myBaby SoundSpa Portable

myBaby SoundSpa Portable

The Homedics mybaby soundspa portable creates a comforting environment, with six nature sounds to choose from heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook. The soundspa portable is perfect for the new mother or traveler, working off of four AA batteries (not included) or the included adaptor. The 15, 30, or 60 minute auto-off timer makes the soundspa portable not just easy to take with you, but easy to use.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • 6 natural sounds heartbeat, white noise, ocean
  • 15, 30 or 60 minute auto-off timer
  • Portable perfect for new mother or traveler
  • Battery or adaptor operated adaptor included and uses 4 AA

Verified reviews


Ordered this version for heartbeat and white noise

Wow, just got mine and the price already went up by $3.00. Guess I would recommend watching the price to get the best deal. I only paid $15.70 a couple of days ago. Ordered this version as it has heartbeat and white noise to use with my newborn and for newborn photography. Sound quality is ok.

Celina Caraway, AR

Amazing Piece for price

Great piece for the price. Has a great variety of sounds and has decent volume. Would highly recommend for any one with newborn.

Rosella Booneville, MS

I use it works great!

I am an adult and I use this to help me sleep. It used to take me at least an hour or two to fall asleep and I was a very light sleeper so I was constantly waking up to every little noise. With this machine it takes me about 30 minutes to fall asleep and I stay asleep. It has been a miracle for me I wake up feeling so rested.

Selina Hoodsport, WA

Worth it.

We use this every night. Love that it has cord and batteries – we lose power here where I live more than I’d like (especially during windy winter nights) and having the batteries were so helpful. Love all the sounds – they’re realistic. Love the volume dial. We use ocean or white noise every day/night. It’s small and light and easy to travel with. Great value for the price.

Constance Euclid, MN


Me and baby have a bedtime routine of bath, than pjs, than rocking and listening to the sound machine. She loves it.

Eugenia Turner, MT


Perfect! We got the sound machine sheep, but it turned off after 45 min and it wasn’t very loud. This plugs in and lasts all night (but has a timer if you want it). It is also really loud which we need since my husband comes home at 3am and sometimes the door would wake him up.

Betty Cole Camp, MO

Making strange beeps.

This soundspa worked fine for the first 6 months that we had it. Mainly we just used the white noise and it helped keep the baby asleep.I really never liked the other sounds. The nature sounds are terrible and they only had a loop of about 10 seconds each. After listening to them for a couple of minutes the repetition became like nails on a chalkboard to me.Now with the white noise I can hear a faint beeping noise when I’m trying to sleep. It sounds kind of like a smoke alarm beeping upstairs about every 2 seconds. Other people do not hear it, but if you have sensitive hearing you might get this at some point too. I think it is just getting older and the sounds are starting to bleed together or it is malfunctioning.Overall I don’t completely hate this, but I can’t use it if I am trying to sleep in the room.

Jennifer Matthews, GA

Worked well but I returned it … sounds only no projections

Purchased in error but seemed to sound nice. I returned this item as we needed one that also projected images onto the ceiling. Amazon customer service was great about the return.

Maryellen Grand Haven, MI

Great…for a few weeks

I bought this Soundspa when my daughter turned one and didn’t sleep as well at nap time. It did the trick – blocked out all the day noise and she slept well. We used it at night and for naps on a pretty quiet setting and turned it off each time. After about 5 weeks (just over the 30-day return deadline), I walked in to the heartbeat setting. That is the default and we kept it on rain or ocean. I figured the power went out as that always changed it. That night I went to turn it on and it changed to heartbeat while I was still in there rocking her. After about 30 min, she was crying. It totally died. I had to turn on a white noise app on my phone to get her to sleep. The next day I ran out and bought another. Again, just before the return deadline (I think 60 days at the store), it started acting up and quit working a day later. We switched to a different one and it worked when we needed it. After hearing that white noise may be bad for children’s hearing, we weaned her off of it just before she turned 2 (turned the volume down a little each night until it was off).

Allie Seaside, CA

love love love it and it works SO well

love love love love love this thing!! Did I mention I love it?? We have just had baby number 4, others are 8,7 and 4 years so our house is pretty loud and busy, the other day I had a 9 yr old, 2 8yrs, 2 7yrs and a 4yr old running around and this worked to cancel all that noise out for him. Our newborn loves to be held but we are able to put him down in his auto swing but the noise in the house lately has started to wake him up and then he gets in a grump for the rest of the day. His swing plays sounds and one of them was white noise, I noticed when I put the white noise on 80% of the time he would instantly settle and within minutes sometimes seconds fall asleep but his swing only plays for 20 mins then turns off so we looked into a separate device. I found this and it seemed perfect, we don’t need the lights as when he goes in his crib we already have a projector mobile. This has worked wonders, I actually prefer the ocean over the white noise and so does he, it is very calming and even mid screaming fit I can turn this on and turn the volume up to get his attention and he suddenly stops and nearly always falls asleep. I like the options for durations or continuous. I have taken it out with me several times and ran it on batteries, in fact we just spent 2 hours shopping with him in his car seat on the cart and this sat under him on the cart seat walking around getting strange looks from people trying to figure where the ocean noise was coming from but he slept almost the entire time without even stirring at any of the noises in the store. I like it so much I have bought the travel version to make it a little easier to take out, this one is a little large with sharpish edges to be sitting in his seat with him. At the moment I move it from our bedroom at night while he sleeps in his swing or basinet to the living room during the day as he sleeps in either the pack and play basinet or swing there. I have run it for I would guess about 8 hours so far on just the batteries and they still seem to be doing fine. I will just say the white noise/ocean seems to work about 80% of the time to get my little one to settle so not 100% but then what is with babies =)

Noelle Nichols, IA

Truly magical

We leave this on the white noise constantly. We put it under the head end of our baby’s crib. He’s 6 months old now, we have been using it for a couple months. We seriously never turn it off, I like that it plugs in, otherwise I’m sure we’d go through a lot of batteries. It helps drown out our household noise, like pets and creaky wooden floors! We live in a very small house so all kitchen activity can be heard in the bedrooms, we call it the "magical" noise machine because we’re able to carry on throughout the house without waking baby. Because let’s face it, the only time you have to clean the house is while baby sleeps!

Marianne Old Appleton, MO

Great sound machine

I’ve just had kid #4…why did I not buy this earlier? I really like this player, but I wish the default wasn’t hearbeat (if it gets unplugged, when you plug it back in it defaults to heartbeat, I believe). The white noise is all we play, and we really like it. Adjustment of volume is easy, and all is well. The light can be really bright in a dark room, so sometimes I throw something over it. Overall, I’d buy it again and again…

Leanna Fessenden, ND

Have one in every room

Love this sound machine for our daughter! Been using it since she was born and we have one in every room she sleeps in!!

Gilda Yale, SD

Have two of these

One for the sitter and one for our house. It drowns out any noise, soothes the baby, and helps the baby sleep longer/better. I usually have it on the waterfall/white noise setting. LOVE!

Tabatha Bakerstown, PA

Lovely sound, too quiet

A nice range of relaxing white noise sounds. Very easy to use. Unfortunately, the sound does not go up very high and babies prefer a deafening level of white noise. Would be better for adults who need white noise to sleep.

Elena Cimarron, CO

Great product!

My baby sleeps with the white noise setting. it has an ac adapter so I can plug it in and have it on all night. she doesn’t sleep as well with the other settings, but I used it on the summer night setting before my baby was born! can’t beat the price! love how small and portable it is too.

Dianna Indian Hills, CO

Exactly what I was looking for

I’ve been using this in my two year old’s room for a month and a half now and it is great! The volume has a great range (can make it very loud!), the timer works as promised, and no problems yet.

Tamera Florence, MS

One of the best things I’ve ever bought

The price is right and this item was well worth it. My baby falls asleep to this every night. It’s small and very portable. Highly recommend for a baby with trouble falling asleep (especially the heartbeat sound!!!!)

Carolyn Briggsdale, CO

Perfect for baby

I almost didn’t buy this based on the reviews. I sure am glad that I changed my mind. This has been perfect for my son’s room. He got used to the sound of the humidifier in the winter months and had a hard time sleeping without it. The white noise is the perfect substitution. Personally I prefer the ocean or stream sounds but the white noise is good too. I love that it is portable and you can plug it into an outlet or run it off batteries.

Tameka Dublin, VA

great for white noise

We purchased this to give our little one some white noise so we don’t have to tip toe around when she goes to sleep. It has a timer and the battery feature is perfect – it travels well.

Jasmine Ophelia, VA

Great product for the price

Works great! Lightweight so it’s easy to move from room to room. I would recommend this product to any parent looking for a white noise machine.

Earline Chatsworth, NJ


Great product. My own stupid fault for not noticing but it doesn’t have "rain" sound – which was THE reason I purchased it! No problem, by baby now listens to the "ocean" sound. Works well, sounds realistic, continuous play all night long with no interruption.

Marianne West Salem, OH

Works Great

We had our third child four months ago and finally bought a designated sound machine. For our other two kids we just used our iPod or iPhones, but for only $25 we thought it would be worth it to just have a sound machine. I wish we would’ve bought this for our older kids. It works great. We’ve had it for a few months now and haven’t had any problems. All of the sounds are soothing. My daughter even likes the heartbeat sound sometimes. Great product.

Justina Toms Brook, VA

Great, just wish it had a night light!

Got this for our 3 week old baby and we love it! I was using an app on my phone which worked well but meant my phone was in her room the whole time she napped during the day. I like that this uses batteries and can be plugged in so youre not tethered to a cord or worrying about batteries dying. We’ve only used the white noise setting which my husband and I can easily sleep through as well. The only thing that would be nice is a small night light for checking on her in the middle of the night. Right now she sleeps in a bassinet in our room but we use her monitor for its night light, which means we have the monitor and sound machine plugged in. Otherwise we love it!

Anita Stow, MA

Love it

Great product so far (used for 3 trips over the past month). It is small but not tiny. Noise level can be pretty loud or quiet. Love that it has a wall plug. Haven’t used it all night yet with just batteries, I only wanted that option for circumstances where we wouldn’t have electricity. Love the sounds and baby sleeps really well with it!

Thelma Dwarf, KY

The best sound machine!!!

Prior to purchasing this sound machine, we had the Munchkin brand sound machine and projector. I found this product to be much better than the Munchkin one because it can actually play continuously without shutting off if you want it to. There is also a timer if you prefer that instead. It does come with less sounds but I really only play one because we have been playing the "heartbeat" since my son was born. I haven’t tried this item with batteries so I can’t review that aspect of this product. However, I do like that it has a portable option if we need it. The volume on this is very good and can get really loud if you turn it up all the way which is what we were looking for. I like how this sound machine doesn’t have an annoying night light because I like to keep my son’s room really dark. I would highly recommend this item.

Gena Absaraka, ND

We loved it so much for our baby we bought ourselves one too!

This is an excellent sound machine for many reasons. I’ll sum them up:1) It’s as loud as you want it to be, but it can get very loud which is great.2) It has a handy timer you can use if you just need it to fall asleep and want it to shut off after that (we just keep it on the whole night)3) It’s light and portable. The fact that you can plug it in OR use batteries is GREAT for travel.4) The different sounds are actually NICE to listen to! You’ve got thunderstorms, ocean waves, a "summer night" of crickets, a babbling brook of light water falling and the standard "white noise" which is consistent (no weird breaks)I have found no cons. We loved it so much for our baby (now toddler) that we bought one for our bedroom too. 🙂 Would recommend for babies through adults!

Brittney Purchase, NY

Awful sound quality

I love the size of this sound machine and that it lays flat and can easily be pushed to the side of my daughter’s dresser. It could be a nicer color but even that is no biggie… what I do not like and what the whole purpose of this is the SOUND! The sound quality is awful. The rain option sounds like static, the heartbeat just sounds like a drum beat, the thunder doesn’t sound like anything that I can tell and is not smoothing sound at all. The other sounds are also not smoothing. I think we have tried this a few times but found it useless. I have since taken it out of my daughter’s room. Very disappointed.

Michaela Prairie City, IL

good sound machine but it’s already breaking

It works well and we like a couple of the sounds alright, but it’s already breaking. The on/volume knob is breaking and you have to mess with it to get the sound to come on. I feel like fans are better white noise, but hate that they can dry him out.

Antonia Lewellen, NE


We originally bought this as a white noise machine for the baby, who slept in our room. Now we can’t sleep without it either! Great, soothing sounds (our favorites are the crickets and the babbling brook). Love that it plugs in, so we aren’t constantly replacing batteries, nor does it "run out" of batteries in the middle of the night (very important for baby’s room!).

Darcy Breckenridge, CO