Naturepedic Organic Cotton Portacrib Mattress

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Portacrib Mattress

The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Portacrib Mattress features a luxurious 100% organic cotton fabric with an easy to clean 100% polyethylene clear food grade waterproof coating that provides a non toxic hypoallergenic dust mite barrier and stain resistant surface. Organic cotton filling is unbleached, undyed, and grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Firm Support features Air Core(tm), a non toxic support layer made from 100% food grade polyethylene. Air Core is a network of closed cell air pockets that provide a firm and comfortable base without the toxic properties of chemicals in polyurethane foam and the allergenic concerns of latex rubber. Non toxic fire protection system meets and exceeds all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Portacrib Mattress Size – 24″ x 38″ x 1.5″.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • Waterproof organic cotton cover luxurious organic cotton fabric with a clear 100% polyethylene food grade waterproof coating; non allergenic and easy to clean
  • Organic cotton filling pure, natural, and chemical free
  • Firm support features air core, a non toxic support layer made from 100% food grade polyethylene
  • Fire protection non toxic fire barrier system meets and exceeds all federal and state flammability standards without the use of potentially harmful chemicals
  • Non toxic design no vinyl, pvc, or phthalates; no polyurethane foam; no latex or wool eliminates potential latex allergenic concerns

Verified reviews


Definitely firm enough for a newborn – A+!

This is a great portacrib mattress. I bought it because there have been some studies which suggest that SIDS deaths may be related to fire retardant chemicals in infant bedding and the lack of some newborns to process it well. This pad is firesafe through the use of a different, not so chemically laden process. In terms of what buyers said about the pad’s thinness, newborns do not need the kind of thick mattresses that adults think of as more comfortable. (In fact, I once heard it put very well: In terms of SIDS safety, “If the mattress looks like it would be comfortable for you, no newborn should be going anywhere near it!”) The comfort comes in whatever soft, lovely, tight-fitting material you lay over it. I used the chenille sheets by American Baby Company – although for said reasons, I wished I could find something truly organic (not just an organic surface as I saw with some products). I was impressed with the pad – it looks and feels very well made, and I don’t know how on earth they got an all-cotton surface to be waterproof, but it feels remarkably impermeable without sacrificing comfort. The pad is very firm, more so than many other baby matress thingies – the other reviewer should have nothing to fear. The only concern I think people should have with the thickness of the mattress is that you need to make sure your sheets – which may be designed with a thicker mattress in mind – don’t bunch up and become a crumply surface the baby could slide around in too much. If you run into such a problem, safety pin the corners of the sheet’s underside together to make it tighter on top.

Corine Kernersville, NC

too soft as others have mentioned

I got a replacement for my original one because I felt it was too soft and had too much "give." My baby is a belly sleeper and she sinks into this to the point that her face looks like it’s in the mattress. The replacement had the same issue. They indicated it’s because I was using in a Graco and the support is not intended for this, but it has the same issue even on a hard floor. I have their full-size mattress which I absolutely love. I would only recommend this mattress for babies who are over 6 months of age and are NOT belly sleepers. Then I would think it would be fine. I wish there was a similar option in terms of organic but the only other option is not as natural as this one is. I felt others should know about this possibility with this mattress because I feel it is a safety issue.

Cassie Milton, DE

Love Naturpedic, but this is not their best

I own a full-size Naturpedic crib mattress and love it. It fits tightly in the crib, isn’t toxic so there’s no issue with off-gassing as with traditional mattresses, is lightweight enough for me to handle it easily, and is rock hard so there is absolutely no question about its safety. When I needed a portable crib mattress I decided to try Naturpedic, despite the steep price, because I expected the same. I was somewhat disappointed when the product arrived. On the positive side, it fits snugly around the edges, leaving no gaps in the portable crib. Also, it is the firmest portable crib mattress that I could find, and I tried several from Dream on Me, LA Baby, Colgate, and even Mamadoo. Naturpedic uses the same Air-Core technology as it does in the full-sized crib mattress. However, the problem lies in the waterproof organic cotton cover which does not fit tightly to the core of the mattress as it does with the full-size mattress. The cover has a rippling effect and tends to bubble when the baby is placed on it. I use it with the Grayson portable crib made by Babyletto. The mattress dimensions match the portable crib dimensions perfectly, so that’s not the issue. The rippling issue caused me a great deal of stress when I received the product because my baby has just started rolling over onto his belly at night and I was concerned that this would create a suffocation hazard. Because we’ve been staying in a hotel for a month (our home was majorly damaged and had to be repaired), I was forced to use this mattress as it was the best one that I could find, despite its flaws. It has caused me many sleepless nights (but no scares). There isn’t a portable crib mattress that I have found that I could wholeheartedly recommend. I still believe this is the best portable crib mattress out there. Use this if you absolutely must use a portable crib. Another tip, only use a tight fitting fitted sheet, preferably NOT one made of jersey, as the jersey sheets tend to stretch and, in my opinion, become a loose bedding suffocation hazard. Instead, use the Naturpedic organic portable crib sheet or any traditional cotton sheet that matches the dimensions of the mattress, fits tightly, and has all around elastic. And DON”T use a mattress pad cover with it as it makes the mattress softer. If you have the choice, stick with a traditional, full-size mattress in a full-size crib once your baby is rolling over.

Valeria Hope, ME

Best mattress ever

I have this mattress for the crib and bought the same one for our porta crib/pack and play. I love the Naturpedic line and the product they sell. I was so happy to find a mattress to fit the pack and play from them too. It’s nice and thick, super comfy for my twin boys. They have slept in this from the time I brought them home until they stopped late day naps at 7 months old. Now at 10 months the mattress is the bottom of the pack and play and as they are pulling up and standing and then dropping back down to sitting, they land on something soft and comfy instead of hard. They get in and play and are able to stand up on the mattress since it’s nice and firm. Would recommend this for anywhere between newborn age to any age still using a porta crib for sleep or playtime.

Reba Ecorse, MI

Fits Da Vinci Mini Crib

After searching for a natural organic bed for our expecting baby, I decided to take a chance on this one after purchasing the Da Vinci Crest 50 Coil mattress which was made with PVC toxic material. Even though the previous mattress fits perfectly with our Da Vinci Mini crib, when it was a sunny day and the nursery got a bit warm, there were obvious fumes coming from the mattress since it’s had PVC. I didn’t want to chance it so we decided to buy this one. This pad was extremely firm and doesn’t have a smell. After placing the same brand mattress pad and sheets on, it was slightly snug for the crib but still works.

Liza Fennimore, WI

Fits mini crib perfectly

This mattress fit perfectly in ourDelta Children’s Products Riley Mini Crib – Dark Cherry. If you are looking for sheets and waterproof pad, I highly recommend theNaturepedic Organic Cotton Portable Crib Fitted Sheet, Ivoryand theNaturepedic Waterproof Flat Portacrib Pad, 24×38. They all fit together. The mattress, waterproof pad, and fitted sheet are all that we use in the crib and it works nicely and comfortably for our little one. It was difficult at first to find a smaller crib and all the appropriately sized crib items while also meeting or exceeding all the safety recommendations, so to find this combo was a relief.

Nadia Amherst, SD

Go Organic!

I want everything to be healthy for the little one! I bought for my grandson as a gift for his new mini crib. He likes it and enjoys to stand on it inside his crib!

Georgia Valley Falls, KS

Nice mattress

It fits out portable crib very tightly and is of a high quality…I would recommend it again. Just as described.

Sheree Raymond, MS

Very happy with this

Spent a long time trying to find an organic mattress that I thought I would be happy with. This one fits our Alpha Mini Rocking Crib very well. Snug, but not hard to get the sheets on. Wipes down easily. Seems very firm enough. Very very light so it’s easy to pull out and put a new sheet on. Went with American Baby Company SheetsAmerican Baby Company Organic Cotton Interlock Portable Fitted Crib Sheet, NaturalandAmerican Baby Company Organic Fitted Cotton Velour Porta-Crib Sheet, Natural. Not please with the Naturepedic waterproof pad. Too hard to get it to sit flat under the sheet while putting the sheet on. Also skipped the padded quilted organic waterproof mattress pad since I thought it made the bedding too soft. Am just going to use sheets and maybe flannel waterproof protectors over them if the kids end up needing them.

Lolita Bar Mills, ME

Good mattress

This mattress seems comfortable and it wipes cleans well. It fit nicely in our portable crib. Happy with this purchase.

Aileen Waterville, PA

Thrilled with this Mattress!

We bought a full size Naturepedic organic mattress for our toddler’s crib when he was born almost 2 years ago, and it’s been the best purchase. So when shopping for a mattress for the mini-crib his sister will be sleeping in, I knew I wanted another Naturepedic. So many other organic mattresses are more expensive because they are made with wool and latex – 2 things I happen to be allergic to. I liked that this one is made from something I feel is safe for my baby to sleep on, and I feel the price is fair after actually seeing how well it works in our crib.This portacrib pad/mattress fits the DaVinci/Baby Mod mini cribs perfectly. Our mini crib came with a mattress that was horrible (although the cribs are great), it had gaps between the side and the mattress, and the mattress itself was flimsy and covered in vinyl. This Naturepedic mattress fits great, with a nice tight fit, and it’s firm enough for a newborn. It’s much sturdier and even half an inch thicker than the mattress provided by our crib manufacturer. I know some reviewers were worried that it’s only 2 inches thick, and it’s labeled as a “pad”, but it is a mattress, and very high quality.I highly recommend this mattress, and in case you’re wondering, we’ve found that the Carter’s Portacrib Sheets fit it perfectly.

Marci Loyalhanna, PA

Perfect for my baby

This mattress is thin and is firm and I wouldn’t want to sleep on it but my baby loves it. It is made of cotton so I can see that some of them may have bunches because sometimes that happens with these organic products. If you were to get one of those, I would exchange it because ours was even throughout the mattress.-Firm and safe, fits in my davinci mini crib tight and perfect-Water proof and easy to wipe off-It is just about all my 2 month old will sleep on (now 13.5 lbs and 24 in long)-Yes it works as a mattress alone, it may seem thin but it may be because we as adults would see it as very uncomfortable

Kristi Clay City, KY