Natursutten Bpa-free Natural Rubber Teether Toy

Natursutten Bpa-free Natural Rubber Teether Toy

Many parents are looking for alternatives to teether toys in plastic or other potentially harmful materials. That’s why Natursutten products are made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis.Free of bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, PVC, lead, nitrosamines and other harmful chemicals. We now offer a safe alternative to conventional baby teether toys.

Main features

  • Made from the exact same, soft, 100% natural rubber as NATURSUTTEN ® pacifiers. Contains no BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial coloring.
  • NATURSUTTEN ® teether toys are lighter and softer than most teethers because they’re constructed with two sides of all-natural rubber, fused together by more all-natural rubber – leaving a cushion of air in between. No glue is used in the making of the product.
  • As a category, teether toys are less regulated than pacifiers. However, NATURSUTTEN ® teether toys conform to the same strict requirements as NATURSUTTEN ® pacifiers.
  • Made in Italy by a family business that’s been manufacturing rubber baby-products for 3 generations.Meets all relevant requirements of the European standard for toys EN71 and CPSIA.
  • When baby’s first teeth erupt, it can cause the gums to hurt and be uncomfortable. To reduce this discomfort and soothe your baby, it may help for your child to bite into something.

Verified reviews



Baby loves the shape , easy to grasp , soft but enough texture to give comfort and its natural rubber. I feel much better about her putting that in her mouth then some piece of plastic made in china!

Stacey Oblong, IL

Really like the texture

I really like this teething toy. We are trying to avoid teething toys made in China and this is one of only a few we could find on Amazon that fits our requirements (it is made in Italy). It is all natural rubber (based on what the company says since we really have no way of verifying) with no paint. To me it has just the right combination of softness and firmness. Or boy seems to favor it too. The toy is two identical pieces melted together. If there were to be an issue it would the the two pieces separating but right now everything is great.

Florine Harrisville, PA

Good teether

Great size, and my baby loved it. Don’t try to disinfect it in the microwave steam bags because whatever coating is on it starts to peel off.

Earlene Marne, MI

How are rubber products not more common for babies?

With news coming out that whatever replaced BPA in plastics may not be so great, I’ve become very picky about what I get for my daughter to put in her mouth, especially something like this that she’s chewing on. I have another silicone teether, but she doesnt like it and what chemicals are involved in making silicone rubbery anyway? So rubber seemed worth a try. So far she likes it, and she’s been fairly picky about what she chooses to chew (of course she usually goes for items not intended for that). I’m happy with this choice; the only problem is that it attracts tiny lint bits, but I try to wash it frequently anyway.

Dena Eden, TX

Nice toy, but baby isn’t that interested

My 8-month-old daughter loves the Hevea rubber bath toys and panda teether, so I thought she would love this one as well. Unfortunately she doesn’t show much interest in it. She will chew on it every once in a while, but moves along pretty quickly. It’s a well-made toy from a great company but disappointed I paid $15 for a toy she never uses.

Laura Hallettsville, TX

buy more than 1!

LOVE LOVE this teether toy! My girl’s favorite. Easy to grab, easy to clean, the fact its flat makes it easy for her to chew front or back teeth. Definitely worth the investment!

Jami Bryn Athyn, PA

Rubbery texture is perfect!

My son hated all his other teething rings, any of the regular ones you get at the grocery store. He seemed to gravitate towards rubbery things when his teeth hurt. This is perfect for him!

Marie Sunnyside, WA