Neat Solutions 10 Pack Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib Set, White

Neat Solutions 10 Pack Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib Set, White

10 Pack Solid White Knit Terry Feeder Bib Set.

Main features

  • 73% Cotton/27% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 10 pack solid white feeder bib set
  • Knit terry feeder bib set
  • Solid white bib set

Verified reviews


Dont bother

I ordered these because I like my sons bib to match his outfit for the day and there just isnt a good enough selection of colors out there. They are way too thin and everything leaks through the bib and onto his shirt!

Mona Crocheron, MD

Great for Baby Shower Activity

My friend purchased these bibs (and some onesies) for my baby shower and had the guests each decorate one with Crayola fabric markers, and we love them!! They are not waterproof, and when my daughter was especially drooly, she’d soak through them (and her outfit) pretty quick. But for mealtimes or moderately drooly days, these are great, and the fabric markers worked well on them — none have faded that I can tell, and they wash well, too. I purchased these for the exact same use for a baby shower now, as well!

Jeri Lawrenceville, GA


When I’ve first purchased these bibs about 6 months ago I totally loved them. They easily fit around my babies neck and the velcro closure works fabulous. The second time around I am highly disappointed because the bib is choking my baby. And no, it’s not because my baby grew. It definitely is the manufacturer who changed the style of the velcro closure. I compared the new ordered bib to one of the bibs from my first order and there is at least 1/4inch difference in the neck-opening, even when I barely velcro the newly ordered one.Unbelievable

Lindsey Hartford, AL

Perfect for baby shower gifts

I have bough several packages of these to use for baby shower gift in conjunction with the monthly stickers to give a baby showers. I think the bibs work better because they will fit no matter how fast or slow the baby grows!

Dale Willingboro, NJ

Cheap and fit well

These are cheap and easy to throw in the wash after multiple spit-ups per day. I also like these better than the expensive ones with the plastic backing because these lay nicely on the baby’s chest. The ones with the plastic backing can get stiff, flip up in the baby’s face, and don’t dry well in the dryer. We change the bib as soon as it get a big load of spit-up, so I’m not worried about anything soaking through.

Wendi White Stone, VA

Bought for a baby shower activitiy- very thin

These are dollar store quality. They were great for baby shower decorating and my friends had a lot of fun doing it. (We had the best results using permanent marker and stencils.) They’re very thin and easy to stuff in the cell phone pocket of a purse. So, buy them for protecting clothes from suckers in the car but don’t bother trying to use them with chocolate cake. 🙂

Lela Colcord, OK

plain white bibs

i ordered these for a shower activity (bib decorating)to buy individual bibs from the local craft supply would have been about 5$ morethese are exactly what i needed – plain ol white bibsi kind of wish that they had the plastic stuff on the underside but i was also not trying to spend a lot of money

Ester Cisco, UT

A little thin, but perfect for personalizing!

I purchased these to embroider/ decorate! The price point is perfect for what I bought them for.We will be decorating them at a baby shower.I would recommend these for project bibs!

Teresa Big Clifty, KY

Soft, easy to use and clean

Very happy with these, very reasonably price and so far stay soft with washing. My son could not stand other bibs but he does not mind these.Can fit most size up to I would say 1 yr or so.

Dena Rhodes, MI

Used to decorate at a baby shower

I bought these to decorate at my sisters baby shower. We used crayola fabric markers on them and it was a perfect combination. They are affordable and great quality. They washed really well and did not fray at all. HIghly recommend.

Alissa Drifting, PA

Love Love Love These

Especially if you go through bibs these are great they are durable and great in the wash perfect to decorate on as well with fabric paints or markers

Julie Walnut Grove, MN

Pretty good bibs

I bought these bibs for my granddaughter, who is drooling a lot while cutting teeth. These bibs are not very thick, and the drool soaks through fairly fast. However, I like the small size, and the price for 10 was very reasonable. I use them for the intended purpose, but I have to change them when they start soaking through.

Tammy Garden City, UT

Great for decorating

I used these bibs at a baby shower and let the guests decorate them. They were perfect for use with puffy paints and fabric markers.

Emma Parrish, FL

Nice bibs

Been using these bibs for a while and they are still nice and bright looking after multiple washings and multiple feedings of green, orange, etc colored foods.

Elvia Cook Springs, AL


I bought these for daycare, too. Easy for feedings, bleach them or throw them away. Controls of drooling and teething! I also bought two orders of these!

Margot Foyil, OK

its ok for the money

they are a good value for the money, not bad quality, and double layers so they absorb. they are not the pretties or the best quality but for the price you can’t go wrong.

Debra Kathryn, ND

Baby Shower Fun

We used fabric paints and markers (and cute stencils like dinosaurs and planes) to have a bib-decorating contest at a baby shower. It was really fun, and they all turned out really cute. The price was great for a fun shower game.

Lauri Verdugo City, CA