Nasal Aspirator by Cozy Baby – Fast results with this Top Rated Snot Sucker – Washable and Reusable

Nasal Aspirator by Cozy Baby – Fast results with this Top Rated Snot Sucker – Washable and Reusable

Baby Finding It Hard Breathe Because of A Blocked Nose? As parents know, a baby’s blocked nose can stop them from sleeping and prevent them from feeding, and unfortunately they cannot clear the mucus away themselves. Cozy Baby Nasal Aspirator is the safest, easiest and cleanest way to help unblock a baby’s nose. Our quality design means you are in control, so you get great suction, while still being very safe for baby. There is no easier and safer way to clean mucus from an infant’s nose. Cozy Baby Nasal Aspirator is made of medical grade silicone and PP materials. And is BPA, DEHP, DOP and Latex free!! Need Fast and Effective Results? **The unit comes with 3 soft, interchangeable, nose pieces that are designed for maximum suction.** **Each nose piece has a cleanable mucus housing chamber, this ensures the snot stays in the aspirator, and does not make it into your mouth.** **Manufactured using high grade medical materials means that the Cozy Baby nose sucker is sterilisable and re-usable.** FREE bonus portable pocket case and FREE Boogie Tweezers **Limited Time Only Offer** Our baby nose cleaner now comes with a FREE carry case. This high quality plastic case can easily fit in your pocket, hand bag or diaper Bag. Your satisfaction we care about. Cozy Baby Nasal Aspirator comes with a 100% money back GUARANTEE! If you are not happy, return it and get a full refund. Take advantage of our limited time offer.Order Today! Click Add To Cart

Main features

  • Help Your Baby Breathe And Leave Them Feeling Comfortable. So Many Other Parents Are Using The Cozy Baby Nasal Aspirator And Love It **See Our Reviews** See Why Cozy Baby Nose Sucker Is Top Rated.
  • Safety Is Our #1 Priority – BPA, DEHP, DOP and Latex free!! Cozy Baby Nose Sucker Is Sterilisable And Re-usable
  • FREE Baby Nose Tweezers and Pocket Case For Travelling, No Filters Needed and Comes With 2 Spare Soft Nasal Tips
  • Gives Great Suction – Easy To Use – Made From Medical Grade Silicone and PP Materials 100% Safe For Baby
  • Buy Today With Total Confidence. If You Are Not 100% Happy With The Product We Will Refund Your Money. The COZY BABY nasal aspirator is the #1 System On The Market.

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My daughter is having her first baby and it’s not due for 6 more months. This was purchased after much research and I feel confident it is the best aspirator on the market. The people at Cozy Baby are wonderful. I will write another review after the baby is born!!

Ronda Macks Creek, MO

Really works!

I am a first time Mom and was a bit apprehensive about nasal aspirators that required me to do the sucking. I was using the squeeze kind I got from the hospital. It seemed to work but I was concerned with how to clean it and after seeing pictures of ones cut open with mold growing on the inside I decided to buy one that was easier to clean. I bought the Red Cross squeeze nasal aspirator and it didn’t work at all. It was very hard plastic and very little suction. My daughter hated the squeeze aspirators. I was lucky enough to get to try the Cozy Baby and I must admit I loved it. It was way better than the hand squeeze ones. The end is very nice on my daughter’s nose. When I used it on her she didn’t cry or fight it at all. It was a battle using the other aspirators. I was amazed how much mucus came out. I was worried about it somehow getting into the tube and into my mouth but there is no way this will happen. It is easy to clean and I love that all the parts are clear so you can see that it is clean. I hand wash mine but it seems like it would be fine on the top rack of a dishwasher. It also comes with some handy nose tweezers. I have not yet used those. All in all I would recommend this product.

Cindy Marble City, OK

Nice packaging

I purchased this for a baby shower gift and they love it! It is also packaged together for convenient use.

Sarah Saint Michaels, MD

Four Stars

Great little sucker

Maria Versailles, IL

GET THIS, not the “other” snot sucker!

I never leave reviews, but avidly read them before purchasing anything, and felt compelled to leave one about this product. My almost three year old son came down with a cold on Christmas, and inevitably, so did my one month old daughter despite exclusive breastfeeding and attempts to keep our toddler at a distance (impossible).She was heavily congested, and I was using the “good” blue bulb aspirator that we got from the hospital to try and clear her out. She absolutely hated it, and would literally push it away with her hand, all the while screaming bloody murder. I dreaded doing it, but knew I had no choice because she couldn’t breathe when she would try to breastfeed, and would wake up crying from the congestion. It was miserable.In desperation, I sent my husband to Babies ‘R Us late one evening to get the revered NoseFrida. It worked fairly well at clearing her out with EXTREME effort that left me feeling dizzy and breathless, which of course I didn’t mind as long as it gave her some relief, except she hated it as much as the bulb and after a couple of days, the hard plastic of the NoseFrida left her nose irritated and often times, she would move and end up getting stabbed in the nose or cheek with the tip while I struggled with it. Not to mention, I would be actively putting all of my might into clearing her nose out, and then look down and realize that the pipe that the air flows down had been disconnected from the tube. This happened frequently as the attachment was not secure, therefore it came out easily. Very frustrating.The final problem that I encountered was that since my son also had a cold, if I wanted to use the NoseFrida on him, I would first have to go and clean the entire thing completely before I could, and then repeat the process before again using it on my daughter. With a newborn and a VERY active toddler, who has time for that?So, I searched on Amazon as I frequently do to see what else was out there and came across Cozy Baby. Of course, it had far less reviews than the NoseFrida, but got a five-star rating and from what I had gathered from the other reviews and the description, had a soft silicone tip so no more painful poking or irritation if they move, plus two replacements tips (I can switch them out between my son and daughter), a nice little case to store everything in, and a bonus, nose tweezers/boogie snatchers which I also wanted and planned on purchasing separately from Amazon for around $7.95. The Cozy Baby was only $13.95 and included nose tweezers, so I was sold and overnighted it.After using it and being thrilled with it, I promptly returned the NoseFrida and can safely say that if you’re debating on which snot sucker to get, this one is far superior in every way. The comfortable silicone tip, replacement parts that you can switch out between kids or washings, the pipe that attaches VERY securely to the tube and has never once became unattached unless I was the one pulling it off for cleaning, the shorter pipe and collection tube which makes it easier to use AND clean, the nice little case for storage/travel, and the nose tweezers which are also fantastic and useful. There is no comparison.Best of all, it’s effective at doing what it’s designed to do, clear out snot, and my daughter is far more tolerant of this than she ever was of the blue bulb or the NoseFrida. She doesn’t seem to mind me using the Cozy Baby at all, and has actually fallen asleep or stayed sleeping while I was using it on her. Avoid the frustrations of the flawed NoseFrida, and get Cozy Baby instead. You won’t regret it. THIS should be the snot sucker with all the rave reviews, which is why despite never leaving them, I actually took the time to do so with this product. If it ever gets worn out or breaks, I will be replacing it in an instant!

Joni Annapolis, MD

Love it! Softer & much better than the one made in Sweden

I love it! I bought the aspirator made in Sweden also can be found on Amazon as it has more good reviews at the time I bought it. It did help my 1 month baby with her stuffed nose. I decided to try this set as it has a container so I can carry it when going to store or travel… It is a very good decision! It is softer than the other so it doesn’t hurt my baby’s nose as the other, it doesn’t have the “filter” that gets loose or fall off easily. The tube also doesn’t come off like the other so it’s easier to help her nose at night time without worrying things will fall off & can’t be found. It’s made in USA & it looks more professional & hygienic! I’ll buy one more set just to save it :)update: i just bought the 3rd one for my diaper bag 🙂 the other two are for kitchen place & bedroom so i can have it available any time baby needs it! 🙂

Deborah Wingett Run, OH

Works great but I lose my breath!

My friends told me about this nasal aspirator. It works great but you have to suck really hard and I sometimes lose my breath and get dizzy! 🙂 Other than that, I’m able to clear my baby’s nose well so she can breath better.

Jeanie Harrison, ID

It works!

I was deadset against using one of these, the thought gagged me. But after month’s of fighting with the traditional bulb and fancy aspirator (that never worked) I bought this. AND it works 100%. I do have to ensure baby is in decent mood, middle of the night don’t care what you use it’s not going to go over well. Simple, easy to clean and he helps by holding the tube and even laughs. My ONLY wish was the tube was a little bit longer…other than that perfect!!

Cindy Saugerties, NY

Best nasal aspirator I’ve used.

This is one of the best booger suckers I’ve ever used. My infant son used to complain so much using the bulb that we received from the hospital. We bought a different nasal aspirator, but the piece that goes into the nose was way too hard and uncomfortable. This device is amazing, not only because the piece that goes into the nose is significantly softer than other ones I’ve tried, but it also comes with extra pieces!Like others have stated, the carry case is nothing to write home about (although it’s nice to be able to keep things sterile/clean), but the device works wonders. No more tears while I’m applying vacuum to my son’s nostrils!

Lolita Mansfield, MA


I ordered this nasal aspirator for my daughter when she delivered her first baby and love it so much that I ordered one to keep at my home as well. Very easy to use – instructions on the back of the case. So much less invasive than the old bulb types! I would consider this a "must have" for all parents of newborns.

Ina Apache, OK

Must have item!

Please buy this and not other junk that I purchased…including battery powered junk….It should come with babies. ;-)Best out of 6 different ones we purchased over the years.

Addie Callands, VA

Does a great job!

I love how it’s packaged, I can carry it around in the diaper bag if I need to. All round works great, was able to suck the snot right out of my sons runny nostrils. One thing though, I wish the hole in the part that goes in the nose was a little bigger, hence the 4 star rating… other than that I will definitely recommend to others! Way better than the bulb syringe.

Vanessa Middlebrook, VA

Best snot sucker EVER! (Seriously, don’t bother buying anything else)

I’ve had two children who HATE having their noses touched. I did not know about this aspirator with my daughter and had to pin her down to suck boogies out… my son is the same way and I jumped online to find something… anything!This is my new miracle tool. It gets all of the boogies out, quickly, easily and painlessly. I can even use it in the dark without worrying about getting the right angle (like the bulb suckers). There is absolutely no worry about boogies going anywhere gross and the thing is super easy to clean! I will never use anything else. Having the extra tips is a super bonus because, well, kids; and the carrying case is awesome!Note: Cozy Baby, if you read this… please do not change anything about this product just for the sake of change. I’ve noticed that a lot of baby companies change things for no reason and end up messing up a good thing. Please do not do that! This is perfect just the way it is!

Edwina Marlborough, CT

Worked better than electronic ones

It wasn’t as good as I was expecting based on reviews (maybe my expectations were too high?) but it worked alot better then the traditional and electronic ones. I also liked the tweezer it comes with and that it comes in a travel case. BTW my son hates it, but he hates them all, he would rather pick his nose but that isn’t happening.

Michele Felton, DE

The ONLY snot sucker you need!

Hands down the best nasal aspirator on the market – primarily because its very clever design doesn’t require filters, unlike the other 2 leading brands.I currently have 2 comfy nose aspirators which I chose over the Nosefrida one because you only need regular tissue paper as a filter, which beats purchasing separate filters (needed for the Nosefrida). While the Baby comfy nose works ok, I find constantly having to replace tissue paper, especially when you have an infant with a cold, quite annoying after a while.Love, love, love the soft nasal tips, and the fact that 2 additional tips are included in the pack. The carrying case is a nice touch.I’m ordering an extra one for my diaper bag and one for downstairs.Fabulous product and a “must have” baby buy.

Marietta Linden, MI


I really love this item. 10x better than a bulb syringe. My baby will actually let me use it. It doesn’t make her nose red and irritated and I like that I control the suction, really easy to clean, soft tips w/ 2 extras and the boogy tweezers are the best. Due to living in a fluctuating climate my baby wakes up every morning stuffy due to dry boogies so the tweezers are a life saver to help make her more comfortable. I love this kit. Best purchase and highly recommended. Thank you Cozy Baby!

Aimee Pine Valley, NY

Pretty cool!

I had the same squeamish feelings when reading the description of the product, but it truly works! I had been using the Graco Nasal Aspirator till now, and poor thing died after a year of pretty much daily use (we live in a very dry place… lots of gunk in the baby’s nose). I was planning on ordering the same again, but bought this instead after seeing the good reviews. The reviews are true! This thing truly works. It has a broad tip that fits just right in the nostril and because you can adjust the suction, you can get a lot of gunk out quickly. Always a plus with a wiggly baby. I had been meaning to buy the tweezers but they come free with this, so it was a nice bonus. I have used those a couple of times to get the crusty stuff that just out of the reach of a tissue. Highly recommended!

Violet Shawanese, PA

Awesome Product!!

This is the BEST thing I’ve purchased for my kids. They hate the bulb syringes and cry whenever I used them. I was originally going to order another one, but I liked that this one came in a case. This is so easy to use, helps my kids breathe better when they’re sick, they actually want me to use it! It’s easy to clean…I wish I had known about this when they were born. It also works better than the bulb syringes.

Edith Gloucester City, NJ

Bought to supplement for on the go

Bought this to supplement our Ariana Nasal Vac that we hook up to our vacuum. Of course you can’t use the vacuum on the go so this is something I can toss in the diaper bag for that or else use in the middle of the night if need be. As far as effectiveness it does work, but not nearly what I am used to with the Nasal Vac. I would recommend using the Nasal Vac as the primary since it works soooo well and then using this as a back up and for on the go.

Marissa Belchertown, MA

Sleeping baby

I am using this with nasal spray on my month old baby and the combo has been working great. He gets stuffy at night and I use this and he sleeps much better. The tweezers have been helpful as well. I could never get bulb syringe’s to work like this has and the price isn’t bad. I tried humidifiers before this and they helped but not like this has.

Janna Nodaway, IA