Natural Mat Coco Mat

Natural Mat Coco Mat

The Natural Mat Company believes that every child deserves the best start in life and that means plenty of good sleep in a safe, comfortable and natural environment. In their first year, babies will spend over two-thirds of their time on their mattress, so concerned Mums and Dads will want the most natural, comfortable, breathable, hypo-allergenic and safe sleeping environment for their new baby a Natural Mat. Babies are very temperature sensitive. They easily become too hot, they sweat to cool down, and if they are not on a breathable surface, that sweat can pool, causing them to get chilled. This cycle leads to an unhappy, crying baby and a poor night sleep for all. Coco Mat is our most breathable, 100% organic mattress. Filled with coir from the world’s only certified organic coconut plantation, the coconut husks are made into a supportive and breathable fibrous layer. The coir is then wrapped in organic lambswool that has been bathed in a mixture of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus rendering it dust-mite free, and providing the excellent thermal insulating properties of wool (it keeps baby warm when it is cool out, and cool when it is hot). These layers are covered in two organic cotton covers the top one is removable, and can be washed in hot water (140 F water keeps the mattress continuously dust-mite free). All of our mattresses are hand-made in Devon, England and use no chemicals, plastics or PVCs. Constructed with completely organic and renewable materials sourced from the finest, most qualified organic suppliers in the world, Natural Mat mattresses provide much higher levels of spring and support, and far better ventilation than any synthetic foam or coil spring mattress. Natural Mat mattresses fit US crib sizes and pass all US flame retardant standards without the use of chemical or unnatural treatments in any part of the mattress. To guard your Natural Mat against accidents, we recommend a Natural Mat mattress protector.

Main features

  • Coco Mat from Natural Mat is the most breathable completely organic baby mattress
  • Filled with coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world to provide a breathable and supportive middle layer
  • Our unique lambswool wraps the coir layer and is bathed in a mixture of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus extracts rendering it completely dust mite free
  • Lambswool provides excellent thermal insulating keeping baby warm in cooler weather and cool in warmer weather
  • Outer organic cotton cover is removable and washable at 140 F to kills all bacteria and dust mites

Verified reviews


Best baby mattress you can find

This is simply the best baby mattress you can find, unless you get a thicker one made the same way!We didn’t get our coir baby mattresses for our twins from this vendor, but coir mattress prices have been coming down and I expect will become a big seller on Amazon.There is nothing better than coir, mainly for comfort. Coir is incredibly strong, especially when treated as was the coir that went into this mattress. If this mattress were thicker, I’d compare it to a college competition level wrestling mat only with a little crunch to it. This mattress is breathable.A lot of people don’t know it but coir is a material that is naturally not a habitat for dust mites, it is naturally free of bacteria and fungal spores and it’s not attractive to parasites. It has long been used in India and Sri Lanka for comfort and health, and has been produced for years in Mexico and several other countries.We’re very pleased with our coir baby mattresses.

Melanie Maybee, MI

Top of the Line, For Less…

This mattress is GREAT! I had originally bought a regular crib mattress from BabiesRus. It seemed really good for the price – firm, but not too uncomfortable for baby. Then, I started researching cribs and stumbled upon information about cribs and especially crib mattresses containing chemicals that leach formaldehyde. The mattresses are worse, though, since it is the law that they be flame retardant. Many chemicals are put into these mattresses, including roach killer, arsenic and antimony, and solid petroleum. Babies spend SO much of their time in them, in VERY close proximity. There is even research to suggest that a leading cause of SIDS is these chemicals that the babies ingest.So, while on the hunt for a healthier mattress, I saw many so called “organic” products. Naturepedic in particilar markets an “organic” mattress. But as with food and dairy industries, organic does not always mean so. Per the USDA, a product only has to contain 70% organic ingredients to use the phrase “organic” on its packaging. So, the mattress might be made with organic cotton, but there are still other components. And unless you have a doctor’s prescription for no flame retartants, or have a mattress made with wool, a natural flame retardant (which this mattress has), you’re still going to get the bad chemicals. So, for the same price as a Naturepedic with the bad chemicals, I got this mattress (found it on sale through another website, even though I’d have gladly paid Amazon’s price!). It is made entirely of the following: A core of organic coir (coconut fibers), organic wool, and 2 unbleached cotton covers. The wool acts as a water barrier itself, so you don’t have to use horrible vinyl mattress pads. (Vinyl is one of the most toxic plastics known). The wool is also anti dust mite. The mattress provides ventilation and maintains temperatures to stay warm or cool, depending on the needs.The mattress fits perfectly in my Pali Paula crib (even better than the first mattress I purchased, since that one was a little short on the sides). It is firm, yet springy. This will be GREAT for use as a toddler mattress, since it will still be comfortable for a younger child. All in all, I believe I found the BEST crib mattress out there. This, coming from an “organic OCD” mother, as my husband calls me, is a very high praise.[…].[…].[…].

Willa Isabella, MO

Love it and want one for myself!

This mattress is awesome. It’s worth every penny! I never worry about what my daughter is sleeping on or breathing in. It has a very earthy, natural smell to it, but I actually like that about it. I far prefer the earthy smell to the smell of plastic and chemicals in other baby mattresses. It’s soft and comfortable, but firm enough to be perfectly safe for baby. It’s one of my favorite purchases we have made for our baby. I would recommend this mattress to anyone and will definitely purchase again when we need our next mattress.

Sabrina Paris, TN

So thankful

We have been so thankful for this mattress for the past 3.5 years. With the amount of time kids spend in their beds, it has been reassuring to know that he’s not breathing in any chemicals or other nastiness. It is comfortable for our little man and we would definitely buy one again. Highly recommended!

Corina Bald Knob, AR

Wonderful mattress!!

I love this mattress! Have been using it for 5 months now. It’s firm but doesn’t seem uncomfortably hard. Has a little bit of bounciness to it, which was a nice surprise considering there are no inner springs. It’s also pretty light which makes it easy to change the crib sheets by myself. I love the removable zippered-on cover that can be washed. The workmanship looks really high quality and the cover is thick cotton material. I’ve been using a lanolinized wool wet pad between the mattress and the sheet, and that’s worked great for keeping moisture out of the mattress. The mattress had no unusual or chemically smell at all and just smelled like clean cotton cloth. My baby and I both love it! I can foresee using this well into toddlerhood.

Evelyn Oakley, KS

Standard size

Standard size mattress covers fit this. It’s comfortable and I love that it is natural. It’s been six months and we have no complaints.

Janine Anchor, IL

If you want to get another full night’s sleep, I definitely recommend buying a mattress with springs!

First and foremost, the reason I purchased this particular mattress is because I did some extensive research on SIDS, and the relationship it seems to have with new, vinyl plastic mattresses. Anything that is manufactured, ESPECIALLY plastic (vinyl is one of the most toxic ones we produce by the way) does something called offgassing. It emits fumes into the atmosphere for X amount of years after coming out of the factory. So that brand new plastic mattress you’re putting your child to sleep on, who’s to say they aren’t breathing those fumes in directly? My daughter was born four months early, and was on oxygen the first year of her life. I felt like I needed to do a little extra to keep her safe, and that’s how my research led me to buying this crib mattress.The craftsmanship was just remarkable! With it being handmade, I was concerned about how durable it would be, but a year and a half later it looks just as great as the day it showed up! I DO use a mattress cover though. These mats can’t be washed, the only unfortunate thing really. So if you’re going to drop this kind of money on a mattress, I recommend spending the extra $ and also buying the cover for it.UPDATE 03/02/2014: I didn’t change my original review, but I wanted to add the problems we’ve encountered for any future buyers out there. My daughter started going through a spell where bedtime was a nightmare…she was crying every time I put her to bed, which is very unusual. This had been going on for quite some time, many sleepless nights that I hashed up to her medical conditions, and other things. I eventually realized that there was a GIANT indention in the middle of the mattress from where she’d been sleeping, and that she just couldn’t get comfortable at night! She’s handicapped and has limited mobility, so she couldn’t scoot around to find a spot I suppose. I was slightly concerned about this when I originally purchased the bed (because the mattress doesn’t have springs). Maybe I’m out of touch with the consumer world, but I really expected a $400 mattress to at least get us through a couple of years! I cannot stress to you how important posture is, even while you’re sleeping! For that reason alone I probably wouldn’t buy this mattress again, or recommend it to anyone else!

Chandra Bellmawr, NJ

Great for crib or toddler bed

This is a great mattress. We bought it for our daughter before she was born, and she is currently using it in her toddler bed at 2 1/2. I feel confident that she isn’t exposed to any harmful chemicals as she sleeps. We spend a great deal of time on our beds, so I believe it’s an important place to spend money. Yes it’s very expensive, but it does work from crib to toddler bed. If this is in your budget I would recommend it.

Charmaine Pandora, TX

Great mattress!

We received ours a few weeks ago and it is fantastic! Very comfortable, fits well into our crib and it has no smell. I highly recommend it. ~elizabeth

Ingrid Leeds Point, NJ