My Brest Friend Waterproof Pillow

My Brest Friend Waterproof Pillow

The Anti-Microbial Professional Nursing Pillow is waterproof and wipes clean after each use, making it the perfect sterilized breastfeeding pillow for lactation consultants and hospitals. This waterproof pillow can also be used by moms who would prefer not to launder the covers. My Brest Friend is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like crescent shaped nursing pillows. The wrap-around design secures the pillow to the body, helping mom and baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on while preventing back and neck pain. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress and there is even a convenient pocket for nursing supplies and other accessories. The firm, flat-front cushion and adjustable, silent-release strap eliminate any gap between you and your baby. This keeps your baby from rolling in or away during breastfeeding. Purchase includes pillow insert and one slipcover. Extra slipcovers are available from Amazon in many colors and designs.

Main features

  • 100% Antimicrobial Vinyl
  • Imported
  • Covered in vinyl just like the ones used in over 700 hospitals
  • Easily wipes messes clean
  • Adjustable silent-release strap
  • Features wrap around design
  • Covered in antimicrobial vinyl just like the ones used in over 700 hospitals
  • Adjustable silent release strap

Verified reviews


Fire Retardants! STAY AWAY!~~

For Parents! My Brest Friend website states that they do not use fire retardants in their foam, but i read UC Berkeley article which found the pillow contained two flame retardants, TDCPP and TCPP. it even shows a picture of my breast friend pillow. i wrote to the company requesting more info and didn’t get any answer. What a waste, the nursing pillow going to be in dumpster tomorrow.

Verna South Carver, MA

So much better!

I had bought a My Brest Friend pillow at a consignment sale, thinking it would be a one-time purchase. I didn’t realize how messy nursing could be! I had to buy another slipcover for that pillow so that I could wash them frequently, and was disturbed by how much of my or my baby’s body fluids were soaking into the foam, which can’t be washed. I disovered this pillow and ordered it right away. It seems so much cleaner!I am a bigger woman, and this feels a little tighter around my waist than the other one did, but that could be because somebody else had worn the other one in for me. My only other concerns are that it does not have a pocket to keep stuff in, and if you’re in a warm room, the cover is going to intensify the heat right where you and your baby’s bodies are touching.

Edwina Worton, MD

Midnight Lifesaver

I spent the extra money on the professional version – as I was worried about the lo spitting up on or pooing on it…. luckily that never happened. I was initially skeptical that the Brest Friend would be so awesome, but the reviews and people I talked to assured me it was the best feeding pillow option. It took only a few breastfeeding sessions to get used to strapping the pillow on, but the lumbar support and sturdy front platform made it worthwhile. There was a period of about two months where I kept this by my side of the bed, and several times a night would pull my lo in, sit up in bed, nurse the lo, and kinda somewhat sleep during nursing. This was a HUGE improvement to being awake for multiple multiple feedings all through the night. With the pillow, position in bed, and my ability to fall into a light sleep in an upright position as well as wake up instantaneously was a lifesaver for those months. I used an old pillowcase across the top to keep the lo comfy. Then, during the day, into the living room it went for daytime use. I stopped using the pillow at about 4 months old, but it was a great purchase and well worth the money.

Deann South Kent, CT

Great for a new nursing mom.

My Brest Friend professional is the way to go if you’re going to use a nursing assist device. I tried the Boppy pillow – which I love for other uses – but for nursing it didn’t work too well for me. Since the adjustable strap snaps securely around your waist, My Brest Friend allowed me to stand up while holding the baby in place with one hand without the fear of him slipping away from me. It has a washable soft vinyl cover that is easy to clean and won’t absorb any spilled milk or spit up. My boyfriend used it as well when he would bottle feed our baby, as it gave him the support needed to hold the baby securely. If you’re going to purchase a My Brest Friend pillow, go for the professional model – it’s worth the extra money to easily clean and keep it nice and new feeling. For me it was a matter of sanitation, and I’m glad I chose this model.

Juana American Fork, UT

Great breastfeeding pillow

This is what they use in hospitals due to its waterproof cover. Breast feeding is not as simple as everyone describes and help is needed for both baby and mother to start off on a right footing.

Joanne Cache, OK

Great for Newborns

I loved this pillow when I was first breastfeeding and my son was smaller. I don’t use it much now that he’s almost two months old though. He loved it so much as a newborn that he’d stay on it and sleep on my lap for an hour or more if I’d let him. It was very helpful in positioning/latching when we first came home and I wish the hospital had one for me to use while we were there, it would have been a tremendous help.

Charmaine Queen Anne, MD

MUST have for Mommas…buy this over a Boppy!

I did a lot of research before ordering this specific pillow instead of the Boppy. I am SO glad I did. SO glad. The professional pillow is a plastic cover…so if you’re nursing you WILL leak and you WILL get milk on your breast pillow. This was so EASY to keep clean and I could just use a cotton cover (yes, it is extra money, but again, WORTH IT) instead of worrying about the pillow getting smelly or icky from it absorbing into the pillow like cushion of a Boppy. Now that my daughter is 6 months, she can just be propped up on my lap to nurse, but it makes a great "boyfriend pillow" for her since she is sitting up but still can topple when she leans too far to one side. I LOVE this nursing pillow, easy to store, keep clean and most of all it works! HIGHLY recommend it for any nursing Mama!

Julianne Volant, PA

Highly recommended even for single-family use

I won’t review the basic My Brest Friend product here, because there are tons of reviews elsewhere (just see any of the basic models). (But yes, for what it’s worth, I heartily recommend the Brest Friend over the Boppy – I bought both and used the Brest Friend exclusively, at least for the first 4-5 months when baby was small. After that the Boppy worked just fine and I preferred it as it was easier to take on & off with one hand.) If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth buying the “Professional” model over the regular model.It seems like the “Professional” model is marketed primarily to hospitals and lactation consultants, but I think it’s a must have for home use. I originally got one of the regular Breast Friend models, with the 100% cotton cover, and my little guy promptly pooped on it… and milk was also dripping onto it fairly frequently. Although the cotton cover is washable, the pillow insert itself is only supposed to be spot cleaned .. which didn’t feel very hygienic or durable. And for some unknown reason, the manufacturer does not make a waterproof liner like Boppy does. So, I bought this professional model – it may not have a cute design on the cover, and yes the top is plastic/vinyl so not super soft, but it is much more practical. I put a burp cloth over the top so my little guy primarily makes contact with that, and if poop or milk gets on it I can just wash it and easily wipe the blue cover underneath clean. I’m surprised more moms don’t buy this one. Highly recommended!EDIT: After 5 months of use, I still highly recommend this pillow. The only downside I’d add is that the material is not breathable. If I don’t put a cloth layer between my baby and the pillow, his head/body get sweaty and start sticking to the pillow. Probably not too comfortable for him. So I just make sure to always put a layer in between. The Aden + Anais burp cloths are the perfect size/shape (crescent-shaped) and work great.

Mandy Green Valley, AZ

Simply Awesome!

I got this for the birth of our first child, based upon reviews and my physical therapist’s recommendation. 10 days after giving birth it has proven its value. Main thing is it straps to you so it does not flop all over. And when you want to change the baby’s position, sometimes you only need to turn the pillow around one’s body. It has helped prevent arm and back fatigue. There is plenty of room for the young one. I actually can puck young one up and move with pillow attached and sit somewhere else. I don’t need to carry it separately. The cover is waterproof and easily kept clean. I am sure the other versions are just as good.

Marianne Fenton, LA

Hygienic Alternative

I don’t understand why more people have not reviewed this version of the pillow. It just seems like it would be more hygienic than the regular pillow. I do believe it has the same dimensions as the regular pillow but it is also encased in a plastic/ vinyl covering that protects the foam from fluids. Babies can be messy creatures and it worried me that I would not be able to give the regular pillow a good washing (it can only be spot cleaned). The cover is machine washable but what if the fluids soak through the slip cover?I have also purchased the deluxe slip cover to use with this pillow. It has not arrived yet so I can’t comment on how it fits but I can’t imagine why it would not.Excited to start breast feeding with this pillow once the baby comes 🙂

Estelle Watts, OK