Naturepedic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad, 28×52

Naturepedic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad, 28×52

The Naturepedic Waterproof Organic Cotton Crib Fitted Pad features a waterproof, soft and breathable surface that provides a soft, non sweaty and comfortable waterproof barrier and also blocks dust mites and other potential allergens. The top and bottom layers are made with 100% organic cotton fabric with an ultra thin waterproof barrier in the center, which effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to “breathe.” Some water vapor is allowed to escape resulting in less “sweaty backs” and providing a drier, more comfortable sleep. Machine Wash and Dry. Crib Fitted Pad Size 28″ x 52″.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • Waterproof, soft and breathable provides a soft, non sweaty and comfortable waterproof barrier (as compared to vinyl and rubber; also blocks dust mites and other allergens)
  • 100% organic cotton fabric top and bottom layers
  • Ultra thin waterproof barrier effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to breathe
  • Non toxic design no vinyl/pvc; no phthalates; no latex eliminates potential latex allergenic concerns
  • Machine wash and dry

Verified reviews


Seems good quality

I didn’t get the fuzz or the odor with this as the other user did. I’m interested to see how it’s waterproof because it’s not lined with anything waterproof, but then I like that as an organic product. The mattress already has its plastic cover, I don’t need yet more plastic! It is waiting for baby to arrive so it’s not tested but so far I’m pleased with it as a cover for the mattress. It’s well constructed.

Agnes Whigham, GA

Naturepedic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad

We have the Naturepedic crib mattress, as well as the Naturepedic waterproof crib pad. We have the full mattress pad on the mattress, then the portacrib pad over that (we have portacribs at both grandparents house, so we bring this pad along). I would say that unless you are buying the full-sized crib waterproof mattress pad to protect the mattress from dustmites, I would recommend the portacrib pad. The portacrib pad is much easier to take on and off since it doesn’t have the elastic corners to deal with, which means you basically have to take the mattress out of the crib to put it back on. The BEST combination would be to have your mattress, the portacrib pad, and zip sheets- Then you never have to take the mattress out of the crib to change the sheets.

Tanya Willisville, IL

Great Product!

I was excited to receive this crib pad as I try to limit as many unnecessary chemicals I can from my child’s life. Since they spend a large amount of sleeping in the first few years, I knew I wanted an organic environment in the crib. I am happy I went with this company!If fits the crib mattress perfectly. It washes well and has not pilled or become misshapen. It is soft and durable while also maintaining its waterproof abilities.I also love that it is truly 100% organic. I’ve seen a lot of products out there where the inside might be organic but everything else is not organic.You cannot go wrong with this product! Highly recommend.

Lula Earlville, PA

Great mattress protector

I’m really pleased with this mattress protector. Yes it takes a long time to dry but it doesn’t bother me. I set it to low heat for 50 minutes and it’s dry. What’s more important is that it works to prevent leaks from going to the mattress and that it doesn’t have chemicals that are harmful for my kids. The water barrier is a food grade type of plastic in between the layers of soft cotton. You cannot feel or hear the plastic. I have a chemical free non waterproof mattress (from Sleep Essentials) so it’s really important that I have a pad that works so the mattress doesn’t get soiled. I actually have the fitted one around the mattress and then the flat one on top of that. When I change the sheets, I just remove the sheet and the flat mattress pad. I have 2 of the flat pads so I can wash one and use one. I’ve never had a leak go to the second pad and we’ve had some big leaks.Yes Naturepedic mattress pads are larger than others that I’ve used. But it’s never caused a problem and actually I’m glad because sometimes we get a leak that goes all the way to the edge of the bed and some other covers I’ve had in past don’t protect the edges and they’ve leaked.Since I’m very happy with these pads, I recently ordered one for a twin bed that will also be for a non waterproof chemical free natural latex mattress from Sleep Essentials.

Ilene Shelburne, VT

Runs large but works under fitted sheet

This runs large as others have said on here. It will shrink a little bit but not much. Not sure why it’s made so big but with a fitted sheet over it, it works.

Dorothy Darien Center, NY

Great Pad

Great Pad. Fits well and stays in place. Very well made quality. Wanted a pad that was not plastic lined as the mattress is already plastic. Using sheets alone was not enough to cover the plastic mattress which seemed cold to the baby without some type of other insulation from the plastic. I saw a review that the cover was difficult to dry. I have not had any problem with drying this pad. You won’t be disappointed.

Clare Anaheim, CA

heavy duty, but stiff and attracts lint like crazy

I’d buy this again, but the surface is pretty rough and will pick up lint from other items. It’s not plush- feels more like canvas. Good fit, well made. Funny material, though.

Geri Harrington, ME

Works fine.

So far, this is working just fine. I don’t have any major complaints about it. But then again, my baby has never peed through his crib sheets.

Nona Hiram, MO


It fits, it works, it’s soft, it’s not too bulky. The only downside is that takes longer than one dryer cycle to dry, but it’s not like I don’t have other laundry to throw it in with.

Christian Derry, NH

Works Perfect!

We have 2 of these – one on the crib mattress at all times. They have been 100% perfect in protecting our mattress from leaks at night. Would definitely recommend.

Selina Tuluksak, AK

Sturdy, durable, not so soft

I like this very expensive mattress cover but wish it was softer or more comfortable. Wouldn’t spend this much again.

Wendy Harpursville, NY

8 months in

My daughter just passed 8 months and she’s been using her crib sporadically (most nights she slept with us). She didn’t have many accidents that required a crib pad but the few she did have were easily absorbed by this keeping them from the mattress. It cleans very easily and protects the mattress just fine. The materials in any Naturepedic product are respectable so if you want a “cleaner” product this is definitely a good buy.

Esmeralda Naugatuck, WV

Worth the money!

Naturepedic is known for having high-quality, chemical-free, environmentally friendly products, and this mattress pad does not disappoint. My son has wet and spit-up on his bed repeatedly, and the mattress (also a Naturepedic) has always been fully protected. It washes very well. It fits tightly, does not smell (like vinyl pads do), and is worth the extra money. I would recommend buying two, however, as these pads take a long time to dry (even in the dryer), which speaks well to their water-proofing, but it is more convenient to be able to put another pad on the bed immediately than to have to wait for this one to dry. LOVE it, would recommend it to everyone.

Lola Harpersville, AL

Seems to be doing the job

Seems to be doing the job, has been through three kids in two years, no messes have leaked through to the mattress. I wish the price was lower, especially so I could but a spare, but happy to have a healthier alternative.

Johanna Fromberg, MT

Great product

I’ve had this fitted pad over my baby’s Naturepedic mattress for about a year now, and it’s holding up great. As others have noted, it does take longer to dry in the dryer than regular clothes do, but that’s doubtless due to the composition of materials making the pad waterproof rather than a product flaw, and isn’t a big deal to me. Rather than running the dryer one time, I might have to run it one-and-a-half times. No biggie. It feels very comfortable to the touch, and I like that stains (including poop) wash out easily. It fits over the mattress well. I wish it were a little less expensive, but I’d rather pay more to have my daughter sleep on healthy, safe materials. I recommend this product.

Cathleen Lohn, TX

Love it

The heavy fabric that faces up makes the mattress pad breathable and soft, which I really like. I haven’t had any problem with drying time, although I guess we live in a fairly dry area (and if it didn’t feel completely dry I’d probably just spread it on the bed anyway, trusting it would finish drying beneath the sheet with no problem).It does wrinkle a little under the crib sheet sometimes (my daughter does a lot of jumping in her bed, so I am sure it wouldn’t happen for a baby who mostly just lays in the bed.I really like this product — made out of healthy materials, does a good job, and is comfortable. I just wish it was cheaper!

Wendy Canton, OH

good quality

this is a good quality cover that works very well. it is thick and well-made. while it is a tad too big for my baby’s mattress, I find that putting a tight crib sheet over it keeps it in place and better fitting. it does take longer to dry, so sometimes I have to dry it again. the cost is somewhat prohibitive…if it were cheaper, I would buy another one. made in the USA, and no toxic fumes!

Delores Annabella, UT

best chemical free waterproof pad

i spent a lot of money on an organic mattress, and was very excited to find this since the babies are technically sleeping on this first then the mattress.i’ve had it for over 2 years, 2 babies, and many, many washes. it is larger, like some said, but when the crib sheets are on top, it fits perfectly.i typically air dry it and then throw it in the dryer before putting it on to fluff it up. i’ve never had an issue with it taking long to dry. but, i have a front loading washer, so when it comes out it is pretty much dry. that might make a difference.

Rosella Ashland, VA

Nice material, fit is off. Probably don’t need if you have a good mattress.

My mother bought the naturepedic mattress for us. Before it arrived, I figured I would order the cover. I wish I would have waited until after the mattress arrived. If you get a good mattress (like the naturepedic), it looks like it is waterproof so you probably don’t need an additional cover. The naturepedic one, while nice, doesn’t quite fit the mattress just right and bunches up in weird spots. It creeps out from below the sheet and I end up spending more time than I’d like to admit tucking the pad into the sheet so it doesn’t show.

Frieda Clayton, AL

Great pad

This is a great pad and stopped our son from sweating sleeping on his Naturepedic mattress. However, it is a bit of a loose fit and he can definitely soak through it when sick. However, we have the naturepedic mattress, so we can just wipe that off.

Georgia Misenheimer, NC

Has done the job for a year- great product

I’ve been using this pad for a year and it has worked great. Not a single leak through to the mattress. It was very important to have natural materials where my baby slept. I feel great knowing this is organic cotton but also works fantastic. I’ve washed and dried several times- the first time it shrunk it to size but has continued to fit afterwards. The only thing is it makes your sheet VERY snug and takes quite a bit of wiggling to get the sheet on but this is probably true of any other crib pad. Fits my mattress the older model (Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress) perfect.

Kathi Hymera, IN

It has saved the mattress!

I know other reviewers haven’t liked that it’s just a flat sheet, but that never bothered me. (Although it does complicate things a little.) I LOVE Naturepedic products because they don’t off-gas and that makes me feel SO MUCH better about my son sleeping on their products. This crib pad has worked very well to block leaks from getting through to the mattress, so I highly recommend it.

Melisa Worthington, IN

Love it!

We LOVE these mattress protectors and they WORK! We bought our first to protect our new organic futon. My daughter has had multiple accidents and this has stopped all the pee from ruining the mattress!! We now have 4: one for the couch, one for our bed, one for her twin size bed and a crib sized one. We realized we didn’t need the crib one on the crib since it is a waterproof naturepedic mattress, so now we lay it sideways on her bed over her other mattress protector. That way we don’t have to do so much laundry in the middle of the night when she had an accident. (By the way, we also have the naturepedic crib mattress, twin mattress, pillow, bassinet pad and changing pad. Can you tell we love these products? Made in USA, actually hypoallergenic (can’t do wool in our house), flame retardant free (I trust their version of flame retardants), safety certified (GOTS and Greenguard?) and quality products. A little pricey, yes, but still way cheaper than a lot of other ‘organic’ products out there! And no, we are not rich. Solid working class here but we have invested in these over several years and it is totally worth it.)

Rosalind Bath, MI