My Carry Potty My Carry Potty – Blue

My Carry Potty My Carry Potty – Blue

Whether it’s at home or out and about, the My Carry Potty is the only potty your toddler will ever need. It’s lightweight, leak and odor proof, and uses no bags. It’s designed with a unique lid that provides a completely watertight and odor proof seal making it neat enough to take anywhere and perfect to use at home. Available in three different color combinations, it’s more fun than a regular potty, and much more attractive.

Main features

  • Perfect at home and on the go
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Leak and odor proof
  • No costly disposable bags
  • Great emergency potty in the car

Verified reviews


My Carry Potty is the BEST for early potty training

Our daughter potty-learned in 6 days at 25months using this potty and the Pottette Plus. Best of all, we didn’t need to sit around the house perching her on the toilet: the My Carry Potty let us go out and about as we normally do, snapping open the potty as soon as she needed to go, then disposing of the contents later if necessary.The reviews regarding the difficulty of opening the potty seem to have not gotten the trick of it. It did take a couple tries to master, but it’s very easy to open (without spilling, even) if you unlock it and grip the rims instead of trying to pull the latch mechanism. When dealing with toddler poo, you’ll appreciate the tight seal that keeps in smells even in a hot car in summertime. If you are carrying it empty, you could leave the latch partially engaged instead of totally sealed – saves 2 seconds opening the potty.The handle is the perfect size – comfortable for small toddler hands and still big enough for adults to carry easily. The potty overall is light enough for a toddler to carry, and my daughter likes the fun of being responsible for her special seat.At home, we also have the Pottette Plus on the big toilet and a couple Baby Bjorn Little Potties in other rooms.

Brigitte Success, MO

Some flaws

The idea behind this is great. I bought it, because I didn’t see anything else quite like it. It does get stuck, like some others said. Luckily, that hasn’t happened when we’ve had contents inside. The biggest drawback is that it’s just too small. My son is 2 and has a hard time sitting on it. The splash guard is a joke. I’m sure they were trying to make it more portable, but this product really needs to be the size of a standard potty seat.

Colette Asotin, WA

Totally Love this!

Okay, so I was very worried at some of the reviews about its hard to open. I am 5’1 woman. I have had NO issues opening it (if you do it correctly). If you try to use one hand-NO, but using both I just cannot figure out with the issue people are having is.My son LOVES this, he gets so excited when we use it, when we pull it out he likes to carry it and open it. We sit it at the back of the SUV trunk and he sits in there and knocks when done 🙂

Jolene Holly Pond, AL

Good for now

I got this for when we are traveling if my daughter needs to go to the bathroom. We have not had to use it yet as she is not fully potty trained, but I have high hopes for it. Will keep you posted

Jessica Brownsville, VT

Not a Good One for Boys

I gave this one star based upon me having a son. I’ve heard amazingly great reviews from friends about this potty chair…they all have girls. So when it was time for me to potty train my son, I bought this one. Unfortunately, for my son, it was way too small. He is a 25 month boy, so he’s not that big. He just couldn’t sit comfortably on the seat and keep anything in it. I even had him try to sit on the opposite side of the seat so he could aim better. So uncomfortable for him. He was protesting using it after three different attempts. Too bad…at least it works well for girls.

Bernadette Achille, OK

I had high hopes, but…

After purchasing one on the go potty to encourage my daughter’s potty training, I bought this one. After reading the reviews and being attracted to the benefit of it being so user friendly for toddlers, I bought it. The reviews are correct, the seal is air tight. I’m not sure that I mind that fact, especially if you leave "their business" inside until you can find somewhere to empty it. For me, I was able to empty it right away so the air tight seal was a nuisance, not to mention the fact that while potty training my daughter, she can only hold it for so long while I pry the thing apart so she can sit and use the potty….Then, the discouraging part: the first words out of her mouth were "Owie, mommy". Well, I’m pretty sure not any two toddler booties are the same size, so assumed that my petite sized daughter just wasn’t comfortable on it. So, I reluctantly gave the potty to her daycare, where many other children her age are actively potty training as well.I went to daycare to pick up my daughter, and found out that every child that was put on the potty complained that it hurt their bottom to sit on it. I took a closer look at it and realized that I wouldn’t sit on it either! No way! It’s super hard plastic. Yes, I agree with other reviewers that it’s easy for them to carry around, but what toddler doesn’t feel like a "big girl" or a "big boy" when they can carry something all by themselves.However when it comes time to actually use it for the purpose you buy it for, this product is an epic fail in my house. Now, I have two potties that I cannot use.The best remedy I find is to buy a plastic cover (much cheaper!) to put over public toilets. If you potty training and need to go out, I just put in a pair of pull ups OVER the training pants. You avoid a stinky gross mess if an accident happens, but they still feels and understand what it feels like to have the accident and therefore are less likely to cling to the comfort of using diapers or pull ups. Besides, who wants to sit in their own mess! My daughter has come a very long way, but this product has had nothing to do with it. Perhaps someone on EBay would love the product, or I’ll consider selling it at a local yard sale.With this product, this is what it comes down to: If my daughter isn’t comfortable using it, she won’t. Meaning: I waste my money. Especially when a room full of potty training toddlers also refuse to use it.

Edythe Schlater, MS

super tiny

I was hoping to keep this in my car as an emergency potty but it is so small my son won’t even sit on it.

Tina Opheim, MT

great idea

i like the idea of this potty but it is pretty hard to open. i have not had to open it with its contents filled but i can see now it will be a scary day.

Lori Frankford, DE