Naturepedic Waterproof Flat Portacrib Pad, 24×38

Naturepedic Waterproof Flat Portacrib Pad, 24×38

The Naturepedic Waterproof Organic Cotton Portacrib Pad features a waterproof, soft and breathable surface that provides a soft, non sweaty and comfortable waterproof barrier and also blocks dust mites and other potential allergens. The top and bottom layers are made with 100% organic cotton fabric with an ultra thin waterproof barrier in the center, which effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to “breathe.” Some water vapor is allowed to escape resulting in less “sweaty backs” and providing a drier, more comfortable sleep. Machine Wash and Dry. Portacrib Pad Size 24″ x 38″.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • Waterproof, soft and breathable provides a soft, non sweaty and comfortable waterproof barrier (as compared to vinyl and rubber; also blocks dust mites and other allergens
  • 100% organic cotton fabric top and bottom layers
  • Ultra thin waterproof barrier effectively blocks liquids from passing through while still allowing the fabric to breathe
  • Non toxic design – no vinyl/pvc; no phthalates; no latex eliminates potential latex allergenic concerns
  • Machine wash and dry

Verified reviews


good option

Have two of these in the portacrib size, but we use them for both the Pack’n’Play and the full-size crib. Works great in both. Easy to get on and off, can be machine washed and dried, and has kept lots of drool, spit-up, and leaky diapers from soiling the mattress. So far (four months in) they are holding up very well.

Vickie Cedarburg, WI

Reduces sweaty head

Works well to reduce sweaty head from my toddler (have it in his toddler bed); not perfect, but the sweat has been reduced drastically. Would recommend to others who have sweaty little sleepers.

Lucille Scandia, MN

Not as Expected…But Good

I purchased these hoping to use them to line our Graco Pack and Play with them. We planned to use the bassinet portion of the pack and play for our newborn to sleep close to our bed until it was time to transition him into our room and I wanted something waterproof and not full of too many chemicals to put between his mattress and the sheet. These were not an exact fit and didn’t stay flat under the sheet. We ended up putting them over the sheet and tucking them in. We put a large thin receiving blanket over the pad for softness and tucked that in also. It worked while the baby was small. Now that he is bigger we have these under the sheet of the mattress. It is still large enough to cover most of the bed and easily covers where he sleeps and spits.BUT despite these not exactly fulfilling their anticipated role very well, they’ve been great for under blankets everywhere else! Even with a blanket beneath our little one, he can spit enough to damage carpet, our bed, grandma’s couch etc. We use these everywhere to keep our baby from soaking through.They wash and dry well, but be sure not to put more than one into a load of laundry; They work well to line the washer too and can block the machines spin cycle.

Irma Arvada, WY

Great and extremely absorbent

Just like the other Naturepedic pads, this is very absorbent and very soft. We use it for baby to play on naked and she pees and poops on it like crazy and it never leaked. You can hang it to dry when it’s completely wet and not even bother to wash it – it won’t smell. The poop is washed off relatively easy, too.It’s a big one, too, we first used the bassinet pads of the same brand and now she’s outgrown them and we bought a bigger one. Will probably get a second one to have an extra. The only downside to this pad is the price, I think it’s the most expensive on the market from the organic cotton brands, but I havent’ found anything better on Amazon yet

Evangelina Hillsboro, TN

Great non-plastic product

I bought one of these a couple years ago for my daughter and now bought another one for our next baby. I have the portacrib size for our regular cribs and it works fine under the sheet. I have had no complaints; this keeps the mattress clean and dry.

Ellen Salt Lake City, UT

Nice crib pad….fits my mini crib well

This is a nice, thick crib pad. It doesn’t have elastic but it’s so thick that it will remain flat under a fitted sheet.

Rosalia Flat Top, WV

It works

This works great. When my newborn wet his sheets, this pad absorbed it and didn’t penetrated to the next sheet underneath. What I didn’t care for was the fit of the pad to the mattress. It was slightly larger than the mattress so it bunched up when you put the sheets. I wish they made it with elastic to wrap the mattress for that reason.

Carly Dallas, GA

Perfect size

I have zip sheets and got frustrated changing everything when baby barfed. The sheets are thin and liquid would go straight through and stain the mattress cover. Defeats the purpose of zip sheets when you have to strip the whole crib. This pad size is perfect. Covers 80% of the mattress top and so easy to fit under zip sheet. Haven’t tested absorbency yet though

Erika Diablo, CA