Natura Organic Baby/Toddler Cloud Pillow

Natura Organic Baby/Toddler Cloud Pillow

The 100% Organic Natura Grow Wool fill creates an insulating layer that helps to regulate temperature next to your baby’s skin. It also wicks away moisture, creating a fresh, purely organic sleep environment that repels common allergens and bacteria that thrive in moist environments. This contains no harmful toxins, bleaches, off gassing or dyes.

Main features

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Imported
  • No harmful toxins, bleaches, off gassing or dyes
  • Core: Certified 100% organic Natura Grow Wool
  • Cover: Certified 100% organic cotton, velvety soft cover
  • Wicks away moisture for a fresh, clean allergen free sleep
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and flame retardant
  • Made with pure, renewable resources
  • Insulating layer

Verified reviews



I’m frankly surprised that this pillow more than 3-star average ratings. First off, let’s talk about $30 for a pillow of this size. I’ve never even spent that much on one of my standard sized adult pillows. And for that price, I would expect great things. It came out of plastic packaging smelling very strongly of, well, plastic packaging. And after a week of airing out, this thing smells very, VERY strongly of a petting farm. (Basically, it smells like sheep).I’m so disappointed, because like everyone else who made the hard decision to spend this kind of money on a tiny pillow, I simply wanted something safe for my toddler. Instead, she wakes up smelling like a sheep with a little bit of plastic. If not for the smell, I’d probably be satisfied. It did flatten out, but I don’t think the babies need it too fluffy.

Juanita Oak Park, MI

Very squishy

Toddler much prefers his other pillow. This one is very squishy and doesn’t seem to offer much support. Overpriced for what it was.

Florence Alpha, MN

Perfect for 2 Yr Old

We love this pillow as a first pillow for our 2-yr old son who was moving into a toddler bed. Happy that it’s organic, but care instructions suggest not to wash. So far that hasn’t been an issue, but at some point I’m sure being in a toddler bed, it will need to be washed. Just the right size for young kids!

Lindsey Leckie, WV

Perfectly Sized

Bought this for my daughter as her first pillow, at 4 1/2 she just switched to a big pillow. Until then she loved this pillow and it is going to be given to her brother since it is still in great shape.

Melva Chino, CA

Good for my daughter’s first pillow

While some have commented that this pillow is a bit undersized, it seems about right for my 2+ year old. She really likes having a pillow of her own. Solid product.

Mai Hansford, WV