculous to have a pillow like this that also is as large as a car but i wouldn’t mind a lot more support. You cant lean back with this and relax. You have to sit up with your breasts on the “pillow.” I eventually took the the back off and just use the front. So i can get comfy on the couch or in bed. I have kicked my overly accepting husband out of our room. Co sleep with my twins (only way ill get some sleep). With my Brest friend pillow, my cell phone, a large water, a tv remote, and basket full of extra diapers, clothes, wipes, Snuza’s, binkies and Gripe water. I never have to get up unless the inevitable happens and i start nursing and it causes me to almost pee my pants :). I may consider getting walkie talkies so i can actually have some intimacy with my husband again…Or at least feel like im part of the family while i am attached to the couch and pillow while life happens around me :)All in all i love this. i wish i would have tried another twin pillow that i found on this site that looks like it has back support but thats ok. I am able to breastfeed my twins which is a lot more than i thought i was going to be able to do..

Nichole Natick, MA


I got this because I got a boppy with my first dd and was disappointed in it. I am overweight but not huge and the boppy just didn’t fit. I figured since this had the belt type adaptation it would maybe suit me better so I was really looking forward to using this for bf this time around. Well I have tried several times and it just isn’t comfortable. I’m 5’4″ and 200 pounds it’s snug but it just doesn’t seem that supportive and I’m still having to lift the baby to me too much. I have just found using several pillows (some are throw pillows and others are regular ones) are just more supportive and work better for baby and I. Unfortunately I ordered this when I was around 6 months pregnant and so I can’t return it bc with a newborn coming I washed the outside shell so now I’m out that money. If you can with any of these I would try to use someone else’s for one or two bf sessions first before ordering one just to make sure it fits and that you find it comfortable so you’re not out the money. It seems like good quality, and does fit better than the boppy so thus the 2 stars but sense I still can’t use it as intended no more than that.

Addie Mayfield, KY

Made my life much easier!

After reading reviews, I purchased the E-Z to Nurse pillow first for twins. The pillow was VERY bulky and difficult to use. After spending a lot of time and help from my husband propping up my newborns, between their hungry wails it was a huge pain to use. The back support was non-existent and it pressed down on my c-section belly. On recommendation from lactation consultants at the hospital, I decided to try My Brest Friend, but I had little hope that it would work. Its a miracle! The first time I used it, I was able to prop up both babies on each side, have them feeding, put blankets under their heads so my hands were free. I was absolutely amazed that I could do this the very first time around! The back support is also good. I have started tandem feeding and its so much better! I don’t have one wailing baby while I adjust the other, the adjustment process is very quick. I do need help from someone else though to place the babies there initially, but after that I can handle it on my own. They like sleeping on it too, which is not good since I need to keep waking them up. I am very happy with this pillow and wish I had gotten it earlier!I always sit in the center of my bed because I fear that the babies may fall otherwise especially as they start wriggling. The pillow doesn’t have a strap or anything to keep the babies in place, so finding the right seating is the best. I also wonder how it will be when the babies start growing; right now they are premie size, once they grow I imagine the pillow maybe small and babies wriggly. But for now this is Godsend and I hope to get better at tandem feeding.

Opal Meriden, WY

Helps during the first month

This pillow really helps if you want to feed your twins simultaneously as you don’t have to support them with your hands; they can just lie on the wide grooved areas of the pillow. Works with football or cross cradle… But to be honest, after a month, I didn’t use it anymore as it was too hard for me to feed them both at once (nothing to do with the pillow, but with the babies’ more active movements) It’s hard maintaining the correct latch for both… so I decided to feed one at a time instead, and with that, I just cradled them in my arms without any nursing pillow as it’s a bit complicated to have to wear the pillow before feeding.

Bobbi Pilot Station, AK

This is a MUST if you are breastfeeding!

I was so prepared – with three boppy pillows – then the baby came and they were crap. I love this pillow and even bought another to keep at daycare. It stays up and on and gives you your hands back! It’s so much more comfortable. I wish the hospital had provided one.

Autumn Beggs, OK

twin moms: you. need. this.

i wouldn’t say i love it as it’s this ugly green thing that takes up half our couch but it is a NECESSITY and is soft, durable, and well designed. the velcro sometimes digs into my back but i just put a blanket over the lumbar support and problem solved. the side pocket is very useful. if you have twins, basically you need one 100% if you’re going to breast feed. no two ways about it. just buy it, add it to your registry, whatever you have to do. get it.

Brandy Ingleside, TX

Better than the smaller versions, but could be improved.

Bought this for my wife for nursing the twins. Does OK but works best when she was sitting on the floor. Just too bulky for a chair with arms. The pocket is nice, but the velcro is sort of a pain… too many pieces to use. Needs a third hand to manage it (and two more for the twins, lol).

Myrtle Humboldt, KS

only way to tandem nurse

Works pretty good. I just cant seem to get it adjusted small enough around my belly. I end up with a huge gap. I just use a throw pillow to fill the gap. This is the only way to tandem nurse, but for nursing one at a time, I’ve found a regular pillow works better.

Margo Almond, WI

Poor design

I have the brest friend nursing pillow for a singleton and love it, it fits snuggly around the torso so my babies stay put when feeding them individually. But with the twin plus delux pillow, the hole in the middle is too big despite be pulling the side clip and snug as possible. So when it’s on me, there is still a gap between me and the pillow. Also, the back support is connected to the front part of the pillow by the clip on one side and velcro on the other side, both of which is not enough to keep both unit secure on me, especially with the big gap mentioned before. When I tandem feed, my twins either sleep into the middle gap or their positioning is distorted by the distorted back support. The green fabric is nice and soft but that’s about all that’s good about it. I’m 5’2" and 115 pounds for for a reference. Will be returning this.

Eugenia Marbury, AL

I use this for twins

I used this and it works.ProsYou can fit two babies on itSofteasy to put onConsway too big around (I am normally a size 10), so the babies tend to fall between me and the pillowuncomfortable on your back with the large extra pillow portionBabies really don’t like to drink with a neck flexed position and there is no other real configuration you can do with this pillow.I am more likely to tandem on the couch without a pillow or feed individually. I will note that I loved the breast friend pillow that was not for twins.

Christie Korbel, CA

Great for twins or those with a long torso

I brought this to the hospital when I delivered twins. I was feeding in tandem by the time we left. Also, for those with a long torso, this may work better than other pillow alternatives.

Miranda Cherry Valley, MA


I don’t know how I could feed my twins without this pillow!! Super comfortable, and really appreciate the back support. Puts the babies at just the right height. My twins are nearly 5 months now and getting pretty big on the pillow (bit of punching each other in the face and scratching each other, which is a function of size and not pillow related) so not sure how much longer I’ll be able to have them on here at the same time. I’ve been able to sit on the couch until now, but think I’ll move to the floor as they can roll over and seem more likely to roll off as I’m getting the other one situated. I do wish the foam was a bit sturdier; my two year old rips pieces off when she grabs it to move it, as do I if the cover is in the wash. Overall, though, really pleased with it.

Karina Ocean Park, WA

great gift

I give this pillow to all my pregnant friends because I loved mine so much.This is my go to baby shower gift. When my daughter’s godmother had her twins she found this extremely useful

Harriett Oakman, GA

At first it was great … then the love disappeared

When I learned I was expecting twin girls, it didn’t change my mind on the fact I would breastfeed my babies. After some researches and some advice from my consultant in lactation, I decided to buy this product.At first, it was really helpful when the girls were tiny little things (one a little under 5 pounds and the other a little over). After a couple of tries with someone helping me positioning them, I got the hang out of it and was able to do it myself.However, the more they grow, the less convenient this pillow is. The girls are not even 4 months and are about 13 pounds.First, it’s losing its shape and the part on the back barely has any use now, which leaves a sort of gap between the pillow and my belly, so I need to use extra pillow behind my back.The little bump that is supposed to prevent babies from rolling over is not high enough to be safe now that the girls can actually move, so it’s always tricky to get them both on the pillow by myself.In the end, I was hoping to use it till the girls could actually start crawling, but I’ll have to find a different technique to tandem feed them.It’s a good product for little babies, but an average one for little older babies who start moving their limbs 🙂

Lynne Casstown, OH

Great for Breastfeeding Moms of Twins

Let me start by saying I almost did not make this purchase because of reviews that said twins did not fit and the back support caused them to slouch. I did own the regular My Brest Friend, which I used for my older son. I had been attempting to use it to tandem feed my twins. I was getting quite the workout. And if one of them decided to loose their latch, balancing them was really difficult.The image for this item on amazon shows two pockets. One is holding a water bottle and the other is holding other items. I usually kept Qtips to wipe my kids nose in the pocket. Carrying around the water bottle would have been a bonus– unfortunately, there is no extra pocket. No stars lost over this though, I didn’t make this purchase to carry around a water bottle.Support-wise, this offers much more support than the original for carrying around two. You loose those little head support bumps that are on the original, but that’s because you can’t tandem feed with a twin laying across the top. After one use, the thing I noticed the most was support. I feed in the corner of our sectional, or in a rocking chair. I was able to take my hand off one of my twins and adjust the other without having the thing topple to one side. I could also, as another reviewer mentioned, burp one twin and allow the other to continue feeding.This thing saved my life.- Mom of twins & a toddler.

Helene Thiells, NY

Great nursing pillow for bf twins.

I have been using this pillow a year now for nursing my twins. This pillow has been my lifesaver. It has been so easy to tandem nurse using this pillow. I started out using a boppy pillow when they were born. The boppy worked for awhile but then I kept having painful nipples. The babies were not getting a good latch on one of my breasts. So I just switched to using this pillow instead and that did the trick! No more pain! I only have two complaints about the pillow. One being that I wish the pillow held up better under the cover. The foam is all crumbly. And two, it stretched out a lot after just a short time of using it. I have it on the smallest setting and there is always a gap up in the u-shape. But it is still far better than piling up pillows or using a boppy. I take it everywhere with me…when we have road trips, to church, trips to town… I would recommend any mother of twins to get this for breast feeding.

Esther Greenwich, OH

The best nursing pillow

I love this pillow, for the primary reason that it STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to nurse your child and the pillow slipping around, dropping baby’s head, and causing stress on your arms and shoulders. I got so angry in my son’s early days simply because the pillows I tried would always move around. Not to mention almost none of them actually fit around my midsection. I’m not a huge woman, but I’m not a size 2 either.Before I get into the cons, I would like to very much reiterate that this pillow is totally worth the price, and if mine ever wears out, I will buy another one immediately. I love it. Great back support, too.However, there are a few small things that I don’t like about it:- The clasp is not "silent release" as the listing states. It makes a clink-thunk sound when you unclasp it while there’s tension on it. If you’re wearing the pillow, there’s going to be tension on it. Not a big deal unless you have a baby who is a really light sleeper.- There is only one clip on the right side. If your baby is nursing on the right and you’re using your arm, you have to reach over with your left hand to unclasp it, and it can be difficult. I wish there was a clasp on both sides.- On the back left corner of the pillow, inside the hole where your body goes, there is some Velcro to keep the pillow together when you use it. It does its job really well, but the rough side of the Velcro (the hooks) will touch your skin if you’re not wearing a shirt. It’s really uncomfortable, so I have to make sure I have at least a tank top on when using the pillow so it doesn’t touch my skin.Overall, this is the best nursing pillow I’ve ever used. I love the soft cover, and it’s the perfect size for my tall baby. 🙂

Willa Carolina Beach, NC

cannot believe I waited 3 weeks to purchase this pillow-it was a lifesaver

nursing mother of twins and I love this pillow. i tried to use bed pillows for 3 weeks but it wasn’t working very well. i should have bought this pillow from day has so many great features:bag for cell phone/tv remoteadjustable size to wrap around your body, great for going from post-pregnancy body back to pre-pregnancy size. the pillow adjusts with yousoft coverbag for cell phone/tv remoteclip to keep pillow strapped2 babies fit very well on this pillow for simultaneously feeding in football position. i also use the pillow when feeding one baby, and can be used in cradle or footballlower back support which is adjustable (up & down or completely remove)did i mention bag for cell phone/tv remote? :)few negatives:pillow smelled awful when first opened. the foam gives off an awful odor/off gasing. i washed the entire thing twice and that helped tremendouslyadvertised ledge to keep the babies in place only works for very small babies. once the babies grow they use up the entire pillow surface area so there is no ledge to keep them in placemy twins are getting large enough to push their feet against wherever I am sitting (ie back of sofa). i don’t know what I will do when they are so big i can’t fit them on this pillow (probably a matter of months), but can’t imagine there is any other pillow that would work, unless you don’t sit against something. it would be a back-breaker to not have your back against something.if you are nursing 2 (or even 1) babies, this is a great pillow and will be a lifesaver! and a backsaver.

Marissa Livermore, ME

Not what I expected

I did not utilize this product as much as I wanted to. It hurt my back a little when my twins got bigger, so I used it a little to set them up when burping the other one.

Dana Freeport, ME

Great pillow!

I used this pillow for 15 months to tandem feed my twins. I believe that it made tandem feeding work. I had a regular pillow for my singleton, but it was not enough support for two. I liked the pocket for holding items – snacks were a must in the beginning. I highly recommend getting this pillow to breast feed twins.

Mara Fort Bragg, CA

Hate It

I bought this based on the reviews and have tried to use it multiple times in the 4+ months I’ve been feeding twins. I’m not tiny (size 12), but can’t get it tight enough so there ends up being a large gap in front. I can’t get it to sit high enough so I end up hunched over. I also can’t figure out the “back support”. It is awful in every situation. Doesn’t even double as something else I can use for them.The Twin Z nursing pillow is better (still not perfect – had to add snaps on latch system because buckles don’t get it tight enough, have to use pillow under because it isn’t tall enough, and it is getting flatter). But it is muli-purpose and more comfortable.Wish I’d spent the money I spent on this on something else.

Liza Bothell, WA

Not just for twins. Great for tall, long torso or high breasts moms and/ or large baby.

I am 5″10′, size D and 14 pre-preg. and my babies (singles) have been big (10lbs) at birth. I used the regular “my Brest friend” with my first born, but I was hunched over it, even with a nursing stool lifting my lap and pillows propping the cushion underneath. My feet and back were in chronic pain from that breastfeeding arrangement. I think back on it and can’t believe the discomfort i endured with that akward set up for those 14 months! When i became pregnant with number two, I was determined to find a better arrangement!I tried three different “thicker” breasfeeding pillows and this one is the best of the three, however, it is still not thick enough to lift baby to my breasts without additional support. I ultimately started placing the “back support” piece under the cushion and this brought the cushion up high enough. I have no need of lower back support while nursing, only upper back support (I use a 14″ throw pillow for this) so i removed all the noisy scratchy velcro from the pieces and just use the back support piece under the main cushion. The fabric on the “twins plus” cushion doesnt slide around like others do, so this arrangement is secure and comfortable. I also did away with the nursing stools completely as they just created way too much pain and pressure on my feet. Once you have a breastfeeding cushion that fits properly, the stool becomes unnecessary.I now have two nursing stations at home, both with Dutalier gliders (that can be locked into position) and my Brest friend nursing cushions. The “plus size” cushion is at one glider and I use two, yes TWO, stacked regular size my-Brest-friend cushions at the other glider. Both of these set ups fit me well, but the “twins plus” fits my big baby better. Breast feeding is so much more comfortable now.Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Sofia Bond, CO