My Pool Pal Reusable Swim Diaper, Pink, 2T

My Pool Pal Reusable Swim Diaper, Pink, 2T

The first thing you should know is our swim diaper products are not diaper covers. They are specifically designed to take the place of traditional diapers when your child is playing in the water. It is designed to significantly help reduce deadly bacteria contamination in and around swimming areas and help public swimming facilities meet standards for healthy swimming.

Main features

  • 85%Nylon/15% Spandex Lined with 100% Ployester with Polyurethane Breathable Backing
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Designed to contain solids without adding weight
  • Designed to not absorb or contain liquids
  • Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters
  • Constructed to fit comfortably and discreetly under a swimsuit, replacing traditional diapers in water
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • It is designed to be worn as an undergarment, NOT as a swim diaper cover worn over a disposable diaper.

Verified reviews


Sizing on label totally off but age sizing seems right

The item description doesn’t say anything about weight, so we just bought the 12 month size for our 9 month old son (22lbs, 75th percentile).When it came, the packaging said that the 12 month size is for 10-15 lbs! Totally inaccurate. The swim diaper was teeny, it would fit a doll. Per the packaging our son would need a 2T size. But then we tried the item on and it fits him all right. Very strange. Looks like it will work.

Marcy Hiller, PA

Swim Diaper

This swim diapers are very cute and the materials made of is good quality only problem is they are not true to size at all I ordered a 2T and had to return it so fast the size was like for a 9 months old baby. So if you still decide to get these I would suggest go up at least two more sizes.

Lizzie Big Falls, WI

Very disappointed

This product is sized no where near where it states. My little man wears 18-24 month in everything, and 2T is always big. I ordered 2T to be safe and let him grow into it, and I cannot get it over his legs. His legs are normal for a baby about 30 pounds. I would recommend at least a couple sizes bigger. Very disappointing purchase.

Jana Winslow, IN

Good quality

I was surprised by the low price, but decided to order anyway, thinking that in the worst case, I would have lost only $3.50!! The diaper is exactly the same as my son’s swimming school sells, but without the logo and 5 times cheaper!!! My son is 3.5, 43 lb. The size 4T fits him fine and will last for at least a year or so!

Henrietta Willow, AK

Does the job and is comfortable

Our 26-month old son has been wearing this brand and style of swim diaper since he was 9-month old, and we have always been happy. They wear and wash very well, and look cute on. Unlike the other reviewer we have never had any trouble with the color of the diapers running either in or out of the water – no running of the dyes at all. These are great swim diapers.

Wilma Columbus, TX

Colors run!

We used these in a pool that required we buy them before my daughter could enter (what a scam!). She’s 2 and I bought a 2-T because she fit in the weight range, but they were way too big. If she had pooped/peed, it would have run right out the side. So I put her normal swim diaper on first, which fits perfectly and we’ve never had an accident with it, then I put this suit over it. This setup worked fine, but certainly defeats the purpose of the My Pool Pal suit. The biggest issue was the pink color ran terribly! I put her wet suit in a bag with mine, and my blue suit was pink when I pulled it out. This is after swimming and rinsing. I put it in the sink to soak when we got home, and the water turned pink instantly. Scares me to think what this would do to her skin!

Jerri Norcross, MN

little blue Speedos

great quality but I think it runs a little small. my son is only going to be able to wear it for 2 months. if you buy it definitely buy a size bigger. in the water it molds to the child so it’s great.

Suzanne Cumberland, KY

Works great

I use a multitude of swim diapers between the two of my kids and long days at the beach. Disposables are okay but I wanted a swim diaper that my kids could wear with nothing over it and still look cute since we mostly just do a swim diaper/rash guard combo. Since it’s pink, it matches most girly rash guards which is great for versatility. It’s lightweight which is a MUST for fast drying. When you’re at the beach and your kid’s in the water every day, you want something that will dry overnight without having to go in the dryer. It’s tough to pull on but that’s a GOOD thing. If it’s too loose it won’t hold the poop! I have other rash guard/swim diaper sets (that were sold together) where the swim diaper is SO THICK that it doesn’t even dry within 24 hours and they’re big and bulky. Because this one is lightweight/thin, it can easily be worn under a regular bathing suit.

Maude Randolph, ME


I ordered these a size too big since the last ones ordered were regular sized and WAY too small. These are still a little two small and are really tight around my sons legs and he is a little skinny guy. Maybe it is just the nature of these reusable diapers so that they keep poop in but they leave such a deep indention I’m not comfortable leaving them on him.

Georgina Cambria, CA

The sizing chart from the manufacturer – and how to choose the correct size

I was trying to figure out what size to buy for my babies, so I looked up the info on their website. Here is what I learned:It is recommended to get the swim diapers according to weight, not age. (You will notice that the age and weights below do NOT match up.) If you baby has bigger thighs, and you are in between sizes, then go up a size. It is supposed to be snug around the thighs to keep in solids, but you don’t want it too tight.Here is the sizing from the Manufacturer:12 months = 10 – 15 lbs18 months = 15 – 20 lbs24 months = 18 – 25 lbs2T = 20 – 30 lbs3T = 30 – 40 lbs4T = 40+ lbsI hope this is helpful to you as well.

Antoinette Brandywine, WV

Go by weight, not age.

My toddler is really thin for his age, so I thought I should go by age instead of weight when ordering this product, as he was at the cusp of one of the sizes. When we got it, it was way to small, so I’m ordering another one according to his weight. I can’t yet comment on how well it works.

Genevieve Germantown, NY

Order 1-2 sizes larger, but good diaper

My toddler swims daily, so using reusable swim diapers was way too expensive.Also, quite a few swim instructors had told us that they don’t do a great job. Instead, theyrecommended using two swim diapers. So, we bought this one and the Finis one. This oneis smaller than the Finis, so we put it underneath the other swim diaper. We bought a 3T for a boywho wears 2T pants from Costco quite loose. I’d definitely go up one or two sizes. Still, it does a great job.

Nicole Ellenton, FL

First ones sent back…

Had to send the first back as I had ordered 18 month size… TOO SMALL! After reading the packaging label, the 2T size was my son’s weight range. So, ordered these and they are PERFECT!!! He is so cute in them! The disposable covers of the same size fit nicely over these too.

Gayle Breedsville, MI

Size is not true

My son is 6 months old and is big for his age so I ordered 12 month to fit him. This thing is super tiny and is for a newborn. I would need to order him 24 months or larger to fit him.

Adrienne Hickman, TN

i got this for my daughter and its exactly what i wanted. i wish it had a matching top. so cute

Nell La Conner, WA

Small Coverage, but the price was right.

I am used to another brand of swim diaper which seems to have more material coverage, but also runs extremely small…My pool pal sizing seemed to be more accurate, I just worry that it might not hold a really large bowel movement. Luckily, we haven’t had to experience that yet.

Pamala Udall, KS

Pros outweigh the Cons

PROS- FIT: 3T was a perfect match for my 2 year and 11 month old toddler. My son is in the 70% for height and weight.- PULL UP STYLE: Many reusable swim diapers have snaps on the side. This one is a pure pull up style which is awesome for my toddler who is already potty trained. This is very convenient since my son doesn’t like to stop playing for potty breaks. This pull up style cuts our bathroom time in half.- SHIPPING: Arrived at my door in 5 daysCONS- Sexy sheen: That look might be cute on a stripper, but, not so cute on a toddler. Although this sheen is preventing me from buying this swim diaper again, I am only taking one star off sine the sheen since the sheen is depicted in the picture. I just wish they would have name the color "shimmering royal blue" instead of just "royal blue." We will only be using this swim diaper at home when we do not have any guests in the house.

Wilda Bradley, CA