My Little Seat Infant Seats, Blue Fish

My Little Seat Infant Seats, Blue Fish

My Little Seat is the ultimate infant high chair for traveling with baby in tow. Whether you are using it every day at home, out for lunch with friends or jet setting around the world this super cute and always trendy seat will make your life so much easier and always get you noticed. It folds down to the size of a diaper and comes with its very own matching bag. My Little Seat is designed with safety in mind and incorporates a 5 point harness along with its extra reinforced seaming and is safety tested for strength and durability. Your baby will love sitting along with you at the table like everyone else. Sling it over a chair and it sets up in seconds and of course is machine washable. It is suitable from 6 months and above or when your baby can sit unassisted. Everyone gets a seat at the table with My Little Seat.

Main features

  • Ultra portable and machine washable travel high chair
  • For babies who can sit unassisted approximately 6 months up to 35 pounds
  • 5 point harness including extra reinforced fabric and seams
  • Is focused on contemporary, modern and fashionable design
  • Everyone gets a seat at the table with my little seat

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for me

I ended up returning this product because it did not work with my chairs…I guess the back on them is too tall. The seat does seem well made and is a great concept so I don’t want to give it a bad review it just did not work for me.

Elsa Wayne, WV

Awesome for traveling! Always keep it in my diaper bag

I hate going to restaurants with my son and never having enough high chairs for all the children in the place, or sometimes the high chairs have broken straps so my son slides right out of them. If you have this portable chair with you, you won’t have to worry at all about grabbing the high chair. Totally worth it!

Marisa Oyster Bay, NY

Such a great product!

My toddler strongly prefers this over a high chair. She happily sits still at least twice as long using the My Little Seat.Before getting this seat, we used a similar one that didn’t have the shoulder straps. We replaced it with this one when she figured out how to turn herself around and wiggle out. With the shoulder straps, that’s not a problem. The straps are a bit loose for her though, since she’s still pretty small. I would have preferred a lower placement so that they work better for smaller toddlers.

Marie Cornelia, GA

So convenient!!!

This is really, really great for restaurants that either don’t have high chairs or where the high chairs are dirty or gross. Also convenient for trips to grandma, friends, etc. Not a replacement for a permanent chair since baby sits low, doesn’t have a tray and is below table level, but to as something to keep in the diaper bag (it’s really compact!) and have on hand, its wonderful.

Allison Ladysmith, WI

Doesn’t fit our chairs…

Very cool idea, but we can’t use it because it doesn’t fit our chairs correctly. The backs of our chairs are too high for it, because there’s not enough material for the seat part to reach the seat on the chair– it keeps my baby pulled up so there’s a gap between her bottom and the chair. I’ve only used it once so far because of this. May try using it again when we go out and see if it fits chairs at restaurants or relatives houses better. It’s been pretty useless so far…

Margarita Elkins Park, PA

Works great on most chairs

If you have a chair with a large back it will not fit. It is difficult using on some folding chairs, but it worked great on the hotel chair we wanted it for during our trip.

Daphne Allison Park, PA

Using for older high chair

My parents saved my wooden high chair from 30 years ago and drove it 1200 miles to us when our first son was born. It is pretty but I was concerned about the safety as there are no straps or harness. I got this and it works great at keeping my son from sliding out and getting up. Only wish it wiped down or could be rinsed off as he makes a huge mess eating now!

Adelaide East Hartland, CT

Must Buy For Dining Out!!

This is perfect! This is going to be my go to baby gift from now on. Compact and way better than the boppy high chair covers. This works on a regular chair. I love that I don’t have to stick my son in a nasty restaurant high chair. Doesn’t work well at SteakNShake, but they have retro chairs.

Sabrina Frederiksted, VI

Good product but does not fit all chairs

This is a great product however, it also depends on the height of the chair. It is not universal fitting…

Willie Lake Alfred, FL


We travel often and this little miracle is amazing! My little one is petite and she manages well in this seat. We do come across chairs that are too high but we make a fix by propping a blanket, box, etc underneath. That’s just an issue of her size and the chair than the product. Everywhere we go, people stop by to tell me how amazing this little seat is and countless moms, dads, and grandparents, have asked me to give them exact details on how to acquire one. I am sure at least 10 people have gotten bc they love how it works and the number grows every time someone new sees it!I love the fabric. It’s easy to clean. Washes well, the clips are still in tact. I couldn’t be happier. Will definately start giving this as baby shower present.

Tina Creola, OH

Good travel chair

This is a very nice travel high chair. It fits in my diaper bag and is very easy to set up. The only complaint I have is that it does not work for some chairs. It only works for short/average back chairs. The baby won’t be able to sit proudly and get strapped in correctly with higher back chairs.

Kristen Bowlegs, OK

Amazingly compact, great for travel

We bout this seat in anticipation for our first vacation with our baby. She is 6 months old and we needed a place for her to eat with us while on vacation. We also wanted to take up as little room as possible in our luggage. This does the trick, as it packs into a very small traveling bag, yet seems like it will fit on any chair, and hold our child securely for eating. It’s also great that you can just throw this into the wash whenever you need. The only downside I see is that our daughter is essentially sitting on the chair, and therefore the table is too high above her to be useful. That isn’t a problem now since we are feeding her, but it might make it slightly less useful once she starts feeding herself.

Dessie Kersey, CO

Very Useful

I love this seat, it’s so easy to use and i love the fact that my child does not have to use those dirty high chairs when we go out to eat. I bought it for our vacation trip and was very useful.

Donna Austin, KY


Everyone asks me where I bought this and I tell them AMAZON as always! This seat is great when you go out to eat and there is no high chair. Look-alike products do not have the shoulder straps, important for a wiggly toddler. My son loves to sit in this, easy to clean, worth every penny, so easy to take with you! BUY THIS.

Renae Schooleys Mountain, NJ

Very handy

I have used this several times in a pinch. I leave it in my car so I have it handy. I use it when I go to someones house and there is no high chair and my little one doesn’t seem to mind being "strapped" in. Actually I think he likes being in a "big boy" chair! I think it is a brilliant idea! Good job 🙂

Casandra Campo Seco, CA

very easy to use but if the chair is to tall …

very easy to use but if the chair is to tall the strap to buckle him in I feel is too short. but overall very convenient when traveling. it comes in its own little pouch

Doreen Coal Center, PA

handy for travel

Frustrating that it does not work with all chairs. I like that it’s easy to travel with and works in case of no high chair over at someone’s house (IF they have the right kind of chair).

Kimberly East Wenatchee, WA

Baby hates it!

This is nice for travel, packs small and fits on almost any chair. The baby hates it though – it’s like she’s stuck in a sling – she even looks very uncomfortable.

Kris Sharon, PA

Works great on vacation

We recently went away on vacation and rented a house that had a crib but no highchair. The My Little Seat solved that dilemma easily. It is small enough to take with you as we did when we were at the airport with once again, no highchairs. I would highly recommend this to family and friends.

Krystal Holton, KS

Great travel seat

This seat works well and is very easy to use. It survived the washing machine and still fits in the bag it came with, so I am very happy with the purchase.I wish they had more "gender neutral" colors, but the poises patten seemed cute enough for me and my husband and son don’t seem to care.

Mina Enfield Center, NH

A great find!

Have used this for my son at 9 and 10 months so far and it works great. We have received comments on it every time we use it as it works great and is so easy to carry along. My son doesn’t mind sitting in it at all and I am confident that he is safe with the harness. I use Baby Buddy secure a toy ( to add some fun while he sits with us and he is good to go. We have never encountered a chair back so high that this wouldn’t work but in that small chance I am sure a pillow or blanket underneath the baby would work fine. In our case it has fit the chairs just fine and you can just adjust the tension on the ties according to each chair so it is secure and baby is comfortable. Definitely happy with my purchase as it is the perfect combination of portability and safety that I was looking for.

Silvia Alborn, MN

Great Seat

I bought this seat to travel with because it was all cloth and could fit in a suitcase easily. I picked this seat specifically because I liked that it had a 5-point harness. My daughter (13 months, about 20lbs) can get wiggly in her seat and I was worried she’d fall out of another type. I have had the seat about a week and I love it. The pattern is very cute and the colors are great. I haven’t had to wash it yet, but it seems easy to clean.My chair back is about 18″ high and the fabric fits very well. I’m not sure what the min and max size are, but I can’t imagine it would fit on a very high-backed chair. There is certainly extra room to go higher than 18″ though. I haven’t tried other chairs, but if I do, I’ll update my review. Also, there are two cutouts in the top corners if you would have posts that are higher than the rest of the back.In short, this is very secure, I love the pattern, my daughter fits perfectly and seems very comfortable and I’m looking forward to traveling with it. In fact, I like it so much, it’s the only highchair I’m using at home right now.

Faith Coffeyville, KS