Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber Pacifier, Orthodontic, 0-6 Months

Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber Pacifier, Orthodontic, 0-6 Months

Natursutten is one of the best All Natural Rubber Pacifier in America. Having led the way with BPA-free pacifiers, Natursutten is the safest choice for your baby because it contains no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. It’s made of 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. And it features a patented, one-piece design, with no joints or cracks where bacteria can hide or accumulate. Natursutten is made in Italy by a family-run business that’s been making rubber baby-products for three generations. It takes about 30 days to make just one Natursutten pacifier because of the curing process for natural rubber, along with the fact that many steps are completed by hand. Natursutten means “natural pacifier” in Danish. Anne-Dorthe Shroeder, the Danish mom behind the brand, started her company when she couldn’t find a healthy option for her newborn son. “The media is full of stories about toxic baby gear, recalls and harmful plastics. As a new mother, I thought about how many hours my son was going to have a pacifier in his mouth, and I was determined to find a truly safe alternative. I felt I owed that to my child and other babies around the world – to do better.” How to care for your Natursutten pacifiers: • Sterilize in boiling water for 5 minutes before first use, wash with mild soap and warm water daily. • Just like toothbrushes pacifiers should be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks.

Main features

  • Made from 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensi, natural rubber is softer than silicone and won’t leave marks on baby’s face.
  • Uniquely hygienic, one piece design, with no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.
  • Made in Italy by a family business manufacturing rubber baby products for 3 generations.
  • No BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial coloring.
  • Conforms to pacifier-safety requirements as determined by European standard EN1400 and CPSIA

Verified reviews


just not for us

Loved the idea of all natural rubber but my son hated this orthodontic paci. He is a breastfed baby and would gag every time I put this in his mouth. I did however get him to use the rounded version of this pacifier, I suggest if your little one doesnt like the orthodontic paci that you give the rounded version a try

June West Enfield, ME

Great pacifier.

I did a lot of research on pacifiers and these are the only ones we’ve used. They are rubber, so they do smell like rubber, but that’s what I expected and I don’t think the smell is strong. My biggest issue has been keeping these away from dog, who has eaten 4 of them (fortunately with zero vet bills…). We got at least a month’s use out of each pacifier (assuming the dog didn’t eat it first). I would recommend these. A little more expensive than other pacifiers, but worth it to know what is going into my baby’s mouth. And FAST shipping!!

Taylor Hildale, UT

Awesome Pacifier *but quick to need replacing*

Overall I am extremely pleased with these pacifiers, and will continue to buy them despite their frequent need for replacing because my little one took to them so well.I was able to introduce this paci to my breastfeeding newborn in week 3 with no nipple confusion (just be careful not to use it when the baby is hungry, only use it for comfort when you know he does not need to nurse, and not too often until after week 6-8). He really seems to find these soft and pliable pacifiers to be very comforting, and I like that they were designed with breastfeeding babies in mind.My only complaint is that they do break down rather quickly and need to be replaced about every 4-6 weeks. As a side note (an almost comical one), if you have a kitty be careful, many cats love the smell of rubber and two of our pacis have already fallen victim to our cat.

Rena Kanopolis, KS

Mama loves it, Baby loves it

I was intrigued by this paci since the first time I saw it. I hesitated b/c it costs more than others, but put it on our wishlist and received it for Christmas. My son LOVES this paci. He likes other pacis…but LOVES this one. I like it b/c it doesn’t hold water after washing, it’s easy to clean, it’s VERY soft (breast-like) and he likes to chew on the outer edges of it when he’s done sucking on it too. It’s also a little larger, so it’s easier for him to put it back in his mouth after dropping (he’s 5 months old).

Lindsay Gamaliel, AR

Liked the idea, but not the execution…

I loved the idea of a natural rubber pacifier, since I want to expose baby to as few toxic substances as possible. I bought these, as well as someBornfree Coolflow Pacifiers 2 Pk, which are BPA and phalate free. Baby did not seem to have a preference as far as nipple shape on the pacifiers, but disliked when the rounded part of the pacifier would smash his nose. I was concerned about it when he slept, because it blocked his nose airways and seemed like it made him uncomfortable. Ultimately, the idea was better than the execution of the product, and we now exclusively use the Born Free pacifiers.

Lynette Portland, TX

my baby Liam love’s natursutten pacifier!

I did a lot of research on pacifiers and these are the best. They are pretty soft and stimulates my baby gums, also they are one piece pacifier, so they are pretty secure. My biggest issue has been keeping these away from dog Sheldon, who likes to bite and eat everything (i got just two, and as soon as they start to worn i’ll order more….pros; prety safe and secure, orthodontic, and tasty for my son.cons; pretty expensive comparing with others

Margery Mill Creek, CA


I can’t wait to start using these. Though to be honest they smell super weird. I hope I get used to it… it’s really overpowering though Every now and then I think I smell them and they’re not even in the room anymore… lol oh well as long as the baby looks cute sucking on them I think I can get over it.

Myra Range, AL

great idea, design flaws (for my baby anyway)

I loved the idea of this pacifier, enough to shell out the money it cost. We started my baby on the soothie but he never could keep it in his mouth. After experimenting with a cheap-o luvs orthodontic pacifier I decided the orthodontic shape would work much better.First off, the rubber discolored when I sterilized it. I don’t know if that makes a difference, but it came out with a white tinge to it. He took it right away and the shaped nipple helped keep it in but because the shield hits his nose, it still falls out easily. The shields that are shaped to the face seem to help him keep it in more easily. Another flaw is that the loop sticks out from his face, and since my son grabs at everything he can, he keeps pulling it out of his mouth.Maybe if he wasn’t in such a grabby stage or was more able to keep it in his mouth I would have liked it better. We ended up getting a MAMSassy Mam Mini Trends Silicone Pacifier – Size 1 – 0-6 months – boy colorsand he loves it. It isn’t all natural but it is BPA free, and very very pretty.

Mavis Headrick, OK

The only pacifier the baby takes… happens to be the safest!

This natural rubber pacifier is the only one our baby took– from day one, our little one LOVED this paci.Its healthy, natural rubber which means less worries given how much direct exposure babies have to pacifiers. No nasty chemicals, no scary ingredients.The only negative is the cost– they are super expensive and they tend to bounce when dropped, which makes them a little hard to find.

Gloria Youngstown, PA

big for my baby

I was very excited about this pacifier because it is natural and one piece. But, it is big for my little one’s nose. When he sucks on it, it touches his nose and blocks his breathing. Maybe when he gets bigger he will be able to use it.

Dixie Fairhaven, MA

Lifesaver … prefect for breastfed babies!

I was hesitant to give my newborn a pacifier at all, but around 4 weeks, she became insistant that she have something to suck on as she fell asleep. I was nursing her to sleep, but it came to point that after I’d try to slip away she’d immediately wake up rooting for something to suck.I bought severalThe First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Infant Pacifier, Pink/Purple(soothies), but she was never happy with them. When I tried to slip the pacifier in place of my breast after she was asleep, she’d immediately stir & fuss.I bought the Natursutten pacifier because I loved that it’s all natural, BPA/PVC/Phthalates-free! I was skeptical that my little girl would take any brand, but this one has worked wonders. The pacifier is large enough that it rests against her nose just like my breast. I’m able to slip away after she’s done nursing & slip in this pacifier without a problem.I should note that my little girl has had trouble figuring out how to suck a pacifier but this one she took to very quickly. We are both very happy!

Nelda La Place, LA

It works for our baby

I like this since it is natural and orthodontic pacifier. We tried several pacifiers and none of them are work. This is the only one that our baby like it

Jessica Bryn Mawr, CA

Nothing special.

It’s a well made pacifier but my baby was just not interested. My dog loved it tough.

Ivy Houston, MS

my son loved this for waking hours

This was too big and clunky for sleeping with, but he loved it when he was awake. It was fun for him to play with and use as a teether in addition to sucking on it like a pacifier.

Flora Cornish, UT


We really wanted to love these. I did lots of research on different natural pacifier brands and was able to see these and ecopacifier brand in store (which seamed really cheap) so I bought these. Unfortunately all 4 pacifiers we bought have rubber peeling from the edges on the edge that faces the baby. The exterior edges are completely smooth. Also, on one of the pacifiers there is a layer of rubber right at the base of the pacifier which is peeling up. I don’t feel at all safe using these for my baby. I have contacted the company so just waiting on a response. I paid $10 for each pacifier which would be fine if these were really the best safest pacifiers but I really don’t think they are. Please inspect the pacifier before giving it to your baby!! We will see what the company says and might be trying Havea brand next….

Hope Canehill, AR

My son didn’t like it at all 🙁

I had such high hopes for this pacifier after reading some of the reviews that it was good for breastfed babies. Unfortunately my son didn’t like it at all. We stayed with the avent pacifiers.

Eula Burns, WY

Great quality

It looks too big at first and a lot of people will say it is ugly but it has been great for us. My baby loves it and it is easy to clean. Also, since it is all rubber it doesn’t hurt her or mark her face when she sleeps with it.

Elisha Waterloo, IN

Very nice looking paci

Not the most important reason to buy a paci but it really is a very attractive paci. Our first born would not take a paci until we tried this one but neither of our other children have liked it so it really does depend on the kid. Our second really liked the blue soothies and our youngest won’t take a paci at all. He likes the toddler chew toys.

Robert Stuart, FL


It took my son a little bit to get good at keeping this in his mouth, but he figured it out after a few weeks. We prefer them over other brands because they are natural rubber. They do kindof turn a dark yucky color after many uses even after washing and sanitizing. This is why I gave them 4 stars. Also, I’m not sure they are worth the high cost.

Kristi Mount Pleasant, NC

i like it myself, lol, but my baby doesn’t.

I gave this five stars because it the best pacifier that I ever bought but my baby doesn’t like it. it is well designed and soft, just what I expected I wish my baby would like it as much as I do. well, every baby is different, and I didn’t reinforce the pacifier since he was born why should I expect him to take it now, although I thought this pacifier would work some

Robert Drummond Island, MI

Don’t bother with any other brand of pacifier.

These are the best pacifiers I’ve ever purchased! It has a great, solid base (for when my daughter is teething) and orthodontic nipple for soothing/naptime. I love that there is nowhere for air or saliva to get trapped, making these one of the most sanitary pacifiers you can have! They are definitely more expensive that the kind you’ll find in Target, but I think they’re worth every penny.

Fanny Saint Gabriel, LA

Only pacifier I’d buy

My son started out with a Gerber NUK which he was happy enough with. Then I read about the latex containing high levels of nitrosamines, a carcinogen. Not good. So then I tried silicon soothies, which my son refused. Finally I spent the $ to get this pacifier, which requires being replaced every month, but it is the best! My son loves it and I am confident that he is not sucking and chewing on something that could harm him. We’re very satisfied!

Anne Repton, AL

Baby likes it better than other pacifiers

My baby won’t suck on pacifiers much, mostly just chews on them. But he will occasionally suck on this one, and when chewing, enjoys chewing around the whole thing since it’s all squishy.

Virgie Brattleboro, VT

Didn’t work for my child

Believed it or not I wanted my kid to take a pacifier, but he just didn’t like them. I breastfeed and he prefers to pacify on the breast. We purchased this in an attempt to try all different kinds to find one he may like. However, he does love to chew on this, you can tell he loves the feeling on his gums. And he may like the smell as it has a very distinct one. At the end of the day, I am not unhappy about this purchase. I think it is worth a try if you are looking for a new pacifier.

Kaye North Reading, MA

Great alternative to plastic pacifiers

This binky is pricey but a great alternative to all the plastic your baby is probably already sucking on.If your kid is around others who have similar binkies, though, you’ll have to label this somehow. You could attach it to a clip, for example, or put a dot at the base in permanent marker. We’ve "lost" a bunch of these during childcare since they look so similar to other natural rubber ones.Another drawback: Drop it in the middle of the night, and you’ll never find it. Good luck if you kick it with a toe while your baby is in your arms. It will find a way across the room to the point of no return until you put the baby down and turn all the lights on (maybe). Do they make glow-in-the-dark pacifier clips? If they do, they’re probably toxic, and your baby shouldn’t be in the crib with a binkie clip anyway.I still give this 5 stars because it’s so well made and a great plastic alternative.

Barbara Narka, KS

Great pacifier for teething

My son never really sucked on binkies but he does love this one, now, at 14 months. Mostly to chew on and suck a little bit with his teething, but it is a really great pacifier. I love the natural materials and it is quite soft, more so than the silicone ones. It is a bit waxy and rubbery smelling at first but if you sanitize it before first use as it states, it goes away. The waxy part is a natural coating from the rubber and will fade.

Maritza Hamilton, MS

My Daughter Loves Her Pacis

My daughter was always a bit of a pacifier addict but once we switched from Soothies to these at about 5 months, she didnt want to let them go. The other amazing thing is that with the loop on the back she can carry them around on her own very easily AND when she was smaller, the bulb style ones made it much harder for her paci to fall out and wake her up. My daughter is now 10 months old and has been through many of these. I know they aren’t as cute in color but being natural and seeing how much she loves them has encouraged me to continue to purchase them. Now I just have to figure out how to get her to not want them anymore since she is almost 1 : (

Mae Fleetville, PA

Nipple too big for my newborn

Even though this is 0-6 months, my newborn gags on it. The nipple is quite large. I am sure he will grow in to it (I can’t wait for this). I love the idea of the product and can’t wait to get to use it.

Adeline Alton, KS

Decent Quality, Baby Didn’t Like

We bought this pacifier when our baby was having trouble keeping a traditional pacifier in her mouth. This was recommended by a friend who said her baby had trouble with regular ones and had no issues with this. It’s slightly larger than most pacifiers. I do like that it’s not plastic and made in china. It’s only suppose to be cleaned with mild soap and water. We were previously able to sterilize all of the other pacifiers we had. Unfortunately our baby was not able to keep this one in any better than the rest. I can’t knock the pacifier because of that, but for the price we paid, I am disappointed. I was hoping it would work and it didn’t.

Jodie Ionia, MO

Love these!

I didn’t want to give my baby any items with potentially harmful substances (Phlates & BPA’s specificallY), so I was searching high and low for natural baby items. I was very pleased to find this item and my baby loves chewing on these. I like that these are natural products and I feel confident in giving these to my baby.

Raquel Esopus, NY