Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Lightweight Classic 2-Stage matches the strength and durability of an innerspring without the added weight in a 2-Stage dual firmness design. Layers of luxurious organic cotton batting create the perfect balance of firmness and comfort. Get the best of both worlds, firm and comfortable for baby and toddler with long lasting durability and easy crib changing for mom. At its core, this mattress is built with Naturepedic’s exclusive patent pending wave support technology, made from pure food-grade polyethylene. Naturepedic is a GOTS certified organic mattress manufacturer and has earned the trust of moms and doctors across the country. Naturepedic also meets the strictest GREENGUARD certification standards for eliminating chemical emissions. Winner of numerous awards and prestigious endorsements, Naturepedic organic crib mattresses are simply the healthiest available.

Main features

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Made in US
  • 2-stage dual firmness will grow with your child for many years, firmer infant side, softer toddler side
  • Wipe clean waterproof surface so pure it meets food contact standards
  • Waterproof seams prevent moisture penetration and allow for easier cleaning
  • Certified organic cotton fabric and filling
  • Firm and comfortable wave support technology

Verified reviews


Contains polyethelene foam – I prefer natural rubber

I purchased a Naturepedic bassinet pad and was disappointed to learn that the core of Naturepedic bassinet pads are made of “30% polyethylene foam” which they call “Air-Core.” I thought they were only coated with polyethylene. I would much prefer a mattress or pad with a natural rubber core. The Naturepedic representative said the Naturepedic crib mattresses also contain this same polyethylene foam, although I’m not sure how much. I just do not feel comfortable putting my baby on their mattresses.

Eunice Rustburg, VA

The best possible crib mattress – my most important purchase.

This was the most important purchase we made. It has NO polyurethane foam and no chemical flame retardants. My daughter has slept soundly on it for 18 months and I’m so glad she’s not breathing in questionable chemicals known to cause asthma and allergies. We use standard cotton fitted sheets which work great. It fits nicely and snugly in her Pali brand crib. Love that it’s waterproofed safely and again with no chemicals. Couldn’t recommend anything more highly.

Leann Strawberry, AR

Love worth the money for peace of mind!

Couldn’t bare the thought of putting my baby on one of those mattresses with all the chemicals. So we splurged for this one. Its light weight so its easy to change sheets. My 7 month old is still using the infant side and sleeps great. It fits good in our crib. It seemed a little small at first but once we put on the mattress cover and sheet it fit snug in the crib. We have a Baby Cache crib from babies R US.It had a slight smell to it but aired out prior to the baby being born.

Stacie Proctor, MT

Lightweight, organic crib mattress

I researched mattresses quite a but before deciding it had to be organic. Baby spends so much time in her crib, I didn’t want her breathing in harsh chemicals. I chose this one because of the reviews and the fact that it was lightweight. It truly is lightweight and so luxurious. There is no comparison to a cheap mattress. I also love the waterproof material, it kept me from having to buy (multiple and expensive) waterproof mattress covers. You don’t need one with this mattress. We have been using it for almost 8 months now and are very happy. Fits perfectly in our Pottery Barn crib. The price is comparable to other organic matters, though still high which is why I have it 4 stars. We found it half price on amazon and jumped at the opportunity!

Edythe Pipe Creek, TX

Great mattress!!

This mattress is definitely worth the money! For me the peace of mind knowing that my baby isn’t putting her face on a bunch of chemicals for 12 hours a day is very important. I like that I’ll be able to use the other side once we make her crib a toddler bed. I am very glad that I got the lightweight version because even as is, this is still a heavy mattress. I only give it 4 instead of 5 stars since it is rather difficult to change the crib pad & sheet – I have to pull it upright out of the crib to do it effectively. But otherwise very happy with it!

Marjorie Santa Fe Springs, CA

So far, so good!

Very happy with this mattress so far. We wanted to buy a nice mattress that was lightweight and somewhat eco-friendly, so naturally we discovered the Naturepedic line of mattresses. Considering how much time we expect our little one to spend on this thing, I think it’s important to do extensive research before selecting any mattress as not all of them are created equal. Granted, this mattress is a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. It fits very well in our Sorelle Torino crib, providing a nice tight fit around the edges. It’s extremely lightweight, which makes for incredibly easy lifting when changing seats.The mattress didn’t have any odors, but it did have a fragrance like a brand new product, kind of like when you get into a new car. That being said, we just let the mattress air out for a day or two and any hint of smell was gone. So far, our newborn is sleeping very well on this thing (when she actually sleeps in her crib). 🙂

Socorro Saint Marie, MT

very good

this is exactly as promised. It is a very good matress and great that it has prolonged use from infant to toddlerhood!

Twila Three Bridges, NJ

Wonderful mattress

I love this mattress and both of my children have it in their cribs. The dual sides is so helpful and it is light enough to get out of the crib pretty easily. Worth the money!

Penelope Sutherland Springs, TX

Mattress Too Small For the Crib

I took a leap of faith ordering this mattress despite other reviews stating that the mattress was too small for the crib. I figured that Naturepedic would send a replacement directly like it had done apparently for other customers (again, based on reviews). However, no such luck. Naturepedic customer service said that I could only exchange it via amazon. The gap between the mattress and the crib was big enough to fit a rolled towel.Well, I am not taking any more chances – plus, how would the Amazon employees be able to tell if the replacement mattress fits right or not?! A very disappointing experience and alarming as well. There seem to be way too many instances of this mattress being too small and Naturepedic is not taking any steps to correct or rectify the issue. This has seriously shaken my confidence in their brand and products.

Kayla Tennyson, TX

Great Mattress for our BabyMod Crib

This is a nice mattress. Very well constructed. No smell at all, right out of the box (I know some people mentioned smells, but I couldn’t detect any despite having a sensitive nose).The mattress is flat, no weird curvatures around the edges. I like how it’s seamless. It fits perfectly in our BabyMod crib, which is made by Million Dollar Baby (MDB), the same makers of Babyletto cribs. The mattress is a very snug fit, which is exactly what we wanted. No space around the edges. Plus, it’s a nice 6 inches thick, great for petite moms like me when every inch counts for putting baby down in a crib.We put the American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Crib Cover over the mattress and put an Aden and Anais crib sheet over that. We have to be careful not to shrink the cover and sheet since they barely fit over the mattress. These mattresses really do seem to run big!

Rosalinda Vail, AZ

Great mattress

We’ve used this with our son for over 6 months now – it’s great – firm, and yet comfortable enough – also it’s two sided. We use it with the Babyletto (spelling) modern looking crib with the drawer.

Karin Riddlesburg, PA