My Little Seat Travel Highchair – Coco Snow

My Little Seat Travel Highchair – Coco Snow

My Little Seat is the ultimate infant high chair for traveling with baby in tow. Whether you are using it every day at home, out for lunch with friends or jet setting around the world this super cute and always trendy seat will make your life so much easier and always get you noticed. It folds down to the size of a diaper and comes with its very own matching bag. My Little Seat is designed with safety in mind and incorporates a 5 point harness along with its extra reinforced seaming and is safety tested for strength and durability. Your baby will love sitting along with you at the table like everyone else. Sling it over a chair and it sets up in seconds and of course is machine washable. It is suitable from 6 months and above or when your baby can sit unassisted. Everyone gets a seat at the table with My Little Seat.

Main features

  • Cotton, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Ultra portable and machine washable travel high chair
  • For babies who can sit unassisted approximately 6 months up to 35 pounds
  • 5 point harness including extra reinforced fabric and seams
  • Is focused on contemporary, modern and fashionable design
  • Everyone gets a seat at the table with my little seat

Verified reviews


Great travel chair

This is a great chair for squirmy babies and toddlers. It allows you to really secure them in the chair. It fits in my purse it’s so compact. We take it to restaurants and other people’s houses all the time. I get so many compliments on this chair saying its the most ingenious thing they have ever invented for kids and most people ask where they can get one.

Gena Zachary, LA

Very handy!

I actually bought this for her high chair because it doesn’t have shoulder straps (just a crotch strap) and she can’t quite sit up on her own yet. Works great! Easy to put on and take off. I like how I can just put it in her diaper bag in case we need a little seat for her, either at a restaurant or at Grammie’s house. I’d definitely recommend this.

Lucia Merrifield, MN

great for on the go

my little girl loves the freedom she has when she’s in this portable high chair. it allows her to see more and move more compared to her regular high chair. It’s great for me because it’s very compact I can easily feed her at her grandparents house. It isn’t cushioned so putting a towl or blanket on the chair first is nice in case she leans back too quickly.

Vonda Riggins, ID

Perfect for travel and back-up

We love this awesome invention! It is super compact and is seriously convenient. We got this for our vacation, as the hotel charged $55 for a high chair rental. Although we purchased for vacation, the “My Little Seat Infant Travel High Chair” we have found it quite useful on multiple occasions. Play dates are a little easier now with being to feed children simultaneously and trips out to non restaurants are no problem.Pros:-Simple design-Easy to assemble-Cleanable fabric-Compact-LightweightCons:-Doesn’t fit onto high-backed chair-Lacks cushion so little heads can hit against hard chair *tip: you can squeeze a throw pillow behind the high chair fabric and chair to make a handy cushion

Liza Danville, AR

Not good for babies under 1 year

I like the idea of this travel high chair, and its portability is nice. In actual practice, it is only ok.PROS:–easily washable–easy to set up–folds up nicely into its carrying bag; fits in my diaper bag–pretty secureCONS:–does not fit rounded-top chairs well (straps slip at the top)–smaller babies are basically eye level with the table–the front piece comes up very high on infants <1 year old–my daughter would push off against the table with her feet and almost tip the chair over backwardsWhile this chair held my 10-month-old daughter securely, the front piece came all the way up to her armpits to the point where it seemed hard for her to put her arms down. (This can’t be avoided because those straps on the sides go around the back to tie at the top of the chair.) It is also not practical for self-feeding at her age because she was eye-level with the table and couldn’t reach the food placed on top. (For reference, my daughter is in the 60th percentile for height and weight at 10 months.)It might work better for older toddlers, but for younger/smaller babies, the fit just isn’t right.

Georgina Panama, OK

Great for Heirloom Highchair Conversion Also

I actually specifically was looking for something to add safety to an heirloom highchair without drilling a bunch of holes in it. I also wanted something that could be used when my nephew came to visit that’s just a few months older since we only have one high chair. And, we have the only grandchild on my in laws side so when we travel to visit them we only have whatever we bring with us and packing a high chair is not very practical. :)This has worked fabulously on every chair I have tried it on. I am sure that there are some chair designs that it would not work for, but it seems to cover a very broad range. I was especially happy to have a five point system. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Carla Sandy Hook, CT

So convenient

We bought this to use over the Christmas holiday when we were staying with someone who has a small house and no children. It worked wonderfully, was easy to set up, and very secure.

Stacie Wolf Creek, MT

the best “high” chair!!

i love this high chair! its so small that it fits so easily at the bottom of my diaper bag so i always have it in case i am in a situation where there is no standard high chair available (a friend’s home) or if the high chair available doesn’t seem sanitary to me (at many restaurants). My daughter loves sitting up like a big girl so this chair is a hit! It is also so easy to clean as its totally washable.

Tonya Norwich, KS

My LIttle Seat Infant Travel High Chair

Love the color and the convenience – fits right in my little ones diaper bag. Easy to take out of packaging and put back in for storage. Easy care and easy travel.

Sylvia Mountainside, NJ


Both my babies hate this seat! I bought it for traveling with my first child. She hated it, but she was fairly picky about things, so I saved it for #2. She will not sit in it without fussing either. It just never seemed sturdy enough to make them feel secure.

Jade Salem, FL

Must have for on the go!

We used this a lot for traveling and at restaurants. It is reliable, attractive and convenient! A 6 month old all the way up to an older child can use this without any problems. It is fully adjustable and machine washable. It has fit every chair we used it on and we consider it to be an invaluable item in our baby gear collection.

Gayla Billings, MO


This is PERFECT for stuffing in you diaper bag. We always running into the conundrum of traveling with baby and not wanting to pack a high chair. We don’t even have a high chair for our baby yet-we’ve been using this until we purchase one. It works great and it keeps my squirmy baby contained.

Imogene Snoqualmie, WA

Great on the Go

This is a very compact great on the go high chair. Although there are some chairs that it does not fit.

Angelina Troy, MI

Great product, so convenient!

We bought this after seeing good reviews and in anticipation of a family trip coming up in a couple of months. However, this has been such a great portable feeding chair already for when I needed to go to baby’s grandparents home or any place that doesn’t have a high chair available. Many of our family members have commented how they wish they had this when they were first time parents. My son is only 8 months and is a semi calm infant. He doesn’t squiggle out of it and just gets excited moving his hands when time to eat. I feel right now, this is very safe for him because it holds him well and it’s a comfortable design. However, please don’t ever leave your child unattended. That is not wise to do no matter how safe it seems. Overall, it’s been awesome thus far and it’s perfect to carry in my diaper bag and washes well. Definitely, great buy. Note: I have not tried it on tall chairs yet, will update if need be.

Vanessa Ellsworth, ME

Enjoying this and using it in several ways!

Not only did we use it as a highchair, but we also used it when a double stroller we were using for our daughters did not have a 5 point harness. Our daughter was only 7 months old and not ready for just a waist belt, so we used this in the stroller for a day trip and it worked nicely.

Jessie Selah, WA

Love it!!

Wow what a great product. I bought it for our trip overseas, don’t know what i would have done without it!! My 9 month old did not mind sitting in it through dinner, and he was really secure. It washed up easily, air dry, and looks like new! Definitely the best option for travel!

Edith Garretson, SD

Love the concept, wish it was better quality material!

I love the concept of the My Little Seat and it works well. My complaint is with the quality. The very first wash, as directed, caused horrible fading of the material (I have the Coco Snow, and the black is now a very light gray, and the white is very dingy) and a lot of shrinkage. It is still usable for my DD but I’m disappointed in the fact that it already looks like its 5years old.

Maggie Tualatin, OR


I couldn’t ask for anything better! Great instructions included & it even contained my 21 month old nephew! Adorable and very impressive especially to the ladies in my life who birthed their kids 30 yrs ago!

Nona Mc Lean, IL

A lot of work . . .

Easy buckle harness in the front. How about the back?? Terrible hand-tie design is clumsy and time-consuming and does not fit tall backed chairs (which we have at home: 35″h). I can understand a “1-size fits most” issue; however, I do hope they revise this design with buckles on both the front AND back. Time saving features for parents are a MUST. I give it 2 stars for modern fabric choices. I returned this item.Also see my reviews for the BambinOZ travel chair (my final pick) and Snazzy Baby travel chair.

Latasha Chartley, MA