Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress

The award winning Naturepedic Crib Mattresses combine natural, non toxic and healthy materials. Naturepedic features U.S. grown organic cotton filling (NO polyurethane foam). The easy to clean 100% polyethylene waterproof surface is so pure that it meets food contact standards (NO Vinyl/ PVC, phthalates, lead, or biocides). The waterproof surface also provides an impenetrable barrier to dust mites. Exclusive non toxic fire protection is naturally derived and meets and exceeds all federal and state flammability standards without the use of potentially harmful fire retardant chemicals (NO brominated or chlorinated chemicals, PBDEs, antimony, modacrylic, PAN, boric acid, etc.). There is also no latex, coir, wool or other potential high allergy materials. Naturepedic mattresses ensure firm support for your baby and toddler. Naturepedic mattresses meet the strict GREENGUARD certification standards and are recommended by the \Healthy Child Healthy World\” national childrenand#8217;s advocacy coalition. Winner of numerous awards and prestigious endorsements, Naturepedic crib mattresses made with organic cotton are simply the healthiest available. Standard crib size measures 27.75 x 52 x 6. Also fits toddler bed. Made entirely in the USA.”

Main features

  • Waterproof surface easy to clean 100% polyethylene food grade waterproof surface
  • 100% organic cotton, natural and renewable
  • Hypoallergenic / dust mite barrier cover
  • Heavy-duty border rods add strong side and edge support
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


I’ll compromise and take a healthier mattress…

“…simply the healthiest crib mattress available”? Um, no. There are WAY healthier mattresses. You can buy mattresses now that are made of organic rubber cores, unoiled metal springs, and organic cotton and wool (wool being flame retardant, dust mite protective, and waterproof without the plastic addition). Europe even sells crib mattresses made of organic coconut fibers. And most of these are cheaper than Naturepedic’s mattress. Besides, who wants their baby sleeping on chemical-laden plastic? Babies were drinking out of BPA-plastic bottles for a long time before BPA was deemed unsafe. Polyethelene is made of petroleum, and the production of this promotes pollution. Save your money and buy a “real” organic mattress for less money.

Blanca Wellington, OH

Received replacement…. much better now!

I had this mattress months before my baby arrived… looked great, chemical free, organic… loved it.Well, after only 3 months of my little guy sleeping on it, the mattress wasn’t feeling or looking firm anymore. I even had to position my baby in different spots to try and find him a flat spot to sleep on. Unacceptable safety wise (and $$$ wise).So, I emailed Naturepedic and described what was occurring, and they set up to ship me a new mattress immediately! The mattress arrived within days, and it was much more firm than my previously purchased one was when it was new! My son is now 16 months and the mattress is holding up great!Get this mattress for the chemical-free factor, the organic factor, and the customer service!!!

Eva Pasadena, MD

Worth it

This is an item that is worth the price tag for my baby’s health. I’m satisfied with it’s quality. However, I think it is extremely unfortunate that this is not available at a price that every parent could afford for their child. The one problem I’ve had with this mattress is that it is extremely heavy and only my husband can get it out of the crib to change the sheet & pad

Natalia Shamokin, PA

Love it. No strong smells, great cover, safer then most others

I disagree with others that say the top is not flat. The top is perfectly flat. It is a firm mattress that has no odor at all, the top cover will protect the mattress from dust mites and liquids, and its made from high quality food grade plastic- not cheap plastic that can leach off chemicals. People think all plastic is unsafe and this is simply NOT TRUE. They do make plastics that are safe and most food products we buy are stored in the cheaper stuff anyway. SO if you put a safe sheet on top this mattress to lesson the effect of the plastic cover you will have no problems with this mattress. Even is it didn’t come with a cover I would have bought one to protect it and it would likely not be a safe and high quality as the one that already comes with this mattress. Its great that you buy this and you don’t have to spend extra money on a good cover, its already on the mattress. And everything inside is certified safe. Organic cotton, etc.I don’t agree with any of the bad reviews people gave this. I think its good people are awake to the fact there are dangerous products out there that are unsafe but I think they are being too picky and unfair on this mattress. It does not have a high spot in the middle as some said, and any mattress for a child needs to have a good cover. This one delivers on all counts so what is all the complaining about? SOmetimes in life there is no perfect answer. You need to make a choice on what makes sense and find the safest product you can that will function. I don;t believe a mattress without a plastic cover is going to be safe for long.Soon you will have urine in it and it will end up harboring bacteria and whatever else. Then your safe mattress will be causing more harm then good.I think this for the money is as good as you will get and delivers on everything I was looking for. Safe now and safe later in case of accidents. This so called perfect mattress does not exist. If there is not a water and dust mite cover I don’t consider that safe at all.

Ramona Albion, OK

So far, so good…that I just bought another one

Like many people on here, I wanted a quality organic mattress for my new baby. In researching, it seems that Naturepedic really knows what they are doing in this area. Their website explains how they have developed the mattress using quality materials and organic cotton. I like that they are made in the USA and have a decent warranty too.The mattress appears well made and our daughter seems to do fine with it. I just ordered another (although, not from Amazon, since the price was slightly lower elsewhere) one for our new son.Overall….highly recommended.

Antionette Goodland, KS

Great product

If you want a cleaner product for your little one this is it. My daughter has loved it since age got home (part time cosleeper.) knowing she’s not inhaling fumes is a huge plus, it’s definitely more costly but it’s worth it to us to offer her a healthy start.

Janette Hines, MN

Worth the money!

I can’t speak to the actual comfort of the child on this mattress just yet (due in October), but I can say that so far I’m impressed. This product arrived in perfect condition and does not have any kind of a chemically, plasticky smell! I didn’t want a super firm mattress (because babies deserve a comfy mattress, even if it has to be waterproof) and this one seems firm enough to be safe but has the right amount of give to be comfortable. I really like the fact that it’s all organic as well given all the recent concern with exposure of today’s children to phthalates and other chemicals in the toys, bedding and clothing they come in contact with. Hope the baby likes it!Follow up 12/29/2012 – My daughter slept comfortably on this for 2+years and it has held up amazingly. The surface of the mattress is so easy to clean and no divot has occurred in the spots where she liked to sleep most. I feel like it regulated temperature well too. Stayed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Will definitely be using it for baby #2 due in a few months.

Ashlee Dennis, KS

4 years of use and it’s still great!

We have used this mattress for four years now (two different kids) and it’s still in great shape. No tears or rips and it’s still firm. Since we are expecting twins I’m buying another one again soon, I could not be happier with this product!

Effie Butte, MT

A safe mattress for your little one

I’m very concerned about all of the chemicals in our home and in baby products in general. I am very happy with this mattress — no pvc lining and it’s organic. Since babies spend so much time in their cribs, I wanted to make sure my daughter wasn’t being exposed to the chemicals that are in most mattresses.

Jami Iola, KS

Good for my baby

It’s expensive but I feel good knowing that my daughter is not sleeping on a pile of chemicals. It’s firm but not hard, it didn’t sink in like others have mentioned, (baby is now 22 pounds). I do turn it once in a while to help prevent that.I just wished it was a little smaller. Most fitted crib sheets are a little tight for it, and it makes it hard to change the sheets, and less aesthetic, because the corners of the sheet don’t quite it around the corners of the mattress.

Haley Oolitic, IN

Healthy mattress for baby

Awesome baby mattress! I was looking for a healthy, fire-retardant-chemical-free mattress for baby and this is it! I don’t know how they do it, but this mattress is fire retardant without the nasty chemicals (which some say may cause some cases of SIDs). I feel good that baby is spending 12+hours/day sleeping on this mattress. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but I think this is one of the necessary expenditures for a baby given the many hours he/she spends sleeping during the early years of development

Marylou Hoisington, KS

High quality organic mattress!

This fit perfect in the crib we bought for our son. Firm yet has just the right amount of softness to it at the same time so its not too rigid for the little one. Really like it.

Kristie Edgerton, WI