myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

The HoMedics myBaby Soundspa Lullaby has sounds and projections that create the ideal environment to lull your baby to sleep. Choose from three nature sounds: heartbeat, rain, or ocean. Need a lullaby? Try Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Rock-A-Bye Baby; or Cradle Song – Brahms. The three included picture disks can project onto a wall or ceiling. Choose sounds, projection, or both combined for the perfect sleep for your baby. The Soundspa Lullaby also features an auto-off timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Heartbeat, Rain, Ocean
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Rock-A-Bye Baby
  • Rotating picture projector includes three image disks and can project on wall or ceiling
  • Choose sounds, projection or both combined
  • Three soothing natural sounds: Heartbeat, Rain, Ocean
  • Three tender lullabies: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Rock-A-Bye Baby; Cradle Song – Brahms
  • 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute auto-off timer

Verified reviews


Great volume

We have had this sound machine for about a month now (for our 8-month-old baby). Here’s what I think:–What I like most about this is that it can be turned up really loud so that my baby can’t hear a thing when we’re watching TV at a reasonable volume down the hall. He doesn’t hear us using the bathroom next to his room or washing clothes in the laundry closet in the hall near his room. It’s great. He sleeps right through everything.–Another thing I like about this is that it has the timer option, but you can also leave it playing all night if you don’t want it to go off after a certain time. I like to leave it on all night so nothing bothers my baby. You don’t want noisy neighbors or dogs or a flushing toilet waking up a baby when it took you an hour to get him to sleep. (Can I get an amen?)–We use the waves sound, and it’s nice. I have no complaints with its "sound track." No crackles or scratches, no awkward pauses, no point where you realize the sound has started over.–This is also pretty compact, which is nice, because we have way too much baby gear taking up way too much space already. :-)–We don’t use the projector feature regularly because it would just keep our baby awake, but when we have used it for a brief nightlight so I can see while he’s nursing, it has worked fine.For the first 7 months that our baby was born, we used a sound app on an old iPhone plugged into a speaker. That was great until the old iPhone died; then we had to find a new one. My sister has a different sound machine for her kids (Graco? it has a blue light and plug in for an MP3 player), and it is not loud enough to drown out our normal noises, so I was happy to find that this one is plenty loud. She used to have a homedics one that just went off and on for no reason. Sometimes the noises would just stop. So I knew when I was picking one that I didn’t want the Graco because it’s too quiet, and I didn’t want the homedics because it wouldn’t last. We decided to give this one a try, and I’m very pleased. If you want a good sound machine that has a good range of volume and nice sound, will play all night, and is compact, this is a great option.

Pamela Fox Lake, WI

Reliable failure

This is a nice sound machine while it lasts. The projector usually stops working after a few months. We have begun buying them in pairs expecting them to break, and they always do. Basically a disposable item.

Josephine Catawba, NC

BETTER SUGGESTION INCLUDED~ sound is staticy, image is blurry, discs don’t rotate…

sO… We had this for about a year and a half, and had to dash out tonight for a new projector night light for our daughter because yesterday it would not turn on (sound or projector) after naptime, and at bedtime, no nightlight = little sleep for all parties involved.SO. We have many issues with this, the main one is that it is NOISY when the projector is running (even if lullabies or relaxation sounds are off, horrible creaking sound)The sound didn’t always work, was full of static interference, and most of the time the rotating projector didn’t rotate – it was stuck in between the images. But we dealt with it because it was a nightlight that works… and we didn’t use the sound we used an old ipod with lullabies ( much more effective and WAY less annoying… the lullabies on here play over and over and over the same song…….)So anyway… save your $$, this is pretty much not a quality machine. Get a cd player/ipod with lullabies or relaxation music… (all kinds of free relax/sleep music here on amazon – for free download!) and just get a projector night light… we got this one:LED Projectables 11296 Projector TropicalCHEAPER, clearer, no static, no obnoxious noises.

Mellisa Sweet Springs, MO


Very happy with this product, was recommended to us by a friend who has two. So far very happy, sound quality is good on all settings. Projection is subtle but enough lighting so you aren’t completely fumbling in the dark.

Miranda Goodville, PA

Great for getting your baby to sleep

My baby absolutely LOVES this! We tend to only use the white noise sounds when she goes down for a nap or bed, but I love that it also comes with lullabies. She loves staring at the ceiling, and watching the projector images. The purple monkey makes her laugh, so when she wakes up she’s normally in a great mood, and trying to make noises at the ceiling. I’ve talked 4 of my mommy friends into getting this, and they all love it. A must have if you have a baby.

Chrystal Boss, MO

The things stays on for days if I don’t remember to turn it off

I love this Sound Machine. The projector stopped spinning after maybe 2 months of use, but she still sleeps soundly. I like how many different sounds it has to offer. One thing I will say is my dog hated the thing the first week. He would keep barking at the spinning images on the ceiling, it drove him crazy. After a little calming down, he finally got used to it.

Manuela Milton, FL

Works well

This has many different sounds which are great. Wish it had white noise but that’s okay. I do like the timer because listening non-stop to one tune can make you crazy. That is where the timer comes in handy. It would be nice if it actually rotated between the songs but that’s okay. It’s a good purchase and I like that it plugs in so I don’t have to worry about replacing batteries all the time. We run it all night long.

Imelda Brandywine, MD


I owned a blue one for 17months until it broke and i get a try for this. *due to all the information and telling me this will not be the same as the blue units. HOWEVER, this GREEN and the BLUE version is totally the same.+ is CHEAP+ the projector is good, (it has the ocean, space and the jungle theme. My daughter learns those character by showing her this every night.)+ the lullaby have several choices, but i only put the cradle music.+ the adjustable volume is perfect!!!- it might be JAM due to any reason. So, you can basically use your hand to tap on the machine and it will work fined again.- the last one i owned last for 17.5months and i use it every night. Nothing last forever i know.Overall, this is a very good investment.*TIPS: the blue version is selling for $44-50 dollars, and this is only $19.99. I first bought the blue is $16.99 and the green is $19.99. I did see the price dropped to $17.99 too. 🙂 I think this machine should not cost too much!!

Noemi Denmark, IA

Get more sleep!

This absolutely worked for helping our son learn to fall asleep in a "big boy bed" in his own room. He has never been a great sleeper, and this soother is wonderful. It is completely adjustable…so many settings for sounds and projection. And I love that they are all separate, meaning you can run the projector without the sound and vice versa (as opposed to the Fisher Price projector soothers). It is also small, portable, and isn’t an eyesore in the room. I can’t say enough good things about this little lifesaver!

Michael Oak Park, MI

Life changer

We registered for this before we had our baby – I did absolutely no research on white noise machines or anything – just figured it was cheap and didn’t take up a lot of space – I didn’t even know it projected images at the time. Somebody bought it for us and it has been a complete life changer. Our son was very fussy for the first few weeks of his life. We discovered if we plugged in the vacuum cleaner he would calm down. Then I remembered the soundspa! We put it in our room (on the “ocean” setting) and it worked like a charm. We sleep with it on every night now (son is still in our room as he’s just now turning 3 months old).It was so great that I went and bought a portable (battery operated) version with the same sound for $10 to bring when we go somewhere – just in case. For the price, you can’t go wrong. We’ve used it every single night for almost 3 months straight with no problems! Sometimes I even forget to turn it off in the morning because I’m so used to the noise and it will continue playing for hours on end. I might have to go buy another one to keep in our bedroom when we move our son into the crib in his bedroom. Highly recommend this product!

Michele Winona Lake, IN

Don’t waste your money

We received our first one as a hand me down from a co-worker. We used it as a night light for our newborn and white noise when he was fussy. The projection soon gave out within a month. Being that it was previously owned we figured it was old.We purchased a second one because I fancied the rotating projection and it worked great. My now 4 month old son loved watching it move around over and over. After about a month of use the projection stopped rotating.This machine would honestly be 5+ stars if they would fix this problem.

Sandy Bridgeport, NJ

Always breaks…

I’ve had to buy three of these in fifteen months. Why three you ask? Well my toddler became accustomed to them at bedtime, and disrupting the routine was not in the cards. The first one worked for about six months, the second about three and the most recent purchase has the projector that stopped working one month in. That will be the last one purchased. I’m on the hunt for a better made product.

Earlene Kremlin, MT

Love this for a sound machine in daughter’s room! Continuous play!

One of the main reasons I ordered this one over others is that it has continuous play! It has a timer option if you would like but also don’t have to use it like some other sound machines.Has lots of different sounds, we use the ocean for our 8 month duaghter and play it all night. It has a projector too with different scenes that will go up on the ceiling for your baby.child to look at.Love that it is electric as well so you don’t go through so many batteries – especially since we leave it running all night.Great buy!

Gloria Coolin, ID

Love this item!

We actually wore out our first Lullaby Sound Machine and had to get another one. Love the light feature, works great for night light and for middle of the night diaper changes. We love that we can hear it from our room and helps to sleep as well. Recommend for sure!

Mia Munds Park, AZ

The perfect sound machine!

This machine does exactly what I need. It produces loud white noise that isn’t on a timer. We haven’t even used the projection images yet, but this thing is used every single day at our house and I recommend it to any of my friends who are having babies!

Augusta Linton, IN

Good idea but breaks

This item is great… as long as it works. It seems to be a common problem. The projector began making very loud noises after 2 months, flickering after 3 and was totally broken after 4 months. We did leave it on all night, but that was kind of the point- baby would see it when he woke up and go back to sleep! Buy another brand if you want it to work for any length of time!

Serena New Market, VA

Baby loves it!

We received this as a gift when our daughter was born and now every time I know someone having a baby I get this for them. The infants love the sounds and I love that there’s a timer. When baby is a little older, the images on the ceiling give them something to stare at. Genius!!

Bertie Raymond, KS

Better than expected

I just received this product and love it already! The projector works great on the ceiling and does adjust to wherever you need for it to project in the room. It comes with a couple of different images to choose from. The sound on the machine is great! It actually goes louder than I even need it to. There are 3 songs/lullabies and 3 comforting sounds to choose from. Glad I chose this one over others that are available.

Mina Allison Park, PA

loud motor

the projector and songs are cute but the motor for the projector is louder than I’d expected it to be. The size is great and takes up only little space. The projector will tilt to put the image where you’d like it on the ceiling – but it often does not stay put after awhile.

Concepcion Corydon, KY

Had this machine for exactly 2 years before it quit working

It was nice while it lasted. I am going to buy another one because my son really likes the projector and it’s hard to find a sound machine for this price with the projector. This is a good machine for the price, just wish it lasted longer than 2 years. But it has been thrown around more than a few times when my son gets a hold of it so that could be why it just quit working.

Aileen Meadow Valley, CA

A beloved item, but not well made

In the 2 years since our daughter was born, we seem to buy one of these every few months. The projector function is poorly made and stops turning after about six months of nightly use. My husband disassembled one and found a pile of plastic shavings in the bottom. We sent it in for warranty service, but it cost $13 to ship and 5 weeks to get it back. So, we’ve given up, and just go buy a new one from Buy Buy Baby with a $5 off coupon when the time comes.Our daughter LOVES the ocean sounds and sleeps to that every night, and begs to be in our room until the cow is jumping over the moon on the projector. We’ll keep buying it because we’ve made it her comfort item, but I wouldn’t recommend it to others until Homedics improves the construction.

Shana Crossnore, NC

Love this!

We bought this for my son after the portable version’s batteries kept running dead. This has been a great item for helping him sooth himself to sleep and sleep through the night. I would definitely recommend this, especially at the price. Plus, it’s small enough to bring with you for overnight stays or roadtrips.

Lula Orcas, WA


We have one of these in every bedroom in the house. Love the rain sounds. And the projection cartoons are nice as well.

Deanna Easthampton, MA

can’t live with out it

Love this! Can’t live with out it. Still use it every night in the toddlers room so I don’t wake her up in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. We travel with it because we are all so used to the soothing sound. Bought a second one for the new baby’s room.

Hilda Peconic, NY

6 yrs later sounds still great, projector lasted a year

My mother gave me this as a gift when my middle daughter was very little. We absolutely loved it. My daughter would fall asleep looking at the projection on the ceiling and listening to the soothing sounds. She really liked the stars and so did I. Sadly, our projector spun for about a year and then it quit spinning but would light up still and stay on one picture. She seemed relatively content with just one, nonmoving picture on the wall until about 2 years later the projector completely broke to where it was unusable. It started making a horrible loud clicking sound like it was attempting to spin but couldn’t. So now we just use the sounds which I actually think are really nice. I like to sleep with them to be honest and my 6 year old was putting it on “twinkle, twinkle” or “rock a bye baby” even this year until I took it out of her room to use for our new baby. For the baby I would put it on the rain sound. If you buy, buy knowing that the projector is likely to break. You might want to consider just downloading a free app for your phone or an inexpensive one. I use Lightning Bug app sometimes which is decent but I need something else if it’s going to be in the kid’s room.

Gayle Dallas Center, IA

Great sound, great projector

We have had this sound machine for nine months. We use it every night, all night. We also use it three times during the day for her naps. Our daughter sleeps to the “rain” sound” and finds it very soothing. We were so excited about the projector feature when we received it as a gift. We turn the projector on for our daughter to watch while she drinks her milk. It’s very bright so when it’s time for bed, we have to “muffle” the light by partially covering it with a baby sock! We are very happy with this purchase and recommend it to other parents.

Lelia Breesport, NY

love it

Just what I boys love it too.I bought this kind because I liked the review on YouTube and it was just how I like it

Kenya Arlington, KS

Life saver

My son sleeps so well with this on the ocean setting. It has three really cute discs that play different scenes. Our first one was defective with the adapter making a buzzing sound and the company shipped us out another one immediately. Great customer service!!!! 🙂

Cecile Forest, MS


just got this and it’s great- has extra slides you can change out, nice musical selection, and great rain noise for deeper sleep. Very happy so far. Oh, and the projector angle is also adjustable, and there are 2 settings for the light coming out so it can be made softer. Also a volume range that is adjustable. If this doesn’t break it may be one of my best purchases.

Violet New Springfield, OH

Sleep sounds, yes please!

This is the 5th Soundspa we have been through. I may have given a bad rating to the blue one (can’t remember) because it kept getting staticy. Now, I know, that this works best when not around other electronics. Keep away from phones, chargers, alarm clocks, lamps, and it will stay strong. I’m not rating the projector because we do not use it in our master bedroom. I do know that the blue ones in my kids’ rooms, the projectors just lose it after a few months, but they play with it all the time.

Veronica Kentfield, CA