Natural Organic Cotton Washable Nursing Pads-6pk [Baby Product]

Natural Organic Cotton Washable Nursing Pads-6pk [Baby Product]

Each organic cotton nursing pad is constructed from 5 layers of 100% organic cotton that is ecologically produced and healthier for you, your baby, and the environment. The 4. 5″ wide pads are soft and breathable against the skin without sacrificing absorbency.

Main features

  • 100% Organic cotton material
  • Nursing pad measures 4.5″ diameter
  • Package contains 6 pads
  • Washable

Verified reviews


Don’t bother

I bought these yesterday at babie r us and am now signed in looking for a better option. I leaked through the entire 6 pack in about 12 hours. The packaging claims that they are super absorbant and they just aren’t. I leaked through and around the pad. Save your money for a better product. I am going to try the Lanoish washables instead since they seem to have a better reviews.

Mavis Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Very comfortable, not really absorbant

The material is very soft and washes well. However, I find I need to wear two at a time per breast to prevent leak-through to my bra. I have medium leakage/let-down…not too heavy, but enough to warrant a breast pad.

Selma Payne, OH

Leaks like crazy!!!

I am a first time mother, and have tried disposable nursing pads as well as washable. These ones are by far the worst I have tried! They leak and got my bra/shirt wet on numerous occasions. I recommend La Leche washable nursing pads and madella disposable pads.

Neva Eva, TN

Small but well worth it

As with cloth diapers, you have to wash and dry these 5-6 times on HOT to get rid of the natural oils in the cotton before they absorb. You also must avoid fabric softeners, which cause repelling.Apart from the prep needed before first use, these pads are so easy to use. The organic cotton feels so nice, soft and thick. They probably absorb the best of all the reusable pads I have. A couple of them have gotten a little bunched up after months of use. I tend to leak a lot, so I usually double up, using two pads on each side. It doesn’t show up if I use a padded bra. Another option is just to change them during the day. Compared to disposables, which make my breasts all sweaty and smelly from old milk, these pads feel much more comfortable. I’m also glad I don’t have to throw away so much garbage and worry about wrappers, tabs, etc.My only wish is that they could be a little bigger. These oval-shaped pads are 2 1/2 inches in diameter one way and 2 inches the other way. They move around when I’m laying on my side or during a feeding, causing leakage from the opposite side. I just have to be sure to adjust it. But it’s worth it for the comfort, absorbency, the money saved, and most of all – the pollution and chemicals avoided.

Evelyn Millstone, WV

Washed very well.

I read alot of customer reviews for washable nursing pads and decided to plump for this set. Partly through price but also I have had good a experience with “Natural Organic Cotton” products. (I have their organic crib sheet and knitted baby blanket, both are soft and have washed beautifuly) So far these have not dissappointed. I have washed them three times now on a warm wash, I always pop them inside a mess bag, and air dried them and they have retained not only their shape but their softness. Granted I did need to smooth them out after the wash but only a little. I do wonder whether reviewers that stated they came out all screwed up and rather worse for wear have a washer that has a very high spin? I would say my top loader has a reasonably forcefull spin, it can knot up shirt sleeves, but as I say they came out the wash great. Can’t comment on the absorbancy as I’m a month away for from having my daughter. I’ll report back when I’ve used them for their purpose.

Antoinette Seabrook, SC

Super soft

I love these nursing pads. They are super soft, which is really important during the first few weeks. I never had problems soaking through the pads. They are by far the best pads I’ve tried, washable or disposable.

Mollie Ozawkie, KS

Really Like These

I bought these after not having much luck with the disposables and reading that the material on the disposables aren’t good for you. They were organic and the same price as the non-organic material so I went for it and I really like them. They leak but only after I’ve soaked them with milk. Usually they stay nice and dry. They wash very well and hold their shape after I don’t know how many washes now. No complaints here. Only gripe was that it comes in a pack of 6 but mine only had 4! I went to the store several times and they were sold out so I haven’t been able to buy another pack so I’m going to get them here. With shipping they come to the same price as the store with tax.

Susanne Unalaska, AK

Very Comfortable

I bought 3 different types of reusable breast pads and tested out wearing each one during the day. These are the most comfortable. They are soft and don’t bunch up. I can’t comment on absorbency yet though as it was only a pretest.

Bonita Sapulpa, OK

Must have

These are very gentle on my nipple. Even after there’s some leakage, these never stick to me like other brands. I definitely recommend them.

Darla Kasilof, AK